Gooder Eve: RoundUp 2018

It's been almost three years since I last posted a catch up on my old "Gooder Eve" posts in which I made the case for all sorts of crazy ideas that would make Eve better. Essentially CCP just goes back and reads these and then makes them happen about 3yrs later and then takes all the credit for it. Whatever. As long as it happens right?

We already know about the victories with WCS and ECM, but what else can I take credit for?

Gooder Eve: Time to Clean the Database (Still Waiting on this one!)
Let's start with this one. CCP recently did a good job of cleaning out some old character names that haven't been used. And I continue to believe the same needs to be done with Corporations. I get asked a lot to help name things in Eve and I'm always frustrated by how many times the name already exists. Usually by a one-man Corporation that hasn't been active in a long, long time. Stay Frosty is a great example. We had to add a dot to the end in order to use it! Time to clean house.

Gooder Eve: Tactical Bookmarks (DONE!)
This one is done. Not only that, but CCP did me one better and incorporated bookmarks right in space. Nicely done.

Gooder Eve: Battle POS (DONE!)
This is actually several posts about making POSes better and more integral to the game, which is essentially what Structures are - especially now with all the new stuff beyond Citadels. .

Gooder Eve: Cap Buster (Maybe?!?)
Another one that has several posts behind it, but the general idea is of a ship or module that essentially "banzai's" Cap Ships. As a solo and small gang guy the idea is extremely biased and I make no apologies for that. I think the "Array" idea is a lot of fun. This one will probably never ever happen. But I can dream.

UPDATE: There has been some Cap busting talk lately and while it probably won't take the form of a giant missile strapped to a Frigate, it might result in a similar outcome.

Gooder Eve: Skill Smarts (DONE!)
Again, CCP does me one better by not only incorporating intelligence into the Skill train, but expanding functionality and allowing us to add years worth of skills into the list. Well done CCP! I was trying to be realistic in my expectations.

Gooder Eve: Majestic Time (DONE!)
Granted, it is a bit of a stretch for me to take credit for this one, but I'm going to anyway. The essential argument here was to make New Eden bigger by slowing it down a little, which is exactly what Jump Fatigue has done. I didn't suggest Jump Fatigue, but the results are the same, so there.

Gooder Eve: Harvester Class (DONE! And Maybe?)
This one may never happen. But that doesn't mean the general idea isn't worthy of consideration. The idea is simple, this is the future and we have a huge source of energy in every system that we do nothing with, the Star. Would be interesting to find a way to incorporate Stars into Eve.

UPDATE: Well the Moon mining structures obviously came out of this idea and a CCP Dev mentioned Star Harvesting at Eve Vegas - so the concept lives on. It ain't dead yet.

Gooder Eve: Gate Jammer (Maybe?)
A module or ship or device that momentarily disables a Gate. Well we have new Jump Gates now that can be destroyed and hijacked, so that's sorta similar. I still think something like this will be introduced once we get to build our own. If that ever happens.

Gooder Eve: Module Based ECM (DONE!)
I love the idea of ECM affecting module classes. Missile ECM turns off Missiles, Propulsion ECM turns off Propulsion, etc. This may never happen, but I think it is a much better way of using ECM than the current, "you are screwed" way. CCP did me one better and just went and made ECM awesome, so well done.

Gooder Eve: Universal Standings
This one is a bit crazy I admit. I'm not even sure I like it. But thinking about standings is important since they are a crazy jumble of messed up right now. The point is that Alliance and Corp management in Eve is bonkers and needs to be fixed, updated and made much gooder.

Gooder Eve: Counter Measures
I love the general concept. This was written in 2010 and Eve has come a long way since then, but we remain essentially trapped by the same PvP constraints we always have been. Funny, for a PvP based game, not a lot of thought gets mentioned about actual PvP in the game. Isn't that weird?

Gooder Eve: The Combat Tractor Beam (SORTA!)
This kinda happened, didn't it? We do have Mobile Tractor Beam thingies. I'll take some credit for it thank you. UPDATE: At Eve Vegas the concept of a tractor beam was mentioned as a module and CCP indicated they are thinking along those lines. Of course they are.

Gooder Eve: Maker's Mark
I still like the idea of ship history. This has been brought up after this post by other people time and time again, but essentially the idea is a running history of the ship you are flying. Who made it, when, and whatnot.

Gooder Eve: NPC Corps
This one still needs to happen! We should be able to show/hide the NPC Corps from our Corp history! Easy fix that would clean things up a lot for us players. Make this happen.

There are more Gooder Eve posts so feel free to use the Search Function to find them. I should start writing these again since CCP has run thru so many of them already. lol.