Solo: The True Skinny

In my humble opinion, there is nothing in all of Eve as satisfying as going toe-to-toe against another player. Win or lose, 1v1 combat is the purest expression of Eve. A ballet of death and destruction that leaves all but the bitterest vet with the shakes.

Oh sure, I know. There are other exciting bits to be had in Eve. I'm not poo-pooing your game-play. I'm really not. You know I respect you all very, very much. Go forth and enjoy. This is my thing, so don't tread on me.

Thing is, Solo hunting and fighting is also incredibly boring and generally un-rewarding. I'm not going to sugar coat this for you - it kinda sucks ass.

Hours of flying around, avoiding gangs and blobs, trying to figure out if that Algos and Incursus are fighting... or are they waiting to pounce on me? Is that ship bait? Or is he legit belt ratting in a Megathron? lol. The sheer amount of pure anxiety involved in being alone in space, with only yourself with which to confer, is mind-bottling.

So Rixx is here to give you some horrible sage advice to temper your anxiety about this. I'm no expert, I am simply a dedicated idiot that loves Eve. Seriously, I am terribad. Don't listen to me. I'm only going to get you kilt.

Still reading? Good. Her are the keys to successful solo combat in Eve:

• Keep Moving
The solo pilot never stops moving. From one system to the next, and within each system, the solo pilot is a constant stream of action. This is important for two reasons, 1) It keeps you from being probed, d-scanned and generally discovered, and 2) it helps fight the incredible morose feeling of sheer boredom as system after system proves fruitless and full of ship-spinners, POS dwellers and invisible cloakers. Seriously, keep your ship in constant motion. Move quickly and strike fast. The enemy has Intel channels! ( I always assume they do anyway, "Guys, that Rixx Javix guy is in local. No, I don't know what ship he's in, he's moving toooooo fast!! ) lol

• BE the Predator
You gotta think like a Shark, like a Tiger and like a Cobra. You gotta be the Jawigerobra!! It's an attitude thing, a state of mind in which you have somehow convinced yourself that you are so much better at this than you really are. You don't need no stinkin' scout. You are Wolverine!! Your frail, paper-thin Frigate is more than a match for that Destroyer. This is so important to the success of the solo pilot. You really have to get into it. However that works for you, fine. Self-delusional people are great solo pilots. Work on that. And if you can't get it, do what some people do and fly a supporting booster alt I guess.

• Become an expert of statistical averages
As the Wise Man once said, Know your Ship. You must understand the full power, or lack thereof if you fly Amarrian, of your ship. Then, and only then, can you also understand the gazillion variations of other people's ships. And then, and seriously only then, can you calculate the precise statistical odds of success you will achieve when you derp your ship into their ship. Got it? I bet there are people who have charts. I bet there are. I don't have charts. I just fly every ship as often as possible, study killboards, read guides like this one(!) and then... and then I usually just go anyway. I mean really, I've seen everything in this game. There is really no way to be sure. Math isn't going to ensure anything. Yes, it is really good to have a fundamental grasp of Eve, its ships and game mechanics of course. But it all boils down to balls. You either have them or you don't. ( or Ovaries! )

• No Fear
Fear is the mind killer. Fear leads to hate, hate leads to... I think you get the idea. A fearful person should not be flying solo. Fear will get you kilt. Fear will lose your pod. There is simply nothing to be afraid of. You will die, explode and generally suck at solo for awhile. You will. There is no shortcut. The only way is the hard way. Practice. Practice. Practice. And skill up. And maybe try some implants, a few drugs and there is always that boosting alt.

• Live for the Fight
Despite all the boredom, fear and math, you will eventually explode someone you probably shouldn't have exploded. At that moment you must grasp the full power of what you have accomplished. Revel in it, share the km with all your friends, write a blog post about it, whatever you can do. Those moments only come around so often. They are the lifeblood of the solo pilot. Enjoy it.

Truth is, anyone can fly solo. And despite all the horrible things, it is truly worth it when it all finally comes together and you best your opponent.

Hope to see you in space.

Stay Frosty Theme Song!

Stay Frosty Album Cover
Click to embiggen!
Over on Roc's Ramblings you can read about how the great Roc Weiler is approaching his recent decision to come and fly with us in Stay Frosty. Never one to be satisfied with just joining like a normal person, Roc has also composed an incredibly wonderful and powerful Stay Frosty theme song for us! I hear rumors and rumblings that this might just be the beginning of a entirely new mini-album, so stay tuned while you stay frosty!

We're collecting a nice compliment of Eve Bloggers, Twitchers, Video makers and amazing, passionate and determined pilots. As always, our recruitment is entirely open and we will always have a spot reserved just for you.

I strongly believe we are building something truly powerful here and I am excited about it, about Eve and about the future in ways that I have never been before. Where will this path lead? That isn't the point, as I've said many times it is the journey - not the destination - that is worth living. And we are embarked on an incredible journey.

So pack your bags. Join our in-game channel EVEOGANDA. Get those apps in and let's get busy making things explode!

Keep the courage.

Dead Man's Wreck

Written by Matthias Aaron, of Stay Frosty fame, and presented on our forums. Re-printed by permission of da author.

"I take this Pirate thing very seriously and today I was feeling musical so decided to re-write a classic, Stay Frosty Style. Sing it to the tune of the original "Dead man's Chest"! Louis Stevenson wrote only the first stanza in his book Treasure Island and others since have giving it a long and dreary lyric."


Sixty men on a dead man's wreck
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
We take what we want and blow up the rest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

We're mean, we're angry and never turn back
With leader Rixx Javix we're a real class act
We swagger we stagger but never miss our mark
Our foes don't sleep cause they watch their back
We hide our loot taken from fool dead men
In Hevrice home where we make our den
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

Sixty men and plenty more on our list
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
We're ready to die for good 'ol Rixx
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

We make our living with blood and gore
Watch out you bears when you mine your ore
If you're going to plex better run and hide
Theres no getting away from our rising tide
it's one that surely you wont survive
And end up frozen sad upon the side
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Sixty men on a dead man's wreck
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
All skilled fighters both mean and black
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

So come join today before its too late
Others will come and make off with your take
You'll be a scoundrel with both loath and hate
But your life will be yours, an' you'll decide your fate
Even if your status will drop to minus ten
You'll never regret not becoming a Hen
Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum!

Sixty men all good and true
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
We'll wreck your ships and pop your pods

"Just Plain Stupid"

In the comments of my last post, long-time Tusker W0lf Crendraven felt moved to offer some friendly advice.

This advice boiled down to "move out of Hevrice, staying is just plain stupid."

Before I move on, I'd like to start off by mentioning a few salient facts. We only started recruiting two weeks ago, many of our pilots are still moving, getting settled, building up their ships, etc. We only got our own comms, forums and killboard set-up a week ago. We are now at about 60 members, 5 of which are former Tuskers btw, and 90% of which have more than a year of playing Eve under their belts.

"This really is just general advice and im only giving it once, because it is to my own disadvantage. Move out of hevrice."

Remember, this wasn't emailed to me, it was posted on my blog. A blog read by a lot of people. Just two weeks in to our formation, recruitment and moving cycle. Already, they want us out.

"Now dont misunderstand,i dont actually want you gone (id much rather have you stay tbh), farming your corp is way to much fun but i really dont think your corp will stay healthy in any way if you choose to stay, the local competition is just to strong. Your corp members will just get farmerd till they lose all fun in small scale/solo pvp, nothing is fun in continuesly dieing to others without getting any real kills."

I guess W0lf is doing me a favor here, that's nice. He seems to forget that the best things are forged in fire. When I built Lucifer's Hammer we started in Syndicate ( which back then meant something! ) and moved to Curse, back to Syndicate and then onward. We looked for trouble. You don't build a pirate corporation on 'easy mode'. It just doesn't happen.

Are we getting "farmed"? Do the Tuskers do that? Strange. I'll be the first to admit that our record currently against the Tuskers isn't good. We have managed to explode 20 of their ships in two weeks, while moving in, so are those not "real"? They sure seem real to me. And to my pilots.

No doubt the Tuskers are far better organized and prepared than we are, plus they have their boosters in local almost 24/7 now, something they would never do before. Huh.

"I can see this going two ways, one is ecm and blobs all the time (its already starting) the other is quttting, neither of these are good options. I get why you as a person dont want to move (all your stuff is in hev and you have been in the area for a very long time), but setting up a noob corp where we live is just plain stupid."

Wow, are the Tuskers really threatening to use ecm and blobs against us? That doesn't sound like them does it? Wonder where that is coming from?

Quitting is a good point. I don't want my pilots getting frustrated and leaving, so I put this to a vote and discussion on our forums. Right now 92% of us want to stay. And you know what? Unlike the Tuskers, those that disagree with me won't be KICKED OUT! lol.

And now the big insult. "Noob Corp"? 90% of Stay Frosty is more than a year old. And, I might mention, some of our newer characters are veterans that wanted to join in order to "have a place to play". So I'd be careful in throwing insults that are not backed by facts.

"Move out, look for your own system, costolle, lisbataine or adirain or even a bit further out are all valid options for your corp to move while still sharing the main hunting grounds, but dont make your corp live in hev or you will ruin it."

So... move close enough that we can still 'farm' you? Why not move to the other side of the map? I mean, I don't want to ruin my new corp. Do I?

Let me be clear. I didn't decide to stay in Hevrice because of the Tuskers. I didn't decide to stay because I am lazy ( couple JF trips and we can be anywhere we want! ). I chose Hevrice because it is the PERFECT place to start a new corporation. Unlike other places in New Eden where people blob, station camp, or otherwise act in unpredictable ways, Hevrice is relatively normal. It is next to hi-sec and sits in the perfect confluence of system access. Trade systems are close, Syndicate is close, as is Black Rise, OMS, and other points of interest. This is why I decided to stay in Hev. (We won't be staying in Hev forever. The plan is to move on in about a year anyway.)

Trial by Fire sounds trite, but it is a universal truth. HTFU or die. Sink or swim.

We aren't leaving. More of us are coming. Much more.

To join Stay Frosty simply send in an app. Our public channel is easy to remember - EVEOGANDA.

Fun with Titles

In less than two weeks more than 50 pilots have taken the jump and joined our new Corporation Stay Frosty. And more are on their way.

Our casual solo and small gang world isn't for everyone of course, but for those that stick it out it will be a lot of adventure, excitement and fun down the road.

One way I've found to encourage that sort of attitude is by giving everyone a title. A title I make up for them on the spur of the moment when they join. These titles change as they go along, but its a good way to engender the appropriate attitude I think. And not take ourselves too seriously.

Here are the 50 odd founding members of Stay Frosty and their silly titles, as of today.

Abellona - Remarkably Bad
AgroC Acrag - Me Fly Ship Gud
Akirra Menelaos - Director of Small Mining Ops
Angelina Molou - SPAI!!!
Angor Mau - Without Pants
Artful foxex - Sweet Georgia Brown
Au Mai - Au Mai Pain
Bloody James - On The Rocks
Cellethen - Smooth Lovin'
chixnobears - No One Messes with Chixnobears!
Ciba Lexlulu - Max Payne
Crash69 - Bandicoot
DarkCaveman - Zug Zug
Death ToU - But Not Death Fingou
Draiv Solregard - Drain Bramaged
Dredastttarm - Warp to Zero
Ecksor - They mostly come at night...mostly
Fail2comply - Sweet Mother of God
Fraustii - No Deals
Han Taris - Solo? Han?
Inanna Kuvakei - Fearless and Fierce
Indiana Drake - Raider of the Lost Battlecruiser
Jamie Bauer - Badass Autopiloting Bait Cyno Fitted Vexor
Jason Groff - Out for the Long Weekend
Jian Muad'Dib - The Spice Must Flow
Joffy Aulx-Gao - Not The King of Westeros!
John Wildcat - Go Kentucky!
John Wyvern - A Capital Guy
Jokus Balim - He is No Jokus!
Kelleris - Hells Bells
Link0n - Plenty of Gas
Lohdi - Full of Something
Marc Scaurus - The Other Blogger
Matthias Aaron - I know nothing
Mattias Kerensky - Angry Mongolian
Min Gi - Max Fun!
Min Hevn - Serious, Oh So Serious
Moortis Primus - Number One Moortis!
Nakamura Shuji - Last Man
Ned Jordan - No One Important
Posiedan - Upside Down
Ramdar Chinken - TheDeadly Fierce Chinken
Rixx Javix - User of Bad Ammo
Rocko Alcatraz - The Rock
Sagitta Vulpecula - Italian Desert
Serg russoturisto - Big Floppy
Slepnir Krath - Waiting for Buff
Soro Harbon - Just Happy to See Me?
Spectre3353 - Only His Shadow Knows
sumlovinclut - Destroyer of Own Ships
Thelandira - Dan't Taze Me Bro!
Toritetsu Morimoto - From out of the Sun
Tristan McCloud - Of the Clan McCloud
Uncle Olacar - Uncle of Famed Pirate Rodney Olacar
Ximen Mercurius - No Vacancy in the Danger Room

Just so you know, we will be leaving OPEN Recruitment on permanently. I know a lot of people think I'm crazy for doing that, but what they don't realize is that I am crazy. Certifiable. looney.

More tomorrow. Welcome Aboard the crazy train everyone.

The Man Behind Rixx


My personal identity has never been a secret. Rather it has been something I just rarely talk about, and over the past four years, something I've never officially written about on these pages. It always seemed like a good idea to keep this Eve-centric journal Eve-centric. Not to mention that when I started this blog my life was rather... uh, complicated. To say the least.

At this point I'll disappoint you by noting that I'm not anyone famous. I know, bummer right? My name is Bryan Ward and I am a life-long geek of the highest order. ( For those of you hitting Google now, be sure to search "Bryan Ward Giant Ideas", the results are better. ) If you are interested in all of my business shenanigans a good Google search should satisfy your curiosity. I am the wearer of many, many hats but I did once own a great little agency called Giant Ideas for over a decade. Sadly, due to the economy and several bad decisions from a couple of clients and one employee, we had to close our doors last January. My long-time readers will remember it as the time I stopped blogging.

That was a rough spell. Which also included a messy, long and expensive divorce.

I've had an extremely interesting career. One I am proud of. But I thought I'd tell you some things about me from the "geek/nerd" perspective, things that aren't exactly part of the public knowledge base. Like Eve, I've been involved in one form or another, in geek culture my entire life.

One of my Iron Man cards
Back in the early to mid eighties I was a small part of the independent Comic Book resurgence. I self-published a popular fanzine of my own comic book work (xerox'ed and mailed about 1,200 copies every three months!) as well as paid work for many of the up-and-coming publishers at the time. I had two concepts considered by Vertigo, ghost-wrote several issues of a popular main-stream comic and then got my big break, along with my partner, from Caliber Press ( The publisher of The Crow ). Sadly, my partner got cold feet and backed out on me. At the same time my real career was taking off and comics took a back seat for awhile.

I also did some early work on Dungeons and Dragons, as well as a competitor project. But that's another story.

I became an extremely early adopter of computer technology. I was an original stock owner in Apple and a life-long fan. Some friends and I became Beta Testers for Adobe Photoshop and eventually members of the semi-official Photoshop Advisory Board which helped bring about Postscript integration in layers, and then became the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. Which is kind of cool.

I started working for Marvel Comics thru Fleer Entertainment and got the chance to use my comic book knowledge to create most of Fleer's comic book based card sets during the early nineties.
These things were extremely popular! If you happen to own a set of Marvel Metal cards, then that is my work. Heck, just about all the card sets from that period. The best moment however, was creating a Marvel themed card game called OverPower. That was an amazing project. I still have dozens of un-cut card sheets! The worst moment was cutting the hands of dozens of children on "real metal" promo cards we handed out in New York! Yikes. I still have one in my desk drawer at work, a constant reminder to be humble.

I also helped to launch the Panasonic 3DO next-gen console game system. And the world's first Platinum credit card ( sorry about that one! ). This is right around the time the early Internet started to hit and I was involved from the early days in creating sites and using new media, teaching myself Macromedia Director and making early Flash animations.

I wrote movie reviews for one of the first movie review sites, about fifty or so. For awhile I was even listed as a reviewer on Rotten Tomatoes, but not anymore. I even did some spy work for Harry Knowles back in the day. One of the sites I created back then is still up and running, but I'm not allowed to talk about that one.

I have four WGA registered movie scripts, one of which came very close to being purchased by MGM a few years back. Sadly that one was the victim of extremely bad timing and never got off the ground.

I've written, produced, directed, edited, or otherwise created over a thousand television commercials. Including one of the first shot in HD, SONY was a client at the time and let me borrow one of their prototypes for testing. I even write songs, for commercials.
Me, on a bike I designed, at Crazy Horse.

And here is where I start to feel a tad weird. I've never been comfortable talking about myself and prefer to be the person behind the curtain, quietly working away, making things happen, but never in front of the camera. It all seems so impressive when written down and condensed like that, but all those words above represent thirty plus years of extremely hard work, luck and determination to not fail. And yet, tons and tons of actual failure. When we write history we tend to gloss over the stumbles, the mistakes and the utter failures. There have been many of those as well, trust me.

Like the television show I produced that was picked up by a cable network only to have the partners involved bicker and fight until the whole thing collapsed. Or my horrible decade long divorce to my first wife which cost me virtually everything, except my son. All of which proves nothing, except success is a fleeting and transient thing my friends. The true worth is in the journey, not the destination.

My own life has turned to personal happiness these days. I'm happily married now, with an even bigger family. And I've tried to focus on what is important.

I wrote this post because I thought you might be interested. If not, then no harm done, but now that my life has settled down I'd like the division between myself and Rixx to be less obvious. Sometimes real life is important to write about as well.

I'll leave you with this compilation video I did last year that showcases some of my commercial work. You might enjoy it. The person at the very beginning is me, the clip is from a Cloverfield Trailer parody that we did that won us two Webby awards.

Now, back to Eve.

Estel Arador Corp Services [EACS]

I feel I owe a shout-out to EACS this morning.

I was taken aback a tad yesterday when I realized I only had Corporation Management trained to level IV - which means the maximum number of members I could allow into Stay Frosty was 40.

Uh, we were already looking at that close to 40 members half-way thru the day yesterday! And I know of at least 5-6 more on the way. Gulp. I dropped the skill I was training and started training CM to level V... but it is a 4d+ skill.

Then one of my pilots recommended EACS. I was skeptical at first, this is Eve after all. So I asked about them on Twitter and the response was overwhelmingly positive. With that feedback in mind I contacted them and waited. It took a few hours for them to get back to me, but once they did the entire process took about five minutes! And it went off without a hitch. No problems at all. And it didn't cost me a dime.

Now I can have up to 6,300 members in the Corp. I doubt that will ever be an issue, but one never knows for sure, does one?

As much as we hear about bad things in Eve, players taking advantage of other players, it is important to make mention of the good that also happens. I was fully prepared to scream foul here on the blog if things hadn't gone well - so I feel I owe them the same for things going so well.

For Jumpclone services, faction boosting, Corp update and Alliance creation I highly recommend the folks at EACS.

Stay Frosty.

Struck a Chord

UPDATE: We have officially reached 30 members ( Alts are in another corp ) today. 28 are in and 2 are waiting in stasis!!

I may be on to something here. A week ago today I announced the OPEN recruitment for my new old school no-bull solo and small gang pirate corporation Stay Frosty and by the end of the day today, we should be very close to 30 members!


This morning someone on Twitter linked a forum post ( I apologize, but I've lost the link ) from this guy that quit Eve because it doesn't support the "solo" play-style.

I hear this kind of thing a lot. Eve demands things, its more like a second-job than a game, it's all about spreadsheets ( I've never, ever done an Eve spreadsheet btw! ) and blah blah it doesn't support a casual play-style. The truth is that Eve supports whatever play-style you want it to. That is the entire point of a sandbox. This coming from someone who has been on the dedicated, obsessive side of Eve many times. Some would argue I remain on that side. But I've learned over the years to better manage my own personal expectations when it comes to playing and enjoying Eve.

I believe that might just be the chord I've managed to strike. I can't be alone. There must be others out there that are not interested in having Eve dominate their lives, that want the option to choose to play Eve the way they want to play it. That want an environment that encourages them to play when they want, to be on comms when they want, to play when it is convenient for them and their lives, not when the leadership demands it.

This was my hope when I started Stay Frosty and it seems evident after seven days that I'm onto something. And that others are also looking for that kind of place in Eve.

I can't stress this enough. It is true. We really, really are like that.

And until Odyssey hits we are OPEN to anyone, from any background, from any level of experience ( except brand-new players and that is only because I don't think that would be fair to them ), that want to experience the personal satisfaction of solo and small gang pirating in a busy, "good fights" environment. That doesn't let the kill-board dictate how or what we fly. That revels in cheap frigs and fun. That doesn't force you to do anything you don't feel like doing. That doesn't care how often you can play or if your "on" a certain amount of time.

Starting to get the picture? Oh yeah, and we're Director driven. Eventually all members will have the opportunity to become Directors.  While I will always maintain final say, someone has to, believe me the last thing I want is for that to become my job. I believe staying out of the way is more important than anything.

I'm not trying to convince anyone. We are here and you are free to join anytime, or just come down our way to find a good fight. Whatever floats your boat.

But I think something special is happening and I think you might enjoy being a part of it.

Stay Frosty.

In-game channel: EVEOGANDA
Our Horrible Killboard
Oh yeah and we have a forum and our own Mumble server now. lol.

Old School Pirates

Yesterday Marc Scaurus from Malefactor joined our merry band of malcontents, which brings our total membership to around 15, give or take a few people still waiting in stasis. With about 4-5 more waiting to move assets, or otherwise need a week or two. I suspect by the end of next week we'll be looking at twenty or twenty-five members.

OPEN recruitment remains open until Odyssey lands. And yes, open means open. The only person I haven't accepted was a five-minute old player yesterday. I recommended they live a little first before taking the plunge in piracy. While young players are fine, I think you need some seasoning first. I don't want anyone getting frustrated and quitting Eve. Not on my watch.

I'd like to be at around 30 members by the time Odyssey hits. When building a new pirate Corporation you have to account for about 30% fall-off, those that join in a flurry and then realize the pirate life isn't everything they thought and decide to leave. This isn't my first time and we've already seen some of this. But those that remain, the ones that toughen up, take pirating to heart, accept the challenges of solo and small gang life... they are the core around which we start to build a successful Old School Pirate Corp.

Old School? Think Tuskers from four years ago. Heck, think about any great pirate corp from years ago, before they grew up and starting flying boosters in every gang, or joined Shadow, or started hot-dropping everyone, or bought a Titan. ( Despite what some think, this is not a criticism, everything changes.) If you can't think back that far let me help you, Frigate and Small Gang PvP. Men and machines. Sprinkle in a Battlecruiser gang every once in awhile, some derpy Cruiser gangs and a heaping helping of LOL Gangs! Remember those? Let's all put lasers on our Ferox's and go find trouble.

Oh sure, of course there are other people doing this somewhere. I'm sure my commenters will point them out. And that's great, we need more. I'm not trying to re-invent the wheel here. Just trying to go back to basics and do so in a way that lasts, that is casual and without politics and bullshit getting in the way.

It isn't going to be easy of course. Duh. We'll probably suck pretty hard at first. But for those willing to stick with it, well, the sky is the limit. Who knows where it'll go?

I don't. That's why we need you. It's a sandbox and we can build something, but only if you come and play.

Join EVEOGANDA in-game channel and let's talk about it.

See you in the funny papers.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

A few select fights from the past week or so. Remember kids, Player Versus Player combat is dangerous and can lead to explosions! No kidding.

The Good - Kestrel vs. Megathron
So much of Eve is about being in the right/wrong place at the right/wrong time. Yesterday I lazily warp to a spot above the Jov gate and lo and behold this Megathron arrives on the gate below me! I wait to see what he does and sure enough he jumps. I warp down and follow. He is just enough ahead of me to avoid my point and HE WARPS OFF TO A BELT! I kid you not. I probably should've just kilt him myself, but I am nothing if not a nice pirate, so I asked for some back-up from some Tuskers hanging around. While it turns out I could've killed him in my Kestrel, you never know that stuff up-front. Thanks for the assist guys. And thanks for not killing me after, that would've been a bad decision.

The Ugly - Daredevil vs Daredevil
While it is good to learn from your mistakes, I can honestly say I have no friggin' clue how this happened! My Daredevil rarely losses a fight, especially against another Daredevil, and one flown by a 2012 pilot ta boot. But sure enough, some combination of bad piloting on my part caused me to explode seconds before they did.

The Good - Kestrel/Breacher vs Hookbill and then Breacher vs Kestrel
Ah pirates, you just can't trust 'em! So Garphunkle comes down to Hev for some action and fun. I'm out running around in my Breacher and spot this HB on one of the Plex gates. I go in of course, but I ask for backup. Hookbill's can be tricky. We make short order of the HB and then, not unexpectedly, he turns his Kestrel on my Breacher! While this sounds a tad like treachery, I would've been disappointed if he hadn't tried it. Good fight.

The Bad - IN Slicer vs Cormmie
This fight should never have happened. While I am a world-class multi-tasker, even I have my limits. And I should know better. Even so, good fight and well done. I'd put my Slicer up against 100 Cormorants in a row and I'd win 99 of those fights.

The Good - Sentinel vs Coercer
I don't fly the Sentinel very often, it is after all borderline Falcon. But I did spot this Coercer the other day and wondered how it'd do. Laser boats are notoriously fragile when it comes to neuts. Just another example of taking the fight even when you know you might not win. He never even touched me with his lasers.

The Bad - Kestrel vs Brutix
Uh, those empty slots on your ship? Yeah, put something in there, anything!

Stay Frosty doesn't have its own killboard yet, but here is our Zkillboard.

Come join us!

Paradigm Shift?

Ten years is a long time. It is after all an entire decade. Eve is older than three of my own children. Something happens to things that live long, many things along the way. They tend to grow up. Or die.

And this causes me to wonder if we aren't already in the throes of a major paradigm shift when it comes to Eve and CCP. One that began with the Summer of Discontent ( Incarna ) and which reached its final fruition at the recent Fanfest Anniversary celebration - but which won't be completed until Odyssey is launched in a few weeks.

If Incarna was a tantrum, a child screaming he wanted to go "that way!" and the rest of us yelling for him to go "this way!", then the resultant fall-out from that self-awareness has been locked down for the past two years. Hasn't it? I think even the most bitter original adopters and vets would have to admit that the preceding years have seen unprecedented fundamental course-correction and accelerated growth from our cherished franchise. It certainly has been incredible to watch. And to experience.

A certain maturity has settled in. The "look at this!" wonder of childhood, the endless trials, tests, and un-finished paths have been replaced by "balance" and "integration". More and more features are dependent on more and more features, the recent decisions regarding DUST and POS fuel are only one example of this trend. No longer does Faction War exist in its own bubble off to the side of the field, it is now an integral part of the whole. And the list of these tied together features is growing larger and longer.

Visually the universe is more coherent than ever before. Lines connect actual stars to actual paths in space. The new Gates will grab our ships and hurl then to new systems without a loading bar ( hopefully ), and ships, stations, gates, drones, are all looking better and better every day. Space is beautiful. Just look at an old screen shot, it looks really old now.

Eve has grown up. And despite our worries and our fears, I think it has matured nicely. And in ways that none of us could have predicted with certainty. As a teenager, Eve still has far to go to reach adulthood. Eve isn't perfect. And CCP will continue to make mistakes or travel down the wrong path from time to time. But I think the days of drastic, scary change are behind us. It seems that CCP knows exactly where Eve is going now and is comfortable with that direction. Certainly DUST has helped divert some of that youthful energy away from Eve, and that is not a bad thing. Eve doesn't need that kind of growth anymore. Eve needs serious attention and a mature understanding of where it is going and what it wants to do when it gets there.

I have to give everyone at CCP due props for making it this far and for not giving up on Eve or on us, the Eve community. Goodness knows we are all a serious pain in the ass sometimes. We demand things with a passion that can be annoying, but we do so simply out of love. We've always imagined Eve as a strong-willed, powerfully independent grown up with a family of her own someday. And like good parents, both real and surrogate, we will do whatever we can to see her achieve her own goals.

These years can be tough. The other kids can be ruthless and unforgiving. Eve will have to find her own place and defend it. But I think she has the tools now, she is smarter, stronger and more beautiful than ever. And both CCP and her surrogate parents, the Eve community itself, will be there if she needs us.

It isn't a Paradigm Shift as much as it is the natural path of growth. And I for one can't wait to see what surprises she has in store for us this next decade.

Welcome to the teen years Eve. Big changes are ahead. You may even kiss a boy!

On Staying Frosty

Art by Sergey Samuilov
I considered photoshopping Rixx's head into that piece of art, but it is just perfect the way it is.

Stay Frosty. [ST-FR] is a new pirate corporation and we are currently accepting applications from all corners during our 30 day OPEN recruitment. You can join the EVEOGANDA in-game channel to talk to us.

But why would you?

You shouldn't.

Pirating is hard, lonely and extremely dangerous. Everyone hates you and wants to see you fail. The only people you can count on are also scum-sucking pirates. You can't go into "decent" space, not with that criminal label on your passport. So you have to rely on others to bring you the things you need, or work your ass off to bring your Security Status up enough to do so yourself. You probably have a Bounty on your head. You probably have very little money in the bank because you spend it all on ships that are only going to explode eventually. And your dog died.

Being a pirate sucks. It ain't worth it really. Best to hide in a large fleet and add your .05% dps to the primary. Again and again. Who wants to rely on themselves and a small group of dedicated killers, thieves and malcontents?

You'd have to be crazy.

I must be. Especially to do this all over again. Angor and I started Lucifer's Hammer alone down in Syndicate almost three years ago. In less than six months we had 30+ members and three other Corporations in our Alliance. And now, here we go again. Heck, back then it wasn't even going to be a "pirate" corporation! I had positive sec status back then! But we kept having roams into Low-Sec and enjoying ourselves. The bug bit and bit hard. And while I'd always flirted around with the pirating life from time to time, I finally gave in and haven't turned back since.

If you are still reading this then maybe that spark exists down in your soul as well. Or maybe it has been burning there all along, for years. Or its been trampled by one bad experience or another. Let me spell it out for you.

Stay Frosty is not a response to anything that has happened before. It is what is happening now. Casual solo and small-gang pirating without pressure, dictatorial rules and regulations, without blues and without stoopid childish lectures, CTAs, and demands to "be on comms!!". You want to be on comms? Great. You want to fly around in silence? Great. You want to type? Great. ( Seriously, I think comms are the best way of course, but really? BC in Belt 5.1 Go. Is really 90% of what we have to say. That and gtfo! )

The Corporate hanger is stocked with Frigates. We honor 1v1s and Ransoms. (And we believe our Corp mates FIRST, no matter what.) The proof is in space, the rest is bullshit. We undock, we play, we fight and we laugh at our enemies as their ships explode. And we laugh when ours explode. We laugh a lot.

Because this is a internet spaceship game.

Why would you join? Because you've been smiling to yourself while reading this.

Stay Frosty.

OPEN Recruitment: Stay Frosty

Click to embiggen
For the next 30 days Stay Frosty. [ST-FR] will be in OPEN Recruitment. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of the most exciting new pirate yarr group in New Eden. For the next month there are no requirements for joining - other than a desire for pew-pew and piracy shenanigans.

So, how do you join? Get in the in-game channel: EVEOGANDA and talk. That's it.

Well you'll also have to put in an application and move to, or near, Hevrice. It would also be good if you are aware of the pirate play-style and understand that it is a hard-scrabble existence full of pew-pew and lots of explosions. ( Which translates to it'd be a good idea to have a trader alt or some way to move goods/loots back and forth to Empire. The Corp will be providing some of those services and we do have an alt-corp standing by for you. )

This is the ground-floor! We are rough around the edges, we don't even have our own forum yet! But this means you will be helping to establish the Corporation with us. Stay Frosty is a Director-ship and not a dictatorial kingship. All members have a voice. And why not? We're pirates, not Sov-holders for goodness sake!

And we don't believe in rules. We only have two:
1. All 1v1 and ransoms should be honored.
2. Don't suck. ( This one is really more of a guideline and we'll be there to help you achieve it.)

Stay Frosty believes in solo and small gang combat in New Eden. We also fly big things when appropriate and when it will be fun to do so. We are pirates of yarr. We destroy all the things. But mostly we play Eve for the combat, comradeship and danger.

Building a brand new pirate corporation from scratch isn't easy, but with your help we can make this into something we can all be proud of. And who knows where it will lead?

I look forward to flying with you.

Archives: RJ's Journal

Entry B-217
Rixx Javix
Capsuleer - Phoenix Industrial 

"Only two weeks since undocking from Todaki and already I'm breaking my pledge to go it alone. Angor was insistent however and you already know how he can get. I admit to a certain loneliness and the prospect of further rock banging doesn't sit well with me. We shall see how this goes, but so far the Corp seems friendly enough."

"My meager supplies and what ships I have already transported into Null Space. I looked out from my office in the Choonka station and wondered if the Merlin was sturdy enough for the trip ahead.  She is a fine ship of course, Frigate class and much better for the journey than the Cormorant.  Especially since I can't properly get that damn ship fitted anyway.  Cul says he'll be scouting me all the way down the "pipe" to PI-5, but still, the thought of leaving Empire for the first time..."

"I still get the shivers. Despite the training, the "modifications" and the endless conditioning, the first touch of the Hydrostatic fluid starts my lizard brain running in the wrong direction. Something horribly inhuman about being jammed into a cybernetic cortex, breathing fluid and seeing thru scanners. At least I haven't been podded yet. I checked on my Clone this morning, creepy goddamn thing..."

"I'm embarrassed by the size of my Merlin next to Cul's Rapier. Someday I'll fly the majestic ships, the tantalizing glimpses I've 'seen' thru the scanner and optical relays of city sized Battleships have left me wanting that more than anything. And I know there are bigger beasts where I am headed. The Academy was full of whispers about Titans and Capital Class ships of every description. The Holo-Vids don't do space justice, you have to BE in it to appreciate it. I squirm in my pod, that itch is back on the bottom of my feet. Driving me crazy. The Doc says it is subconscious planet-side ghosting, nerve tricks. Newbie problems."

"Already the Sansha lurk in the dark and we're only one jump into our 17 jump journey.  My Mother told us scary bedtime stories about the Sansha, morality plays to teach us good from evil. If only she were alive to see me dive straight into their home. But no, my attention is riveted on nothing, and yet everything. My 12 AU bubble of consciousness extends and waits for the all clear. There is much to fear here outside the arms of CONCORD.  I have no love for the Empire's police, but they do maintain control. And without control? Chaos. Which is where I am warping to now."

"The threats are numerous. Bubbles, cloaks, gate camps, reds, blues, Alliances, friends and foes and... who knows really. I've been told by everyone in the Corp that there is real isk to be made in Providence. Isk and adventure.  Which is all I want. To make my mark and... avoid complication.  We'll see how well that goes."

"Couple of close calls. But finally arrived safely in PI-5. The station is nothing at all like an Empire station, dirty, dingy and full of undesirable types. Some rough characters here, along with the Holy sheet covered ones. I could do without them, Amarrians give me the creeps."

"Spent the day ratting and hiding from the "reds" that often jump into system. I don't enjoy killing the Sansha, they seem, despite my youth, ill prepared even for my Frigate. I'd much rather be hunting those "reds" and those that live deeper into the unknown.  Already Angor, myself and a few others have started talking about combat. Soon I'll be ready for my first Battlecruiser, probably the dreaded Drake. Then, maybe then, I'll teach these "reds" a thing or two."

[Originally published on Oct, 11th 2011]

Stay Frosty Teaser Wallpaper

Stay Frosty Wallpaper 1
Click for additional sizes
Enjoy the suppressed horror, but also the repressed sexual tension, of this elegant and tasteful cross-genre work by renowned borrower of other people's works and "re-imagineer" Rixx Javix as he lazily spent ten minutes of photoshop time between real-world assignments to bring you your next desktop wallpaper, one certain to generate strange and scornful looks from your co-workers as they once again reinforce everything they secretly think about you already.

When they do that, just turn to them smugly and say what Rixx would say, "Stay Frosty".

Ahhh, ain't it somethin' when Eve, other random genre milestones, and real life collide?

For goodness sake, join the in-game channel "EVEOGANDA" and get yer pirate ass into our new Corporation! Sheesh.

Changing Underwear

You may have noticed that the venerable Eveoganda layout is a tad different now. I finally broke down and switched the entire site to a more dynamic and responsive design layout.

I've been planning this for months, so this wasn't a spur of the moment decision. But even so, the move is going to take some getting used to.

In addition I may lose all of the previous Intense Debate comments from the old site. I say "may" because the jury is still out. I'm waiting to hear back from them and, in the meantime, trying to get DISQUS running. So please be patient with me as I try to get the bugs out over the next few days.

I did lose some features, but I will be replacing those with some new ones. In addition I need to spend some time working on the pages across the top nav bar. The content from the sidebars on the old site is still here, and is now easily accessed with the sidebar nav system that is floating around over on the right side of your screen.

And, if you happen to be reading this on your mobile device, it should be even better than ever. Eveoganda was mobile ready years ago, but I think it looks even better on my phone now. It is also a lot easier for me to write posts and whatnot from my mobile device, so win-win.

As always my goal is to continue to improve the site for your entertainment and enlightenment. So I hope you enjoy the new look.

So there it is. Now back to Eve.

Anatomy of the Kill: Brutix

This post references this kill. A Kestrel kills a rather horribly fit Brutix on a Low-Sec gate.

Let's not kid ourselves here, that Brutix deserved to explode. And I was in very little danger from dying to his ship - as it was fitted. But none of those things are known when the fight starts, or when I jumped thru the gate and saw him sitting there on the other side. In this new series we'll take a closer look at selected kills and how they happen, in order to learn how to take advantage of your fellow players and explode their ships.

Hindsight. It all makes sense when you look back at it. But at the moment I jumped thru the gate and saw a Brutix sitting there, I had no such luxury. I was in a pretty standard MSE Rocket Kestrel and I was facing a neutral BC of unknown ability with three other pilots in local on a busy pirate pipe.

Even a poorly fit BC is going to take a long time to kill in a Frigate and any number of things could jump thru or land on gate while doing so.

Here are the immediate options:
• He is a good pilot
• He is a terrible pilot
• He jumps
• Someone else arrives

Only one of those results in me killing him. If he's good he'll tear me to pieces with drones, web and blasters. If he just jumps away, or even warps frankly, then the ship is lost. If someone else arrives things get complicated very fast.

So, process of elimination time.

De-cloak, lock and set a high orbit. ( This is in case he is not a terrible pilot, stay out of Web and blaster range at first. ) The key is getting him to aggress me, he is neutral and I am not. He has to shoot first. Spam d-scan, keep one eye on local and keep the other eye on the gate.

He red boxes me and immediately I know I'm in business. How? Two things immediately become clear, no drones are released and he is shooting me with a Gauss gun!  I drop orbit and scram/web him down and start shooting. It turns out he is dual-tanked, but I started shooting him using Nova thinking he might be armor tanked, but quickly switch when it seems he is shield tanked.

It's important to point out that he could have escaped death at any moment up until this point. He could have just jumped away, or even warped off. But now his choices are limited - either fight to the bitter end, hope help arrives, or de-aggro and then jump away once the timer is up.

For my part I need to explode him before that happens. My job is to manage my heat and make sure I don't burn any mods out, I'm going to need them all. He is trying to get to the gate as he finally de-aggro's me. At this point it is balls to the wall, everything is hot! And he finally explodes just as my launchers burn to a crisp! That was literally my last volley!!

It isn't a glorious kill or even a good fight. But this is the grunt work a pirate has to do. Kills like this one, as rare as they can be, give me the latitude to pursue a more aggressive style of play. It isn't about padding the killboard as much as it is about engagement freedom.

And it is a tremendous amount of fun. This time the Eve Gods favored me, next time... probably not.

It all balances out.

Born of Fire & Ice

Stay Frosty Poster
Click to embiggen

I've been chillin'. Considering my options. Raisin' Hell. And thinking that I have some unfinished business to deal with. In the balance weighs the desire to continue exploring my abilities as a Solo Pirate and scourge of Low Sec, along with the need to continue making an impact on the landscape of New Eden. Whew, that's a lot.

And so, I'm going to plant a seed and see if it grows. Well, Angor and I are planting it. The last time we did this it was called Lucifer's Hammer and it grew up down in Syndicate raiding low sec, moved to Rote Kappelle, Muppet Ninjas and then founded its own Alliance called Burn Away. So that worked out rather well. 

This time, in honor of our more relaxed and chillin' nature, it is called Stay Frosty. [ST-FR] and there will not be any Alliances down the road. Unless we join one someday.

Here's the deal as it stands now. If this ends up being me in a Corp by myself that is fine with me. Despite accustations to the contrary, I am not looking for drama. I'm just looking to undock and find good fights. The concept is simple, Summer is here and along with it reduced playing time. With that in mind the next three months will be frosty. If, in that time, we can put together a strong core group around which to build a successful and premier group of badass pirates, then so be it. Last time I went hard and fast and built the Corp quickly, this time I'd rather take a more organic approach and see how it goes. I'm not in any hurry.

For the time being we will continue to be based out of Hevrice. It is an incredibly rich target environment to say the least. It has a hi-sec gate for logistics and is only a few jumps from OMS, Aeschee, Heyd, Osti, Black Rise and points beyond. Not to mention plenty of FW and other types of people to explode.

The rest I'm going to leave to develop over time with the feedback of our members. Or our eventual Directors. I'm not going to dictate anything. This is an open book. A book that has a simple plot, kill all the things!

Just know this. I'm not a baby-sitter or a hand-holder. I undock and derp myself into the enemy, that's pretty much it. I can do that by myself or with a group of strong, independent minded badasses. IT'll be rough at first and I make no promises otherwise. Building a brand new pirate corp from scratch is not easy. But it is worth it if it works.

Fame. Fortune and Glory. Or Death.

If you want to talk about it, my in-game channel is easy to remember - EVEOGANDA

And who knows, maybe we'll build a fire and tell stories or sing songs.

Unfinished Business

Right off the bat I'd like to extend sincere thanks to each and every one of the dozens and dozens of emails, tweets and eve-mails that I have received during the last two weeks. A rough estimate would be just about one hundred or so. General support, additional information, shared experiences with raising Aspergers-Autism Spectrum children and invitations to join your Pirate/Gank/Null/Merc/WH/Misc Corporation and/or Alliance.

Wow. Overwhelming would be a gross understatement.

I just "slept on it" for an entire weekend. And I'm left with the knowledge that I have some serious unfinished business to attend to.  Business that was important to me before being unjustly kicked from the Tuskers and business that truly remains important to me afterwards. This I just cannot ignore.

First of all I enjoy being a Pirate. For now that is what I am and what I will remain for the foreseeable future. Secondly, my focus has been on improving my own skills at PvP and specifically at Solo PvP. That will also remain a focus for the foreseeable future.

I once had a rather awesome and successful Pirate Corporation called Lucifer's Hammer. We grew the Corp and even started an Alliance called Burn Away before real life reared its ugly head and everything fell apart. ( And yes, thanks to Lex, Cyber, Itsme, Ash, Marc and everyone else for helping make that happen. And sincere apologies for the way things went there at the end. I wasn't thinking clearly and my focus was not on Eve. )  But had real life ( which boiled down to spending an entire Summer suing the local School District for proper care and treatment for my boys, in addition to several extended Hospital stays and associated stress ) not de-railed the effort - who knows where we'd be today?

This is what I mean, I have some unfinished business.

So what does this mean?

I'll have all the details worked out for tomorrow's post. For now it means that I have a renewed fire in my belly and I want the opportunity to finish this business. I have no desire to build a new Pirate Alliance, I realize now that doing so is rather foolish. Pirates work best when they have more reds to shoot. And right now, 99.9999999% of Eve is red to me. In fact, everyone is at the moment.

Like I said, everything will be worked out by tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

PS: Not to mention the pile of unfinished commissions I need to deal with. Or the "special projects" I need to wrap up, like more minimalist ship posters and a few other treats. Sheesh.

A History of Violence

Javix Movie Poster
Click to add more size!
Fear not faithful readers. We are moving on down the road one step at a time. You can help by remembering a few important lessons from the past week:

1. The Tusker Code is forfeit.
2. ^^
3. And BOYCOTT the event this weekend.
4. Rixx takes friendships, real and virtual, seriously.

That's it. The rest is entertainment constructed for your amusement. I didn't ask for these things to happen, they happened because other people felt they needed to happen. All I did was bring them to your attention, mock those responsible and drag their storied name thru the muck. Which I had promised to do. So no one should be surprised.

For the record, Sully is a great PvPer ( total respect on that front ) but he is not a CEO. Especially not for the Tuskers. In a nutshell.

It says it all right over there in the blog's mission statement ------>
"Eve + Propaganda = Eveoganda. Your one-stop Eve Magazine and gateway to the Eve Community, for over four years Eveoganda has been raising Hell, taking names and openly mocking things that need to be mocked. All in the name of fun, adventure and internet spaceships."

Drama is all about perspective. When the protestors have you trapped in the office building downtown, are they protesting something you agree with... or something you oppose?  The answer certainly affects how you choose to escape the office, doesn't it?  Does either side of your own personal agreement either elevate or diminish the passion of the protestors? Of course not. Your agreement or dissent is really of no importance to them, at least on a grand scale. That is how strongly they believe.

I've been protesting since before this blog began, in fact my experience doing so on the behalf of my first Alliance, was what inspired me to start this blog in the first place. Just ask CVA. I bet there are Tuskers clicking that link and giving thanks I wasn't really, really angry.

Sometimes people agree with me and sometimes they don't. Sometimes the cause is popular and sometimes it isn't. And sometimes, like with Frills on Vagabonds, I have to "create" the popularity by sticking to my guns and not giving up. Despite the constant calls to "move on" and "chill out". Even for a losing cause. Because I believe it is right. Not because you do.

Agree with me or not. But when you come here to spend some time with me, rest assured I am giving you everything I have. I am passionate about Eve both in-game and out. And I care about the community that I am a part of.

Call it whatever you want. The accusations of "drama" only make me laugh. Life is drama. And Eve is built on drama. Drama is created when two forces meet, in agreement or conflict. Be it Pirate, carebear, miner, pro or newbie, drama springs from friction. And without friction there can be no resolution.


Enjoy your weekend. When I was kicked I told my wife this weekend would be free, no reason for me to attend the FFA. So we made plans to spend the weekend on a small trip we've been wanting to take. And as much as I love my readers, Eve and this community... well you can imagine the rest.

You guys are on the list, but your not anywhere near the top of it.

Monday I will reveal the next step on Rixx's adventure. Until then, keep the courage.

Dirty Mittens

A funny thing happened yesterday and I think we can all use a nice break. So I shall relate a small, insignificant and humorous tale to distract you from the supposed "drama" of revealing the sullied truth regarding the once proud Tusker Code.


Anytime you think your friendly neighborhood Pirate blogger is full of drama, uses propaganda to achieve his goals or is a megalomaniac, please remember the gentleman who goes by the catchy and menacing moniker "Mittens". My efforts pale in comparison to his devious, self-aggrandizing and pompous platitude-filled carreer. And I totally respect that.

Stage set.

Enter Mittens from stage left:

I'm telling ya, it was a bit like Zeus stepping down from Mt. Olympus to try and make a Demi-God with me before realizing men don't work like that. Biology not being one of Zeus strong points. The clouds-parted and "the one who must not be named" spoke. I was prepared for wisdom, a sharing of mutual well-dones, but instead he sounded more like the head of a once cool and hip corporation who sold his soul to the stock-holders and now must answer to the big-bucks. Fee fi fo fum! I smell the blood of an Irish mun.

Even weirder, his tweet was in response to a tweet of mine in which I stated the real purpose of my stance regarding the un-fair booting of a fellow Tusker, "I would burn down my blog and ruin my reputation for my friends. What would you do for yours?"

Pot: "Hey Kettle? You are so black!"
Kettle: "No way dude?!"

Does anyone even say "kiddo" these days? I'm guessing I'm at least ten years older than him. Very strange. But funny.


Since it seems there are those still struggling with the actual reality of Eve, let me be the first to illuminate a very minor truth for you. Here goes. Calling for a BOYCOTT of the upcoming FFA hurts no one. In fact, it actually promotes the event. Sure there will be those that stay home, which means they don't get blowed up by boosted T3 gangs. So they don't get hurt. But more importantly the event itself got a tremendous amount of exposure it wasn't going to get otherwise. Heck, I'd be surprised if MORE people didn't show up on Sunday. ( May 5th, 18:00 - 24:00 in Aeschee btw! )

Its a win-win for everyone. I get to illuminate the continued disregard for the vaunted Tusker Code, which was the real point of yesterday's post, and my friends in the Tuskers get to benefit from the twenty thousand people that read the post yesterday. Not to mention that now everyone is mad at me and whatnot. That's the extra nuts on top! ( Nothing gets the troops rallied like good natured hate. Just look at all the Tusker comments yesterday's post got! )

You may be feeling a tad scared right now. Seeing behind the curtain can do that to you. But relax. You are in good hands.

You're welcome by the way. Now kick Sully.

For more information on Mittens and Goons, please visit this site.

BOYCOTT: Sully The Bully

Yesterday my friend, the person who introduced me to Eve, Angor Mau - was kicked from the Tuskers. And here is the mind-bottling part - he was kicked not for Code violations, not for spamming local, not for ANY reason at all - other than he lives NEAR ME!

And to think, just yesterday I had started planning my next move. A move that would involve actually moving on. Perhaps even going so far as to remove the previous posts, sweeping the events under the carpet of time and joining another Corporation somewhere. I sent out over 40 email replies just yesterday telling everyone I was just chillin, taking some time off before doing just that - moving on.

Now? Now I must ask you dear readers for your help. This silliness has gone too far and cannot be ignored. How can you help?

I'm calling for a general BOYCOTT of all Tusker Events, good fights and anything else involving the Tuskers in-game.

The Tusker FFA is this weekend. I urge you not to participate, or do so in a way that is disruptive, against the rules, or otherwise horribly creative in the way that only true Eve players can be! I expect Cyno drops, Insta-locking Cruiser gangs, Rapiers, gate camps ( The event is in Jov, next to Hev, only two ways in!! ) and whatever else your deviant minds can imagine. Or simply don't go.

And here is some more good news for you. The reason they gave for kicking him? He was a spy! Ok, once you stop laughing I'll continue. Not even considering the fact that I haven't seen Angor for a long time, I don't need spies. If I wanted to know anything about what is happening on the forums ( which, seriously? What could that be?! ) all I have to do is ask. Heck, most of the time I don't even need to ask. That's because half your friggin' Corp would tell me!

This was a really bad decision. Unfair. Unjust. And uncalled for. I ask my fellow Tuskers, if Sully can kick someone simply because of his own paranoid delusions - who will he kick next?  Certainly not the non-Tusker Tawa and certainly not himself!

Even though Sully breaks the word and the spirit of the Tusker Code all the time?! I ask you my friends, how many times has Sully paid out to you personally? I know it is a running joke amongst us all, but seriously. How many times? ( That's right Boss, we laugh behind your back. A lot! )

"I split loot equitably with my gangmates, being especially gracious with those who have suffered material loss." - Tusker Code

Angor and I have served together and apart for five years. He was a Tusker before I was a Tusker, having served in the Corporation twice! He is the one that introduced me to them over four years ago during the Hunt For Rixx Javix event. One of my first ever events in-game. He is someone I know in real life and a good friend. And now he has been kicked for no damn good reason. He was in the Tuskers before, back when his intel would have actually have been useful for me. And you didn't kick him then.

I was willing to walk away. My point had been made.

But not now. How can I? What's right is right. Even though this is a stoopid internet spaceship game, it is MY stoopid internet spaceship game.

Who is next? My friends in the Tuskers have a lot to think about today.

BOYCOTT the Tuskers. More to come.

PS: Some have asked for proof that Angor was kicked "for no reason" other than he lived near me.

"Today you have had your forum access removed and your roles stripped.

This decision was made by the Tusker Directorate based on evidence showing that your forum account has been compromised and is being used by unauthorised personnel to access private Tusker Forums.

You will be removed from The Tuskers as soon as your stasis period is up.

Fly safe, RobM"

The evidence is based on IP similarities, which, since we live within several miles of each other, is only a function of the internets and not devious intent.