4 to 1 Odds

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We might be 4-1 odds against in our first match with Shadow Cartel tomorrow (and rightly so) but that hasn't dampened our spirits! We know we are Underdogs and we embrace that as part and parcel of our position in New Eden, we always have. Stay Frosty especially has been underdogs since the day we were formed and war decc'd over and over again by our friendly neighbors. Heck, there are people in SC that still believe I faked logs from an incident that happened over FOUR YEARS ago.

So yeah, used to being underdogs.

In the meantime we're having fun. And win or lose won't change that. My good friend Stickelback's wife made him this today, which he shared in our Slack channel:

Whatever happens tomorrow we'll have fun. And that is what ABA has always been about.

Keep the courage.

AT Tournament Thoughts

This Saturday A Band Apart will participate in our second Alliance Tournament. You'd be forgiven if you didn't realize we actually participated in last year's Tournament, since we lost our first two matches and didn't make it out of the first weekend. Both of those matches were hard-fought and I'm still proud of what we managed to pull together, but we got rekt'd pretty hard.

I've never been much of one for excuses. We were a young Alliance and I brought on a few veteran friends to help us, nothing wrong with that. We learned a lot, we didn't practice hard enough, and we didn't take ourselves seriously enough. I certainly had other things on my mind at the time. And the results were just about what they should have been.

This year however, I decided to take a much different approach. ABA is much more established now and the talent in the Alliance extends much further beyond just Stay Frosty. So this year we've kept the entire operation in-house and I decided early on to spread responsibilities across a much wider bench of pilots. Luckily we had a lot of pilots eager to take on those responsibilities and help us build a strong, experienced and dedicated team.

We've been practicing and theory-crafting for over two months now. Practices often take 2 or more days a week, often in sessions lasting for hours and hours. In addition, many of our pilots have taken it on themselves to practice additional matches as part of other teams, simply to help out and gain additional experience. I know almost every weekend for the past two months has been taken up by AT practices. (And goodness knows, our families deserve a lot of credit for not kicking us all to the curb for it!)

I remember being very excited when Logibro pulled our name from the hat first. I'd have been much happier with a lower or higher number placement, but as luck would have it we got seeded right up against Shadow Cartel in our first match this Saturday. SC has a much longer history in the AT than we do, to say the least. They are certainly a challenging first match and I expect it will be a tough one. Everyone does, last I looked the odds were 3 to 1 against us.

This is good. We should be underdogs, because we are underdogs. We haven't done anything yet. We're 0-2 in the AT right now. Until we prove ourselves we should be considered underdogs. That is more than fair.

I have no idea what the outcome on Saturday will be points wise in any match, much less ours. What I do know is this, no matter what happens I could not possibly be more proud of our pilots. Their dedication, commitment, enthusiasm, humor, and excellence are an inspiration. Whatever happens they will remain winners in my humble opinion. The kind of people I'm proud to fly next to.

Whatever happens in the AT won't change that.

My Alliance m8s making fun of me saying "AT Tournament"

Hauling Thoughts

The best part of the o7Show yesterday was finding out that someone made a "Bullshit Bingo" version for the show and I was part of it.

Click to embiggen
Thanks Raven Galactic you made my day.

Eve Perspective Illustrations

Eve Perspective: Hawks
Click for downloading!

For the past several weeks I've been trying out some new techniques, refining some old ones, and generally enjoying having my own home studio for the first time in my career. A real, honest to goodness studio and not a corner in a cramped extra bedroom.

During those moments I started to notice something in my drawings, an interesting symmetry that started to reveal itself to me. I've always enjoyed being able to look at things in new and interesting ways and I've rubbed against some of this previously in my Art Print series from time to time. But what if I went further with it? Pushed the envelope a bit and tried to pull something new and unique out of these amazing spaceships?

I'll be releasing more in the near future, but these don't happen quickly, so I'll do the best I can. Be patient.

In the meantime, please consider supporting my Patreon. It is a huge help when it comes to setting aside time to work on Eve projects and even a few dollars a month adds up. It truly does mean a lot and is a constant source of inspiration for me. Thanks.

WWB Documentary Trailer

When C4w3 asked me if I'd like to be involved in the creation of a WWB Documentary I didn't hesitate to say yes, of course, duh. Even though my plate is overflowing with EVE projects, I couldn't pass up a chance to lend a hand. (I have serious issues with saying no apparently.)

With the G-Fleet event only a few short weeks away, we needed a trailer as soon as possible. So I sat aside yesterday to work on it. I've cut trailers before, including two for other documentaries, so I'm rather well versed in how difficult they can be. Distilling a theme, or conveying a message in a short amount of time can be rather challenging. Especially when there are more cooks in the kitchen. I once cut a trailer for an Academy Award winning documentary director that took a month to finish. That was a nightmare, or at least that is what I thought. When it was over she gave me one of the nicest compliments I've ever received. Even so, that trailer was a tough one.

Luckily, in this case, I was pretty much left to my own devices. Which is both a blessing and a huge amount of pressure. WWB is a complicated piece of history that has many and varied root causes, story lines, players, and potential outcomes. But essentially it all boils down, in my mind at least, to one powerful narrative. So that narrative is what I choose to focus on in the trailer. And for those that might still consider me overly 'grrr Goons', let me politely remind you that I could have easily used the word "Fail" instead of "Fall". But I didn't. To do so seemed grossly unfair, because EVE is an on-going story that has yet to be finally written.

I was lucky to stumble on the music track for this over on AudioJungle, when I heard it I knew it was the perfect track. After that, everything else just started falling into place.

Looking forward to this project. I hope you enjoy the trailer.