The Rixx Javix Cheat Sheet


As the CSM voting gets underway this Tuesday June 8th, I thought it might be helpful to provide a single source for all the information you might want to help when you are considering voting for me. Some of this will be on my official CSM forum post, but much of it isn't. So essentially this is just a bunch of links that lead to various sources of information. I'm not going to editorialize anything. When someone asks, who is Rixx Javix? Consider this a good post to point them to. Naturally this also includes real world information about me as well. I'm actually a real person.

The History of Rixx Javix in-game.

• Steel City Eve IV - Did you know I host a player event at my own home?

CCP Sells my Art Posters! + Freaky Frigates 

CCP's Broadcast for Reps video + My section unedited

Alliance Tournament Videos of matches I've played.

The Stay Frosty Code

Interview with Rixx Javix (INN)

The Twitter Hat Collection + The History of Hats in Eve

My Interview with my Son - Angor Mau

The Empyrean Chronicles Free Book I created

My Eve Fanfest Presentation, "Eve Fan Art"

"Charlatans & Space Cliques" probably my single most important article

"What's In Store for Eve?" This one started something that ended with another article called, "This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" which caused a whole lot of trouble for me. In the end it was worth it, as CCP has made strides in many areas. Although the store remains an issue to this day.

"The Elephant in the Room" - the truth about internet lies and misinformation

Another Free Book I created.

The time I was served a Cease & Desist for something that didn't exist.

The New Eden Post Interview

Real World Links

Induction into the Hall Of Achievement

My work with the MDA

The time I was on a National News Show

Photos & Articles from my advertising agency

That time I created a TV Show

My YouTube Channel

I think that's enough for anyone who is truly interested to learn more about my history and background. As always I am available for questions on Discord at RixxJavix#0867 on Twitter, or email me at