Holier Than Thou

Comment from yesterday's post:

"You've had a "holier than thou" complex for years surrouding Eve." (I left in the bad grammar.)

Welcome back to EVEOGANDA! Yes that's right fellow Eve Players, Readers, Fans, and Haters I am back to a regular schedule once again. I mysteriously found my inspiration last week on Tweetfleet, gifted to me from abroad. And I realized that my true home is here in these pages. So thanks to that I'm going to be posting on my old schedule once again. Pounding out the words and images for your enjoyment. Or anger. Heck feel however you want to feel about it. Who am I to tell you how to feel?

Oh wait, I am "Holier Than Thou". Hang on a second while I deal with this insanity.

If you missed it, yesterday's post asked a simple question - where should we park the Player Memorial that hundreds of Eve players invented way back in 2003? Evidence suggests that CCP intends to park said Memorial in Molea which is famous for being a makeshift Memorial site already. For certain players. For other players the Eve Gate has always served as a ceremonial memorial site. And in other parts of New Eden, among other types of players, other sites have. I can remember dropping named cans as far back as my HED days down in Providence. But no one, even me, would suggest HED as the place to drop the Memorial.

Believe it or not, not everyone in New Eden plays the same game. (SHOCKER!)

Asking these types of questions does nothing but bring out the worst in people.  Which is why I asked it. Let's get it out there and have the debate. Personally I think the choice is obvious and the Memorial should plop down in the New Eden system next to the Eve Gate.

That's well reasoned. But it doesn't deal with the accusation that I'm somehow "Holier Than Thou". Seems religious to me and I'm not a religious fella. Far from it. But I know the commenter wasn't questioning my religion, they was trying to throw shade under an anonymous handle. Wow, no one has ever done that here in these pages before. Heck, for all I know, my anonymous commenter could be... (insert literally anything here).

I'm certainly not better than you. I mean, I might actually be a better writer than you. And Photoshop, I have to say odds are I'm better at Photoshop than you. Which brings up Illustrator, I'm really fucking good at Illustrator as well. And logo design, god knows I rock when it comes to logo design. Let's just lump all of that under creative arts shall we? There. Oh wait, what about Marketing? Yeah, let's face it I'm probably better at Marketing than you. I have been doing it for a very long time. So don't feel bad.

C'mon, I'm joking. I suck ass at Tennis. And I swim like a brick. There are tons of things I can't do very well at all. Tons. I'm not Holier Than Thou, my poop stinks just like yours. And I still put my pants on one leg at a time.

Look you can't defend yourself against an accusation like that. It's a false economy. A tarp. Defend yourself and you risk coming off as even more better than people and then you've dug a hole for yourself.

So Welcome Back to Eveoganda my friends.

Let's have some fun shall we?


  1. Since you're having fun with your anonymous posters, let's circle back to your history. You complained bitterly when CCP refused to partner with you on various marketing ventures - as if you deserved and were entitled to that business. You complained bitterly when you had to go to court because you didn't pay your child support - as if you deserved and were entitled to special treatment. You even asked this community to fund your Eve habit - as if you deserved and were entitled to that. You definitely think you're holier than thou, and your reaction here proves it. You're a nerd who plays a video game too much, just like the rest of us. Take care of your own shit and stop crying so much.

    1. This comment is gold I tell ya! Oh man, thank you so much for stopping by and reminding me of why I have to start blogging again. I sincerely appreciate it.

      You are wrong on all those counts by the way. But that never stops people like you, does it?

      I'm not going to stop by the way. Mostly because it annoys you. :)

      Have a nice day.

    2. We can review your post history. Walk me through what's wrong with those statements again? Because you've got the posts to prove it - unless you've deleted them...

    3. Sure why not random internet troll. Let’s play:

      1. CCP asked me to create 6 illustrated posters which they sold at Fanfest and thru QMx. I didn’t ask them. Beyond that they also requested multiple other designs such as T-shirt’s and other projects such as two Fanfest posters and a London office opening mural. I was happy to provide these services even AFTER they broke the contract. We eventually settled but it took over a year to do so.

      2. I’ve never had to pay Child Support. My Son lived with me full time. He is now an adult and has been married for five years. You, like other idiots, confuse Alimony with Child Support. I fully paid five years of Alimony and much more only to be sued for additional payments. I lost that lawsuit and have been paying for a total of 14 fucking years now.

      Oh and Ive given back 4x to the Eve Community what the Eve Community was nice enough to help me with.

      3. Actually CCP pays me to support my Eve habit. I’ve been playing Eve on their dime for ten years now. My sub is paid for.

      Not that any of these facts will change anything but those are all actual facts.

      Stay Frosty

    4. Don't forget to hand out these!


    5. 1. That sounds like contracting for CCP to me.

      2. This is why we had separation of church and state and women's suffrage. Women aren't property anymore, but in so many ways legally still are. I'm sorry to hear you were a victim of a horrible system.

      3. Cool! How much busting your ass do you have to do for that?

    6. 3. You're reading it, nearly ten years of writing this magazine and thousands of pieces of art later...

  2. Sorry man, with all the things you are doing better than me, your poop has to stink way more.

  3. I'm literally the holiest Eve player.

    Maybe not the space pope...hmm

    1. I freely admit to being less Holy than you or the Space Pope. And probably a whole bunch of other people lol

    2. Can confirm Saint's shit smells of a fine wine, and his bodily fluids resurrect small furry things dead by the side of the road.

  4. As a guy who's benefitted from Rixx' talent and generosity in game (website headers) and a couple small projects outside of game, I have never been more glad to help a fellow player as much as I could when he needed some assistance. Because of this, I can value him as a friend both in game and out. We all have shit moments that happen in our life. Helping out, and in return being helped out, is what makes this community awesome.

    Thank you, sir. As always, I appreciate the efforts you put out for the community.


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