Shift Work

(NOTE: Over 2,500 downloads of my new illustration "Headhunter" so far, be sure to grab yours before I shut down the link!)

At some point here in the very near future Rixx is going to pass 200m skillpoints, all of which are primarily sub-cap PvP oriented skills. The last non-Triglavian ship skill I got to level V was Black Ops and that was several months ago now. Luckily the Triglavian ships came along and I've been busy training those up to fly, but they are all pretty much finished now. I only have the BC to level IV, but I'm holding off on that one for the time being. Mostly because I started training for a Moros.

Thanks to a very kind donor from Tweetfleet I have a Moros. (I'll leave their identify private unless they tell me otherwise.) She was up in a system near Jita for a couple of months while I trained the basic skills needed to pilot her. I finally made the decision to move her down to our home system and decided to go get her. And this is just how much I know about Capital ships. I figured I'd take my alt up in the Jump Freighter and re-package the Moros for the trip. Yeah, as you can see this plan resulted in much hilarity on comms. Luckily Devlin, who was helping me with some Cyno beacons, is a stand-up guy. After he stopped laughing I realized my mistake.

I have an Alt who runs a Archon and a Jump Freighter and has for well over six years now. But I honestly rarely use either ship. We have a great JF service in ABA that I use for moving goods from Jita and the Archon, while a very formidable ship, rarely gets much use. So little that I often have to go over on SiSi just to remember how to use Fighters again. So my Cap experience is extremely limited.

So I jumped her into our home system and bought the fits for her. So she is fully fit now even though a few modules are not yet on-line. I still have about a month or two of training before all the modules will come on-line. It is amazing to me how many skills it takes once you start trying to fly one of these things. No complaints, that is how it should be, but it is a bit of a grind. Luckily many of those skills are transferable to other Cap ships down the line. Because you know I will eventually have one of each of these things in my hangar. That's just the way I am.

So my ten year sub-cap skill train is coming to an end. I am fully skilled in every sub-cap PvP oriented ship in Eve Online. Except for that Level V Triglavian BC skill, which will be finished in a few months. The end of that goal is one major reason why I've started training for Capitals. Just to have something to do. I may eventually train Rixx in Carriers, maybe a FAX... but other than that - he might be finished. As weird as that is to say. Other than the random new thing that CCP might throw at us from time to time. Even so, his current skill plan is two years long. So he won't be finishing any time soon.

But a Dread? Even with the ship being donated the fits alone cost me over 3.5b isk. Which easily makes this the single most expensive ship Rixx has even flown. My Marshall is pretty damn expensive, but I can't really fly that one due to the sec-status bonuses. Having such an expensive ship (for a crusty old Pirate at least) goes against everything Rixx stands for in many ways. But it also doesn't, not really. I'll fly it like I always fly pixels, like I stole it. I doubt I'll be doing many Solo roams in it, but ships are made to be flown. I'm not going to start worrying about assets suddenly. That would be weird.

So it'll get used. For home defense, for gunboat diplomacy, for assistance, and for other purposes which I will keep to myself for now. No sense in giving away all of my trade secrets.

As always I won't fly her until I am fully skilled. That's true of all my ships. Until then she sits silently waiting in my hangar. A bit too big to properly spin. Although I did buy her a nice new skin.

Onward & Upward.