How to Fix WCS

Mr Mittens Wallpaper

I've been proposing a ban on Warp Core Stabilizers for a long time. I'm sure there are hundreds of players who have been proposing it longer than me, goodness knows that Falcon probably started thinking about banning WCS back in 2003. Regardless, I have also been doing doing it. And like those hundreds of other players I've appeared on Podcasts about it, made stickers, wallpapers, videos, had Fozzie make fun of me for it, and generally written thousands of words about it. Just like them.

In the end, I have a very simple, easy and quick fix that will make everyone happy. It is the same fix I proposed years and years ago.

There are two choices:

1) Just get rid of them. That's clean and it works great.

2) Keep them. Just make them different. When you fit them to your ship you are no longer able to lock anything. They still give you the same bonuses as now, so they will still be great for Transports and Moving Assets. But they will be completely useless when it comes to PvP or FW.

There. Done.

Dumb Thieves & Backstabbers

I have a good story to tell you today. It has all the elements of a solid tale, deception, lies, ignorance, stupidity, false information, and an over-riding failure to understand basic game mechanics. This story also happens to be true. So sit right back and enjoy the following tale.

It all started with a conversation on Discord. One of our Alliance Corporations is having issues because the CEO happens to be AFK and has been for a long time. He was involved in a serious incident out here in real life and we are all concerned for him. (And hope he comes back soon!) But for some in the Corporation patience is starting to wear thin. So their leader tells me a few of the active members are going to leave and form their own Corp. My reaction is the same as it always is, sorry to hear that, but I support the effort. Once you guys get set up think about re-joining the Alliance. You can't stop people from leaving, it happens, and the best thing is to be supportive.

About two hours later the reports start filtering in. It rather quickly becomes apparent that leaving the WH wasn't enough for these guys. Instead they emptied the Corp Wallet, stripped the Structures, took the BPO/BPC corporate cache, and wandered off to Low Sec with ownership of the WH structures. Essentially they took everything of value with them.

We have very few rules in Stay Frosty and ABA, but one of the ones we do have is very important. And that is stealing from Blues. You just don't do it. You don't steal from your friends. Steal from enemies, steal from neuts, but don't break trust with friends. In my personal opinion there are few things worse in Eve than a Corp Thief. It breaks the basic core principal that holds Eve together (barely). So my reaction and the reaction of our leadership is not good. It helps to know how much we detest thieves.

So far this tale is rather normal. And not unexpected. I certainly wasn't surprised. And then we learned that one of the Corp Thieves turned right around and stole the stolen Corp Wallet iskies, most of the BPO/BPCs, and structure mods right from his new found friends and wandered off to join Goons (of course). He did transfer ownership of the structures, not to the new Corp, but back into our control. All of which is hilarious.

Suddenly a lot of these Corp jumpers and thieves want us to let them back into the WH to grab their assets. Seems they forgot to take a bunch of stuff with them, or consider the logistics involved, or fail to grasp our response to having our stuff stolen. As time rolls on it becomes increasingly clear that their new "leadership" team has lied to their members as well. Time and time again they lie, or deceive, or pretend everything is fine - when in fact the world is falling down around them. I do feel bad for some of the members who jumped ship looking for more active play. But honestly "more active" play is on you in the end. If you want your group to be active, then make it so.

So many dumb mistakes are being made here. But we aren't finished yet. You see this new Corp left WH space and went into Low Sec space to become "true low sec pirates" and that starts to become the funniest part of this story. We know what system they are basing out of and what they are planning. And we also know they own the POCOs in that system.

So this past weekend we decided that they needed to learn a valuable lesson. And we needed some revenge. Both of which make for good times to be had in Eve. While I was hosting 34 Eve nerds at my house on Saturday our pilots put all five of their POCOs into reinforcement without resistance. The Corp Thieves planned to "tell everyone" to come and help them on Sunday. I guess they forgot that I know "everyone" that matters in Low Sec. I've been doing this for a very long time.

And here is where I'd like to give a shoutout to our Alliance team for putting together a perfect operation on Sunday. Thanks to Devlin, Watson, and everyone else involved in the logistics, planning, and execution - our operation went perfectly. They and their few friends took the bait in system and brought in a decent fleet of Bhaals, Leshaks, Brutix, a Rodiva, and a few other ships. As soon as they landed we dropped about 20 stealth bombers and my Stratios on them. I wish I could have seen the look on their faces, that would have been priceless.

Needless to say all the enemy ships died rather quickly and we only lost a few SBs and a couple of support ships in the fray. A few other ships, like their Tornados, also died during the day. And we lost a few more in the moving back phase after the fight was over. But all in all we dominated the fight and took back every single POCO in system.

Obviously there is lots of other details I can't share with you about this story. But suffice to say these are not the smartest kids on the block. So many rookie level mistakes were made, even after the theft, with security, roles, asset management, and intel. Beyond the original theft and the back-stabbing theft they suffered later, it was just a sad display.

Hopefully some valuable lessons were learned from this experience.

At My House Saturday

The Swag from Steel City Eve IV
This weekend we held the 4th Annual Steel City Eve at our home in Western Pennsylvania. In total 34 of our friends attended the event from Las Vegas, Canada, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and points in-between - we discovered one Eve player that lives just 4 miles from our house! The weather was perfect this year and we had a fantastic, wonderful, and fun filled day with everyone old and new.

Jeffrey Stewart & House Hendoe (Erika is hiding behind House)

My Son Gabe & Matthew

Sean & Ivy

Argos, Thane & Grimm

I'll get more photos and better quality ones up on Flickr at some point (I am waaay behind on posting photos sadly) but here are just a few. We don't have any presentations, or round tables... ok we do have some round tables on our deck. The idea behind this event has always been to take the part we enjoy the most from Fanfest and other player events, which is the sitting around, drinking, and talking to each other bits - and just make that an entire day! No loud EDM music, or huge crowds (which we also enjoy) just good food, drinks, and great company.

Special shoutout and thanks go to everyone that attended, some of the logistics involved are heroic! And my wife and I appreciate all of you spending your valuable weekend time with us. Thank you so much. I hope everyone that came had a great time and we hope to see you all back again next year. Any feedback, comments, suggestions, or whatever are always appreciated. We had some long discussions on Sunday about what we can do to make it an even better day for everyone. We keep trying to make it better every year.

If you couldn't make it, or are thinking about coming next year, please do. We'd love to have you.

Stay Frosty my friends and thanks.

Shadow Series Wallpapers

Shadow Series: Frozen in Time and Space

Click the images above to visit this Album on my Flickr portfolio to enjoy this series of wallpapers I created called, "Shadow Series". The inspiration for these images came from NASA and the stark blacks of spacecraft in actual space where the harsh light of the Sun dims the stars around them. I find the inky blackness of space to be incredibly fascinating and I wondered what Eve would look like in that style.

Each wallpaper is intended to tell a story about a different aspect of the Eve Universe without words. Only the image and the title set the stage for your own imagination to take hold. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them back in 2016/2017. I do hope to add more to the Album soon.

Tomorrow an unknown amount of Eve Nerds will be at my home... so I need to go prepare.

Photos, stories, and more coming soon.

4th Annual Steel City Eve

This year's collector edition posters
This Saturday will be the fourth annual Steel City Eve player event held each year at our house in Western Pennsylvania. Actually, the very first year we held it in a park. We were moving houses at the time and it made more sense to rent a building for the first one. But since then it has been held at our house each year.

Each year I create a special illustrated poster that I have printed and give to each attendee as thanks for them attending. We also throw in a whole bunch of other swag, it varies every year but in the past we've done shot glasses, coozies, stickers, pins, mouse pads, and various other items. It is just another way that we give back to this great community of ours. It is also a lot of fun and a great way to stay in touch with our friends, make new ones, and just hang out for an entire day together. And drink. A lot. Some years we've even had Alliance Tournament matches to watch or participate in. But not this year sadly.

If you are curious about it, here is a video I created for the Fanfest Home contest last year:

We are expecting somewhere between 30 and 40 Eve players to attend this year. I was supposed to keep track but somewhere along the way I lost track of everyone. It isn't easy when you are talking to people with email, Discord, Twitter, and everything else. But honestly the numbers don't matter, although more than 50 people would start to get extremely crowded and difficult to manage.

We are both very excited for this year's event and look forward to seeing our old friends again. This year we've got some very special guests coming down from Eve North and a visitor coming all the way from Las Vegas! And New Jersey, and Virginia, and Maryland, and New York, and who really knows where else? How awesome is that!

I'll post pictures and whatnot after the event. If you happen to want to attend there is still time. Visit the Eve Meet page and follow the instructions there.

If we don't see you this weekend, I hope we get a chance to meet at another Eve meet or at next year's Steel City Eve.

Stay Frosty my friends.

Holier Than Thou

Comment from yesterday's post:

"You've had a "holier than thou" complex for years surrouding Eve." (I left in the bad grammar.)

Welcome back to EVEOGANDA! Yes that's right fellow Eve Players, Readers, Fans, and Haters I am back to a regular schedule once again. I mysteriously found my inspiration last week on Tweetfleet, gifted to me from abroad. And I realized that my true home is here in these pages. So thanks to that I'm going to be posting on my old schedule once again. Pounding out the words and images for your enjoyment. Or anger. Heck feel however you want to feel about it. Who am I to tell you how to feel?

Oh wait, I am "Holier Than Thou". Hang on a second while I deal with this insanity.

If you missed it, yesterday's post asked a simple question - where should we park the Player Memorial that hundreds of Eve players invented way back in 2003? Evidence suggests that CCP intends to park said Memorial in Molea which is famous for being a makeshift Memorial site already. For certain players. For other players the Eve Gate has always served as a ceremonial memorial site. And in other parts of New Eden, among other types of players, other sites have. I can remember dropping named cans as far back as my HED days down in Providence. But no one, even me, would suggest HED as the place to drop the Memorial.

Believe it or not, not everyone in New Eden plays the same game. (SHOCKER!)

Asking these types of questions does nothing but bring out the worst in people.  Which is why I asked it. Let's get it out there and have the debate. Personally I think the choice is obvious and the Memorial should plop down in the New Eden system next to the Eve Gate.

That's well reasoned. But it doesn't deal with the accusation that I'm somehow "Holier Than Thou". Seems religious to me and I'm not a religious fella. Far from it. But I know the commenter wasn't questioning my religion, they was trying to throw shade under an anonymous handle. Wow, no one has ever done that here in these pages before. Heck, for all I know, my anonymous commenter could be... (insert literally anything here).

I'm certainly not better than you. I mean, I might actually be a better writer than you. And Photoshop, I have to say odds are I'm better at Photoshop than you. Which brings up Illustrator, I'm really fucking good at Illustrator as well. And logo design, god knows I rock when it comes to logo design. Let's just lump all of that under creative arts shall we? There. Oh wait, what about Marketing? Yeah, let's face it I'm probably better at Marketing than you. I have been doing it for a very long time. So don't feel bad.

C'mon, I'm joking. I suck ass at Tennis. And I swim like a brick. There are tons of things I can't do very well at all. Tons. I'm not Holier Than Thou, my poop stinks just like yours. And I still put my pants on one leg at a time.

Look you can't defend yourself against an accusation like that. It's a false economy. A tarp. Defend yourself and you risk coming off as even more better than people and then you've dug a hole for yourself.

So Welcome Back to Eveoganda my friends.

Let's have some fun shall we?

The "Eternal Cyno" Memorial

This image is from SiSi and represents the long awaited "Eternal Cyno" Fallen Capsuleer Memorial that has been talked about since the beginning of time. This is different than the Player Monument in Reykjavik, which is a monument to all the players who were subbed at the time it was built. This "memorial" is intended to honor those players that are no longer with us.

Which is great. Kudos to the hundreds of players that have mentioned this idea to CCP over the years. I have literally no idea where they got the idea from.

Let's just skip over all that and get to the meat of the post. It seems that CCP is intending to drop this important destination in Molea. If you don't know, Molea is one of many places in New Eden where players have traditionally dropped name cans in space to honor friends that have passed away. If Eve Forever is truly a goal, then eventually all of us reading this post will someday be counted among them. But there are other places in New Eden that have also served as a temporary memorial site in the past. Not to mention that Molea happens to be High-Security space, which immediately limits the number of people that can visit the site. (It also happens to be Amarr Khanid space, which in my opinion, makes its potential connection to that religion a serious issue from a lore perspective.)

This is an issue that I wrestled with during... never mind. I thought about this problem at various points in the past. New Eden is located in Amarr Low Security space, which is yet another argument against putting the memorial in Amarr space as well. Why do the Amarr get two special destinations?

My thought was to place the memorial on the opposite side of New Eden from the Eve Gate, also in a Low Sec system located next to High Sec. In Lonetrek if you want to place it in Caldari space, or in Placid if you want to go with Gallente. Personally I think the Gallente make more sense from a lore perspective. But I admit to being somewhat biased since I also happen to live in the Placid area of New Eden.

I don't have a strong contender to suggest. I know many people much more knowledgeable than me when it comes to lore, who could probably make a strong case for a better system. All I know is that it should be placed in Low Sec because it is a CAPSULEER Memorial and it should be independent of any of the four Empires. Putting it in someone's Empire space is simply wrong and it should not happen.

What are your thoughts? Where in New Eden should the player memorial be placed?