e-nfamy: A New Word

I'm nailing this down in print now.

the state of being well known for some bad quality or deed.
"a day that will live in infamy"

only being famous on the internet and not in real life.

the state of being infamous on the internet for some bad quality or deed.

Works for me.

And now it is officially a part of the Urban Dictionary!!

Public Notice: Corp Thief

FOR PUBLIC RELEASE: Stay Frosty, Hevrice

Dredastttarm, former three time member of Stay Frosty, is an admitted Corp Thief and is currently on the run in Hi-Sec near Apanake VIII - Moon 8 - Sisters of EVE Bureau.

His own words:

"During that time, the directors section of the forum was open for all to read, you didn't even have to have an account to see the posts. During this time several of us took part in throwing this information about to the ******, and many other in-game channels, as well as briefly on Twitter."

He goes on to admit to other serious infractions:

"Here are some things I'd like to confess to; shooting a blue while knowing full well what I was doing, using a separate character to steal Este's contract for 0 isk (Yes! That was me!). No, I will not be fixing either of these things since they are no longer my problem (sorry Este, nothing personal, it was just free isk to me)."

Be aware that this character is an admitted Corp Thief and has participated in leaking materials that belonged to the Corporation. As such, and despite repeated attempts to establish trust, he cannot be trusted. Sad huh?

Also be aware that he is rather terrible at this and that he can easily be manipulated to serve as a conduit for information flow, which is extremely helpful in exposing other nefarious elements. I make this knowledge public knowing that others might find this information as useful as I did during the last few months.

Stay Frosty realizes that this is Eve. Stay Frosty also knows that this is silly. But, we also know that this blog is read by lots of people. Which is, of course, always a two-edged sword ain't it?

Regardless, we care not. The Thief is exposed for what he truly is and any final judgements are yours to make.

Stay Frosty would appreciate any and all pod mails be made available to us. Depending on the head candy we can discuss your honorarium for delivery of such mails.

Proditores Morte.

PS: He also sucks at PvP as evidenced by this, and this, and also this. Heck, I never even repped up between those.

1v1 EVE COMIC #64

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A bonus strip today, cause well, this week! Whew!

1v1 EVE COMIC #63

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Calculations are currently underway from Sunday's FFA and we should have prize announcements to make soon™. It is a rather complicated array of maths and whatnots involved, very technical and you wouldn't understand the jargon. Suffice to say, neither do I, but it involves data, java, and lots of code. Magic in other words.

Hang in there.

The State of the Frosty

Stay Frosty Wallpaper
Click for additional sizes

[ The President of the United States gave his State of the Union last night, so I figured why not give mine.]

Citizens of New Eden,

[Waits for applause to die down]  Just a short ten months ago, amid chaos and disorder, a dream was born. Like many dreams before it, this dream suffered the scorn, ridicule and open disdain of those who did not understand it. This dream, this idea, was unusual in its very nature. Odd in its construction. Weird in its breadth. Indeed, it could be said, that this idea was simply crazy.

It would never work.

For why should it? The forces arrayed against this concept were vast, well established and notorious. The weight of history, of serious business, was enormous. How dare one man even conceive of such an audacious joke and expect it to thrive amongst such powerful forces? It must surely fail.

As I stand here this evening, I am pleased to report that such failure was not an option. That this crazy idea has not only worked, but that it has exceeded far beyond what even the most optimistic dreamer could have imagined.

Stay Frosty is real. It exists. It thrives. And as we pass into only our tenth month of operations, Stay Frosty continues to expand, grow and influence events from a slightly skewed and dangerous perspective. As we enter our tenth month we are knocking on the door of two-hundred pilots. We have successfully finished one of the most complicated, audacious and bold events in all of New Eden. And we stand on the brink of our first major tournament participation.

Our pilots stride the space lanes from Immensea to Curse, from Providence to Heimatar, from the New Eden Gate to the cold expanses of the North. They are ambassadors of Solo and Small Gang warfare, soldiers of freedom, and destroyers of Empirical chains. They pursue honorable combat while laughing at fear and engage anything with a reckless nature. Stay Frosty has pulled within itself the young, the veteran, the famous, the new, the challengers, the wanders, the seekers, the embattled, the inactive, the mature, the inexperienced, the great and the weary. All of whom, no matter their background, share one over-reaching principle - the desire to have fun.

Do we continue to face challenges? Of course we do. Perhaps the biggest of these remains the forces that constantly pull us towards normalcy. That expect us to behave as others do, that want us to 'grow up' and become just like them. These are powerful desires, inherent in a system much older than us. Constantly begging from the sidelines, do as we do. Behave the way we do. Become us.

To those forces I say emphatically and without hesitation - Nuts!

Stay Frosty was not built to become just another corporation. Just another cog in the machine of your expectations. We will not succumb to your desires, we shall continue to live our own. You may not understand us, you may even look down on us, but you will not be able to ignore us.

And we have bigger plans yet still to achieve. Bigger goals remain to be accomplished and overcome. We are, in so many ways, still getting started. Still building, organizing, and molding a cohesive whole from so many disparate pieces. We may stumble, we may often trip over ourselves, but we move forward knowing that the end does in fact, justify the means.

We are the men and women of Stay Frosty. We have no bubblegum.

Come fly with us.

Rixx Javix
CEO Stay Frosty

The DG Battle: Four Years Later

Getting the troops ready for battle!
Four years ago today the largest space battle in all of Eve, up until then, happened down in Providence. In light of recent events I will mention that there were about 17 or so Titans on the entire field, on all sides.

Between 2,500 and 4,500 pilots from -A-, CVA, LFA, Paxton, U'K and other aligned forces met in DG to do battle over recent advances our forces had made into Catch. Goodness knows I've written about this battle before.

If you are interested:

Those are good starts on what was an important moment, not only in Eve history, but in my own path. Funny that so many of the players involved in that fight four years ago are still names being mentioned today - Progod, Makalu, and many others were important players at the time. In addition, many of those I played with back then are now members of Stay Frosty.

I didn't bring this up to rehash the past. It is the fourth year anniversary and I think it is worth mentioning it.

On and on it goes, when it stops, nobody knows.

Titan FFA

Leave it to those yahoos in Null Sec to try and grab all the attention. Around 75 Titans bit the dust and, as usual, the news stories are focusing on real world values. Ugh.

As anyone who reads this site knows by now, I fully support all play-styles in Eve. I really do. But there is just something mind-numbing about what this most recent battle represents. And honestly I'm struggling to really figure out what it is exactly. I have this feeling that I should be upset somehow, or angry, or pissed off, or something or other. But I'm having a hard time nailing this one down.

Maybe it is because I can remember when Titans were rare. Or when they popped up on grid and everyone was frightened and ran away. Or that time I saw my first Avatar up close when I broke through the shields of that -A- POS and got dangerously close to it. and now there are ^^ that many.

But that makes me sound like a Bitter Vet and I'm not. It is undeniable that there is something gross about that display. I think we can all agree on that, can't we? But more power to them I guess.

Here is a good write up for you. Also the Mittani site has some good reports.

Meanwhile, back to business as usual in Low Sec. I need to spend a few million isk to replace my FFA losses from Sunday. lol.

PS: I just realized this sounds kinda negative. That was not my intention. This was a very exciting and amazing battle that will be long remembered. Kudos to everyone on both sides for having the gumption to throw your assets around like that. Total respect. I'm just numbed by it I suppose.

FFA: The Day After

"The FFA was terrific, This was the best time I ever had in eve." - Saki

Events in Eve are chaos. They are runaway trains barreling down a steep grade into the mouth of a blinding ice storm of hell fire and brimstone. The tighter you try to control them the more they slip thru your fingers. The best you can do is set up the pieces and watch them fall into place.

Nearly 5,000 ships exploded yesterday in Jov. Stay Frosty handed out 3,000 fitted Frigates. For six straight hours the skies were littered with combat, wrecks, derps, station camps, cheaters, victors, a smart-bombing Nightmare and Typhoon, friendly gangs and enemy gangs, boosters, link alts, passerby, lurkers, opportunists and those out to have a ton of fun. Everything you can imagine, the full metal spectrum of Eve, was present in one system yesterday.

And it was all glorious.

I even managed to enjoy most of it. At one point yesterday I believe I had 67 convo windows going at once, I was on two different comms, and three instant messaging systems. Not to mention email and Twitter. On the one side we had our friends along to help with security, Balkan Express and elements of RvB. (Thank you both! Huge help!) And on the other the borderline chaos that is Brave Newbies, at once helping and also being a major pain in the ass. But in a good way. Sorta. I mean, they did manage to pod the event organizer!!! Namely me. But they also managed to help us eliminate a nasty pestering Claymore, so that counts for something.

Between all of us we managed to deal with most of the cheaters. As always there are those that are simply determined to break the rules and take advantage of a system full of Frigates. We did the best we could to track them down and remove them from the field. Within the context of the insanity of the system, we did ok with that. It was challenging, but that is kind of the point isn't it?

Like I said, you can't control a storm. All you can do is try to manage it.

I did undock my Nightmare and warp into the Top Belt. I was surprised at just how long I managed to live. We even had time to re-supply my charges, and at one point, someone even managed to rep my shields for me. But eventually all good things come to an end and the valiant Sansha Battleship exploded in a glorious ball of fire. As she was meant to do. I do apologize for those that I managed to pod during that excursion. I did try to pulse the smart-bombs, but you know how they are. Hopefully every one of those pods also managed to get on my killmail.

We are busy pulling data on kills, just so everyone knows we don't solely rely on killboards for this process. So all of you worried about your kills counting, don't be. We've got you covered and Stay Frosty scientists are pouring over the details right now. In a few days we'll have the results and start handing out prizes.

Just to re-state the obvious. Anyone, who at anytime yesterday, broke the basic rules regarding the FFA will NOT be eligible for prizes. You can try and break the rules, but we can try to keep you from profiting from doing so. Fair is fair.

I admit I am a tad worried about the future of events like these. I'll have more to say about this later on, but upcoming changes and new mobile structures are going to continue to make large scale events more and more challenging to organize.

Special thanks to Stay Frosty. You guys are the best. This event took an incredible amount of planning, dedication and organization to work and you managed to pull it off with class. Thank you, it wouldn't have happened without you.

More later.

"Great Event guys. Had lots of fun." - Rand

"That was amazing... thanks so much for organizing this!" - Ransu

"That was simply an awesome event. Thx, Rixx for setting this up. Your live events are the best!" - Piter

"Only been playing for 6 weeks, first event I attended and had a blast! Cheers for setting this up, next time I intend to do better!" - Se'nizl

"Awesome work Rixx!! It was a blast! (yush, pun intended)" - Arwen

"I had an absolute blast. Thank you for putting such an enormous event on, and adding to my expereience in EVE thus far, the most fun content I've had the chance to enjoy." - Q

"The FFA fight was immensely fun! And I wanted to personally thank you and everyon that was involved in organizing it!" - Demon

Location & Prizes

The FFA will take place this Sunday from 16:00 - 22:00 UTC in the system of Jovainnon, which should come as no surprise since the last three FFAs also took place there.

The reasons are simple, Jov is next door to our home in Hevrice, but it is also perfectly located next to several hi-sec entrances. Only two or three jumps in three different directions is hi-sec. The other good thing about Jov is that, except for Patrick Kasper, no one lives in Jov. So we aren't treading on anyone's toes by taking over the system. (But Patrick says he might be fishing on Sunday, so we should be ok.)

So see you in Jov on Sunday for insanity laden Frigate fights and lots of surprises!


Top Killer
The pilot with the most registered kills on the event killboard.
Your Carrier of choice + 250m ISK. In addition you will also receive a Dark Blood EM Plate and an Astero.

Second Killer
The pilot with the second most registered kills on the event killboard.
Will receive a T2 Cruiser of your choice, a Gnosis, a Vigilant, 3x Comet + 100m ISK.

Third Place Killer
The pilot with the third most registered kills on the event killboard.
Will receive an Ishtar, 3x Comet + 50m ISK.

Fourth Place
The pilot with the fourth most registered kills on the event killboard.
Will receive a Dominix Navy Issue, 5x Hookbills, 1x Nemesis.

The first 100 Pilots to lose a ship
Each pilot will receive an Inherent Implants 'Yeti' Ice Harvesting IH-1001.

Nightmare Kill
The 15 top damage dealers on my Nightmare will each receive either a Standard or Improved booster. Boosters will be randomly contracted.

Secret Corpses
If you find one of the many "secret corpses" inside one of the free frigates you will win 50m ISK on the spot. Corpses must be named and match the list to be eligible and most be named in public chat.

Punisher Kills
The pilot with the most killing blows in a Punisher will receive 500x Punisher hulls.
In addition, 100m ISK will be divided among those that get a killing blow between 16:00 - 16:05, and 100m ISK will be divided among those that get a killing blow between 18:00 -18:05.

Venture Kills
The pilot that registers the most kills with a Venture will receive 1x Shadow Serpentis Warp Scram, and 1x Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher with 12 of each sisters probe (core and combat).

Venture Kills Part 2
The pilot that registers the most Venture KILLS will receive 5x Dramiels.

Late Bloomer
The first pilot to explode a Comet after 20:00 will receive 5x Comets.

From 20-22:00, the pilot with the most killing blows in a Firetail will receive 20x Firetails!

In addition we are holding several other prizes in secret to be awarded for special and unique events that may or may not happen during the event. This doesn't have to make sense. All prizes are subject to change without notice and each has its own special qualifications, winners will be notified as soon as humanly possible within 7-10 of the event. All prizes will be contracted to the winning pilot in a major trade hub when possible. All eligible killmails most be posted to the event killboard for eligibility. Details will be given on the day of the event. This event is sponsored by Stay Frosty and we are entirely responsible for awarding prizes, all decisions are final.

Stay Frosty and see you all on Sunday.

Event Planning in Eve

This Sunday's FFA will be the tenth live event I've organized in the last five years. That doesn't count the countless other events I've helped with, created art for, or attended, over my playing career. That is a lot of experience.

A few people have written me recently asking for advice and I thought, rather than write them each back individually, I'd write a post in response. So that I could share some hard-earned advice with all of you.

So here goes. RJ's Guide to building a live event in Eve.

1. Be Legit

I'm extremely proud of the fact that every dime I've collected, since the very first DeathRace five years ago, has been put back into my events and given back out to those that participated. Every dime. This is Eve after all, and being trustworthy is not an easy place to get to. It takes time, energy and dedication to build that kind of trust in New Eden. It is hard-won, but the rewards are great. Now, when I ask for donations and support, people know it isn't a scam and that their efforts will go where they are supposed to go.

But being legit is critical, unless you want to be a "one and done" scammer I suppose.

2. Start Small

That first DeathRace five years ago? Fifty participants. But everyone that came had a blast and enjoyed themselves. And we still managed to give away nearly 4b in prizes. But what that event did was set the stage for every other event that came after it. You have to start somewhere and keeping your scope manageable, your reach within reach, and your goals attainable is critical that first time.

3. A Great Hook

"DeathRace", "Frigate Free for All", "Thukk You! Frill Me!" these are all examples of a great hook line, something that catches the imagination and helps to clearly define your event. It's catchy and people remember it. And it helps to sell your event. And you are going to have to work hard to sell your event.

4. Hard Work

There are no shortcuts, the more you put in, the more you get back. Breaking thru the clutter of Eve is extremely difficult. Everyone is busy, everyone has a schedule, play-times, RL issues, yadda yadda. Why should they break that cycle and come to your stupid event? Be prepared for an insane amount of work, preparation, coordination, all the million little details that you forgot. Keep good records, plan ahead, anticipate problems and then go right on and never give up. Because that is the key to ultimate success, keep moving forward. Fake it till you make it.

5. Promotion

It helps to be a Master of Media like me, but even the beginner can learn to take advantage of the tools that are available. Certainly this blog makes for a great platform, but Twitter, Facebook, G+, forums, every outlet can be used to get the message out. I've learned that there is a specific cycle to each of those tools and learning when and how to use each one is important.

I am my events greatest advocate. When I am hauling crap thru hi-sec in my alt, do you know what I do? I paste links in local. Does it help? I dunno, but it might.

The most important thing is "want to". You gotta want to. If you are half-assed or unsure, then don't bother. Big things never happen without prep, dedication and insanity. Ask anyone.

So get out there and make things happen. I look forward to attending.

FFA: Progress

The official Event Forum thread is now up and running, be sure to take a moment and "like" it, share it and otherwise give it a good home.

Response and support have been incredible as the donations continue to roll in, we have some incredible prizes to give out. I was supposed to announce the prizes today, but we had an huge amount of donations come in yesterday that messed everything up! In a good way, so prizes will be announced on Friday now.

We continue to struggle in getting everything together, Pirates are not the best at logistics! But things are going well despite our Cynos being killed and huge gangs moving thru at the worst possible moments. lol. Many thanks to our special supporters who came thru with some awesome ISK gifts yesterday, you guys saved us. Sincere thanks.

I got the forum thread up as planned, you don't want to put those up too soon or people forget. This will be the 10th Live Event I've organized in five years and I've learned a lot about how to make them work. I'm still learning to be honest, each one is slightly different. The most important lesson is to never let anything stop you, just keep moving as if everything is going well. No one will know the difference.

The best thing about Events like this is how amazing the real people in Eve truly are. You can say what you want, but after so many events I will never believe the bad things people say about this community. Oh sure, I'm certain a few people will show up on Sunday and try to ruin things for everyone. But to me, that is the spice of Eve, not its ruination. The vast majority of people just want to play. Yesterday alone I got dozens of convo requests from enemies, friends, strangers and who knows what, all asking how they could help. To me, that is Eve.

This event is all about blowing up things. So that's the updates for now, back to moving, buying, fitting and generally being stressed out about every little detail.

Stay Frosty.

7 Days to Go

Stay Frosty FFA Wallpaper
Click to embiggen
Next Sunday the 26th from 16-22:00 the skies of Low Sec will resound with the sound of exploding Frigates (and then Destroyers later on), as the Stay Frosty Frigate Free for All gets underway.

We've been extremely busy organizing and building and moving assets across the universe and getting everything ready. This Wednesday we will be announcing the prizes, getting the event killboard up and running, all while furiously fitting up about 4,000 Frigates to hand out during the event.

This event is for fun. T1 Frigates that can be flown by anyone, young or old. Feel free to bring your own especially fitted ships or feel free to ask for a Free one in station. Either way the rules will be enforced and provide plenty of awesome kills for our security fleet. This is Eve after all.

The event page is here, so be sure to bookmark it. But tomorrow I'll be opening a thread on Eve Forums as well as posting all the information over on StayFrostyEve.com

I want to say a special thanks to all of those that have stepped up to donate prizes and ISK over the past couple of weeks. Thank you!! It isn't too late to donate and a full list of sponsors will be added to the pages of information this week. You guys are so important and you are helping a poor pirate group put on this event, without you this could never happen, so sincere thanks.

Special thanks also to our Stay Frosty members (especially Gwen!) who actually built 6,000+ Frigates for us to explode. And Oma and Draiv for helping an old-pirate with the logistics involved with securing 1.5b in m0 mods! Sheesh.

Anyway, lots more to do. So mark your calendars and be there or be square.

Stay Frosty: Dark Oceans

Sty Frosty: Dark Oceans The Movie
Click to embiggen
Stay Frosty pilot, freedom fighter, blogger and massively driven icon Roc Wieler has done it again with his second Stay Frosty inspired album Dark Oceans. I've been listening to this for the past two days and it is incredible, moving, dark and inspirational all at the same time. It made me not even care that space was mostly empty of targets yesterday.

Meanwhile I have a little over a week to get 6,000 Frigates fitted for the FFA next Sunday, January 26th!!


My Eve Screen

RJ's Eve Main Screen
Click to embiggen
I've posted these before, but it has been a very long time since the last one. This is my main screen set-up for Eve right now. This monitor is currently running at 2560 x 1440, I can get higher but I find the text gets to small and I like this size the best right now.

I just spent the last week trimming bookmarks from around 10,000 down to 2,500, amazing how much garbage was in there, or ancient Jump Bridge Networks that no longer exist from 4-5 years ago! lolz.

Several of those windows are expanded in that view, the Peoples & Places window is normally not that big. And several of my more important chat windows are closed in this view.

I have targets set to pop up right above the Selected Items window so that everything I need in a fight is together in the bottom right area. Also Fleet Windows appear above the Scanner window.

So there it is.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Welcome to another addition of the frustration, glory and charm that is constant player-vs-player content in Eve Online. Oh yes, one minute I can completely pwn someone and then turn around and lose to a newbie.

That is Eve my friends. And she giveth and she taketh away. So let's take a look at some of the good, the bad and the simply butt ugly recent fights.

THE GOOD - Sac Vs Gnosis/Arbi/Rifter/Thorax

This one has to be first as it is one of the best fights I've been in lately. The call went out that we had a neutral Thorax on the gate, so I switched out to my Sac (generously donated I might add, thank you!!) and headed straight to the gate, pointed and started shooting the Rax. He jumped. So I was stuck waiting for gate aggro to drop. Lo and behold a Gnosis lands about 23k from the gate. This is technically called "Holy Shit!" And people wonder why my HAM Sac has a long point fitted instead of a scram, for moments like this!!

Now, the Gnosis is also neutral, so I'm taking gate fire the entire fight. A Rifter lands to help his buddy and I put my drones on him. The Rax comes back, but takes one look and warps off. And then an Arbitrator lands and starts shooting me. Which I do not appreciate. As the Gnosis finally explodes, more Stay Frostians' arrive and the Arbi also explodes. Awesome fight.

THE BAD - Heretic Vs Cormorant

One of the reasons I write this series of posts is to show you that no matter how good you are at Eve, you also suck. It's ok if you want to pretend it's just me, I'm a big boy and can take it. But you suck too, sometimes. I've seen your killboard.

This one is totally on me, no excuses. Totally wrong ammo, I never even looked, totally wrong approach, totally wrong everything. Total Derphead.

THE UGLY - Astero Vs Venture

Yep that there is a Battle Venture with a cloak. While I admire the attempt to create a battle worthy Venture, I have a few fitted myself, this one goes in the ugly because he was caught and killed ugly. When the Astero that wasn't on scan a few seconds ago suddenly disappears you really shouldn't decide to de-cloak.

THE GOOD - Astero Vs Venture

I'm putting two of these up to illustrate why sometimes, killing a helpless Venture can be a good fight. It isn't the actual combat part, which is horrible one-sided and generates some tears in local. It is getting the kill that is the good part.

This Venture was on scan in system but I couldn't find him anywhere on d-scan. So I popped over to System Scan and sure enough, an Ice Belt! Well then, we'll just warp in there and see what we find. Sure enough, the Venture is there and about 64k from my warp in point. So now I need to slow boat over there and try to stay away from the Ice so I do not de-cloak and give the game away. This is hard to do.

Just as I start to get close, two things happen at the same exact moment. He warps away and I de-cloak. Ooops. But I don't think he saw me and from a quick d-scan I see he has docked in station. He may just be dropping off his Ice thingies. So I cloak back up and keep boating over to where he was. Sure enough, he warps back. A lot of work for an easy kill.

THE BAD - Tormentor Vs OMG!

From now on, whenever you start to think that the life of a Solo PvPer in low sec is easy, or glamorous, or amazing (which it can be!) I want you to think of this. I fitted up a Tormentor, because I hadn't flown on in a long time, and set out to find some fights. I went 37 jumps in loops and curls and nothing, nothing nothing. And then GATE CAMP. When I saw the T3s sitting there long with this group, I admit I never even bothered to try. All you can do is align out and hope to get your pod away safely. Which I did.

THE GOOD - Dramiel/Catalyst Vs Astero

It might seem odd of me to put a loss in the good column, but it isn't the first time I've done it. You don't win all the good fights and due credit to Malfy on this one. I had engaged the Catalyst in a plex and didn't even notice the Dram until he was on top of me. So my bad and his good for this one. Normally I wouldn't engage a Dram solo with my Anti-Plexer fit Astero, but once you are pointed and whatnot, you have to fight. This fight did cause me to change my fit slightly, so thanks for that. Good fight.

That'll do it for this episode. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures of death and glory. And join Stay Frosty for goodness sake!

10 Things New Pirates Need to Know About Eve

So you've finally noticed that Eve is supposed to be fun and deliver actual enjoyment from all the hours you've been pouring into it, and you've made your way into Low Sec.

Good for you. If you are really smart you'll join a group like Stay Frosty, that is especially made for maximum fun, adventure and daring do. But it is important for you to know something up front - joining a Pirate Corporation doesn't automagically make you a Pirate.

I wish it did, but Eve isn't built like that. What you have is called an opportunity, and it is up to you how you deal with that opportunity. Your corp mates will help, the forums will help, and blog posts like this will help.

Here are the TEN things you need to know about being a successful pirate in New Eden.

1. You are not going to conquer the Universe at first, so chill out

Your enthusiasm is awesome and thank you for bringing it with you. But take a deep breath and swallow that chill pill. You have much to learn and school starts on day one, no matter how old your character, what you did before, or where you come from. Just relax and don't feel like you have to prove yourself right away. Always remember the maxim - you get out what you put in. And in low sec the best investment is time.

2. Start Small

T1 Frigates are amazing little ships, they are cheap, effective and they (by their very nature) teach you all you need to know about 1v1 combat and survival. Fly them. Park the shiny stuff and resist the urge to fly big ships for now. It will be less stress on your pocket book and give you the time you need for some of these other numbers. If you've joined Stay Frosty, we even give you FREE Frigates to fly! Everyone loves free.

3. ASK

Despite what you might have heard, there are no better people than pirates. They are more than willing to help, offer advice and talk endlessly about that fight you just had. I've been in a lot of corps over the years and there is always someone willing to help you. But they can't help unless you ask. We are awesome, but we can't read minds. (Just like your girlfriend/boyfriend keeps telling you!)

4. Gates and Stations

Don't fight on them or near them! The mechanics of engaging and defending your ship on Stargates and Stations is complicated and confusing at first, so stay away from them. Land and jump, or land and dock. Leave it at that for now. I've seen way to many young players derping themselves because they don't understand the game mechanics. Focus on space for the first couple of weeks and months, there is enough to learn out there.

5. Overview

The second most important tool in your UI. (The most important one is #6) Take the time to get your overview set-up properly. Again, ask for help. There are good overview settings available to download, but I recommend taking some time to work thru it yourself. It teaches you valuable lessons about what is in there, how to use it, and what it all means. Remember, you can have multiple tabs and various overviews. Keep your primary overview clean and simple.

6. D-Scan

The single most important tool you need to learn. Even more important than fittings, manual piloting and all the other things in the entire freaking game! I kid you not. Use your d-scan, learn your d-scan, love your d-scan, marry your d-scan. Even a badly fitted ship can win a fight, but you can't find fights without your d-scan.

7. Target Acquisition

Once you find a target with your d-scan it is important to ask yourself - can I win? What are the odds? Do I even have a chance? For some of us older and more experienced players, these questions come naturally to us. But for the younger or first timers, it is worth a pause. What are the strengths of your ship? And what are the weaknesses of your enemy? Learning this equation and the odds involved takes time, so be wary at first. Ask in fleet chat, ask in corp chat, weigh your options. Ask for back-up, there is nothing wrong with asking. The idea is NOT to die. If you are unsure, then move on. There will be plenty of other chances and your ship is still alive.

8. Intel

Fly around the neighborhood, get to know the systems, the locals, the common movements of ships. If a system has 40 people in it, what are they doing? Are they all together? If so, you should probably move on to the next system. Take the time to canvas the neighborhood, this is where you live and play. Know your neighbors. Spy on them. Watch them. They have habits which you can learn to exploit.

9. Have a Buddy

Your buddy can change all the time, but flying with someone is a great way to learn. Pirates love enthusiasm and willingness to learn, the only thing we don't like is docked pilots. Get out there and get involved. Join gangs, get into trouble, scout systems, report intel. You find a Dominix ratting in a belt, you'll be a hero.

10. ISK

Nothing creates frustration like not having ISK. Be sure to have a plan, an alt or some other way to make ISK for yourself. In Stay Frosty we have many options for you, so just ask. I'm sure other corps also have options available. We all have the same problem and many solutions exist, so don't feel like you are alone. We all need to make ISK to pay for our stuffs. Loot helps, stealing ships helps, ransoms help, but sometimes they are not enough.

There is no greater feeling then the first time all of this comes together for you. That time when all the pieces fall into place and magic happens, you find a target, manage to get engaged and then watch as it explodes into a gazillion little pieces. It takes time, effort and learning to get to that moment. There are no shortcuts. But it is worth it.

There are more guides available here on Eveoganda, just use the search function or visit the GUIDES page, the link is in the blue bar above. Or read the archives. Or use Google.

Now get out there and have some fun for goodness sake.

The Stay Frosty Family

The Stay Frosty Family has just gotten bigger and better. Introducing our sister corporation - Lucifer's Hammer.

We are taking the same core philosophy that has made Stay Frosty one of the largest independent corporations in all of New Eden, and are applying it to High Security space. Lucifer's Hammer is now accepting open applications from Industrial minded pilots, led by a strong team of aligned Directors, with the sole intention of building one of the most dynamic and powerful industrial corporations in all of New Eden.

But that dream has to start somewhere and it begins with you. This is a unique opportunity to join a corporation from the ground-up and add your own unique abilities to this opportunity. You have a chance to help shape the future of both Lucifer's Hammer and Stay Frosty, by being on the same team - together.

This is not going to be an Alliance in the normal way you might expect. For many reasons it is best to not "officially" align both Corporations. But this will be a much stronger bond than any typical paper Alliance. A brotherhood, if you will, of philosophy, objectives and intent and most importantly of all - fun.

I believe this is rather unique and new. Two corporations on either side of the High and Low fence, working together. And I strongly believe the sky is the limit on what we can achieve together. We are busy assembling our leadership team, Lucifer's Hammer will be Director led with my alt remaining as CEO. So that common bond will remain the unique tie that binds both corporations together.

I wish I could share all the details with you now, but we are literally building this Corporation from scratch as I type this post. Direction, opportunity, and details are being decided and implemented now.

I was born in Null space, a place where the concept of "Carebears with Teeth" was born. Many of my first Corporations were extremely powerful industrially based, so I want to bring that core concept to play in Low Sec and in High.

Get those apps in and let's build a future.

Mine Ore Die!!

Dear Venture Miner

Just another in a long line of AFK Ventures mining in Low Sec. Nothing special. Except for Stay Frosty pilot Este DeStirr's response and his kind letter to the 3-day old newbie, reprinted here with permission.


Greetings from Stay Frosty, a pirate corporation headquartered in nearby Hevrice, land of Golden Asteroids. Hevrice, Muetralle, and neighboring lands are in what is called Low Sec, or Low Security Space, and are the domain of brigands, pirates, factional warfare patriots, and miners who have learned to apply some wits. In Hi-Sec, where you started out and outfitted your fetching Venture mining frigate, CONCORD will come to your aid (and at least avenge you) if miscreants, gankers or ne’er-do-wells attempt to harm you.

No such aid awaits in Lo-Sec, and if I had not wandered by to marvel that you were mining in Lo-Sec while AFK, someone else would have.

Do not despair, intrepid miner! Heady days of extracting millions of ISK worth of…. well, whatever from space rocks lay ahead of you, if you can remember certain keys to not dying to folks like me:

- Stay in Hi-Sec (system security level 0.5 or above) until you learn to use the Directional Scanner and where all the buttons are on your pod.
- Your Venture is a snazzy little pain in the pirate posterior due to coming equipped from the factory with not one, but two extra warp core stabilizers, which means that you can easily escape all but the most determined pirate simply by pointing to a nearby station, gate, or sun and pressing “WARP TO”, leaving the pirate to curse Outer Ring Excavations engineers. Practice this before setting up in an asteroid belt.

Please understand that this was not personal, it’s like hitting a pirate’s knee with a hammer. We see a venture, we have to try and kill it. Nasty little buggers.

As a token of my appreciation that you’re new to New Eden’s darker corners and this was likely a very confusing experience, allow me to reimburse you for your ship and trouble.

A couple more notes:

- You don’t need the cargo hold expander on a venture. It has a ludicrously large ore hold that the expander won’t affect.
- The webifier is useless to you - train some shield skills and fit a basic invulnerability field along with your shield booster.
- Fit a damage control in the lows - it’s the best and easiest way to survive long enough to get into warp.


Este “Not Shaken” DeStirr

Projection of Protection

One of the best things, of many things, about being the CEO of Stay Frosty is the opportunity to just sit back sometimes and watch things happen. It is possible to take a long-term strategic view and watch as your plans unfold around you, change, evolve and generally take shape. It is a journey that is very rewarding and exciting. Who knows what might happen next?

Along that journey there are moments that help to define who and what you are as a Corporation. All Corporations have them. Moments when one path taken leads to another path not taken, and each decision, reaction, plan and opportunity has consequences that often cannot be predicted.

This all being a rather high-brow and unnecessary way of saying someone started shooting our POCOs on Sunday. The whole "Stay Frosty has POCOs" thing is handled by a different department, overseen by me of course, but mostly I stay out of it because I suck at carebear things. I have enough trouble remembering to re-load my nanite paste, much less remember the ins and outs of reinforcement timers on isk-generators. (I exaggerate of course, but I do have an image to maintain!)

So my mail starts blinking on Sunday and I start looking into what is happening. I send out some intel feelers and organize an actual CTA for Monday. (CTA = Call To Action)  We don't call CTAs in Stay Frosty, so this was unusual to begin with. In fact, in some ways, this was our first actual organized response fleet planned ahead of time... thing. So what would happen?

Turns out we had a rather robust and enthusiastic response. Seeing as how most of us were 26 jumps away, this was rather encouraging. In fact, even after the main force started moving, we had even more people x up and join the effort. For our first attempt, this was rather remarkable.

Setting out we had no idea what we'd be faced with on the other end. Intel was sparse initially and only stared filling in as we moved. It is often amazing how quickly the puzzle starts being put together on these operations. I actually fitted up a Scythe and flew Logi for this operation!! I know, crazy huh? I named my ship "wtf am I doing?" and set off.

I want to say up front that I have nothing but admiration for anyone in a 30 ish man Alliance that shoots the POCO of a 160 ish pirate corporation. Kudos all around for having a pair. I'd also like to say congratulations for following through with that initial attempt and not running away and hiding. Well done.

We arrived in force and began repairing the shields on the POCO. For this part of the operation I was the only Logi on the field. We knew they had several T3s and a Falcon around, so we weren't sure exactly what they might bring if a fight started at all. And, of course, the ever present threat of being hot-dropped was present.

Our fleet was rather unique and the only common thread was that we were all shield based, other than that? Well we had a Drake, a Gnosis, a Naga, an Oracle, a Talos, a Caracal, a Gila, a Hawk and a few fast tackle - along with my Scythe. The enemy did show up and landed on us directly. 2 T3s, 2x Omens, a Rupture, Thorax and Vexor. Strangely enough they focused fire on the Gila and the fight was on.

Despite having only flown Logi a handful of times in the past, I have been well schooled in their operation over the years. I had my watchlist properly set-up and immediately started repping the Gila. I had also brought along combat drones so I could get on some friggin' killmails! (Fix this someone!) I know the enemy wanted a Gila km, but picking the one ship in our fleet with the highest resist profile wasn't the smartest move. It was touch and go for a few minutes, but once they started exploding, the amount of dps dropped off quickly.

You can see the Battle Report for yourself. But we came out of this without losing a single ship and got some nice kills. We switched up additional Logi after that and got the POCO back in shape.

Well done to everyone involved. Our FC did an excellent job of organizing the fight and we all had a blast. Which is, after all, the most important part.

I love it when a plan comes together.

BB52: The Graph is a Lie

For the past four and a half years, the graph has hovered around that 30,000 mark; it is, for all intents and purposes, a plateau. But everything must come to an end sooner or later and that is what this blog banter is about.

What's on the other side of that plateau? 

Is there any path for CCP to follow to raise those numbers upwards for a sustained period, or is EVE going to enter a decline to lower logged in numbers from this point? How soon will we see an end to this plateau? Months? Years? Or will you argue that 'never' is a possibility? Or you can look at the root causes of the plateau and tackle the question if it could have been avoided or shortened if CCP had taken different actions in the past.

Out here in the real world a significant part of my professional career is looking at huge piles of data, charts, findings, statistics and whatnot - and then pulling the truth out of them. In many cases millions of dollars are riding on my ability to find the nugget of truth, the sliver of hope, the endless opportunities buried within statistics and data. And I happen to be very, very good at it.

I've been seeing this chart bantered about for a long time now and I can tell you straight up - this chart is bullshit. It is BS of the highest order and flies fully in the face of correlation and causation. It is an island of data in an empty sea of missing, vital, and more important information that we simply do not have.

As the mere existence of this banter proves, many people look at this evil chart and draw the natural - but most likely erroneous - correlation that Eve has hit a plateau. This is not because they are stupid, but simply because data doesn't exist in a vacuum. They then draw the natural cause from this data and determine that Eve must be dying, or at the very least slowing its growth. And while there remains the possibility that this is true, there remains a vast and undetermined possibility that the opposite is actually true. In fact, the opposite is much more likely to be true.

This chart shows server usage over time. Are they the same users? Or different users? This is missing data number one and it is an extremely important piece of information. In my experience running Stay Frosty, I've seen a tremendous amount of long-term subs who haven't played Eve in a long, long time. We have several young players that have been subbed since 2007, but haven't logged in much since then. This chart doesn't account for returning players because they are buried within it. What is the rate of long-term subs returning to activity? Is it on the rise?

Eve is over a decade old, few people play any game for ten years!! And to expect them to do so is rather strange. So turn-over is another vital piece of missing information buried within this single data point. Turn-over is vital and depicts "trend" in a way that few other data points can do. What exactly is the rate of deactivated subs versus new subs? I dunno. It might very well be rather staggering.  Again, based on what I've seen in my travels, there sure are an awful lot of 2013 and 2014 pilots out in space.

I could go on and on. The point being that much like this example, it is rather easy to get caught up in single point data and jump to erroneous conclusions. We all do it. But it is dangerous to flirt with ignorance.

There can be no doubt however that Eve is in transition. As I said before, it is over a decade old now and the following year or so is going to be critical for its long-term stability or growth. [ As an aside, let us not be so quick to poo-poo the strength to be found in stability. That chart shows a tremendous power in Eve's ability to be stable over time. And that is an extremely positive thing. ]  But yes, Eve is in a transitional period. Will it continue to attract new players and retain older players? Will it continue to do so at a reasonable rate?

Eve is never going to be WoW, or draw the numbers of Candy Crush. But it also doesn't even need to do that. It has existed for over a decade already and, if anything, that evil chart shows it has the strength built in to survive and flourish for another decade at least.

Eve is better now than it has ever been. That message needs to be shouted from the rooftops. How and why and when it continues to grow, expand, and evolve remains a mystery to us all. Based on what we've seen over the past two years, the foundation has been laid for continued success. Now is the time for CCP to step up to the plate and show the world that Eve is here to stay.

Plateau? Maybe. Anything is possible. But this chart doesn't prove anything one way or the other.

For more Banters, please visit the Blog Banter #52 page.

The Stay Frosty Frigate FREE For ALL!

Stay Frosty FFA Wallpaper
Click to download additional sizes

Stay Frosty Presents: FRIGATE FREE FOR ALL (FFA): SUNDAY JAN 26TH from 16:00 to 22:00


The event will take place on Sunday, January 26th from 16:00 to 22:00 UTC and you will be free to engage anything that lands on grid with you, including your alliance mates, blues & fellow corp mates - everyone is fair game. 

A wide range of prizes will be awarded to anyone ONE YEAR old or younger that participates! Prizes will be based on the event killboard, details of which will be released 48hrs prior to the event. All killmails must be posted to the event killboard to be eligible for prizes.


• No link alts allowed - Any boosters in system will be hunted down and destroyed.
• Gangs and Teamwork are not allowed. The is a Frigate Free For ALL!
• No Podding.
• ONLY Tech 1 Frigate hulls are allowed until 20:00, after which any Frigate or Destroyer is allowed.
• Warping off is allowed. We discourage the use of safe spots and the hugging of stations/gates will be strongly discouraged.
• Cloaks are not allowed.
• A variety of FREE fitted T1 Frigates will be available to all participants, until they are exhausted. Stay Frosty has built nearly 6,000 Frigates for you to explode. We also encourage you to bring your own.
• ECM is not allowed, drones and/or modules.

The system name will not be announced until 48hrs before the event, here in this post, on EVEOGANDA and on the forum thread.

Comm information will be made available during the event in the in-game channel EVEOGANDA, feel free to join that channel to discuss. The Event in-game channel is STAY FROSTY FFA and updates and details will be posted there.

DONATIONS: We are actively seeking sponsors, prize donations, isk support, or whatever else you can contribute. Please contact Rixx Javix to coordinate, thank you.

PERMALINK: The Stay Frosty FFA PAGE is now open, please share THIS LINK with your Corp/Alliance/Forums and whatnot. Updates, prizes, and system name will be announced there!

Stay Frosty!!

All rules are subject to change without notice by STAY FROSTY. Feel free to contact us in regards to donations, prizes, or support in the in-game channel EVEOGANDA or by contacting Rixx Javix by eve-mail or at rixxjavix@gmail.com


This post has some relation to this post over on MinerBumping.com, so you might want to go read it first. Then come back.

Engagement is the key to success for Eve Online. I've always believed that and have been preaching it from this pulpit for almost five years now. Getting new players engaged is the critical piece of long-term success for Eve. This is not a surprise.

Since last May I've been hard at work building an engagement system in Eve, most commonly referred to as a Corporation. Since May over 200 pilots have responded and joined Stay Frosty. Applications are open and anyone can join. We have no rules about staying and some people come and go freely. Right now we are hovering at the 170 member mark and hope to reach about 200 in the next few months. That has always been our goal.

Running a large corporation is a lot different than running a smaller corporation, in many ways. But one trend that I've noticed involves engagement. Over 90% of the pilots that leave Stay Frosty never even bothered to register on our forums. Which means they missed out on an extremely vibrant, helpful and engaging part of being in our Corporation. It also means they never registered for Comms, since those two things are tied together.

So for a Corporation whose entire purpose is engagement, we are missing out on engaging a small percentage of those pilots coming to us to be engaged. Make sense? I mean, in the overall picture, we are talking about a very small percentage of players - not many people leave Stay Frosty. But it is something that I've noticed.

In the larger picture, if WE are having issues engaging pilots, imagine what Eve must be experiencing on the larger front. Players coming to play with SF are certainly not "normal" players, so I can only assume even worse retention numbers for Eve as a whole.

This is, as I've said before, one of the biggest challenges Eve faces moving forward. And, I believe, it is critical for its long-term success. Something I am rather keenly interested in. As I'd like to continue playing Eve for a long-time to come.

All I can do is continue to try to engage players from my small corner of the Universe. And in 2014 I would like to dedicate myself to upping my own game in this regard. More events, more posts, more people joining Stay Frosty, more engagement of our victims, more of more. Whatever I can personally do to help engage a larger percentage of players, to show them the true nature of Eve, I will try to do.

Isolation is not engagement. Community is. Whatever sense of community helps you stay engaged, a blog, a corp, an alliance, whatever it is, eve is full of it. It is a rather vibrant and amazing place when you jump in. But playing alone on your corner of the sandbox is nothing more than a recipe for boredom and eventually boredom leads to failure.

I've seen it over and over again.

I'll continue to do my part. But I'm only one wittle dood.

A Look Ahead to 2014

Several of my usual "predictors" for the coming year are not available to me this time around. The CSM has been especially quiet about their goings-on and the summit minutes have yet to be released. The CSM always helps to keep a finger on what is going on in CCP and where we might be headed.

I've also been rather busy building an awesome Corporation over the past eight months, so my own Eve time has been taken up rather significantly focusing on that aspect of the game. So I enter 2014 a tad cut-off from the usual, usual. This doesn't mean I am totally adrift however, I'm still active on Twitter, still read the same amount of Blogs, and even sometimes wander over to the forums, or Reddit, etc. And I still maintain my own contacts throughout the Eve community.

Eve faces several challenges moving forward. Anyone who looks at a sov map of Null Sec can tell you that we are entering some new territory when it comes to the "big game" in Eve. As a dedicated low sec adventurer these days, my personal interest in the politics of Null has wained over the years. But I worry for Eve. A static, unified, and boring Null Sec isn't good for anyone. Especially Eve.

I get a lot of mileage here on the blog making fun of Faction Warfare and WCS and... well, everything else. In my humble opinion there is no doubt that the basic FW mechanic is in need of serious ( and yet minor ) overhauling. FW has brought life to Low Sec and in that way it has succeeded beyond belief, turning a back-water pirate vs pirate land into a multi-faceted extremely active arena. Given the current status of Null, there can be no doubt that Low Sec is the only choice when it comes to PvP in Eve these days, and we have FW, in large part, to thank for that.

It is still broken. And whatever remedy CCP eventually settles on needs to address both sides of the coin. Personally I'd rather it stay the way it is than see it ruined, so we must tread lightly in recommending any possible remedies. I think some slight tweaks to the basic mechanic would be enough to re-balance things. And banning WCS.

Unlike previous years Eve doesn't face any obviously glaring places in which significant work needs to be done. This is a good sign. It means that Eve is ripe for NEW content. We've been hinted at heavily that this new content may come in the form of brand new space, player-created gates, and other player-centric opportunities. On the surface this sounds rather promising. The danger, as always, is in delivering new opportunities while not ignoring old ones. And then integrating new content properly into the existing plan.

I'd like to see more new ships, the recent introduction of new SOE ships needs to continue into other ignored factions. I'd like to see modular Frigates introduced, perhaps not a direct T3 descendant, but a modular based system to build your own 'custom' frigates. I think this idea is rather exciting. And is yet another way to give more options to the player base.

We need Command Ship models that are not simply re-skins of existing hulls. We need more control of our own space in Low Sec, without "sov" per se, but there should be a mechanical benefit to controlling certain areas of space.

Whatever comes in 2014 I must say that I trust CCP more now than at any other time since I stared playing Eve. The dust of Incarna is well behind us now and the last two years have seen significant improvement in virtually every aspect of Eve.

Eve is insanely better now.

And if I have any wish for 2014 that I'd hang my hat on, it would be simply that it continue to kick serious ass.