A Band Apart AT History


I didn't intend to fall down a well this morning. But something was bothering me. I seem to remember some AT matches that don't show up easily in my video archive. This isn't unusual as many early weekend matches in the past weren't broadcast or exist only in very long formats. But I specifically remember playing a few matches that I just couldn't find anywhere. This is what started the whole archive dive that I ended up doing this morning.

I blame my past self for this problem. I always rely heavily on my archives here on Eveoganda to jog my memory. But apparently old me decided a few times along the road to be a generalist instead of being specific about details. I found more than a few posts with things like, "Well we lost that one!" or "Next week we'll do better!" Yikes, you idiot!! That doesn't help future me figure things out.

The good news is that I have found them all now. Although a few still do not have videos or even final scores attached to them. That will require further digging for another time. What I did discover only adds to the sense that I've been doing this a very long time. Since our first time in the Alliance Tournament back in AT13, A Band Apart has played 21 total matches. And I'm including the Alliance Open from last year, even though numerically it doesn't count. It was an AT, even though it wasn't sponsored directly be CCP. Technically I've been Team Captain for all 21 matches, even though I did not fly in one of them due to internet issues that day. For two years I FC'd myself, and for the rest of the years I've been fortunate to have exceptionally great Co-Captains in Jose Zampano and Devlin Shardo. Devlin took the Open off last year, but is back as our Co-Captain this year. 

ABA is 11-10 (You can only have two losses each AT) overall and this will be our 6th Alliance Tournament as an Alliance. We finished 11th in AT14, 16th in AT15 and last year's Open and I don't remember the final positions from the others. 

Here are the matches:


• G0dfathers LOSS (No video or score)

• Explicit Alliance LOSS (no video or score)


• Methodical Alliance WIN 100-3

• Shadow Cartel WIN 60-45

• Spectre Fleet WIN 81-36

• Villore Accords LOSS 44-100

• Snuffed Out WIN 100-15

• Phoebe Freeport LOSS 26-100


• Slyce WIN 

• Hard Knocks WIN 100-27

• We Form Volta WIN 80-54

• Lazerhawks LOSS 56-89

• Brave Collective LOSS 45-70


• Fraternity WIN

• Castabouts LOSS 0-94

• Centipede Caliphate WIN 100-1

• Test Alliance LOSS 0-100


• Lazerhawks LOSS 25-100

• Literally Triggered WIN 75-24

• No Vacancies WIN 100-34

• Brave Collective LOSS 16-100

What will AT17 bring? Well it brings a rematch against Volta for our first match. So that looks to be a great fight and a strong start to the new tournament. After that? Who knows. If I've learned anything from 21 matches it is that I have no idea how things will go. You practice, plan, fit, build comps, and practice, practice, practice until you work together as a team. And then you land in the arena and deal with the hand you've been given. Sometimes you know in your bones you are going to win and then you either win or are surprised. And often when you land you think you are dead already, but something happens and you end up winning. There is just no way to be sure.

The only thing I know for sure is this - I'm glad the AT is back. I love building our team and flying with my friends. After that, we'll let Bob decide.

Onward & Upward.