January's Big Boom

Last month I posted about how December was the biggest month as far as "value" goes with 19.27b ISK in destruction for the month. Which was a personal record for me in one month. Keep that number in mind, 19.27b of destruction in one month. That was solid, that was worthy of mentioning.

In January that number was 42.72b.

So what happened in January that resulted in such a massive escalation in destruction? As with December, January had some unusual events happen that helped contribute to this jump. A lot of factors went into it, like the Plex For Good Event that we held in association with Ithica Hawk in which we exploded an Ninazu and a Hel - those certainly helped to increase the total.

One of the biggest value kills for the month was this Apostle. This came during a fight down in Dudreda in Metropolis when ABA brought a fleet of Armageddons to help some friends at a POCO fight. We were there to put neut pressure on the FAXes and that is what we did. Which did help, but all in all the fight didn't end up going our way due to timing issues and some deployment mix-ups.

That fight also saw this truly blingy Bhaalgorn go down. And this Leshak. And this Leshak. And another Bhaalgorn and more. And when you manage to get most of your own fleet in and out with few losses you can chalk it up to a good day.

But even so the Hel Super was one of the biggest highlights for the month. At 12+b that ended up being a big chunk. Add the Ninazu to the mix and it gets even better.  I did sacrifice my Nightmare to the event which set me back almost 2b, and a Bhaalgorn, but it was for charity after all.

It was also a weird month for Battleship kills, in one day we managed to pop three Megathrons at once. Not to mention a few Ravens, a Maelstrom, and other expensive ships. I don't know why that was happening, but I'm also not going to complain about it.

I was pretty busy with fleets in January so I only managed to score 21 solo kills in the month. But I did manage to catch this Stratios with my Omen Navy.

Hecate Vs Caracal
Corax Vs Worm
Punisher Vs Daredevil
Slicer Vs Slasher

A great month. One for the record books. Hopefully these DDOS woes will subside soon and I can get back to flying in space again.

There are always more ships to explode.