My Faction Warfare Dream


I am extremely passionate about Low Sec space. I've called it home now for over 13 years and I've been a proud -10 Pirate for almost that long. This you know. But Low Security space is not just about Pirates, criminals, and those looking to prove themselves in solo PvP. Low Sec space is also home to a very important engine called Faction Warfare. This engine provides content for thousands of players and a way for younger players or those looking for new challenges, a way to join a cause they can feel impacts the game without bing in Null Sec. Or, at least it should do that.

Last year I ran for CSM on the back of a dream I have for Low Sec space as an engaging, powerful, and unique section of space that provides a dynamic and unique player experience. I worked with several well-known FW experts to develop a roadmap for how this could be achieved. However, this was intended as interim steps towards an even more profound series of changes that I held in reserve. I wanted to share those concepts directly, face-to-face, with the Devs I know who can help make them a reality. Unfortunately I wasn't selected to represent the player-base in last year's elections and since I am no longer going to be running - I thought today might be the day I explained my dream in more detail. Trust me, this is going to be mostly big-idea focused and it isn't a White Paper. Not yet. Big ideas today.

Let's take what we've learned from Abyssal space and turn each FW plex into an instanced pocket very similar to Abyssal space, but without the triangle stuff. (Unless Trigs and Pochvan become involved?) Novice, Small, and Larges suddenly become much more dynamic places with visual upgrades, effects, and NPC encounters that make them much more than a simple button you orbit. Effects are created depending on who owns the System the plex are in - imagine missile bonuses for Caldari systems, AC bonuses for Minnie systems, etc. The options here are endless and can be tweaked, updated, and given to special events within Eve. 

The same ship restrictions apply to these pockets and they remain accessible thru gates, just like today. All except the Open plex. I imagine an Open happens only when certain mechanics and goals have been achieved in system, perhaps they are locked onto the iHub?  But these become the Battle Royale of the conflict, an open space with dynamic visual upgrades and localized effects that reflect the conflict at hand. Providing an incredible stage for players from both sides to achieve glory.

And I haven't even touched on the AI driven NPCs yet. I dream of a world where the NPC fleets are out in belts mining the resources needed to supply the FW navies, with industrial minded players joining in to assist with defense, or mining themselves, or perhaps providing boosts, transportation, whatever they can do to help these fleets. I imagine NPCs being involved inside these new pockets, providing much needed content, or support, or goals to those players engaged in FW. A dynamic universe alive with activity and choices for any player to join in, engage, and be an important part of the success of their faction.

Combined with the structural changes we proposed in the Roadmap from last year, these exciting changes would transform Faction Warfare from a sleepy, old and forgotten system into one of the most exciting and dynamic systems available anywhere inside of Eve Online.

And the best part is that none of this is new. These systems exist now. Of course it would take Dev time and resources to create these permutations and adjust the systems needed to handle these changes, but we are already far along that path. And there is much more, imagine a broken station inside one of these new pockets that you could hide behind - line-of-sight combat! I could go on and on here. There is just so much potential once these systems are in-place that it blows my mind.

I have a dream about Low Security space because it is the place I play, live, and care about. I'd like to see it become the place I've always imagined it could be. And I think we can achieve this, working together, in the near future. I know it is easy to become annoyed or frustrated with CCP, believe me few people know this as much as I do, but I tend to never give up. And I'm sure that as you read the above you had your own thoughts about how this dream could be even better, or how you'd like to see it go, or ideas of your own about how it could work. That's good. 

When you see me at Fanfest let me know what you think. I'll be busy annoying a bunch of Devs again with these ideas. They love when I do that.

There is much more to this and I encourage you to read the Roadmap I presented last year. I also encourage you to read more about FW and LS space and the players that live and play there. We're all a passionate, weird, and dedicated bunch of players that bring content and excitement to the game every single day. Low Sec is much more than what you might think. 

Onward & Upward.