Eveoganda Year in Review


This week we say goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022. As the world continues to be weird, Covid continues to mutate and evolve, and people continue to debate if theaters are dying, here in the pages of Eveoganda I continue to bang out posts on a semi-regular basis. At least often enough to keep me interested and keep me in the Partnership Program! In a few short weeks Eveoganda will be celebrating its 12th Anniversary. Which is mind blowing to think about. And another shout-out opportunity to all those who predicted its death a million times over those 12 years. Sorry dudes, I'm still here.

Instead of looking forward, now is the time to look back and remember where we've been this past year. So without further blathering, here are some of the most important moments from Eveoganda out of the last 12 months.

The ABA Frigate Free For All

Back in March we held our annual FFA and broke all the records! More players, more explosions, more incredible fights - more of everything. According to CCP we broke all the records for single day explosions in Low Sec EVER with well over 10,000 ships exploded. More than that however, the event was a lot of fun and I think everyone had an amazing time. Our next event is coming soon, so keep your eyes open for that news.

Running for CSM

Back in the Spring I finally decided to run for CSM and I finished 16th among all the candidates. I had a blast running and annoying my Wife with all the show appearances and schedule conflicts for three months. An unexpectedly crowded Low Sec field and other factors worked against me, not the least of which was CCP announcing most of my campaign platform would be implemented the week I announced I was running. I call shenanigans. But the good news is that WCS finally got fixed and the Alliance Tournament finally returned. And since most people in Eve seem to think I was already a CSM member, I think I'll just stay out here and keep doing what I've been doing well all along.

Faction Warfare Roadmap

Funny how it has been almost a year since the last CSM election and we still haven't heard a single positive word about any changes to Faction Warfare? I wonder who could have predicted such a thing? The entire reason I ran for CSM was to push for long-overdue FW changes. I hate being right, but here we are. 

Phone Wallpapers

127 wallpapers for your phone! Good grief, that is a lot of awesome wallpapers to choose from. Who else does this for you?

Adam Online

My favorite funny post from the past year. A lot of people thought this might be real.

ABA AT Video

I spent a Saturday filming model Eve spaceships in my basement and made what I think is one of the best Alliance Tournament videos ever made.

Corp Propaganda Contest

Once again I came in 3rd. This is a long-running and totally accurate joke.

The Community Beat

One of the coolest projects I got to work on this past year was working with CCP to create the Community Beat branding and graphics! I was super stoked to be asked and even more stoked when it all worked out ok. :)

A Word About Quitters

Probably my best post of the year. And while it was misunderstood by a few people, I think almost everyone got the general idea right. It's ok to quit, or stop, or take a break from the game. But stop trying so hard to bring it all down with you. We get that you are angry, but there are more of us who love the game and the community and are just tired of hearing you whine on about it.

Broadcast 4 Reps

And, of course, the crown jewel of the past year. And of the last post, so go read that.

I left out a LOT of stuff. I recommend the Archive links in the sidebar to explore. Lots of art, propaganda, Alliance Tournament failure, comics, words, and more. 2021 was a weird year for sure. I can't wait to see what 2022 has for us.

Onward & Upward.