Tweetfleet Thursday

I used to run a semi-regular feature called Twitter Tuesday and open the blog up to Tweetfleet members to ask me anything and I would answer the questions here during the day.

It has been awhile and I thought I'd open it up again, so this is Twitter Thursday instead - but that still works.

Any and all questions answered. So here we go.

HVAC Repairman ‏asks me "Where do babies come from?"
We do have a lot of younger players in Eve and it is entirely possible that a few of them might still be confused as to the Birds and the Bees. As a Father myself, I understand this can be a difficult and somewhat confusing subject. Not to mention how nerve wracking it can be to ask. Let me assure you Repairman, the rumors you have heard are true! Being anywhere near a yucky girl can cause pregnancy! Especially holding hands, or kissing, or holding her close. I know, I know, as yucky as that sounds some people still do it. Just ask your parents. So my advice, stay away from girls. They are nothing but trouble anyway.

raiden55 ‏asks me "What changes would you like to see on low sec ?"
There is a rather long list, but CCP continues to make improvements to the systems in which people play the game of Eve. In the end, the one thing still missing from Low Sec is the most important thing of all - Value. Low Sec needs something that you can't get anywhere else. A mineral, a moon, something that makes entering and taking risks worthwhile. Until that day, Low Sec will continue to be ignored and feared.

ConnallTara ‏asks "What!.. is your name..?"
Thank goodness you didn't ask me what my favorite color is. Or the Capital of Asteria. My name is... uh oh, does he mean Rixx or my real name?! This is harder than I thought... wait, what!?? Arrrrrrgh!!

Rees Noturana ‏asks "What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"
Is that a European or African swallow?

whistlerbean ‏asks "Are the hats for #tweetfleet people's avatar still in production?"
Yes, of course. But it is by request only at this point. So ask and ye shall receive.

whistlerbean asks "When does the narwhal bacon?"
As any self-respecting Eskimo will tell you, the only proper answer to that question is "At Midnight".
Good thing I still stay in touch with my Eskimo pals.

Sindel Pellion ‏asks "Do you ever play eve online in your underpants?"
I have played Eve in a business suit, in pajamas, in a partial scuba, in the buff, in a Halloween costume, in a blizzard and even more than a few times in my underpants. But always under Adult Supervision.

Kasparas Jasiukenas ‏asks "Whats is better cookie or candy?"
Much like the Pie and Cake debate, the cookie or candy debate reaches back to the origins of man himself. In fact, recent paleo discoveries in Africa point to an even more distant and long forgotten origin. It appears that two tribes of early man, the Coo-Kee tribe and the Kan-Dee tribe, fought many long and bloody battles deep in the savanna's of Southern Africa. Eventually they were both destroyed by a far superior tribe from the North known as the Kav-A-Tee tribe. Science is sure interesting.

Jake Warbird ‏asks "Thoughts on Bounty Hunting 2.0?Epic win/fail?"
I think the system is pure win and looks to be amazing. But it has the potential to be a total and complete failure because I'm not convinced anyone will actually use it enough to make it worthwhile. Time will tell and I, being a Pirate and all, certainly hope it turns out to be a great thing. But I have serious doubts.

meanharri asks "Why can't people hashtag properly as explained here?"
Probably because most people are friggin' idiots. But that's just a guess.

Aiden Mourn ‏asks "Is it true that Rixx's personality is so magnetic, he can't carry credit cards?"
Everyone knows how awesome and fun to be with Rixx is, but even with such an amazingly magnetic personality he can't truly affect magnetic fields. The sad truth is, as a Pirate, Rixx doesn't qualify for credit among any of the Empire's banking institutions. Pirating is a cash only business.

Mangala Solaris ‏asks "How I shot web?"
Wow, we are dragging some old Memes around today aren't we? For anyone that isn't familiar with this one, it is actually Eve related and you can learn more here.

themittanidotcom ‏asks "Why do you think the fall of BoB was so bad for EVE?"
Just to be clear, I have never stated that the fall of BoB was bad for Eve. In fact I clearly have supported the fall of all large, power-grabbing, fun-sucking Alliances and continue to do so. The fall of BoB was an awesome time in Eve and led to some truly awesome null space play, political and otherwise. I think the fall of other large null space "groups" would also be moar fun. Do you know of any?

Dr. Dranch ‏asks "is sex better in space?"
Sadly the answer is no. Sex in space is horrible! The blood boils, there is no air to breathe, not to mention radiation, micro-meteorites and explosive decompression! Sex is much better inside the controlled environment of a space-ship or space-station, especially with the gravity systems turned off. Just be sure to bring along some Wipe-Ups, it can get pretty messy afterwards.

Snot Shot ‏asks "Coke or Pepsi?"
I'm in advertising so I've been addicted to Coke forever. Nothing brings the burn like an ice-cold Coke.

Rhavas ‏asks "How excited are you for the new safety feature?"
At first I pretty much ignored this one, because I figured I'd just set it and forget it. But now we learn that the setting won't be persistent and will need to be set each and every time you log on or undock. That is extremely annoying and I think it will be nothing but trouble for everyone eventually. I'd rather they wait on implementation, than have it in-game in this fashion.

webspaceships asks "what should I train next?"
In your case Mark726 I'd normally recommend "people skills", yours are a tad rusty. But we've discussed this issue before in private, so I won't mention it in public. That would just be wrong. So I recommend Advanced Cyno skills. As much as you travel around the universe, I'm still waiting on the call, "Hey Rixx, I just found a faction fitted Marauder ratting alone in a belt!!" Sheesh.

Tommy Rollins ‏asks "what was the toughest part of running a corp?"
I think the hardest part for a CEO is keeping your corp engaged and entertained. Boredom is the biggest enemy and those that get bored will quickly look elsewhere. So you need a core group of active players to help you, but ultimately it can come down to you and the choices you make. Everything else really stems from that one thing, you have engaged and involved players and the rest takes care of itself.

Space Noob ‏asks "in the EVE version of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - who would play the main three roles?"
So much of that depends on your perspective. But since you asked me the question... Chribba would play The Good, The Mittani would play The Bad and Makalu would play The Ugly. That would be one way to go. Heck of a cast. I'd pay to see that picture.

Hoarr ‏asks "which t2 ship are you most looking forward to getting a rebalance?"
Good question. As of Tuesday it is certainly the Sacrilege, even though the ship isn't changing the changes to HAMs should really make it even more awesome than it is now. But ultimately it is the entire Command Ship line that I am most looking forward to. They've needed love for a long time and with the T3 bonus changes, they should be able to finally live again. I know that isn't technically a t2 rebalance, but I think it fits into the category. Individually I still think some ships are getting short-changed in these tiericide balances, like the Ferox for example.

I Wuz Hot-Dropped!

Last night, this happened.

And I wasn't even playing Eve yesterday. Oh sure, I was on-line a couple of short times, but I had no intention of actually playing. I had a couple of minutes here and there, so I logged on just to see if I could catch a quick kill or two. Earlier in the day I did manage to catch a Thrasher.

It didn't look good. The system was pretty full, a Pilgrim, Proteus, an Archon and a few other ships on scan when I undocked. Sigh.

But I figured to stick my nose in that mess and see what happened. Everyone docked except the Pilgrim. But then it did a few times before undocking and deciding to attack me on station. We were both negative so no aggression, so I sat there for awhile - curious more than anything. Sure enough the Proteus undocks.

Despite my usual quiet nature some words were exchanged in local. This happens when my former Lucifer's Hammer corp mate Itsme is in local, he tends to bring out my worst nature.

I docked up and grabbed my IN Slicer for a quick roam and warped to the out gate. As I did so the Pilgrim pilot left local and a Rupture appeared on scan. And this is the teachable moment kids - stay on course! I should've left local and went hunting. But instead, I turned around and went and got the Sac to kill the Rupture.

By the time that happened he had docked up, so I waited. I even let a few other targets get away, the Rupture being much more tasty a prize. ( If I had killed even one of those I would have had GCC and been off station and the following wouldn't have happened ) The Rupture undocked and I jumped on him.

My spider-sense tingled when he pointed me without shooting. Just as that thought was hovering in the air above my head, he lit the Cyno. I immediately de-aggro'd and aligned out. Which is exactly the perfect response. In this situation you only have one chance, that the incoming gang is slow to jump. With GCC the station timer is too long, so burn away!! But the Sac is slow and the incoming gang wasn't.

I did get the pod out. Aligned.

We exchanged words in local. I was laughing. They were bored. I appreciate being hunted and trapped and killed in such a way. You really have to appreciate the effort for one Sac. It probably cost more in fuel than the ship was worth. And at only 2.4 pts on BC, well it boils down to more fun than anything.

Plus, strangely enough, for the first time in three years - I had insurance!

If it hadn't been for the Falcon I would've taken them. ( Probably not, but it's fun to say ) Well played gentlemen. Well played.

LOL Kill

The Oracle is a decent enough ship, not horribly expensive or anything, but certainly not cheap either. It isn't a great solo ship, so you usually see them in small gangs or fleets doing what they are designed to do.

So it was somewhat a surprise the other day to see one alone on d-scan. It was either undocking or docking at one of the stations, I couldn't tell which since it disappeared as I landed. I thought about camping, but I figured if he saw me he'd just dock up again.

So I warped to the gate, turned around and aligned back to the station. Stopping about 4 or 5k from the gate. I really shouldn't give this stuff away for free - but that is GTFO Stance on Hi-Sec Gate #1. Just for reference. I should probably explain. A hi-sec gate is one of the most dangerous places for a pirate to be. You can't escape by jumping the gate, because it is hi-sec carebear fantasy land over there!! And you have no scout on the other side, so anything could be jumping into you without warning. This makes it really cool to just sit there like you don't care. But I also align and burn out from the gate a bit. Why?

If the pilot coming in knows what they are doing you will not catch them. They will land at zero and just jump, I imagine they are also giving me the middle finger as they do it. However, if they think they are safe, or are being lazy, or they are stupid, they might just land off the gate. ( It happens a lot ) And then they are dead meat. 900 dps, web, scram, go boom!

So sure enough, the Oracle undocks and warps to gate. Again, this is pretty rare to see one out flying alone. He lands off the gate and I pounce on him and do that thing to his face. I'm nice and let his pod go since he was kind enough to give me a solo Oracle kill. ( Plus I had GCC issues and I wanted to loot the wreck for tasty treats!)

Then I look at the kill mail to see what dropped.


It is hard to explain this one. A week old player flying an Oracle in low-sec with missing mid slots, no low slots, no rigs and no ammo? I can only imagine that this must be the alt of some other more experienced player that bought the ship and is using this guy to move it. Or he was at a POS bash and burned his ammo... but that doesn't make sense. I'm really trying here.

I suspect laziness must be at the heart of this one, but it is a mystery. My email to the pilot remains unanswered, so we may never know.

Whatever the answer is I appreciate the opportunity to explode it. People shouldn't be flying un-fitted Oracles in low-sec. And if they do, they should be exploded. So everything went exactly the way it should. It just bothers me that this might be going on in a regular fashion and people are getting away with it. I may need to play more.

BB41: Director's Cut

EVE The Movie Poster
Click for additional sizes and whatnots

The universe of EVE is not without its drama and epic stories, both in and out of game. Imagine a publisher, movie studio or television network asked you to prepare a pitch for a new brand of EVE-flavoured entertainment. This could be your big break, what would be your synopsis to bring New Eden to the wider audience?

Personally I think a picture is worth a thousand words.

This isn't the Eve movie poster I would make, this is the Eve movie poster that Hollywood would make. I loathe "floating head" posters! But Hollywood seems to be enchanted by them. I also did the poster in Blue/Orange color scheme to match 90% of the Hollywood posters out there. ( If you are somehow not familiar with the Blue/Orange thing, this is a good post on the trend. )

I will be doing a follow up at some point with an Eve movie poster that I would make. But I am a very busy person and I need to do more of those ship posters! So someday soon.

Fevered Scribblings from the Blogging Imaginarium:

How to Spree a System

Spree: an unrestrained indulgence in or outburst of an activity

Over the past six months or so I have been primarily flying solo in four main types of play-style: 1) Solo roaming, 2) FW Killing and 3) Spree Killing. The fourth area is small gang PvP with my fellow Corp pilots, which I still do as often as I can.

Solo Roaming is exactly what it sounds like, and while it is certainly my favorite play-style choice right now, it is also the most time consuming. FW Killing was fun for a few months over the Summer when that activity was running high in faction space, but it was only ever a choice of convenience and not one based on "fun". It was hard to just let someone fly unfitted frigates around and around in a circle without killing them in other words. It is a lot like undocking on a Cyno ship sitting on the station, you really just have to explode it.

That leaves Spree Killing. This is what I call the small chunks of time I spend totally dominating a system in one ship. The process involves having a lot of fun, tons of danger and the potential for interesting kills. And sometimes, the horrible slaughter of innocents. I've really grown to enjoy it.

So far in November I am 42-0 in my Sacrilege. Over the past few months, based on a quick killboard count, I am aprox 110-3 in the Sac. Almost all of that having taken place in one System. I call what I'm doing "Spree Killing" and it has developed due to a general lack of significant playing time in-game. Primarily around 30 minute blocks of log-on and play. ( Just a quick note: The 3 Sacs I lost were left over from last year and represented some significant trial and error fitting, as well as lack of proper access to ammo and fittings. I considered them sacrificial lambs and at first, this was all they were supposed to be. But they allowed me the opportunity to refine the fit.)

Spree Killing involves all aspects of PvP including some of the more underhanded and nefarious aspects that any self-respecting pilot would like to avoid. Like Station Camping, Gate Camping, baiting, mechanic exploits ( not real exploits, but using game mechanics to your advantage exploits ), and generally being fearless in the face of danger. And foremost above all else, knowing your limitations and being willing to run away when needed.

Remember, during all of the above, you are totally alone. That is the part that gives this nefarious play-style the excitement and adventure it needs. I wouldn't think of doing it with anyone else around, but that's me. Also, you can only do it in short bursts. I get bored very fast and I start to feel really bad about myself if I hang out in system for too long. If nothing is happening I'll dock up and jump in a roaming ship and go looking for trouble. You have to go away, sticking around is the part that leads to you getting ganked. Remember that.

So what do you need to enjoy Spree Killing?

1) A System
I picked my old home system simply because it had three Sacrilege's in it and some supplies. But it turns out to be the perfect Spree System. It has four stations, but one primary shopping center. It also has two hi-sec gates, but one primary entrance. And it only has one low-sec entrance. Which also just happens to be off-grid from most of the above. Why is that important? Because local spikes long before anyone can land on grid with me.

2) A Ship
Personally I think the Sac is the perfect ship for this type of play-style, but that's me. Your choice needs to be able to survive under station and gate guns long enough to kill your target and escape. The Sac is a great choice because it can kill multiple targets under guns and still escape. Some people might choose a BS, like a Mael, but they are too big in my opinion and they limit you to just station camping, which is mind-numbingly boring.

3) Bookmarks
You need a ton of well organized bookmarks. Undocks from all stations, scan points from all objects, gates, etc. Safe spots, pounce spots, off-grid spots and close to sniper range spots. The more the merrier, just make sure you know what they are, so properly labeling them is critical.

4) Intel
Know the system. Who lives there, what do they do? Do they travel in groups? What do they fly? Do they bait? If there are four of them docked up and you engage one, will the rest undock on you? Know the system and its regular inhabitants like the back of your hand. This is critical.

So what exactly is Spree Killing?

I'll tell you what I think it is. I log-on and undock. I do a quick scan and warp to the place where there are ships and shoot them in the face. Wherever they happen to be. The other day I scanned a Catalyst ratting in a belt, so I warped in and killed him and his pod.  Immediately I also noticed a Thorax on scan, he had warped to the hi-sec gate at range, so I warped away from the first kill and exploded the Cruiser and his pod. Then I noticed a Merlin on scan, killed him and his pod. As I was doing that a Badger undocked from another station and I caught him on the gate, and his pod. Which was fortunate because a Cormorant jumped into me and I killed him and his pod also. According to the time stamps on those kills I destroyed five ships and five pods in 27 minutes. I was under GCC the entire time.

This is extremely dangerous activity. At any moment anything can come thru a gate and ruin your day. Or jump on top of you, or scan you down, or undock, or bait trap you and kill you dead. And it happens. This is not lazy station camping. You only stay on station for protection while you don't have GCC. But once you have GCC you only go to stations and gates in limited bursts. Swooping in to catch your prey and then gtfo.

I usually laugh a lot when I'm doing this it is so much fun.

Your results may vary.

Poster Series #3: The Sacrilege

MEP-Sacrilege #3
Click for additional sizes!

I couldn't help myself. I wanted to do another one before the Holiday, one of the darker and moodier ones after the Slicer and Rifter. Each poster is my attempt not only to create an individual ship in the minimalist style, but also to capture the essence of their personalities. And an interesting angle of their own geometry. Certainly, to me at least, the front end of the infamous Sac is its most interesting profile. I can imagine those HAMs are on the verge of launching right now...

I will be providing a wallpaper version of this one as well, but it will have to wait until I get back from the Holiday. Sorry about that, but it can't be avoided.

Hope you enjoy. More ships coming soon.

Giving Thanks

I'll be out of game for the next few days, traveling and eating at various family stop overs and then feeling horribly full, probably getting sick and miserable, but enjoying every minute. All the while, giving thanks for all the many....

Let's be honest here. This has been a crappy year for RL Rixx. But despite all the horribleness, business collapses, unemployment ( not official though, can't actually pay me the money I put in!! Bastards! ), hiring, re-hiring, bankruptcy, near loss of home and hearth - despite all that I still have plenty to be thankful for.

Especially in-game, which is all that really matters here on this blog. So here, as usual every year, I take a moment to pause and give thanks.

The Tuskers
Thanks for taking me in and giving me a home right before the proverbial dog poop hit the proverbial fan. And for tolerating my general lack of play time and insanely weird schedule. I really appreciate it and each of you. You guys are the best. The good news is that things are finally settling down into some form of normalcy again. I hope.

My Readers
Without you I wouldn't have a blog. Thanks for stopping by and spending time with me. I do try to provide a unique and entertaining visit and I appreciate each and every one of you more than you know.

The Eve Community
The best darn group of crazy, opinionated, creative and awesome fan support personnel in the universe! You make getting up every day and writing this darn thing worth it. Thanks to all of you.

The Kilt
Special thanks to all those that I've exploded this past year and there are a lot of you! Even the poorly fit, inexperienced, bad decision ones! But mostly the ones that turn and engage, even against the odds. Thanks. Without you Eve would be boring and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to tangle. Keep doing what you do.

No list would be complete without thanking those at CCP. They invented the darn thing and spent the past year making it even better. And not adding any crazy golden ammo features! Thanks guys. But a very special thanks to all of you that I've gotten to know over the past year. And an extra special thanks to CCP Huskarl for listening to our pleas and bringing back the Frill!!

And to everyone else, CVA, Goon, Mission Runners, FW Goofballs, Wormhole denizen, Transport pilot, Industrial type person, or crazy hot-dropper, thank you! Eve is so much better with you in it.

Keep the courage.

Poster Series #2: The Rifter

Click for additional sizes including 11x17 Print Quality

Because you demanded it, the mighty Minmatar Rifter!

MEP-Rifter Wallpaper
And the Wallpaper!

Enjoy! More coming soon.

Eve Minimalist Poster Series

Imperial Navy Slicer
Click for sizes, including 11x17 Print Quality!
Introducing the first of a new series of minimalist graphic posters featuring the glorious ships of New Eden - The Imperial Navy Slicer!

How many of these will be in the series? I don't know yet. I was out flying in my INS yesterday when inspiration struck me. And I already have pencilled out about 14 ideas for various other ships, so I'm kind of fired up for this series. So we'll see.

The poster is 11x17 at print resolution. So feel free to download it, print it out, have it framed and put it on your wall. Just leave room for more.

Imperial Navy Slicer Wallpaper
Wallpaper Now Available, click for sizes!


Knights of the Banter Order

Stan did a round-up of ALL the Blog Banters over on Freebooted, so go take a look when you really want to dig into some serious reading.

The above image was created by TurAmarth ElRandir & Terry Gilliam. You can see the original here.

Area Man Watches Eve Tournament

Last week I trolled the local community to find someone willing to spend a day watching the New Eden Tournament and report back. This wasn't as easy as you might think, but eventually I happened upon Assistant Junior High School Football Coach Phil Jorgensen. Phil is 37 years old, unmarried, and enjoys sports. When I asked him to elaborate, he said, "All sports." Sounds perfect.

This is Phil's unedited report:

Mr. Jarvix,

Thanks for inviting me to watch the New Eden Tournament. This was not something I'd normally do. And for appreciating my feedback. I took notes and will try to give you my honest to goodness feelings and thoughts as I saw them.

This reminded me of the first time I saw Australian Rules Football on ESPN. I ain't got no idea what the heck is going on, but I know it is a sport. I'm thinking this is European since the announcers have got some kind of accent, and they are rather pasty, like they haven't seen the sun in awhile. They must also be really dedicated to their sport since I didn't see or hear any women. I think having some women around would really help this sport get off the ground. Even the NFL uses some lady reporters.

I had no freakin' idea what was happening for the longest time. But I tried to stick with it. This sport is very, very dark. I know, I know, these are spaceships of some kind. I got that after awhile, but it ain't like I'm dumb, it isn't obvious or explained or nothing. It seems to me like the only people that watch this stuff are people that already know what is happening.

I was in Central Park once a while back and I stopped to watch these guys playing Croquet. They had a little stand set up with colorful charts explaining the sport, so you could look at that while you were watchin'. That really made things much more interesting. This really needs something like that.

I admit I liked looking at some of the spaceships. That is very interesting to me. Are these real people flying them or is this like, y'know, a video game? To be honest I'm still not sure of the answer to that one. Are the guys talking controlling things? This was a bit confusing.

My cousin stopped in for awhile and he took a liking to what he saw. He said this was a, I think what he said was, this was a Moo game. I'm not sure what that stands for, but he plays a lot of Warcraft. I know that for a fact.

Frankly I didn't know who to root for. The underdogs always seem to lose. Once a few ships get exploded things seem pretty much in the bag for the other team. Is this normal? In most sports even if a few guys get hurt you can still make it, that's part of the excitement. Y'know what I mean?

All in all I didn't like it much. It is really hard to tell what is going on and I really did try my best. I'd recommend uniforms or some way to tell the teams apart better. Maybe have them yelling at each other before hand so we get a sense of who is tough, or arrogant, or the underdog in the fight. You really need someone to root for.

I hope this helps. It has some promise I think. Spaceships should be fun I think.

Phil Jorgensen

Teg, Scaurus & Javix LIVE!

Tomorrow night's PODSIDE Live Broadcast will feature Ripard Teg, Marc Scaurus and your friendly neighborhood pot-stirring blogger. The Podcast is, or will be, available at Section8 Live at 04:00 Eve Time. ( Which we have, thru a complex series of tubes, determined to be 11pm EST, or 10pm CST in the US. The rest of you can figure out your own TZ!)

We'll be discussing "the past, current, and future state of Eve blogging and the community of Eve as a whole." but you and I know it'll just be Marc calling me a 'nut job' for thirty minutes. Which should be fun.

Seriously though, you should check it out or download it later.

UPDATE: The Podside Podcast is now available to listen to at this place right here!

Retribution is coming

Shortly the new expansion will be upon us. Yet another free expansion I might add. And anticipation is running high. So what is coming and how will it impact the game? What features am I looking forward to the most? Or the least? I thought it was about time I said something about the biggest event in Eve, so here it is.

As usual, I'm doing this entirely from memory.


I'm a spaceship fan. It is the primary reason I play Eve, to fly spaceships in space. So any expansion that adds more spaceships to an already spaceship filled game is automagically a good expansion in my book. And Retribution is adding a bunch of new ships to our palette. Primarily these are in the form of four brand spanking new Destroyers.

More importantly however, is that these new ships are coming into the game at a time when ship re-balancing is going nuts. The brainiacs at CCP ave decided to re-shuffle the deck under our feets once more and change everything. Plus this and minus that, more slots, less slots, better at this thing and less better at that thing. So the overall impact on the universe remains to be seen. Personally, I fully support the tiericide efforts and look forward to even more as things progress.

We will also be getting some newly skinned V3'd ships! The Tempest, Megathron and a few others are getting updated looks. And the best news of all - the FRILL RETURNS!! I can't wait to undock my Vagabond and probably have it exploded in some horribly stupid manner.


Huge subtle changes are coming to the way people label me in local. And now I'll have these nifty new icons on my screen to remind me constantly about how bad of a person I am. Sheesh. People will even be able to buy and trade kill rights on me! As if being a scum-sucking pirate person wasn't hard enough already.

Seriously though, I fully support the changes and modifications. And the bounty system is extremely interesting, although I have some doubts that it will significantly change much. You still have to take an active role in assigning bounty and I believe most people are just lazy. But I remain optimistic and hopeful that I will be proven wrong.


We are also getting some upgrades to the user interface. Primarily these include round and not square target icons. I preferred the original design, being intelligent I didn't have a problem figuring out the order of damage. But, the new design makes sense, since it looks like a tiny version of our HUD, so that should make the idiots happy.

The new target camera system looks to be incredibly interesting, but I still wonder how it works in practice. Hiding it up under that tiny little corner seems a bit cumbersome when flying around, but I hope it works easily. The idea has been a long time coming, just wondering about the execution.

Those are the big features. I'm sure there are, as usual, a load of smaller tweaks, changes, updates and whatnots that I am forgetting. But all in all, this looks to be yet another awesome expansion in the continuing evolution of Eve. Nothing earth-shattering, but the game gets better and better, so who am I to complain?

Ok, so I wish it was more. I wish the Jovians had become a playable race ( something I predicted last year! ) but they aren't. I wish Providence had finally been turned into Low Sec! But it isn't. I wish intelligent dust clouds invaded!! But they haven't. The wish list is really long, so I'll stop there.

Hopefully the Thrasher won't be the only Destroyer I think about when I want to fly a Destroyer. And Frills.

I'm good.

First off the block!

And here is the first news off the starting line. Black Claw, or Alexia Morgan as he is known now, has announced his plans for a "community blogging site" over on his blog - Touring New Eden.

"I'm building something. I'm building a place for community. In a nutshell, it's going to be like Facebook for Eve, but better. It will be for Eve bloggers and players to come together and act as a community. To encourage each other, to support each other, to communicate better with each other, and to promote the activities of the community as a whole."

He originally built so he has some traction in accomplishing these types of goals. So I encourage you to take a look.

We've talked about it and what he is proposing is very interesting. And I think it will be prefect for anyone that might want a voice, but doesn't want to have to commit to a full-time blog. Or even those that find it difficult writing on a schedule. And while I can't contribute editorially, I will be there to help support it if he gets it up and running. Just like I would for anyone.

The Emperor Has No Clothes

As of this morning I know of at least 6 new and exciting efforts under way to help the Eve Blogging Community and replace or improve upon the feature services that existed just yesterday.

It would be easy to label me as Anti-Goon ( which would make explaining the Ring of Fire a tad difficult, wouldn't it? ), or Anti-Mittani, or anti-anything for that matter. The fact is I'm not anti-anything.

I'm pro Eve. And even more importantly than that, I am Pro-Independence. I support free thought, free expression and freedom from tyranny. I am a proud independent thinker. That's why I am a Pirate in-game and why out of game this blog will always maintain its independence. When you read these words you can rest assured that no one is behind the scenes pulling my strings. ( And that isn't to imply that others are having their strings pulled. Not necessarily at least. Please try and grow up. )

I'm not afraid of anything. I'm certainly not afraid to stand up and yell, "The Emperor has no clothes!" I can be quite annoying about it.

I've been careful not to mention anyone by name, but since he has broken that in his latest post, I will say this about Marc. He is in the picture that heads this blog. Look up there. See him? Personally I think that says enough about how I feel about him. Remember, it was me that handed the EBP off to him back in March. That should say something as well.

This wasn't personal. It never is with me. I don't believe in making things personal. Believe it or not I have friends that are Goons, friends in CVA, -A-, and all over the Eve landscape. Eve is better for having a diverse, vital and engaged community both out of game and in-game.

I will continue to do what I can to improve and promote Eve and the community that supports it. I will continue to create artwork for anyone in Eve, which I have been doing for the past three years. Goons, CVA, -A-, anyone, anywhere. I will continue to stand up for what I think is wrong, organizing the community under Twitter Hats, Frills, Death Races, Frigate FFA's, and I will continue to mock things that need to be mocked. Like micro-transactions and gold ammo. I've been doing these things for a long time and I won't stop.

I don't actually believe that any website can kill the Eve Blogging Community. That is kind of ridiculous. So much so, that I thought it was self-evident. I often mis-judge these things. But I do still maintain that the accumulation of power into fewer and fewer hands is inherently bad for everyone. In-game and out-of-game. In that sense I am against large, tyrannical power-blocs. I was against the Blue North for that very reason. It isn't good for Eve. And The Mittani website, in my opinion, perfectly represents that. Eventually I will be proven right about that. And I know I'm not the only one that feels this way.

The important thing here is that the community is galvanized and in motion. New and exciting services are in the works. People are thinking. Filling gaps. Providing.

Sticks and stones. But as I said yesterday, Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Keep the courage my friends.

RJ's Reading List


The death* of the Eve Blog Pack has finally allowed me the chance to consolidate my Blog Links into one convenient list over there in the left side-bar. These are not the final, final blogs but it is a rather good start.  I'll continue to update and expand on the list.

How do you get on the list?

Send me a link, in a comment or on Twitter or in email, make me aware of your blog somehow. And post, I typically have a six month limit on my Google Reader. If you don't post in six months... I tend to remove your blog. That seems pretty fair.

That's it. If it is about Eve I'll link it.

*I have voluntarily removed myself from the Eve Blog Pack. If and when it returns in a non-Goon dominated fashion you can count me in. Otherwise I maintain my strict independence from tyranny and oppression of thought. My list includes anyone that wants to be on it and excludes no one.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

The Morning After

Some people have a short memory. This blog has always been a soapbox-activist-opinionated-pot stirring place and it will always be one. Remember Twitter Hats, Frills, Ring of Fire, and dozens and dozens of other examples from the past three years? Maybe I'm the only one.

I've known since the beginning that the only way to affect change, or to get your own opinion noticed, is to get it noticed. It does little if no one reads your words. The post yesterday is a great example. When I started writing it, it was titled "Eve Blogging's Future". Which is a pretty gosh darn boring title. So I changed it.

Eve Blogging is not dead. Nor is it going anywhere. It is however, changing. And more than likely, that will be a good thing. But let's continue the history lesson for just another minute. The Eve Blog Pack would've been dead back in March if someone hadn't volunteered to continue operating it. That is a fact. That someone also writes for The Mittani's website. That someone is also ceasing operation of various community features. These are also facts. I didn't make them up. The Mittani's site ( which I have never visited btw ) is one that comes along with nearly 10,000 aligned readers. That is also a fact. And also smart marketing. Kudos to them.

No matter what anyone tells you, that adds up to a significant time-suck. And, as we are all painfully aware, time is something we rarely have in abundance. What effect will that additional time-suck have on our community? In my opinion you'd have to be a blithering idiot not to see the writing on the wall. I'm simply pointing out the obvious.

It doesn't change anything for me. But that isn't a criteria that I base my editorial decisions on. Otherwise I wouldn't waste my own time creating hats, or blog banners, or comics, or events, or anything else. I do those things to support and promote the community at large. And I will continue to do so.

We've also seen more than a few of our fellow bloggers cease blogging over the last few months. No matter the reasons, this also has an impact on the community at large. These were my fellow bloggers and I'm going to miss them. So sue me for it.

This is just another crossroads. And one that I actually believe will make us stronger and better in the long run. Remember the forest fire. Every so often the old growth has to be removed to make room for new growth. Burn baby, burn.

So, the morning after? The Goons still suck. The Mittani is still an egotistical megalomaniac. ( And no matter what they tell you, that's the reason the website is named after him. C'mon, I was born in the morning but it wasn't this morning! ) The Eve Blogging Community is as vital as ever. And Eveoganda is still here. And Eve is still fun.

Keep the courage.

The Mittani Killed the Eve Community

Nothing lasts forever. We humans build things only to have them destroyed or fall into ruin. It is the nature of things. The entire Universe is built on the rise and fall of that very nature. You can't fight it. No matter how hard you try. Even the great pyramids will be gone one day.

Over on Malefactor Marc is asking some serious questions about the future of certain Eve Blogging Community features, the Eve Blog Pack,, Blog Banters and more are at a crossroads.

If you haven't, take a moment to read his post. I'll wait.


Back when I took over from CK the Eve Blogging community was an extremely viable, vibrant and engaged beast. I was honestly overwhelmed with the powerful response I received from everyone at the passing of the torch. Many bloggers stepped forward to offer help, support and encouragement. Especially Stan, who offered to take the reins on the Blog Banter and has done an exceptional job of it since then. But sadly, my run was to be short-lived. The impending collapse of my own RL business and the horrible storm that was approaching meant my Eve time was becoming extremely limited. Once again, the community responded and Marc stepped up to take on the EBP and even more as time went on.

As with CK and myself however, things change. And now we find ourselves at another crossroads. It isn't hard for me to imagine yet another Eve Blogger stepping forward to shoulder the responsibilities of running this or that blogging feature. It will probably happen.

The real question is - is that fair?

Things have changed far beyond the Eve Blogging Community. Back when I took over from CK Eveoganda got most of its traffic from fellow bloggers. The entire EBP was built as a way to cross-promote fellow bloggers. Frankly, that world doesn't exist today.

Very little of my traffic comes from fellow bloggers. In fact, over the past few months, the number of fellow bloggers has dropped drastically. Nashh, Eve Scientist, more and more of my friends are going dark or posting more and more infrequently. In the last two years the number of active Eve Blogs has dropped from about 300 to about 100. ( That number is a total guess on my part based on my personal RSS feed stats, but I bet it is pretty darn close )

Today my traffic comes primarily from three main sources:

1. Amalgam feeds - I don't know what else to call them, but apparently there are lots of these places that collect feeds and link to them, whatever they are, I get a ton of traffic from them.

2. Jester - I sure hope I send as much traffic to Teg as he sends to me.

3. News - EveNews24 and The Mittani primarily, but I've also lumped others in here as well.

( I also get a ton of traffic from the Eve Log-in screen, for over a year now the darn thing continues to link to me for the EBP. I'm sure this will eventually change. I've mentioned it a million times.)

Of course traffic isn't the reason I write this blog. But the numbers do serve to illuminate the way things have changed. Add in Tweetfleet, G+, Facebook,  Flickr and numerous other sources and you can see that the lanscape has changed significantly.

Which begs the question, do we even need these services?

Heck, do we even need bloggers anymore? The fact is that The Mittani site has added weight to a side of the coin that didn't really exist three years ago. More and more bloggers are joining the ranks of that news service, add that to EveNews24 and others and you have a very powerful brain drain that has been sucking the need for bloggers away for months now.

The Mittani has killed Eve Blogging. Why read thru dozens of sites when you can just visit one? You get features, news, opinion, and the unquestionable loyalty of the largest single block of players in-game, fed daily thru forum support that rivals none other.

I've been approached three times to write for The Mittani. The first was back before it launched and the most recent was by the very same Marc Scaurus that now poses the questions of what to do with these blogging features. It is no mistake that other community involved bloggers are also involved in that site. By the way, I turned all three of those requests down flat.

Personally I can't support The Mittani or the Goons behind him. I don't link to the site here nor will I ever do so. That is a role-playing choice primarily, it would betray all that Rixx stands for to do so. But it is also because I knew full well what that thing's coming meant. And here we are.

And it is only natural. Things change remember? Eve is getting close to being a decade old. It is as predictable as the sun rising and setting that eventually something like that site would appear. And while it may seem like I am blaming that site, I am not pointing fingers, but simply pointing out the painfully obvious.

So. Where does all that leave us?

I love this community. I've given a lot of my time, energy and effort to helping it and supporting it over the last three years. And I will continue to do so. I wish I had the time needed to just grab ahold and push forward. But I know better. I have a hard enough time between this blog, the game and the commissions. I simply can't over-extend myself again.

Live or die. That is the question. Either way, this blog will go on until the day Eve closes down for good. As long as Eve survives and I am able, Eveoganda will endure. Even if no one visits.

I hope someone steps up to the plate, or we discover a way to open-source those resources. I also hope the blogging community experiences a revival and a renewed sense of purpose. Because things continue to change and sometimes, albiet rarely, they do change for the better.

The questions you should be asking yourself are these. Is it worth saving? And are you the person to do it? If you are, then know that I will be here to help in any way I can.

UPDATES: Please see these other fine bloggers for even more insight and opinions:

The Blogging End Game
An Ecosystem of Wordsmiths
The Future of the Community

If anyone else posts a related article please provide a link in the comments. Thanks.

The Frill Returns

We are counting the days until we can undock in this bad-boy and yell "FRILL!!!!" in local.
Wondering what the SFI looks like...

Btw, I highly, highly recommend these "Our Eve" videos, extremely well done. Check 'em all out.


As I was being lambasted in local once again the other day, I paused and asked myself, "Why do you put up with it?" I mean seriously.

Writing this here blog for the past three years has been the pure definition of blessing and curse. On the one hand, I enjoy the Hell out of it and wouldn't trade the experience for much of anything. On a purely selfish note, it does keep my writing fingers primed.

On the other hand, it is probably more trouble than it is worth. According to local authorities doing this either makes me 'gay', 'stupid', an 'asshat' or even worse. Or, as one local commenter opined "You've taken the Cool Story bro idea and just keep repeating it." Or some such, I may be paraphrasing.

Being a relatively known entity ( I hesitate to say famous, I don't like that word ) causes its own set of issues. It certainly has made my in-game life much, much harder than it would have been otherwise. It draws attention certainly, both positive and negative. Being public brings with it certain dangers, challenges and troubles that wouldn't normally be there. I am often a target simply because people recognized my name.

But it has also allowed me the opportunities that I would never have had otherwise. And given me a platform to advocate, challenge and hopefully - probably most importantly - entertain. And whatever access that really amounts to has been hard-won. No one is sitting here with me every day helping to write these posts. That's all me bro.

So why do I do it?

There are lots of reasons. One of them has to be just to keep pissing off those local commenters, most of whom couldn't put two sentences together, much less millions. But the real reason I keep slogging it out is purely selfish. And I've said this from the very beginning. I just wanted to see if I could. And discover, along with my readers, what would happen along the way.

I'm still curious. Eve still keeps me interested. Eve surprises me, challenges me, makes me look like a genius and an idiot. I'm still in love with her.

For every idiot in local there are twelve that say hello. For every tear there are six players that ask me for advice. For every hater there are the twelve or so thousand that are reading these words each and every day.

As long as you keep coming, I'll keep writing.


Because of you. Thank you.

PS: The next time I'm getting ganked because someone recognized me, maybe you could come and help!

Pirate: What does it mean?

pi·rate  (prt)
1.a. One who robs at sea or plunders the land from the sea without commission from a sovereign nation.
b. A ship used for this purpose.
2. One who preys on others; a plunderer.

v. pi·rat·ed, pi·rat·ing, pi·rates
1. To attack and rob (a ship at sea).
2. To take (something) by piracy.

To act as a pirate; practice piracy.

What does it mean to be a pirate in Eve? And what makes being a Pirate different from being a PvP'er, or a Ninja, or a Merc, or a Soldier, or any number of other things you can be in New Eden?

First of all I will freely admit that I am rather harsh in my own definition of what it means to be a Pirate and I am certain there will be others that do not agree. Which is fine with me, but this happens to be my blog and I happen to be the only writer. So here is what, in addition to the above RL definition, I believe it means to be a pirate in New Eden:

1. You must be -10 or well on your way there. And you must stay there on purpose.

You can't flirt with negative standings, jump in and kill a few things, then work your ass off to get back to positive. That makes you a criminal, not a pirate. It is also fun and I enjoyed doing that myself for years, but being a "pirate" is a life-style ( play-style ) choice, not a hobby.

2. You must primarily make your living from being a Pirate. Looting, Ransoms, etc.

This is the hard part. Given the negative standings thing however, you don't have a lot of other choices. This doesn't mean that you can't have alt accounts that make you isk in other ways ( although I choose not to ), but having a lot of isk to draw on is counter to being a real pirate in my humble opinion.

So, so far we have someone that robs, plunders and preys without approval from a government. Someone that has negative standing and primarily makes their living from being a pirate. So what else?

And here comes the undefinable bit, the part that sorta, kinda "depends" on your personal perspective. And in many ways, the very, very hard part. The Code. In my opinion what separates a pirate from a criminal or psychopath is some sort of internal code that he lives by. History teaches us that real historical pirates lived by a code of conduct or Articles of Agreement.  These varied from Captain to Captain but they shared the same fundamental rough outlines.

When I ran my own Pirate Corporation we had a couple of rules, or a code. Mostly this had to do with simple things like always honoring a 1v1, or how to split up loot. The Tuskers have famously taken this to yet another level and when we become a Tusker we swear an Oath to abide by The Tusker Code. Which again, is mostly about honor among thieves.

I personally take the Code extremely seriously. In fact, I even take it to a whole other level. I'm going to keep most of that to myself however, as I've learned over the past two years to keep my mouth shut about it. Suffice to say I have my own internal code that is even more harsh than The Tusker Code and I play the game by my own internal sense of right and wrong.

Which is exactly like a Pirate. A pirate is independent, will-full, strong and doesn't take orders from anyone. We stick together simply because we happened to find a few mates that agree with us. Mostly.

I pulled this from The Tusker killboard:

"The Tuskers exist to highlight the brutal inconsistencies of organized government through disruption of taxable activities, destruction of profit-generating capital, seizure of assets in support of our goals, and the murder of pilots not in harmony with our programme."

I love that.

Ingesting Skills

"Books" and "Ingest" are not usually two words that go together. Although I'm pretty sure there is a show about that on TLC, for most of us we tend to read books and ingest other things - like pills.

Either way this post isn't about "how" the ingesting of large skill books happen in a role-playing sense ( I've always assumed some type of cybernetic cortex download, something with lense flares and that blue lightning effect most likely ), but rather from a game mechanics sense.


This week I finally decided to train Light Missiles to V. It, and Cruise Missiles, are the last remaining weapon system that I don't have trained to T2. And while I doubt I will ever train Cruise to T2, with the upcoming changes it seems like a good time to train lights.

I already own the Light Missile Spec Skillbook, goodness knows I've probably had it in my hanger for nearly four years! So level V is training at the top of the Skill Que. I should be able to ingest the Spec Skill and place it directly behind the core skill so it trains next... but you can't do that. We all know the routine, we have to look around for another skill to train as a stop-gap. Usually something short. So the level V can finish, we can ingest the Spec and then place it on the Que behind the stop-gap skill.

From a mechanics perspective I can see why this was done, but it seems rather pointless. Mechanics exist to prevent or contain actions - but I'm having a very hard time figuring out what this mechanic is preventing or containing. If I already own the book and am currently training the V skill it seems natural that I'd want to train the Spec skill next, or not. As things stand now, the answer is always "not".


If we fix that issue however it opens up a whole Pandora's Box of other questions. Like why skill books have to be transported in the first place, why can't they be ingested when purchased and put into a "holding pattern" until the required conditions are met?

These questions are a larger context than simply fixing the V-Spec issue presented above. But they do address the fundamental issues involved with the system as it currently stands.

Personally I'd like to see a system that works like this: I buy a skill book and I can ingest it as long as I haven't already ingested it of course. If I do not already have the necessary pre-reqs for the skill it remains in "storage" until such time as it can be placed into the skill que. I buy the book and it gets plugged into my head to wait, probably on some kind of futuristic flash drive thingie.

That's it.

Solo Fast Food

I had no time to play yesterday, but yet I managed to play a lot. I did this by logging in for short "micro-burst" play sessions throughout the day. Like a strange Fast Food version of Eve.

Sometimes - like the day before when I was sooooo bored I purposely derped my Catalyst into the face of a Hawk - this kind of play style works against me. But not yesterday.

I had logged off the day before in Lisb in my awesome, so-much-fun-it-should-be-criminal Sac. So I popped into space and hit the d-scan. Boom. A Sigil on scan. He was on station just sitting there, so I warped in and just missed him. So I chased him to the Gate and just missed him. As I turned to align to the Station - a poor Cormorant landed. And his pod too. Ok, I'll take it, but nothing to write home about.

I parked the Sac and went into Hev to pick up my new Wolf and go on a roam. When I undocked I picked up a Covetor on d-scan! Yep, sometimes, even in Hevrice ( Home of the Tuskers ), we get people actually trying to mine in the belts. I nailed him down and warped in right on top of him. The Covetor melted under my arties and his pod as well.

I then noticed a Catalyst on scan. He was in one of the Minor complex thingies, so I warped my Wolf over there knowing I couldn't catch him if he was already in there. But he 'might' still be sitting on the gate. He wasn't. So I needed a ship that could go in there and catch him. I docked up and grabbed one of my Merlins. Longer point flavor with Rails y'know. And sure enough, he was conveniently still in there. The Merlin performed perfectly and he was shortly under my guns and he melted rather quickly. So quickly I missed grabbing his pod. Oh well.

A quick little roam came up empty and eventually I went into Lisb to do some minor market stuff. Yes, even Rixx has to sell stuff - mostly lootz captured from those recent kills. As usual I undocked my Sac just to see if anything was on d-scan and sure enough there were lots of things on scan! About 6 or 7 ships of all sizes. I warped around trying to nail them down, but they were not in a playing mood. At one time I actually got caught on a gate with a bunch of them, but they ran away. A shame really, they probably coulda kilt me. I noticed a Itereon on scan at one of the stations, so I warped in and exploded him. I thought he must have been afk, but he did manage to warp his pod out. Sadly, no lootz.

Later on in the day I was back in the Wolf out roaming when I spotted some activity in Hev. A Manticore was ratting in the belt. Worth a shot. When I got there he had cloaked up and ran away, but he left his drones. I killed them. Which gave me GCC, which I didn't even notice until the gate guns shot me in Muet. So I was stuck in system for a bit.

An Atron came and went thru system. And then a few others, but mostly it was quiet. I figured as soon as my GCC was up I'd head home for the night. Then the Atron came back. We warped around each other a few times and then I decided to just wait in an obvious place. Sure enough he landed about 34k from me. I started burning for him and fully expected him to run. But he turned and started towards me, when he exploded. The angle combined with his sudden sig bloom with the MWD meant I pretty much one-shotted him. This time I let his pod go on principle.

I gave him kudos in local and we talked for a bit. Some advice was freely given. I'm always inclined to talk to those that show real ability and dedication to actually playing Eve.

I decided it was time to call it a night, but the Eve Gods were not finished with me yet. It is extremely rare to pop into my home system and find no one in local, but Hev was empty... except for one other dood. I warped to one of my perch spots and spied a Retriever in one of the belts! What a bookend to the day. Sure enough, warped in and kilt. And his pod too, just so he remembers just how dumb of an idea mining in my home system is.

I called this post "Solo Fast Food" because these kills are like fast food. They fill you up but they never really satisfy, full of empty calories and fat. Not a single "good fight" among them, no steak dinners. But taken together they amount to a rather decent day in Eve. Nothing that will be remembered for long, but something worthy of note.

I love steak dinners. But sometimes you need to grab something on the go.

Gooder Eve Revisited: Cap Buster

Gooder Eve is a series of on-going articles that examine ideas that might make Eve more gooder, and maybe even more funner to play.  Some are serious, like the Chameleon Module, and some are humorous.  But all should be interesting, entertaining and encourage healthy debate. So far the comment threads have been the best part. ]

Back in November 2010 I wrote a Gooder Eve post about a massive Interceptor carried one-shot missile called a 'cap buster' that was designed to help kill Super Caps. You can read about it yourself.

Concepts are fun. I think 'em up and post 'em without any consequences, mostly to stir debate and get people thinking. It is one of the reasons this is the most entertaining* Eve blog in da whole wide world! ( *Rixx Foundation private study results )

As much fun as concepts can be, I always try to base them on reality. During WWII such a concept was actually implemented, called Dam Busters, HIghballs, and other catchy names, you can read about the history here.

However, knowing what we know about Eve and its players, such a Cap Buster in the hands of 'Ceptor pilots wouldn't end very well now would it? Swarms of these things would decimate Cap Fleets and keep them home in fear.

This means the basic idea, the concept itself, is flawed? Not in my opinion. I still think a dedicated individual pilot should have a tool available that would inflict serious harm on a large Cap ship. The idea isn't just purely a romantic one. It is, after all, the heart of what makes Eve special.

So let's alter the concept a smidgeon and see what happens. Let's create a new Class of BS called the Bludgeon Class. Available in 4 racial flavors, the Bludgeon BS can only mount one Cap sized weapon and must work together in groups of at least three. They are tied together by a new module called an "Array", the array is an energy field generated by each ship that binds them together and allows them the energy needed to fire their weapons. Individually the ships cannot fire their Cap weapon, only together can they do so in one massive volley. However, together their signature radius is equal to a Cap ship so they are vulnerable to attack. To counter this, they can lock Cap sized targets faster than Cap sized targets can lock them.

The Array only works in limited range and each of the BS must be coordinated. While this isn't exactly the "individual" pilot wrecking havoc against a Cap ship, it is a compromise intended to alleviate swarms of ships destroying the entire point of having a Cap fleet. But wouldn't there be swarms of these things also? Nope, because of the special properties of the Array, only a limited number of Bludgeon groups can be on grid at once. Neat huh?

I like this idear. What do you think?

Gooder Eve Revisited: Battle POS

Gooder Eve is a series of on-going articles that examine ideas that might make Eve more gooder, and maybe even more funner to play.  Some are serious, like the Chameleon Module, and some are humorous.  But all should be interesting, entertaining and encourage healthy debate. So far the comment threads have been the best part. ]

Back in August, 2010 I wrote a Gooder Eve post about the Battle POS, a mobile POS structure that could be jumped into enemy territory. You can read the original post for yourself.  I thought it was time to revisit some of these "Gooder Eve" concepts.

Over two years have passed since I came up with the idea for a mobile POS Structure and a lot has changed since then. For one thing, I no longer live in Null Space. And for another, we have more Supers in Null than ever before. This would seem to make the concept of a large, defendable, mobile structure even Gooder than it was when it was first proposed.

Let me change the original concept just a tad.

The Battle POS is not a tower defended by orbiting, anchored mods. The Battle POS is a customized structure that comes in four racial flavors. It is built upon several built custom modules that are customizable in the construction process, most likely in a really cool in-game program that will make industrialist teary eyed. It can only be jumped to a Black Ops Cyno once per each 24 hr period. And it consumes a fair amount of fuel doing so.

However, depending on the station mods assembled, it can have huge hangers, repair shop, even cloning facilities. And it is defendable. And can be destroyed. But not easily.

A mobile station that projects power essentially anywhere it is needed.

And I don't like it.

It might be my new found low sec biases speaking now, but I think the idea ( as cool as it could be ) is not the answer. It is fundamentally about curbing Super Cap power in Null and I dont think it would achieve that goal. It would have to be super-expensive to build which means it would only be used by power blocks rich enough to afford it. The basic problem with Super Caps already. And yet another step of removing the individual player from the game.

Customized station building, or even modifiable POS building, is something I think we do need. But mobile POS/Stations? Not so much.

What are your thoughts?

Nashh Mashh!

Nashh Kadavr is leaving Eve. Personally I say "good riddance"! He has been stinking up New Eden for far to many years now and hoarding all the good stuff in his personal hanger down in Goinard.

So this SUNDAY, November 4th at 21:00 down there in Shadow Country, Nashh will be undocking in a Carrier with a 10b pod and letting us kill him good and dead. He also has about 100 fitted Frigates he wants to give away. 

As if that wasn't enough, he is also raffling off 3 Dreads!!

Told you he was crazy. So while he is being admitted into the Mental Institution, you can benefit from his loss of sanity.

Goinard. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!! At 21:00. Be there or be square.

Tusker FFA: Prizes!!

The always warm and cuddly Suli has announced the weiners of the Tusker Frigate Free For All Prizes over on his own blog Flee On Sight!

If you haven't claimed your prize yet you better hurry or Suli has promised to give them all to me!!! ( Ok, he didn't promise that, but it seems a sensible alternative doesn't it? )

Oh and the rumor is we'll have another one of these after the New Year.