The Power of Frigates

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In May 2020 Stay Frosty will be seven years old. Seven years of hard-fought survival amongst the ruthless and unforgiving darkness of Low Security space. Seven years of being hunted, threatened, war-decced, hell camped, and much, much worse. If I had a billion isk for every time someone promised to destroy us over those seven years I could easily afford a Titan. Fully faction fit. But I can't, because - after all - I'm just a poor Pirate Lord.

And yet, despite all the challenges that come with being a successful and annoying Pirate Corporation in New Eden's PvP playground, Stay Frosty endures. How is that possible?

There is one secret that forms the basis for our success that has long-term consequences that help ensure our survival - and that is our relentless belief in our Code. Thing is, other people have codes and goals and dreams and visions and yet they don't survive for seven months - not to mention seven years. Why is that? Part of that reason is the buy-in we have from our members, both long-term and newly arrived. Our group believes in the Code and in our Mission and they all work hard to ensure that everyone in our Corporation plays by the rules. This level of commitment ensures that anyone that doesn't gets identified, talked to, encouraged, and ultimately kicked if need be. It is far too easy for Corporations or Alliances to get destroyed by cancer from inside their own ranks. Our players ensure that this cannot happen. No exceptions. And that no exceptions part is the second reason the system works.

Far too often in other Corporations or Alliances exceptions will be made for exceptional players, or those that bring content, or FCs, or someone's cousin, or friend, or whatever. I know, I've seen it in action many times over the years. This is yet another form of cancer that can eat away at your player's confidence in your commitment to the Code or Mission. Our players know that I mean business and will not tolerate exceptions from anyone. No matter who they happen to be. I've proven that time and time again over the years. I mean what I say.

Consistent leadership is also key. I wrote the Code myself based on the Pirate Code that KaJolo wrote years and years ago when he founded the Tuskers. Having consistent and engaged leadership is crucial to the long-term success of any organization and an Eve Corp is no exception. That is critical.

But beyond that there is yet another reason why we continue to thrive while our enemies have all tended to fade into history. A crucial and often overlooked part of our success comes from the fact that we mainly fly Frigates. Yes, the little ships of Eve are a crucial and important cornerstone of our success over the years. But how does that matter?

Over the years we often get pulled in many directions. From time to time various players will suggest that we should consider taking Sov in Null Sec, or that we need to form larger doctrines to defend ourselves, and that we should build Caps, or any number of other schemes designed to elevate us amongst the other players in New Eden. And while those desires are often tempting, as well as potentially exciting, we always resist the urge. Of course, the wisdom of time has taught me an important lesson when it comes to these urges - let the players play. So we've taken Sov before, we have larger doctrines that we sometimes fly when needed, we have Caps (You might not know this but at one point Stay Frosty had several Titans), and we encourage our players to have bigger ships on stand-by. You never know when you might need them.

But the important part is our reliance on Frigates. Frigates are hard to gate camp, station camp, or stop in any way. Once destroyed they are easily replaced. And you can have a lot of them on hand for next to nothing. Frigate combat also teaches players the best about PvP especially when you fly them over and over and over and over again. Master the Frigate first is our mantra and it works. Individually our pilots are among the best in the game. Because we work hard at our mission. Experience counts.

If you look at our All-Time Stats on zKill you'll see that you have to scroll down to #15 to find the first dessie, the Thrasher, on the ships used list. And #20 before you hit another one. And #26 before you hit the first Cruiser. Everything above that is Frigates.

Ultimately our continued success comes from our players. Over the years we've been fortunate to attract and maintain the very best pilots who have a innate desire to prove themselves, test their individual mettle, and stand strong against overwhelming odds to prove themselves worthy of being a Stay Frosty Pirate. This is what it is all about.

If you have that desire. If you would like to test yourself among the stars, fly whatever you want, test the limits of your abilities whenever you log in - then you should consider joining us. We are always on the look out for the next great Pirate. Come, fly with the Pirate Lord of Low Sec and help build Stay Frosty for the next seven years. Join our in-game channel EVEOGANDA and talk to someone about becoming a member.

Otherwise we'll just have to explode your ship.

Stay Frosty my friend.