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How cool would that be?
Since being released on Friday the Empyrean Chronicles book has been download at least 7,000 times now. And that is just from the DropBox link, I have no way of knowing how many times it has been download from the other links, or duplicated and shared otherwise. Easy enough to do with a PDF file.

Once again Rixx nails what it is that fans and players of Eve Online really want. Which isn't hard to do frankly, we've been starved so long we just want! Period. And since CCP seems determined to continue to feed us with dribs and drabs, someone needs to fill us up between meals. And while I can only do so within the boundaries of legal constraints, and I refuse to be someone who sneaks around those constraints, my only remaining option is FREE. (Although you can certainly help me provide more FREE things by supporting my Patreon!) Just remember, I didn't create this situation, I'm only trying to live in it.

Thanks to everyone who is helping to spread the word about the book. So far the feedback has been insanely encouraging. Even the Reddit thread is bereft of the usual, "Rixx sucks!" rhetoric.  I suppose it is extremely difficult for my haters to argue with freakin' FREE. EN24 ran a story on Saturday which I was happy to help with, so many thanks to them. Typically any mention of me on EN24 generates a firestorm of negative comments, but so far only one positive comment on that story. Which has to be some sort of record. And then this morning EVE-NT ran a story on their site about the book, thank you, thank you! And again, I suspect there won't be any negative comments over there either.

Later today an article I wrote myself will be popping up over on Crossing Zebras. I'll post a link here once it is up and running.

Over the weekend as my wife and I were filming two recipe videos for a client, we made an Oreo Banana Split Ice Cream Cake and Strawberry Soup (both of which are weird hipster recipes btw!), I had a pretty awesome idea for the next two volumes in the series. If this idea pans out it will mean the next two volumes will happen much, much faster than anticipated. So fingers crossed. Even if that idea doesn't pan out I'm determined to get started on volume two here shortly. So keep your eyes open for news on that front.

In the meantime if you happen to have any feedback, negative or positive, or encouraging, or critical, or even something you wish you could see in the next book, please feel free to tell me in the comments. I really do enjoy hearing from you, even my haters. (Seriously, my wife and I both get a kick out of reading your angry comments.) CCPMimic liked it, so how bad could it be?

And keep spreading the word. Who knows, maybe someday CCP will come to their senses and we can actually offer printed versions in some sort of centrally located repository of Eve related merchandise? It could happen!



  1. Awesome job Rixx et al. Really looking forward to the next 2 volumes.

    1. Thank you, really looking forward to the next one!

  2. hmmm. An EvE cook book ? Roasted Fedo burgers !

    1. Amarrian Golden Fried Fedo! You don't roast Fedo, sheesh.

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