A Look Back at 2013

Rixx Javix Time Cover

What a year! 2013 marked my 5th year anniversary of playing Eve and my 4th year of writing and drawing this Eve magazine. Over 1,165 posts, countless images, comics, and millions of words later and yet another year in the Archives. Inside of Eve I went from being in the top ranked Pirate corporation to defiantly starting my own rag-tag group of scum sucking pirates, and despite warnings and threats to the opposite, managed to build one of the largest independent pirate corporations in all of New Eden. At last count 165 pilots strong (all mains btw!) which also happens to include some of New Eden's most celebrated celebrities. And I also managed to find time to put on three major in-game events, two FFA's and a DeathRace. Whew, I was busy!

And yes, our recruitment is always open and free to anyone, no questions asked.

All in all, 2013 was an amazing year. So let's do some Top Ten Lists.

My Top Ten Posts from 2012 (My personal picks)

Why I Don't Ransom
The Young Javix Adventure Club
BB46: My God What Is That Thing!?!
On Staying Frosty
I am an Eve Blogger
BB47: Blind Men and the Elephant
Eve Dumb Ways to Die Parody
A Manifesto in Onyx
My Week With the Wittle White Ship
5 Randomly Weird Things About Eve

Top Ten Troublemaking Posts from 2012

Tusker Code Has Been Sullied
Big Babies
Limit WCS NOW! (The post that started a whole year trend)
This is how Eve dies, with a whimper
"Just Plain Stupid"
Twitter Kilt the Radio Star
Eveotorial: TOS
Dear Internets
The Big Ban Hammer
A Public and Rather Humiliating Apology for Hurting the Feelings of Eve's Top Ranked Pirate Corporation

I encourage you to explore the Archives, not only from the past year, but the years before that. Lots a great stuff, history, art, humor and adventure back there.

I will remember 2013 as the year that my own personal Eve journey finally started to make sense, my search for the perfect Corporation finally landed on the fact that such a thing didn't exist yet - so the only choice was to make one. The year I finally accepted fully the role of Pirate and the infamous fame that comes along with it. The year I found an amazing group of fellow pilots that share my joy of undocking, fighting and laughing as we all die gloriously in space.

2013 is the year I stayed frosty.

What will 2014 bring? I hope you stay with me as we find out what happens next.

Thanks for reading, sharing, hating, and otherwise being around.

Keep the courage.

FREE Wallpaper

WCS Ostrich Sand Wallpaper
Click for downloadable sizes
The fourth in the recent series of Anti-WCS Advertising from the WCS Society of New Eden, this Wallpaper takes a more subtle approach to delivering its message of the shame and humiliation that FW Stabbed/Cloaked Plexers must feel.


A Year of Variety

One of the things I pride myself on is the variety of ships I enjoy flying. I hate getting into a rut and flying the same thing over and over again, I love my spaceships, and want to enjoy them all. I keep a very large hangar and like to have as many ships fitted and ready to go as possible. All my isk goes into ships and the mods to fit and fly them.

But is that actually true?

I decided to check. So I went back over the past 12 months and counted the different ships that I've registered a kill with in Eve Online. Turns out I am actually flying that way. Over the past 12 months I've registered at least a single kill with over 75 different hulls!


Here are the double digit killers in order of most kills to least amount of kills:

• Fed Navy Comet (86)
• Imperial Navy Slicer (84)
• Kestrel (74)
• Sacrilege (62)
• Condor (52)
• Hawk (50)
• Caracal (42)
• Astero (41)
• Daredevil (40)
• Drake (31)
• Dramiel (29)
• Firetail (28)
• Hookbill (27)
• Atron (21)
• Moa (20)
• Tristan (18)
• Incursus (18)
• Corax (17)
• Tormentor (17)
• Vengeance (17)
• Breacher (16)
• Jaguar (16)
• Harpy (15)
• Thorax (14)
• Thrasher (12)
• Brutix (10)

That is a pretty healthy mix of ships, class and size represented in that list. I'm surprised that the Astero landed so high seeing as it has only been available for such a short time, but it has made a pretty significant impact.

The remaining list shows even more variety, but just not as much use. Here is how the rest falls: Taranis (9), Wolf (9), Algos (8), Coercer (8), Merlin (8), Dragoon (8), Lachesis (8), Tornado (8), Broadsword (8), Exequror (7), Hurricane (7), Stabber Fleet (6), Dominix (6), Cyclone (6), Maller (5), Rifter (5), Sentinel (5), Slasher (5), Vexor (5), Cynabal (4), Vexor Navy (4), Manticore (3), Cruor (3), Flycatcher (3), Talwar (3), Zealot (3), Caracal Navy (3), Abbadon (2), Tempest (2), Cormorant (2), Executioner (2), and the rest have one kill each. (I actually just closed the document without saving it by mistake and I'm not recounting! lol.)

I'm pretty happy with the variety represented in this list. Next year I'd like to work even more ships into the active group, like my new Nightmare and the Machs and maybe even some Black Ops and Mauraders, if things work out that way. I am surprised the Tengu didn't make that list since I know I flew it plenty of times... it is possible that I missed a few kills here and there.

Onward and upward.

3000 Ships Exploded

This blog/journal/rag/propaganda magazine is about a lot of things, but one thing it is about is marking the various milestones of my own personal Eve journey. If you go back thru the Archives you'll find plenty of struggles, hard-ships and near disasters. I am, if anything, an open book.

Yesterday I exploded the 3,000th ship of my Eve career. I wasn't trying for anything special to mark the arbitrary nature of that number, since it is rather arbitrary. So the milestone kill wasn't anything special, in fact it was another Venture.

I know there are plenty of pilots with more kills, and significantly more with less kills. But for me personally it remains a rather triumphant accomplishment. And one that I am rather proud of. I still remember my first kill, and racing to 100, 500, 1,000 and so on. I remember being ranked 42,000 on BattleClinic. And I remember my first two and a half years of living in Null and being more than happy with a handful of kills in a WEEK.

I've never played for numbers. I don't multi-box a scout or booster account. I only take drugs for special engagements. So the vast majority of those kills came the hard way. It is just the way I choose to play and not an indictment of anyone else's play style. ( I always feel the need to disclaimer that statement.)

Next milestones? I should pass the 100m skillpoint milestone soon. And then, at some point, the 1k barrier on BC ranking. Which begins the slow climb to number one. Granted, I may never make it, but it is after all the journey and not the destination, isn't it?

And this has been a great journey so far.

Closed for the Holidays

Mr Mittens Wallpaper
Click for additional downloadable size thingies
As usual I leave you with a gift, another FREE Wallpaper in the Anti-WCS Series from the WCS Society of New Eden. This one tugs at the heart strings and is the perfect companion for your desktop this Holiday Season. Enjoy.

I may have gotten horribly sick, had the worst pain in my life (Kidney Stone you are pure evil!), and am scrapping the bottom of the barrel to provide a decent Christmas for my family, but this past week has been one of the best I've ever had in Eve. Nothing special, other than hanging out with my fellow Stay Frosty pilots and blowing up stuff real good. I've had a blast. Or two. Or a hundred, I dunno, I lost count.

It is a constant reminder of why I started another Corporation in the first place. Beyond the desire to prove I could really do it, beyond the momentary passion, beyond the in-game reasons to provide a playground for a specific playstyle, it really boils down to collecting like-minded individuals, stirring them around and watching what happens next. It is a rather breathtaking and constantly changing dynamic. You can't help but become involved, both in-game and out, in the lives of those around you. Their challenges, moves, marriages, children, colleges, and their desire to learn this crazy ass game of ours.

It is a privilege.

And so we come to the Christmas break. I'll be taking a few days off from the blog to spend with my family both in-game and out. I'll be back shortly to do the usual year-end reviews and looks forward to next year, but in the meantime, I want to wish each of you the very best this Holiday Season. Whatever your own situation, your own challenges, your own lives, I sincerely hope that you find a moment of peace. A moment, no matter how brief, that allows you clarity and the solace you need. That we all need.

If Eve is indeed a community. If we are more than simply a collection of far-flung people inhabiting a virtual world, if we are more than that, then I send along my personal thanks for making it so. 

Thank you for another great year. And from my family to yours, Happy Holidays.

Change, Before it Changes You

WCS Change Ad
Click for additional sizes!

Second in the series from the WCS Society. We are a group of concerned citizens of New Eden dedicated to the eradication of WCS and the harm they do. It is scientific and we have proof that the use of WCS causes cancer, kitten deaths, erectile dysfunction and long-term senility in those exposed to its rays.

You haven't heard the last of us! We will never give up, we will never surrender, we have a point and we intend to use it!!

The WCS Society FREE Wallpaper

WCS Hangar Burn
Click to additional downloadable sizes
[EDIT] I really shouldn't go so fast in the mornings, the wallpaper had a typo on it which has been fixed.

In honor of those that wish I would "just get over it" I've decided to go full-steam anti-WCS with a new series of wallpaper ads in the spirit of the World Wildlife Fund. This is the first and I hope you download and share and enjoy!!

But seriously, WCS are just the worst. Using them kills kittens, steals your honor and causes global warming. Not to mention what it does to your ability to sustain an erection. ( I hate to mention that one, but really, you should know the truth.)

Happy Holidays.


I keep seeing cloaked plexers cloak up in one plex and re-appear moments later in another plex without having appeared in the previous plex. This has happened more than a few times in the last few weeks. Anyone else seeing this weirdness?

WCS Suck!

The Stay Frosty FFA is on January 26th and we have thousands of Frigates being moved and in need of fitting. We are still looking for sponsors and prize donations. I'll be hitting this hard after the Holidays, but now is the time to get in on the action early and reserve your spot, if interested.

Stay Frosty continues to grow at an amazing rate and we recently added a bunch of new pilots. Welcome aboard everyone. A special shout out to one of our newest members Crazy Kinux who was, and is, the Blogfather and one of my inspirations for starting EVEOGANDA in the first place. The circle is now complete.

Trust me, you never want to have a Kidney Stone!! My god, the pain is insane and unlike anything else. Luckily mine seems to have passed in relative peace after a Friday night of horror, emergency room writhing and wife scaring. Drink plenty of water my friends.

I have over 100 ships in my hanger and it is NEVER ENOUGH!! Yesterday I went back to re-ship and realized the only small T1 Ship I had fitted and ready to go was a Breacher. It didn't last long and ended up on a live stream. Needless to say, I shall be busy fitting more ships today.

No matter how well you do in Eve, someone will always be there to remind you of how much you suck. And if it isn't a person, the game will remind you. And if it isn't the game, your computer will remind you. And if it isn't the computer, then you'll get blobbed, or gate camped, or run into the wrong ship at the wrong time. Get used to it and move on.

Losing isn't the end of the world. Learn something from each encounter and move on. Unless you are losing more than you are winning, if that is the case, then you need to change something. Trust me.

If you are having a bad run, go back to the basics. It works every single time. Trust me.

I sincerely appreciate all of you. You might not know it, which is why I'm telling you.

You really should join Stay Frosty. Seriously, you know you want to.

The year is winding down and the Holidays are right around the corner. Just a reminder.

And finally, since I didn't have much more to say today, have fun. No matter what you are doing, enjoy yourself. Do something nice for someone else. Every avatar is a person sitting alone at a computer somewhere, a person with their own life, their own family, problems, bills, debt, doubts and frustrations. That is why Eve is real. Be real. Be bold. And be human.

We could all do with a bit more of the human spirit in Eve. Just saying.

Dear Santa, It's me Rixx

Dear Santa,

Best wishes from the Javix family to your family this Holiday Season. Now that the Northern Blue Block is gone, I hope you will have better luck delivering presents in Low Sec this year! I can assure you that the scum-sucking criminal elements have set you and your sleigh light blue once more, so relatively safe passage is assured. An updated list of known gate camps is attached, not much we can do with those people.

In case you are not aware, certain pagan elements have been distributing gifts ahead of Xmas day. But don't worry, so far these "gifts" have been extremely lame and horrible. In fact, I suspect they are specifically designed to annoy me and cause me personal anguish, but I digress. Just thought you should be aware that other forces are trying to scam your rightful Holiday. Speaking of scams, I once more recommend putting Jita on your avoidance list.

Yet another year of apologies for the continuing issues with the doors in our quarters, the Javix family remains unable to walk the corridors of the station. However, this year we've installed a series of beautiful staircases connecting our quarters, so getting around is extremely easy. The boys continue to grow extremely slowly and remain young and bright-eyed toddlers. Mrs. Javix and I remain convinced we exist in a strange time-metaphor known as "Sitcom" time. Very strange.

Everyone has been excellent this year and I think you will find us all on the "good" list. I've also included 3b ISK for the Reindeer Fund as usual, to ensure that we remain in your good graces.

All of us will be sending you our own Xmas Lists, so the following is my personal wish list for this Holiday season. I hope you and the Sansha Elves can see your way clear to provide each of these. I was disappointed in some of last years gifts.

• Warp Core Stabs - We talked about this before and sadly they remain in operation. What I need is a Big Red Button that will disable ALL WCS in New Eden. That seems pretty clear. Make it happen.

• Magic Sansha Elf Dust - Be sure to liberally sprinkle that stuff on all the ships in my hanger! I need all the help I can get and I suspect you forgot last year.

• Pirate Faction Battleships - One or two of each would be great, I have some seriously minded people after me and I need a better fleet of ships to combat them. Believe me, they are forces of Evil and need to be dealt with. And, I just want more of them.

• Archon. Simple enough.

• Loot Fairy. Do you have any pull with her? If so, could you do me a big solid and have some words with her on behalf of Stay Frosty? She is being really bitchy with us lately.

• Stay Frosty - Be extra nice to all our pilots this year, they are a great group and they deserve the very best. And be sure to distribute those Stay Frosty flyers I gave you in everyone's stockings, we can always use more pilots.

• A Guristas 120" LCD Television with New Eden Cable please, we'd really like to be able to watch actual television in our quarters!

I've included an updated list of Runners and Cloakers that need to have coal in their stockings this year, so be sure to pay that list particular attention.

That's about it I guess. Special unexpected ships appearing in my hanger are always appreciated and we'll leave the cookies, milk and exotic dancers in the usual place for you to enjoy. The girls know how hard you work.

Best Wishes from the Javix Family.

Where Da Aliens At?

If I told you I was building a massive on-line science-fiction universe with starships, thousands of planets, jump-drive technology, clones, warp-core stabs, space stations, local chat spam, and gorgeous nebula to look at - but it wouldn't have any aliens in it - you'd call me a loon.

Where da aliens at?

Every race in Eve is descended from the first human stock to get stuck on the wrong side of the Eve Gate. Even the mysterious boogeymen the Jove. (And where have the Jove gone btw? Been a long time since we've heard anything from them!) All the NPC races, all the character races, all begat from those first humans who forgot to check the life-span of the gate they just jumped thru. We are descended from idiots. (True story)

But this expansive universe is seemingly devoid of life. Barren. All these worlds and not one iota of alien life? Ok, it is possible that the Sleepers might, might be alien. I suppose that is a start. Let us hang our hopes on that being the case, but unless I'm missing something (and I am no lore expert) the Sleepers are a branch, spin-off, second cousin to the Jove. And that makes them, once again, human based. Albeit altered and evolved over the last 15,000 years.

The bigger question is this, do we even need aliens in our Eve?

As much as I would enjoy getting a message someday in-game that said:

"Capsuleers! Reports of a large alien anomaly attacking a station in the Hevrice system are accurate. All Capsuleers are asked to rally and defend New Eden from this unknown threat and drive back the alien Space Octopus currently sitting on station six! MAYDAY! MAYDAY!"

It is a rather silly thing. And we don't really need it, do we? I once wrote what I think is the perfect way in which aliens can be introduced into New Eden without messing up the entire thing that CCP has created, you should go read it, it is rather brilliant.

But aside from that, what purpose would aliens serve and do we have a need for them? My honest opinion is that they would serve no purpose and that we have no hole for them to fill. Despite the awesome nature of random alien events like the one I described in the article I linked, having aliens in Eve could potentially be rather horrible.

Remember my opening paragraph? The one you called me a "loon" about? It is crazy and it is brilliant genius at the same time. It was crazy for CCP to create this universe without aliens in it, but it was also pure genius. We are humans, at least I am going to assume so for the sake of this post. We play Eve. We fly spaceships. We are not playing an Avatar based game, despite all the progress over the last decade in that direction, this is still an outer space based universe. Our race has very little to do with it frankly. And aliens would only muddy those waters, while bringing very little to the table.

Personally, I think random alien "mystery" events would be incredible for Eve. Every so often something really bizarre and wonderful happens that no one can explain. I think such events would add an air of wonder and science-fiction realism to New Eden. But I think playable or NPC aliens are for another game.

Aliens are fun little critters. But unless they are handled correctly, they can also be rather silly. Eve wasn't built for them. Eve was built for us.

The Stay Frosty Workout Center

The 5,000-square-foot Stay Frosty fitness center is fully equipped with state-of-the art cardio and weight training equipment. Upon request, your concierge will arrange an expert trainer to ensure an effective workout.

Workout Center
From: Roc Wieler
To: Stay Frosty. [ST-FR]

Morning ladies,

Just a quick note that the squat rack has a bent bar again so is temporarily out of service. It also seems station maintenance is having some issues with the plumbing as the hot water is actually quite freezing ... or I'm incredibly small which some of you know is not the case.

Just a quick FYI for anyone looking to do squats today.

PS. If you happen to see any hydrolized beef protein at any Star Fit Health Foods please pick it up and I'll reimburse you.

Fly strong. Stay frosty. o7


Re: Workout Center
From: Rixx Javix
To: Stay Frosty. [ST-FR], Roc Wieler

Could the person who keeps leaving their wet towels strewn all over the benches please stop doing that.
Next time I see that you're getting a criminal timer from me Mister!

Da Boss

Re: Re: Workout Center
From: astral dominix
To: Stay Frosty. [ST-FR], Roc Wieler, Rixx Javix

ok ....the soiled wet towels were me...and those four exotic dancers....sorry boss :(

Re: Re: Re: Re: Workout Center
From: Razesdarked
To: Stay Frosty. [ST-FR]

Ok, so before going to the Stay Frosty Officially sanctioned Workout Center last friday I finally got my The Effort Ninja Gorrilian DVD boxset. Somewhere between me arriving, me doing all the pushups and me going home, someone nicked my boxset.

I ain't mad, I understand.
It's a damn awesome boxset, with a awesome 1:25 Evil Overlord Figurine striking a madly awesome pose. I would have my cleptomanic fingers all over it myself. But it just ain't right.
So please, Its only 6 discs, so please return it by the weekend. Its not like you will be able to stop chain watching them episodes anyway. The end of the Rampaging rhino arc where ninja gorilla san punches the rhino stampede so hard the earth cracks is just mindboggling awesome.
Anyways, you should be done by Friday. This weekend I have no date, a bottle of cola and an all The Effort Ninja Gorrilian DVD evening planned. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to see what is missing in that plan.

Should the culprit not turn up by friday, then I will probably start popping some caps peoples bitch ass until I start seeing some damn results! I will also refrain from wearing anything below waist height while utilizing the Workout center from now on, and I am sure that will be as traumatic for you as it will be for me. No one wants that so give me my discs so I'm not forced to buy it on Blue ray.

Re: Re: Re: Workout Center
From: Nero Tomas
To: Stay Frosty. [ST-FR], Roc Wieler, Rixx Javix, astral dominix

to: all who signed up for the 20:00 EST full contact origami seminar, it has been rescheduled to next thursday.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Workout Center
From: Jushin Dragon
To: Stay Frosty. [ST-FR]

What freaking workout center I'm still locked in my captian quaters. Though I have yet to determine if its a good or bad thing having Anastasia's quaters next to mine. There are some very odd noises coming from next door....

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Workout Center
To: Stay Frosty. [ST-FR]


Re: Re: Re: Workout Center
From: Rixx Javix
To: Stay Frosty. [ST-FR], Nero Tomas, Roc Wieler, astral dominix

Gosh darn it, we can't get anything together in this damn corp!

I'm going to my sea salt yoga class then!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Workout Center
From: Roc Wieler
To: Stay Frosty. [ST-FR], Razesdarked

Looks like they've fixed the squat bar. Good times.

Raze, sorry about grabbing your box set. I saw it and was amused so wanted to check it out then disappeared on recon for a few days.

Also, I apologize about the noises from Anastasia's CQ - we'll try to keep it down.

Never tried full contact origami, but it has two things I absolutely adore in it, so I'm game!

Yep, that is an actual Corp Mail thread. Stay Frosty is nothing if not serious business.

5 Randomly Weird Things About Eve Online

I'm totally making this up as I go, so bear with me while I pull today's post out of my super-genius nether region for your nominal entertainment. The preceding statement being only half-true, I am in fact drawing on years of Eve experience to pull spontaneous brilliance out of my nether region. Just like every day.

So here are five totally randomly selected ways in which I find Eve Online to be totally weird. Tongue firmly in-cheek, humor intended stuff here. Not serious.

1. Criminal Timers

I'm in a low security system alone with some schmuck in another ship. It is just me and that other guy I like to call "Target Ted". Target Ted is ratting in a belt ( I know that is a Myth, but let's use it for the purpose of the story, k?) in a Rifter. And I, being notoriously ebil, am in another ship capable of killing his Rifter dead. I warp into the belt, having used my superior d-scan abilities to track Ted's ass down, and start shooting at Ted. Just cause.

But Ted ain't as dumb as he looks and warps away, cause Ted fit WCS to his Rifter despite me repeatedly telling people not to do that! I imagine Ted's comms must have gone something like this, "Uh Station Control? Uh yeah, this is Target Ted over in Belt Six. Yeah, look, this Rixx Javix fella is shooting his guns at me!! No I'm fine, I gots 4 WCS fitted!! Yes, yes I know they kill kittens and I don't care. Look, I warped out, but could you do something about this menace? What?!? Thirty seconds?! That's all?"

Oh gosh. I can't dock for thirty seconds. More time to study for Amarr BS V I guess.

2. Situational Awareness

What a mess! Seriously, think about it for more than a second. Local shows every dood in the system you are in instantly, and yet shares none of that information with YOU. Imagine this in Real Life for a second, you've got this app on your phone that shows you a picture of everyone within a 30 mile radius of you, and yet tells you nothing about where they might be. They could be right behind you, right now!! Unless they happen to walk into range... then they show up. No one signs up for this app btw, it shows you even if you don't want it to.

In order to find your neighbors you need the Eve version of a Dowsing Rod. Twirl around in your ship for a bit until the wooden stick tingles, the guy you are looking for is over that way somewhere. Y'know, in general. How far is he? Which of those clusters of icons is he in? Hehe, go look for yourself ya schmuck.

I actually love this part of Eve and I don't have a brilliant way to make it better, but it is rather silly when you think about it. We can build Jump Drives and Civilian Autocannons, but we can't do better than this on the single most important element in all of Eve? Uh huh. Don't even get me started on Local Chat... imagine that app?

3. Those Ships Flying By Your Hanger?

If you spin your ship in the right direction while in station these days you are bound to spot the busy traffic passing by your huge hanger. And while the Stations in Eve are obviously built using TARDIS Technology, even that doesn't explain these creepy Ghost Ships. You are the only one in local and yet there they go, back and forth, like busy little bees. Who the f**k are these people!?!

I know for a fact they are not undocking. I've been outside a lonely station and no one is coming out of it. So they must be up to something else and I, luckily for you, have a theory. That part of the station is a huge circle and those ships are part of the HUGE Pilot Training Certification Program (PTCP). Yep, those ships can't undock, cause they are going around in circles learning the best ways to not bump into each other, or crash into the sides of the station causing untold billions in property damage expelling air into space and causing the deaths of thousands of innocent people. Cause those kinds of skills are so important out in space... >cough<

It gets boring in Station. The doors don't work and the only recreation people have is to take the family Dominix out for a spin around the Center Circle. "Let's go watch Timmy pass the window again!!"

4. Without Pants

I've got news for you that you might not like much, you and everyone else in Eve is flying around Nekkid. Yep, we are in our ships of terror, zipping around the universe in our birthday suits. This fact alone must make public speaking in New Eden extremely easy.

So at some point between the balcony and the pod, all of us take off all our clothes and step into the Capsule for the ride up to the ship... Nekkid. For everyone in station to get a good look at our naughty bits.

I'm not sure why we have to fly our ships naked, or what effect that has on the crew... if there is a crew! (Ooooooo, but that's another post.) There is an alternate theory out there that the pod destruction destroys clothing, but I don't buy it. How would it do that in exactly the same fashion every time? Doesn't make logical sense, and as you know, everything I write needs to meet that criteria.

This might have something to do with those circling ships...

5. Being a Zombie

I've died 80 times in Eve so far. Dead. Kaput. Pushing up daisies. Flinging myself from this mortal coil and dashing headlong into the aft... only to be brought back once more into this hell hole existence where everyone wants to keel me. And this doesn't even begin to mention the thousands and thousands of times I've been disassembled and flung hither and thou from one end of the Universe to the other every time I "jump" thru a gate or a cyno thingie.

Maybe this is why I became a Pirate? The lack of a soul, since it went and joined the heavenly choir about six years ago. Don't believe in souls? Well then you are a Zombie Eve Pilot. Walking around all dead inside, reborn into a new body, with hatches on your head where they stick those expensive implants and "inject" skills into your brain. (Why learn a skill that only involves pushing a button? Off topic.)

Oh yes, Eve is weirder than you probably realized. And those five things are just scratching the surface really. I could go on and on.

But I do have to save some things for later. Plus, I really want to go get nekkid and run around dying all over the place. There are 80 Rixx corpses just floating around in space somewhere. Next time you hear a thud when flying around, that might be me!

The Stay Frosty Frigate Free For All

Stay Frosty FFA Wallpaper Teaser
Click for additional downloadable sizes
Mark your calendar!! On Sunday, January 26th Stay Frosty will be hosting a six-hour extravaganza of Frigate death and destruction with our Frigate Free For All. Everyone is invited, young, old, bitter, carebear and soldier, this is your chance to fight on equal terms with everyone in New Eden!!

We've been hard at work building and fitting hundreds and hundreds of FREE Frigates to hand out during the event, so you have no excuse not to be there. We also have plans for many exciting surprises, prizes and exotic dancers!

The doors are open now for additional prize donations, support or ideas on how to have your blingy ship blown up by a swarm of Frigates! So feel free to contact me in-game, out-of-game, or wherever, and we can discuss. Further details will be posted at the beginning of January, so be sure to mark your calendar today. We're expecting thousands of pilots, so be there or be square.

Sunday January 26th the house will rock! The big red dot on the map will be bigger than the map, and hundreds of Frigates will meet their maker!! How much more hyperbole can I write to get you excited!!!!



The Mighty Venture Eve Mini-Game

I have a special love/hate relationship with the lowly Venture. On the one hand I think it is an awesome model, one of my favorite new ship models in the game. It reminds me of an underwater vehicle you might have seen in the Abyss, designed by famed production designer Rob Cobb. On the other hand it is a Mining Frigate with WCS abilities built right into it!! Which makes it like salt in the wound of your friendly neighborhood pirate.

No matter what ship I am flying at the moment the words "Venture on scan" are uttered or seen on scan, I will warp into the belt intent on killing it. Since they were introduced back in December 2012, I have destroyed 98 Ventures and podded 67% of their pilots. Yes, I counted them this morning.

I don't hunt Ventures. They are not typically considered "good fights", although I have run into a few Battle Ventures over the last year. Although they also exploded. If I've destroyed 98 that must mean I've tried to destroy hundreds and hundreds of the darn things, since most of the time they get away.

I've destroyed Ventures in just about any ship you can imagine:

With a Daredevil, Incursus, Wolf, Caracal, Tristan, Merlin, Rokh, Astero, Stabber Fleet Issue, Broadsword, Comet, Hawk, and Coercer, just in the last two months!

It is like a bizarre mini-game within Eve. And yes, most of these pilots are young. And no, these are in no way good fights. I will say this however, most of these ships also had the option of simply warping away. I rarely fit two scrams to a ship. In some cases, like the Rokh, I could have made a sandwich in the time it took to lock the Venture.

Why bring this up? I don't really know, I find it interesting and an aspect of the game that is rather odd and amusing. I destroyed two of them yesterday and I was curious about the numbers.

The funny thing is, I have two Ventures fitted up to kill Ventures and I've yet to register a kill with either one. Thing is, every time I undock in one... well, it is a mining Frigate isn't it? And there is always the chance someone like me will come along and insta-pop me with a Artie Wolf.

And that thought usually results in me docking up and grabbing something a little more appropriate.

But not always. Someday the Venture will have its blood.

CapStable Episode 36: The Many Hats of Rixx Javix

Wednesday night I sat down with the gang from CapStable and talked about Eve, Stay Frosty, Propaganda, Twitter Hats, Eve Dumb Ways to Die, and many other things, so head on over to take a listen.

I tend to ramble on and on, but I'm listening to it right now and I actually manage to make some sense! lolz.

I had a blast and I want to thank them once more for having me on and for a great time! Much appreciated.

Runners & Cloakers

Last night, as I was finishing up recording an episode of Cap Stable (available soon!), I fired off an impromptu rant regarding the current state of risk-adverse runners and cloakers posing as Eve players.

It went something like this:

The idea of "risk" in Eve is a false priesthood that has been given validity by the meek and weak. There is NO risk in Eve. There is only danger and reward. The higher the danger the greater the reward. The lower the danger the lower the reward. This is how it is and how it should always be. More importantly however is this, danger is where memories are made!

I've been playing Eve for over five years now and I can tell you story after story after story about my own adventures, failures, derps and escapades. What none of those stories will feature is "nothing". I don't have one story or memory about hours of doing nothing in Eve. Oh sure, I've done more than my fair share of nothing, but I don't remember any of it. Its gone. Poof. Forgotten. Cause it is boring, dull and forgettable. We all have tasks we need to accomplish, even die-hard gentlemen pirates, but boring is death.

The other day Mister Marram of the Tuskers entered a system only to discover a Titan on scan. He took a huge risk in finding it, bookmarking it and waiting while forces formed to bring it down. The result was a dead Avatar.

We don't all have to bring down a Titan to make memories. But I will ask you this. What are YOU doing that is worth the time you are doing it? Your time is extremely valuable, all of us only have so much of it to spend - are you spending yours properly? This has nothing to do with your chosen play-style, play the game any way you want. But spend your time taking risks, pushing the envelope, exploring the edges, pushing those boundaries, breaking new ground, delivering the goods, building better than anything has been built before, standing up to injustice, seeking revenge... whatever it is that drives you. Do it like you own it.

There is NO risk in Eve. You will be perfectly fine. Go out there and FAIL HARD. Don't be afraid to suck ass, to be hot-dropped, to get ganked, to be spied upon, AWOX'd, murdered, stolen, forced to dock, killed on gate, derped, or otherwise tossed and turned. For therein lies the tale. And, quite possibly, the greatest tale of success you will ever tell. After all, you might just win.

Luke didn't listen to Uncle Owen and become a moisture farmer! Indiana Jones wasn't content to simply teach classes and work on his tenure! Adventures begin by taking risks, by stepping into the unknown. And, lucky us, Eve isn't even real. It is a gosh darn pixel based choose-our-own-adventure game!! Woot!

Then again, if you do tackle a Carrier with your Devoter, I recommend having the proper amount of back-up in place. You might even want to check the pilot's name and corp before doing something truly stoopid. Just sayin'.

Thing is, that is a story I'll remember for as long as I play Eve.

Stay Frosty Frigate Bash

So this past Saturday Stay Frosty held its first ever in-corp bash. A "bash", in my mind anyway (which is where it counts!), is an impromptu event designed to have fun and shoot your friends and corp mates.

Since this was the first one, I decided to play the rules easy and straight-forward. Only t1 mainline frigs, no ecm. We would fleet up, warp to a safe spot and have at it. Pure and simple.

Click to embiggen

We had 13 pilots participate. The above chart was produced by Watson Crick using Cytoscape, and it is an excellent way to see a battle graphically. Red arrows show final blows and yellow show top damage, if different than final blow. The rest show damage inflicted by who to whom. Pretty awesome thing.

Considering this was blue on blue action, the battle reports are all wonky, but we had several Tristans, two Punishers, a Tormentor, a Rifter, and a few Merlins on the field. Originally I had fitted up a tricked-out Merlin to bring, but the fit was so weird it required a faction mod to make it work, so I decided against it. I fitted up a Punisher instead, knowing full well everyone would shoot me first, I 'd try to make it hard on them. But also not be able to pull distance. Which worked out extremely well, I did indeed leave the field rather early. lol.

Joffy also had a target on his back, having won several Stay Frosty HICKS Awards for leading our killboard, everyone wanted to make sure he didn't win! Considering that attention, he did manage to hang in there longer than expected.

After twenty minutes it all broke down the way these frigate fights always do, the brawlers were off the field and the only three left were the faster kiters. We weren't able to finish to the death however, our neighbors showed up with probes and we decided to call it and return home. No sense in getting hot-dropped or blobbed.

We are going to have these every so often, next time I'm thinking of having everyone show up in Ventures and fight in the system belts. That could be a lot of fun. But there is an endless supply of ideas to choose from.

We have two videos of the event:

Speaking of Stay Frosty Events, later this week I'll be announcing the date for our Frigate Free For All, so stay tuned for that.

And congrats to Cervantes, Oma and Stan for a great fight. We all had a blast and I'm already looking forward to the next one.

BB51: Whoa Nelly!

EVE Online can be a game of heart-pounding, palm-sweating, adrenaline-fuelled ecstasy or agony. Sometimes over the years those reactions dim and what was once a panic inducing situation becomes commonplace routine. For some, the shakes never go away.

From Druur Monakh (Twitter: @DruurMonakh) we get the topic of this banter: what was your most nail-biting experience in EVE Online so far? It could be PvP in a 1v1 or 1000v1000, your first fight or your latest one, a scam so close to being uncovered too soon, a trap almost sprung on an unsuspecting victim or the roles reversed and you desperately try to escape.

My entire existence in Eve has been living on the edge, creating adrenaline fuel for my crazy desire to play Eve, have fun, and push my own limits to the cliff - and then jump. I have never been bored in the last five years, not once. Because when I start to get bored I go and do something about it. Attack a gate camp in a Solo Bomber? Why not? Fly to the edge of space in a Condor? Sure. Warp into a far superior ship with a far inferior ship? Every day. Take on 10 ships in my one ship? Of course. Don't think twice. Incite the top ranked PvP Corp in Eve to declare war on your fledgling pirate corporation? Uh huh. Fly your entire personal fleet from one Null Sec location to another one half-way across the Universe? Did it. Did it a half-dozen times. You name crazy and most likely I've done it. Probably more than once.

So picking one out of that list is a tough call. I still get the "shakes", I still feel the rush. Not at the same level every time, because not all fights, not all experiences are created the same. But yesterday when I flew my Raptor out to tackle this Tornado on the gate? Yeah, the butterflies were present. The heart was pounding.

Plus I've chronicled just about everything on this blog at one point or another. The time I was solo flying a Gila thru Null Space and got hot-dropped by three Carriers. The wars, the battles, the meta, the scams, the breaks, the wins and the losses. I'm pretty much an open book. But there are tales yet to be told.

Or maybe not. Every time I think of one and then search for it, I've already written about it. And ranking things is not really my cup of tea, how do you relate the difference between fighting 17 Carriers alongside PL, to watching your Newb Merc Corporation fall apart around you?  I don't think you can.

I feel the pressure to name something, some encounter, some experience that stands above the rest. As a writer I want to answer that question honestly. I could take the easy way out and simply say, from the time I logged on until today has been the most nail-bitting experience for me. Cop out. Despite its truth it feels like the easy way out. True, but ultimately unsatisfying. And I don't enjoy leaving my readers hanging like that.

I came into Eve with no knowledge of this game. I hadn't read a single line about it. I knew nothing, zero, zilch about what I was getting myself into. And, to be honest, no other experience is the same, or ever will be the same, as that first day. Despite all that I have accomplished, the unknown terror of undocking into the dark of space has to be the most nail-bitting experience I've yet known. I will tell you now, I didn't participate in the Tutorials. Oh sure, I ran thru a few of the early ones, but I quickly gave up on them. I like learning by doing.

The thing is, Eve ain't like that. And red, yellow, blinking, flashing, dots in inky blackness is a tad confusing. But you get used to it and eventually you start to realize that maybe the Tutorials might not be so bad after all. And then it happens, the universe is big and you can't stay in Todaki all day. I aimed my ship at the nearest Star Gate and started driving over to it. And waited. And waited. I started to do the math in my head and it seemed like it would take several days to fly that distance. There had to be a better way!

Ok then, warp drive discovered. Whew. And now the gate loomed above me. The next system over was Low Security Space. The tutorial warned me about this, bad people lived over there and they would most likely kill me. And once over there, would I be able to find my way back? Gulp.

I never did find my way back.

For more Blog Banters please visit this post.

Eve Thanksgiving

© and TM Gary Larson

Here in the US tomorrow is our Thanksgiving Holiday. A celebration of the destruction of entire tribal cultures and the dominance of European expansionism across the North American continent. We celebrate our victory by eating traditional native foods and slapping each other on the back about how thankful we are we didn't lose. Or something like that.

In that spirit however, I'd like to extend some well meaning thanks around the Eve Universe. I'll be visiting relatives tomorrow and won't be around much in the next few days, so here we go:

I give thanks to all Stay Frosty pilots.
Past, Future and Present. Thanks for coming along on this crazy adventure and for giving me a renewed sense of fun in this insane game of ours. All of you are a constant source of amazing creativity and daring. I still find it hard to believe so many people share my belief in how to play Eve. We are really just getting started and more await us. Thanks for playing.

I give thanks to this great community.
I wish I could name you all individually, but you should know who you are. This is a great gang and you guys keep me going on a daily basis. Sometimes I think the people here care more about my life and well being than the real people I know out here in real life. And while that might seem sad to some, it actually isn't. Thanks.

I give thanks to everyone at CCP.
Without you Eve wouldn't even exist, duh!! Seriously though, thanks for continuing to build a great universe for us to play in. I appreciate it. Specifically though, special thanks to the Art people, cause we never get enough credit.

I give thanks to my Haters.
You bring spice to everything I do, without you things might get a tad boring and predictable. Please continue to get your hate on and rail against me, it amuses me and my entire family to no end.

I give thanks to my readers.
Thanks for visiting and spending time here. You are sincerely appreciated and every day I try to entertain, amuse, and otherwise make your visit time well spent. Thanks.

If you are celebrating the Holiday, safe travels to you and your family. If you are not, then enjoy a day in Eve free from me hunting you down.

Until then, thanks to all. Stay Frosty.

Stay Frosty Astero PvP Video


METROPOLIS Movie Poster Parody
Click for Additional Sizes

Its Thanksgiving week, the weather is terrible, the kids are insane, my former employer is fighting me on my unemployment benefits, I'm still looking for my next job, I'm way behind on commissions, and finding inspiration to post is tough at the moment.

So I made another movie poster, this one based on the Cronenberg Film "Cosmopolis". I was actually in Metropolis earlier this week and will probably head back down again after the Holiday. As you know, we've opened another office down there to spread things out a little.

Back to normal soon I promise and tomorrow is traditional "what I'm thankful for" in Eve post day.

See you in space.

Quantum of Solace

Quantum Rixx Javix Poster
Click for additional sizes
The image above is another in the series of movie parody posters featuring your friendly neighborhood pirate blogger. The first was based on Lincoln and the next was based on A HIstory of Violence.

Originally this post was going to be called "Runners & Cloakers" and I was going to, once again, rail against all the FW plex pilots that run away and hide. But you know what? I just don't have the energy today.

It's Monday and I don't feel like it, so I did the poster instead. 

Long story short, stand and fight for what you want. Otherwise we'll just keep working on more and more inventive ways to catch you anyway. I think that Plex should be on a timer, you leave you lose and have to start over. But that's me. And I am the one with the big gun.

Now I just want to log in and use it. See you in space.

My Week with the Wittle White Ship

I'm just a tiny bit crazy about Spaceships.

As I reported earlier this week, my good friend and fellow Corp mate Akirra Menelaos was nice enough to sell me one of the very first Astero Frigates off the assembly line early Tuesday. I immediately fell in love with the little Frigate and started working on a fit from scratch.

Considering the bonuses and the configuration of the ship, I was convinced it could be the perfect Anti-Plexer Ship. And that is the purpose I started fitting it for. I know other people are using it for other things, but that is the purpose I see for it. I tweaked the fit constantly during the week, as usual aiming for both effective use and cheapness. The goal, I believe, of any true pirate.

I essentially started with Cloak/Nuet in the highs, Dual-Scram, Web, AB in the mids, and then Plate, Adaptive, Drone, DC in the lows. Initially at least, that was the starting pattern. A dual Web fit wouldn't catch stabbed plexers, in fact I missed my first kill of a Venture with a dual Web fit. Which is why I switched to dual-scram instead.

Some examples:

I landed back at station after the Venture miss and changed the fit up a little, removed the extra Web and went dual-scram. Undocked and saw this Catalyst and his buddy in the Navitas on scan. Perfect targets to prove the concept. Landed close enough to the Cat to get points and the Navitas stayed to provide reps. It was a lot closer than I would like, I considered breaking off a few times, but the Cat finally went down. The Navitas warped off before I could get point. The ship proved how tough it was.

Another few tweaks and another chance to prove the concept. This time I showed myself long enough to get attention and then cloaked up and waited. Sure enough, he landed near me and I boated over to de-cloak and get points. I had some back-up on this one and I already detailed this kill in my last post.

The first dual stabbed Plexer. The Plexer doesn't get much warning with this ship, which is a big part of the idea of course. The only time they see me on scan is when I am already jumping into the plex. The dual scram worked its charms and he went down relatively easily.

I detailed this engagement in the last post, but suffice to say the little ship managed to hold tackle on the Mega and survive the de-cloaking Pilgrim long enough for the gang to arrive. Yet another successful proof of concept.

The first straight up 1v1 against a good PvP pilot who knew ahead of time what I was flying. We went to the Sun and had at it and the Astero came out on top. Good fight and it was close. Nice to know it can hang with the traditional frigates. Confidence is growing.

This one was pure concept realized. The Comet was cloaking up as usual, so I warped in and flew around a bit, then aligned out as if to warp off - but instead cloaked up! And then waited a few minutes and sure enough, it de-cloaks about 37k from me. I boat over and the rest is history.

Bad Tristan fit, but yet another plexer caught and taught.

Another perfect example of the concept at work, this time the sudden appearance of my ship was enough to grab the points needed to hold him down. Good fight.

Everytime you undock your ship it is already dead, so eventually all good things must end. We set a trap for two Kestrels that were using Legion links. I was orbiting the beacon and Sea was cloaked off of me in his Pilgrim. They landed and they hit very, very hard. We did manage to get one of the Kestrels, but I did lose the Astero.

Like any ship in Eve, it has its limitations and advantages. I'm still convinced it is a great Anti-Plexer ship and given the current environment of running and cloaking, a ship we needed to help balance the field.

Got another one on order.

A Weird Stay Frostian Day of Awesomeness

The thing about having a Corp of 140 active undockers is that... well, something is going on all the time with or without you. It is one of the joys of being CEO of this crazy band of misfits, I never know what they might be doing, getting into, or have up their sleeve from one moment to the next.

What I am about to tell you happened yesterday. Some of it I was there for and some of it I wasn't. All I know is what I was told, what I experienced and what we talked about in chat. Anything I get wrong will surely be corrected for me in the comments.

I logged on determined to get a kill with my shiny new Asteros Frigate. I had tweaked the fit once again and undocked with grim determination. Close call after close call slipped thru my fingers. The mere sight of me in my wittle un-tested white ship enough to cause most people to flee, cloak or otherwise vacate local. Having made a rather long loop I decided to head back to Hev and switch out for something else. That's when I saw the Catalyst and Navitas on scan.

This is one of those moments. That combination of ships, in the right hands, can be rather challenging. Those two ships in the wrong hands, could be an opportunity. Most likely this would fall somewhere in the middle. So I didn't hesitate as I turned into them. I landed perfectly, my approach was cloaked so I think I took them by surprise. The Catalyst was closer, so I went for him first. I locked them both up, I might need my web or my extra scram for one of them.

My Asteros rocked. The fight was close, my armor dipped dangerously low and my hands hovered over the recall button for my drones, but she held together as the Catalyst exploded. The Navitas warped off to safety before I could get my points on him.

During this MIxu had been telling us about his adventures earlier ganking a couple of miners. It all started when he and Gwen ganked a Low-Sec Retriever with expensive mining upgrades that dropped. Which is good. What isn't as good is taking those Mining Upgrades into Hi-Sec when you are still under GCC. Then Joffy and Akirra had a race to see who could pick up his wreck faster, a race I hear Joffy won. Then they all decided, why not have a hi-sec gank now? So Akirra scouts down a Mackinaw and as they warp in Joffy locks Akirra and ends up exploding her ship, then still manages to get top damage on the Mackinaw! Lolz. I don't think Akirra is going to let him forget that any time soon.

I forgot to mention that Mixu had managed to actually kill someone with his Sentry Tristan earlier. He and Gwen jumped a gang of five Stealth Bombers and he managed to grab one of them.

It wasn't all gravy. I had jumped into a Comet for a quick impromptu roam up to Black Rise and once again many close calls and near misses later I found myself sitting on a Gate with two Rooks, of all things. Mixu was scouting the other side and reported a large gang. I meant to warp off the gate, but instead jumped thru. Derp. Yeah I lost the ship and the pod.

So I was stuck spinning in station for awhile, while Akirra was nice enough to fetch me some new head candy. Well, only after she started an International Incident by exploding a Blue that is!

You see, we don't have blues. But do to a mix-up one of our former members, who is planning on returning shortly, was set light blue. As a proper Pirate, this didn't sit well with Akirra and in the confusion that was happening at the time, she managed to explode Natasha's Condor for her.  We managed to get the entire thing worked out to everyone's satisfaction, of course. But it was yet another weird incident.

I decided to go try and have some more luck with the Asteros, for some reason flying the wittle white ship around in space is a lot of fun! I hooked up with two SF pilots I hadn't had the chance to fly with before, and we finally managed to lock up a Tusker Comet in Muet. Julius is a good pilot who often came into Hev looking for Frig fights, I was sorry to see he decided to join the dark side, but more power to him. (This is just an observational statement and no slight is intended on our friends in the other station.) On the way back to Hev I found an Incursus and solo'd him in the Asteros.

Then I noticed a Brutix on scan at the other station. By this time even more Stay Frostians had appeared in local, and we decided to ad hoc a small gang together to see if we could get a fight going. ( You can read another account of this fight on Astral's excellent blog HERE.)

Astral went in to get aggro and while the Brutix docked up in half-armor, Julius' Vexor wasn't as lucky. We all played games for a short while after that, but eventually things wound down and no one else got kilt.

I forgot to mention that Stan became our Hero of the Day when he solo'd our best Anonymous commenter earlier. This would have been better had he not subsequently lost two ships to him later on. Oh well.

I'll also mention that Ezra received his Stay Frosty t-shirt in the mail yesterday, the only one to come out of the Zazzle/CCP Ban Hammer incident. He also managed to get one of those awesome Low Sec Roamer's Map posters.

So I undocked the wittle white Asteros for one last jaunt before logging off for the day. I jumped into Jov and instantly spotted the Megathron on scan. We quickly assembled a gang in the other system and Akirra was nice enough to burn back to provide probes. We finally got him locked down inside his Mission and I warped in, to first one gate, then another and then yet another. By the time my wittle ship arrived he had run off to station. I was too slow. :(

By then local started to get busy again and it looked like we might have missed our chance. But if there is one thing I've learned about Mission runners over the years it is that their play-time is just as borked as ours is. He stayed logged on, so I stayed patient. This time I warped cloaked to the in-gate and sat. I had Akirra sit off the station cloaked, so she could see when he undocked and give me time to de-cloak before he landed.

Sure enough, once local calmed down again, he did just that. Once he was in warp, I de-cloaked and waited for him to land.

Sometimes you can be so focused on your plans that you forget other people have plans too. As soon as I got both scrams on the Mega and started to put the web on his drones, a Pilgrim de-cloaks and also starts shooting me, and neuting me, and generally adding his own drones to the fight. So it is my wittle white Asteros holding down a Mega and getting nueted to Hell by a Pilgrim. Everyone else is jumping and warping to help, but my wittle ship is taking some heat.

But I held him long enough for other points to arrive and managed to get out safely with about 25% armor left. In all the confusion I'm not sure what happened to the Pilgrim tbh, he sorta of disappeared at some point. But the Mega was surely caught. I went to re-ship into something bigger,I decided on a Tempest. But the Mega died before I got there.

For me the day was finally over, but for Stay Frosty and our pilots the day never truly ends. I wake up every morning and look at the killboard wondering at the stories each kill and each death represent. It would be impossible to know them all, to re-tell each victory and each defeat. But I know that every single line represents its own unique story. A challenge faced, an enemy defeated, a personal accomplishment, or a valuable lesson learned. It is one of the truly great things that come from being fortunate enough to have such a great group of pilots around you.

And a truly unique and amazing day, like the one yesterday, can only serve to remind me of why I do it.

Now, let's see what today brings.

Command Ships: Not Good Enough

"I know this is going to generate a lot of strong feelings due to nostalgia and I share many of those feelings. However I truly think these new versions look amazing and that in the long run this is a change that people will look back on as an obvious positive."  - CCP Fozzie

It is an obvious change and a change that makes sense. Moving the Command Ship models to the correct racial Battlecruiser hulls makes perfect sense and I fully support the idea. As much as I loved my Sleipnir Cyclone, or the Evil Cyclon Eyes on the Absolution, the change makes sense from a game perspective. So that is all well and good.

What doesn't make sense, and what insults my sensibilities as an artist, is the new Sleipnir model. The big bold stripes of the Nighthawk, the truly Amarrian Abso shininess, even the Eos Myrm, all seem worthy of Command Ship level awesomeness. And we could, as adults, argue about each of them in turn. Did they go far enough? Nope. Are they just re-skins and not new models? Yep.

Fozzie said something else I'd like to remind you about, "opening up options for the art guys in the future".

Ok, fair enough. The stage is set for some truly inspired and worthy model invention down the road. I encourage that on all four ships. Let us remember the Vagabond, as it stands as the perfect example of how to handle the expansion of a line of hulls. From the Stabber, to the Stabber Fleet, to the Vagabond, each ship is well designed and reflective of its position in the line. The top of the food chain even gets something special, as it should. The Command Ships should be treated the same way. Especially now that we have Navy versions of them in-game.

The Sleipnir is a special case at this point in Eve's history, because it is based on the Hurricane model. And the Hurricane model needs some special attention. Nothing drastic, but it needs a ground-up remake to take advantage of the love other models have received. It is time for the Cane to grow up a little bit and match the rest of the line. Think Tempest when you think of the Cane. The Pest model got that kind of love and it is perfect.

I admit, I'm a spaceship nut. So I'll be watching and waiting to see what happens. You guys can knock it out of the park, I know you can.

So let's grab some Quafe and get those sketch pads out shall we?

PS: Yes I know the formatting is screwed up on these posts lately, it is not on my end and isn't something that I can control. I'm working on it, trust me, it annoys me more than it annoys you.

PPS: Ha! I found a line of code that seems to have fixed the formatting issue.

I feel expanded upon

In my humble opinion the Rubicon thing that happened yesterday is the text-book example of the perfect Winter Expansion. A gosh darn ton of new stuff not one of which is a dead-end, game-changing, controversy inducing, hot-bed of contention in waiting. The game is somehow better than it was on Monday. And that is good enough for the cold months of Winter.

The game seems tighter than it did before, overall I mean. The graphics crisper, the text more readable, the windows better organized, and overall - tighter. I appreciate that. I do like the new character selection window, that is pretty slick. The launcher remains quaint and meaningless, but I don't mind having it. At least it remembers my User Name again.

The new Cert system and the ISIS Tree take some getting used to. I did discover a skill I had forgotten to train playing around with those yesterday, so they helped me already. Nothing serious, I meant to top off Armor Layering a while back and just forgot to do it. So its chewing on Level V now. I'm almost over the 100m skill point rubicon myself, so these new features don't impact me as much as they would younger players. But I think they are awesome and a HUGE improvement over what we had back in the olden days.

Stay Frosty Director and Diplomat Akirra Menelaos spent the last month stock-piling SOE LP, so she hit the ground running yesterday. Popping out both classes of the new SOE ships at a record pace. She was nice enough to let me have an Asteros Frigate at a decent price. I have no idea how to fit the damn thing, but I did manage to create a decent fit that puts the little Frig at over 7k ehp and puts out a respectable amount of drone dps. I managed to catch a Venture on my trial run, but he got away. I originally thought dual web, but I'm thinking dual scram now. Maybe. More testing to come.

The speed change is as awesome as advertised and not as horribly game-changing as feared. It fits. And while some ships can be engineered to go ludicrous speed, the compromises needed to make that happen render them all but useless in combat. So what we are left with is slightly faster PvP Frigs and smaller ships, and slightly slower larger ships. Once again putting the choices in the players hands, the way these things should be.

Congrats to Fozzie and his team once more. And to everyone at CCP, this was a smooth expansion with little in the way of problems.

Also, special thanks to the SOE ship designers. Nicely done. I Hope this proves the concept that out-of-the-box spaceship design can be achieved in Eve and that we are witnessing the dawn of a new era of ships being introduced. Make it so.

The rest? Well now, we'll just have to wait and see won't we?

PS: The war with that other corporation is over now. You really should come fly with Stay Frosty y'know.

Rubicon Predictions

Tomorrow we cross the Rubicon. We shall all forfeit our Imperium and face death and dishonor. Gulp.

Ok, maybe not. But the relation to "crossing something" is deliberate and CCP would like us to think we are on a journey of no return with this latest expansion. If everything holds up the way it seems, I suspect they might actually be right this time. Maybe. So here are some last minute predictions about what you can expect from getting your ankles wet crossing the line of death and entering Rome.

My Crystal Ball of Expansion Predictions

• Everyone hops into an Interceptor and goes Ludicrous Speed!! They have fun for about 39 jumps before they try to tackle someone and realize that the main fleet is 37 jumps behind them! Suddenly all of New Eden realizes something that Hero Tackle pilots have known for years, arriving 30 seconds BEFORE help is a sure way to die horribly.

Kick the tires and light the fires. Speed is great, but generally speaking it just means you die a lot faster. But not in bubbles after tomorrow! This might be the greatest single change ever for Eve PvP, but remember to hurtle with caution.

I fully suspect some seriously hilarious deaths from this change in the coming days.

• Carpel Tunnel Syndrom Increases! One result of the speed change is the increase in the amount of spamming you will be doing to your d-scan button. Orbit that button carefully, cause that new dood in local is now ON YOUR FACE! Click. Click. OH MY GOD!!

Should be fun.

• Overview Clutter! Suddenly all of these idiot players have structures they can put up in space! And who thought this was a good idea? I imagine my overview is going to be full in a week or so of Siphons and Bunkers and other things. Ahhh!

So overview management... again! Sheesh. And what are we going to call these things in gang? Everyone warp to that Depot, y'know the 16th one from the bottom. Can we name Depots?

• White Ships Ahoy! Look for some hilarious kms from the new SOE Ships. If this is anything like the Gnosis it should be a fun week as people buy them and fit them without a clue.

• I'm not even gonna touch the hilarity that hi-sec Custom Offices are going to cause. I don't understand hi-sec and this isn't going to help me in that regard anytime soon. Have fun with that.

One last prediction. Rubicon will go down in history as one of the best expansions, certainly top five, in Eve. It is FREE and it should be awesome. Lots of ground-work being laid for the next two or three expansions, and content that seems naturally expandable for once.

I'm looking forward to it. You should be also.

Any predictions of your own?

Anon No More

Just a quick note.

After four plus years of a totally open, no verification, anonymous allowing comment system here on Eveoganda, I have decided to take the step to ban the ability of readers to leave ANON comments on future posts.

I value open and honest discourse, but given the generally trolling nature and lack of courage displayed by most of the ANON commenters it is clear that is not something they value.

I sign all of my posts. From now on you'll have to sign your comments. It seems only fair.

As always, if you enjoy trolling, I suggest Reddit or the Forums, or some such.

The Buck Stops Here

I am the CEO of Stay Frosty. I am not a Dictator however, I take my cues from the members and from my appointed cabinet of fearless Directors. Every member of Stay Frosty has a say in what happens, both in chat, email and on the Corp forums.

It isn't complicated. We don't have Sov or any grand plans of conquest. We are pretty simple folk who simply wish to fight the good fights when we find them, undock and have some fun. So running Stay Frosty is a lot like herding cats.

As CEO I do feel it is my duty to stand for my members, to be their advocate both in and out of game, to encourage them, to defend them, and to help them in any way possible. This is what I do. If one of our pilots gets into trouble I will derp myself in order to help. I've done it numerous times, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. But I never hesitate.

That is how I lead. By example. I play the same way our members play. I take the same risks they take. This isn't some glorious subterfuge on my part, it just so happens that the play-style I enjoy the most is exactly how Stay Frosty is built. Duh. That is kind of the whole point.

I've taken a lot of heat and criticism in the past for how I translate that philosophy here on the blog. It happened back when I was CEO of Lucifer's Hammer and it is happening again. That's fine. I often post wearing my CEO hat and I often post wearing my player's hat. The "heat" derives from other people's desire to put me in a corner and have me behave according to their own rules. If we've learned anything together during the last four years of this blog, it is simply this - no one puts me in a corner.

I say and do what I want both here on this blog and in-game. I listen to my readers, those that have the courage to sign their comments, those on tweetfleet, my friends in the community I serve, and my pilots. But I make my own decisions. This blog has its own voice and will continue to remain so as long as I am writing it. You do not have to like it, read it, pay attention to it, or in any other way acknowledge its existence. That is totally on you.

I will continue to talk openly about events that are happening in-game. And I will use my own judgement when it comes to determining which of those are worthy of mentioning in a post and which are not. No one else makes that decision. The buck stops here.

It has been this way for over four years and it will continue. No amount of harassment, anonymous comments, or anything else will stop that. So get used to it, or ignore it, either way is up to you.

I wrote yesterday's post because I had to. It was the last piece of a puzzle. I tried to write it straight, but in an entertaining way. I am always mindful of my readers and try each day to provide an entertaining read.

I don't expect my readers to know the full story of why, how, or what is behind every post. Especially one like yesterdays. I have my reasons. Sometimes you need to do something just to say you did it. Publicly. Out in the open.

Personally I couldn't give a rat's ass about that other Corporation. I have much more important things to deal with these days. But, as CEO, there remained one last thing to achieve. And yesterday's post achieved it.

Consider it the closing of a chapter if that makes you feel better. A chapter I personally closed seven months ago, but which other forces continue to re-open.

Keep the courage.