Postcards from Rixx: Day Five

Dear Reader,

A quick note while we have a break in the action.  Ana and I have been up all night and it has been a harrowing journey. Our Atmo Shuttle was shot down before we could reach our destination late last night, the kidnappers must have known we were coming somehow.  We survived and managed to salvage enough from the wreck to fully arm ourselves.  The trek to the village took longer than we expected but we arrived before dawn.

I say "village" in the broadest terms, it was really more of a single building surrounded by empty homes.  This area had only recently been condemned due to a rogue Extractor incident and no one had been allowed to return to their homes yet.  It made it one of the few places on Caldari Prime that was empty enough to hide in, but it made it extremely difficult for us to determine where the kidnappers might be holding the children.

We shouldn't have worried, they found us soon enough.  Twelve of them came out us, they must be using infrared sensors, our shields were lost in the crash, and they could see us just fine in the low light of dawn.  I have to give it to Ana, she is much better at this gravity fighting than I am.  Without her at my side I don't think I could've handled twelve of them.  We wanted at least one alive and we got him.  Noir.  That's who they are.  But who is paying them?  Damn Merc was good and died with that knowledge still in his head.

But at least we know what we're up against.  And to think I was accepted into their Corporation on more than one occasion. Ana gave me a look and I knew she was thinking the same thing.  But I doubt that had anything to do with it.

We heard the shuttle before we saw it.  They were moving the children.  At least it was another Atmo Shuttle and they weren't trying to get them off-planet.  Not yet.

Now where in Hell are they taking them?  And who is behind this?  I'm determined to find the answers or die trying.

Keep the courage,
Rixx Javix

Postcards from Rixx: Day Four

Dear Reader,

As usual my instincts have once more proven to be correct.  This morning Ana and I awoke to find both of our children missing from the apartment.  At first we believed they may have gone downstairs to be with her parents but that was quickly pushed aside when we saw the state of their quarters.  They have been kidnapped.

Ana and I both agreed to keep the local Planetary Enforcement out of this for now and handle the situation ourselves.  her parents weren't as easy to convince, but Ana talked them into going along with us for now.  If what I saw yesterday has anything to do with this, heads are going to roll.  Ushra Khan may have pushed me out of Providence but they won't hurt a single hair on my children's heads.  I can guarantee you that much.

We spent the morning tracking down those Shuttles and finally found out where they landed.  It quickly became apparent that the U'K markings were not real, and that their use was simply a subterfuge.  We may be dealing with more than meets the eye here.

The call came sooner than expected.  They want ISK of course, but something tells me there is more to this than simple ransom.  They want the drop to happen tomorrow morning.  That's fine for them, but I want my children back now.  Even if I was willing to wait, Ana would not be.

We managed to get a lock on their signal.  I hacked Combat Probe yesterday in anticipation, if you know what you're doing they make the basis for a great signal tracker.  So Ana and I are headed cross-planet now.  We'll see what happens later tonight when we get there.  Wish us luck.

Keep the courage,
Rixx Javix

Postcards from Rixx: Day Three

Dear Readers,

I am enjoying my first vacation since becoming a Capsuleer on New Caldari Prime with my beautiful wife Ana and our two pod rats.  No I'm not telling you their names, someday they may be Capsuleers like their Father and I don't want anyone hunting them down because of something I did.

Ana's parents brought the children down today, so Ana and I could have the weekend alone together.  She's been working hard getting the business side of things running and we haven't had much time together recently.

It has been strange feeling the dirt of a planet under my feet again.  Not to mention weather and wind and sun on your skin.  Its taken some time to orient to the expansive sky and not worry about being exposed without shield or armor to protect me.  I'm not certain that I will ever get used to it again, or that it will ever feel normal.  My home is in space now.  If it weren't for her family, I think Ana would've agreed to a more zero gravity vacation.

I have to admit that I am a little concerned today.  I saw several Shuttles racing across the sky with markings that make my stomach churn.  But I'm probably over-reacting and letting my Null Space instincts run wild.  I have to keep telling myself I'm in civilized space now.

Keep the courage,
Rixx Javix

1v1: #16

Click to embiggen!

I've decided to remove the word "Funnies" from the 1v1 posts.  The comics themselves have never actually been called "Funnies" as you can see from the one above and it has always sorta bothered me.  I'm not really sure why that started, I think perhaps in the beginning I was concerned that no one would know what I meant or if they were supposed to think they were funny or not.  Beside the fact that obviously they aren't all supposed to be "funny", I'm trying to aim for slightly more than that, although it varies week to week.  A lot of the strip depends on my mood at the time I create it.  For those that might be wondering, I create the strip immediately before posting it in an average of five minutes.  Some more, some less.  There are no hard and fast rules here at Eveoganda.

Either way, the official title has always been 1v1 and now the post title will reflect that.

There will not be a 1v1 next Friday.  I am now on vacation, and while Rixx will be posting next week, the man behind Rixx will not be.  And he is the one that can draw, Rixx has no skill points in art.  Some may argue about that other as well.

Fly safe this week.  And use your shiny new ORE ship wisely.

Small Gang Roam

Ok here's the deal, I'm taking my small gang on a roam to the beach next week.  Its been six years since I took a week off and it is about time to do it again.  We don't plan on engaging any reds along the way, but you never know.  Mostly I think we'll be hanging out in station and "spinning", maybe some serious Planetary Interaction of a temperate nature.

Now, don't worry.  I have some treats for you while I am gone.  You know how much I care about you dear reader and your friendly neighborhood eve blogger has some things planned to keep you happy while I am away.

It figures that around the time I am going away I've finally started to develop some new ideas for posts here at Eveoganda.  Isn't that the way it always works?  For the past few weeks I've been having some serious conversations with the people in my head about Small Gang Warfare and we've come to some interesting conclusions and opinions.  But I don't really have time to develop those fully yet, so you'll have to wait a tad longer.  In the meantime, take a moment to read Cailais thoughts on the subject.  He is going in a different direction than I am, but it is good reading and thought provoking.

For everyone with commissions in the pipeline I'm sorry I wasn't able to squeeze you ALL in before vacation.  Just know that you'll be a priority when I get back.  Mostly know though that squeezing you in would've meant lowering my quality standards and I will never allow that to happen.  It's only a week and it'll be over before you know it.

I have to admit I was a bit shocked at the amount of negative energy on the forums regarding the black-out this week.  Is this the way our community conducts itself?  Really?  C'mon people I think we can do better than that.  We're very fortunate that Eve doesn't go down more often than it does, and CCP seems to have some interesting things in the works already to make it up to us.  I think that deserves some recognition.  You know me well enough by now to know I'm more than willing to call CCP on their stupidity when it is appropriate, I just don't believe this is one of those times.  Maybe it's because I've been involved in server moves before.

I'm very interested to see what next week brings and what is meant by, "This will be done through a new system in the development pipeline, currently scheduled for deployment next Tuesday’s patching opportunity* during regularly scheduled downtime. Since it has been “hot dropped” into the development plans, we will be providing step-by-step instructions for how to use it as soon as possible."

Lots of guessing going on right now, but to me it sounds a lot like the annual "attribute switch" is being applied to skill points.  Maybe.  I would support the concept of being able to re-route some skill points annually, god knows I've made a few mistakes in skill training over the years.  Why Rixx has Frigate Construction Level 3 is beyond me.  (I'll tell ya, when I was a Newb and lost my first Frigate I trained Frigate Construction because I thought I could just build new ones instead of buying them.  It didn't take long to realize the error of my ways.)  Still Rixx is carrying around a few Industry skills that he will never, ever use.

Later today's 1v1 and then we undock for our Small Gang Roam.  You can't find it in the Fleet Finder so don't even bother.

Star Frontiers

Another awesome commission that I had some time to get to this week is this killboard banner for Star Frontiers.  You can see it up and running at their killboard now.

Click to embiggen

Star Frontiers was a science-fiction role playing game put out by TSR in 1982. (Yep, the Dungeons and Dragons people) and some of the original box art featured very sci-fi pulp style artwork.  Along with the very specific "Star Frontiers" logo type.  While I wanted to capture the feel of that "pulp" style I didn't want to copy it exactly nor did I want to use their logo.  So I created something very similar but with an Eve twist to it.

I like how it turned out and the SF guys are happy, and that's what really matters.

Re: CCP Servers Again

Dear CCP,

Alright, we're in Norway.  Now before ya get your panties in an uproar let me explain.  Seems those fellows at the Shack ain't as good as they say in the commercials, big surprise huh?  Second, poking around in Blade servers isn't as easy as you might think.  So we had us a bit of a jam up on the expected deliveries.  No worries though, Svegien knows a bloke what sells servers down on the docks.  Turns out though, this fella was more trouble than a one-legged pit bull.

Oh he 'ad servers all right, but they was cheap Korean crap and not the south either if you know what I mean?  They was bright commie red with stars on 'em.  Ain't no coverin' that up now is there?  But that ain't the worst of it mate.  The worst... well the beginnings of the worst of it was those damn little clown bee bastards jumped us again.  Turns out Svegien's bloke was a mole for the entire midget clown cartel and this was some sorta set-up.  I don't think they understood that the servers was busted, ka-put and rotten, even when we calmly explained said sad state in non-harsh language.  Svegien convinced them otherwise with a ball bat his Uncle from America gave 'em when he was but a we lad and me sawed off shotgun also managed to get their attention.

What we 'ad then was a mexican stand-off, us on the one hand with broken spray painted Blade servers and them, on the other, with bloody bee clown midget noses and rip-off commie servers.  When we get back we need a brief discussion on our fee with that MC Hammer guy, this is classic case of above and beyond if you know what I'm sayin'.

Turns out the midget goon posse was nothing more than some sorta meat shield for the main event.  A entire Navy f**kin' destroyer pulls up ta the dock and unloads a small army of huge blokes dressed in clown bee costumes.  But that ain't the worst of it, suddenly ninjas screamed down from the warehouse ceiling and we was surrounded, they started trying to take stuff from our bags but we 'eld 'em off.

And this is when things take a right smart turn towards weird.  Cause... well mate I don't know how else to say this proper without coming right out and saying it proper.  I think we is dead.  Once the motorcycle gang dressed like Pirates showed up, things got a bit testy and full on rampage of carnage.  I grabbed a trash can lid to use as a shield but that went down faster than a dollar whore and poor Svegien unloaded a full blast of shotgun into one of the Pirates but that bloke musta been heavily armored.  Then we both took hits and the lights went out...

And we woke up in our parents home in Norway.

I know it sound ripe for the looney bin, but we ain't lying.  Sue us if you want but we're done moving servers.

Svegien & Kipper Movers

Re: CCP Servers

Dear CCP,

Svegien and I were driving the Eve Data over to the new server plantation and had a wee accident, which is quite a story really.  I thought, since you've got loads more hours till Eve is back up again, you might enjoy hearing about our adventure.

We loaded the lorry this morning as instructed by that Hammer fellow and started on our way.  A morning like any other you might say.  Indeed my Mum did say it when she rousted me from my dreaming.  Cranky woman when she ain't had 'er mornin' tea.  But that is beside the point.  There we were driving along the M5 when suddenly we hit traffic and creaked to a bit of a crawl.  What's this then?  A bit of a broiler already and the lorry without conditioning.  We rolled down the windows and that's when they jumped us!  Suddenly the lorry was covered in about a dozen of the little bee-costume bastards, yelling and pounding their little fists against the sides of the truck.  It was quite a shocking sight and a bit scary and all.

One of the bigger bees grabbed me arm and one got a good 'old on Svegien and he shoved his foot down on the accelerator and the lorry shot off the road right quick.  Little bee costumed weirdoes bouncing about, the one on my arm screaming something about "Goons".  Well of course they was goons, they was trying to commander our lorry!!  But Svegien was 'avin none of that.  He drove like a wild norwegian, which is exactly what he is, and plowed under an overpass in the middle grass infested non-driving lane.  You could ear the metal screech as a bunch of those little guys were forced off the roof.  Their tiny screams seemed to take the air out of the others and they started letting go one by one.

I know what you're thinking, since we got away and all how this affected the bit about the server?  Don't go and get ahead of the story mate.  We did get away and around the congestion right smart.  But during the time leading up to that we did notice a bit of bouncing and crashing from the rear storage area.  Right quick we pulled over and inspected the source.  As expected, some damage might have occurred during shipping.  But don't fear love.  Svegien's cousin knows a mate that cleans up at the Google tower downtown and he knows a bit about servers and what.  It took a bit of doin' but he's working on all those black boxes right now.  I expect things'll be on track right smartly.

And don't worry none, he did this same sorta thing to the WoW servers a few months ago and you don't hear them complaining none now do you?  Once all the duct tape is spray painted black its like new again.

Your mates,
Svegien & Kipper Movers

PS: Alright, this might take longer than we thought.  Seems our street contact is a bit of a grinder and got loaded, threw up all over a couple of the boxes and passed out cold.  Svegien has taken one of the worst of 'em down to the corner Shack and those blokes'll have 'er runnin' right in no time.  Meantime I'm readin' manuals and pokin' around, things don't look so complicated once ya get under the bonnet.

I think we'll be up and running in no time.

Those Darn Random Bears

We've all heard the saying, "Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you."  If you've never heard that before you have now.  If anything sums up Eve in one sentence it has to be that saying.  If I've learned anything about Eve in the last two years, it is simply this... sometimes the bear gets you.

It doesn't matter how skilled you might be, how awesome your ship and fitting is, how careful you might be, how often you check your d-scan, how many friends you have in local, sooner or later that goddamn Eve bear is gonna bushwhack you and bring you down.  And there ain't nothing you can do about it.

I've finally gotten fully moved into my new home and have been mostly getting my ships fitted, organizing my hanger, scouting the systems and setting up my bookmarks, finding jump-bridges, getting communication access, everything that goes into settling into a new (well, sorta new) region of space.  And with my vacation looming, more on that tomorrow, I've just generally been trying to take it easy this week.  But that doesn't stop the bear.  The bear doesn't know or care about my plans.  The bear just waits and watches.  Waiting and watching, that sums up the bear's concerns.

My friend Angor discovered the bear this week.  The bear jumped up and caught him in his Vaga.  What should have been an easy burn to gate and escape turned into death at the hands of two reds.  Why?  Well burning back to the gate doesn't help much when the gate won't let you jump because of "traffic".  Even though you are the only people in local, sometimes, for no real reason, the gates just need some time.  It's a sad way to go, killed by a game mechanic gone slow, but it is yet another bear attack.  The bear was waiting and watching.

It happened to me yesterday morning.  I had some time and some of my Corp mates were in a gang several jumps away.  They needed some ecm support so I thought I'd take my Falcon down to help them out.  One jump on the journey and the out-gate was being camped by four reds.  Two Scimis and two Sabres, nasty little group.  I was stuck and it was suggested that I go back and take the Jump Bridge instead.  Good idea.  Of course, at this point, I didn't have a BM for the JB yet.  I did have some gate spots above the gate and I first warped cloaked to one of those above the gate.  Nothing on gate, so I warped to zero.  What's that you say?  I should have d-scanned the gate first?  You guys are so smart.  But I didn't.  The reds were on the gate of course, my safe spot turned out to be off-grid.  Still, I wasn't that worried.  I was in a cloaky Falcon after all.  The bear was not happy about my attitude.

I jumped.  I started warping to the jump bridge, and since I didn't have a BM it took longer than it should have by a few seconds.  Sometimes you need those few seconds.  The reds had followed me and they double bubbled the gate.  Double bubble?  Bah, still not worried, I have escaped worse so many times.  I was cloaked and headed in a random direction... what's this?  One of the reds boated right up to me and de-cloaked me?  These guys are good, much better than the average reds I encounter.  At this point I know I'm dead.  A single Falcon against a swarm of Warrior IIs, 2 Scimis and 2 Sabres?  Not a chance.  I locked 'em anyway, engaged my damage control, did everything by the book and died in a huge fireball.  The bear got me.  There was not a single thing I could have done to change that outcome, once I jumped into system.  Oh sure, I made mistakes before jumping, but even those were not life threatening mistakes.

The thing is, it happens.  The bear isn't laughing, or taunting, or enjoying what happened.  The bear is dispassionate.  The bear is random and he gets everyone.  Newb and veteran alike.  Young or old, rich or poor, blue or red, the bear waits for us all.

The thing is, I've come to appreciate the bear.  I like the fact that the bear is out there in our universe and that he is waiting for us.  The bear levels the playing field, keeps us on our toes and helps to make Eve the insanely cruel universe that it is.  The bear is not for everyone, I know that.  The bear can break you, humble you and bring you low.  The bear makes people quit.  The bear can make you a coward.  But for me, the bear is simply a force of nature.  You can't hate the bear, all you can do is learn to live in its forest, keep a campfire burning at night and hope he stays in his cave long enough for you to get to El Paso.

Ok, the El Paso thing is a clear sign that I've stretched this analogy as far as it'll go.  But you get what I'm saying?  Life is random and so is Eve.  I like that.  And sometimes it works in your favor (when the gate doesn't work for that red you've been chasing) and sometimes it doesn't (when the gate doesn't work for you when you're being chased by reds).

Ministry of Industry

Needless to say the last few weeks have been brutal in RJ's world, both in-game and out.  As a result I got more behind in my commission work than I like to be.  The past few days I've been working to get caught up again, but for those that are waiting please be patient.  I will get to you soon I promise.  And for anyone looking to have some work done, as always read the Art Commission link above and let me know what you need.

The Ministry of Industry (in-game channel MINISTRY LOBBY) is a Corporation dedicated to building products for the Eve market and is located in Domain.  But they operate in all regions, like Forge.  You can read more about them the usual way, by looking them up in-game.  I know they are working on a website which is currently under construction.

Hatoshi Onohira, the MOI CEO, contacted me about providing a Corp logo and a banner design for the above mentioned soon-to-be-completed website.  As usual I look for my inspiration from a variety of sources, sometimes from client requests, or ideas, but most of the time my own uniquely deranged and heavily trained mind.  In this case the words "Ministry of Industry" made me think of the brilliant movie Brazil.  A kind of Art Deco meets Big Brother Propaganda style in other words, but with a simplicity that comes from graphical moderation.  Or, in other words...

The red graphic is supposed to be symbolic of both smokestacks and a fist, denoting power thru industry.  See how much thought goes into these things?  The dark Eve sky in the background also adds a touch of mystery and ominous power to the whole affair.  Hatoshi requested a touch of gold, so the letters are lightly textured gold.

Which brings up the banner.

I did both vertical and horizontal versions of the logo, so they could be used in a wider variety of applications.  I hope the folks at MOI get years of use from the work and I'd like to thank them again for thinking of me.  As always I am honored to be of service.

Goonswarm Swat

Yesterday Angor sent me the following little Goonswarm animated gif, which has apparently been floating around for a few months.

Well now, that just isn't very nice.  It also isn't very well done, but I can appreciate the simple nature of the message.  But, as we all should know by now, I can't just let something like this go unanswered now can I?

Honestly, I laugh every time I see the little bee get splattered.  His eyes are what get me.

And to all the Goons out there, this is just fun.  Please don't hack my account or hurt my dog.  Laughing is good for you and will make the world a better place.  Seriously, share a smile this morning.  See what happens.

Made the Kugutsumen forums!  Just for yucks I'll post any feedback it gets here.

"Seen better. Actually, that is pretty poorly made. But we are buttholes"
- Thirsty McDrinkerston

Null Space Interviews: Lasterax

Welcome to the first installment of what I intend to be an on-going feature here on Eveoganda - the Null Space Interviews.  Which are really more like a Q&A session.  In reality more of a answer to an email.  Sure that doesn't sound all that interesting, but my staff and I are dedicated to finding those really, really interesting people out there and asking the tough questions.  Ok, no staff, just me asking the tough questions.  Well, at least they're questions.  Questions we want answers to!  Gosh darn it.

There was no question who I wanted to be the first participant out of the gates, since I spent a good portion of my life in Eve as part of the LFA Alliance, Lasterax was an obvious choice.  Certainly few other regions of space have seen as much change in the last six months than Providence.  CVA and the Holders are gone, forced into low-sec or worse, disbanded and forced to the four corners of the Universe.  Replaced with U'K, who is looking like CVA more every day, and -A-, pets, mercs and assorted whatnots.  Mostly they hide in station when bad guys show up.

So thanks to Lasterax for agreeing to answer my questions and for being our first guest.  As always, the answers below are unedited and presented exactly as our guest presented them.

> How was it that you become leader of LFA?
It wasn't something I was ever after or looking for.  My corp came from a disaster as a Foundati0n pet in Great Wildlands so LFA and Providence seemed like a bunch of pros to us.  Shortly after FMUI joined LFA Sir Prime decided his time in LFA had come to an end and that left a huge void as diplomat.  Since a lot of my RL experiences are diplomatic in nature I volunteered and Seerindarkness, my predecessor as executor, gave me the job.  I put in the hours dealing with juvenile disputes with Paxton, FloridaJay, ratting disputes, FloridaJay, screwed up standings and ForidaJay.

Next thing I know there's a big dispute between Armadaus Baldwin of IPWN and Shadowandlight of Hammer of Light.  Seer had a long running beef with Shadow and this was the straw that broke the camel's back and Seer removed Hammer of Light from LFA.  This created a storm of major controversy among the LFA CEOs with me more or less chiding all parties concerned for being short sighted and rude to each other.  Next thing I know I'm getting a call on my cell phone about being executor of LFA.  More or less it had been brokered that Seer would step down but he would only do it for someone he approved and he approved of me so it got done.  I went from being a director in a corp that limped out of GW to being executor of one of the biggest nul sec alliances in the game in a couple of months and not much more than a year total in game.

> What are some of the challenges you faced as LFA leader?
Being leader of a nul sec alliance is a constant balancing act.  You're always balancing something be it industry and PVP within your alliance or your relations outside of the alliance.  A big challenge for me was a lot of the bad blood generated with Paxton prior to me becoming executor and the perception of the rest of the Holders that we were clueless.  I think at one point we had the right people in place and made great strides and it was just the general nature of trying to be NRDS and isolationist in a game like EVE.  It was a beautiful dream but not one that could be fulfilled.

> How did the Invasion of Catch earlier this year come about?
Expansion was something discussed with Lonewolf, CVA's executor at the time, as a group with the Holders.  This is why, after what happened, I'm rather dismayed that some Holders would say they were surprised we took the action we did in Catch.  Expansion was discussed in every Holder Exec meeting I ever attended.  I think what was surprising was we never took any action to deal with Sylph's decline (and later implosion) as opposed to taking -A- head on.  However, as I understand it, there's some inside long held agreements with Sylph within CVA going back many years.  What I never understood was Sylph leadership and membership had turned over many times by this point, I never saw the duty to the name of Sylph but some in CVA did so we ended up going after -A- head on instead of absorbing Sylph.  It was pretty ironic that not long after the Catch Campaign started Sylph did collapse.  Because we were so embroiled with the campaign an opportunity to realize the objectives of the Catch Campaign (more space for new Holders and growing Holders) was missed.

Whatever anyone says this wasn't LFA running off on its own, CVA has said that many times yet some still have some idea we went Leeroy Jenkins in Catch, that's not what happened.

> In your opinion, what could have been done differently after the fall of D-GTMI?
Well I made my public opinions on that known.  There was no reason not to reach an agreement with -A-, we fought the good fight and we lost.  We knew why we lost we could have moved forward from there and rebuilt the Holders.  Also, CVA to this day has refused to relinquish their hold of dictator of Providence.  They never legitimately recognized the Holders as partners so it should come as no surprise to them that the Holders left them or collapsed one by one.  I wish them all the best but that fundamental flaw is something I think their leadership needs to seriously consider.  Now you have a fistful of alliances and corps who have a bad taste in their mouth from Providence so I think it will be difficult for CVA to make new friends based on how it treated their old ones.  I think they're good people, I just think hard core RP and running a nul sec coalition mix very well.

> What factors led to the dissolution of LFA?
Indecisiveness by CVA about the war after the Battle of D-G put us in stasis.  This caused major issues within our two biggest corps.  Once those corps decided to go that was the end of LFA right there.  The rest was just trying to control the fall.  In the end my job was making sure all our corps could get their assets out or move along with as little a loss as possible.  I personally lost billions in it all but that's the way it goes.  A mistake by our second in command led to U'K jumping on F-D and losing that system.  I then had to negotiate a surrender to U'K of our pocket so everyone left could get their assets out.  CVA, specifically Lord Aralis didn't see it this way but that's what happened.  I didn't think it was fair some guys paid for a mistake made by a member of the command staff so I had to surrender.

> What lessons did you learn from your experience?
Be careful dealing with those who are fully committed to roleplay, your desire to apply logic to dealing with them will never work.  I don't mean that in a bad way or a slight against roleplayers, everyone plays the game different.  However, you should know that going into it and my corp and LFA probably didn't pay as much attention to what we were signing up for in Providence as we should have.

Me personally I learned you always have to remember that people are usually loyal to corp above all else.  If corps aren't happy any decent CEO is going to pull his people out before it falls apart.  You really have to keep your eye on that.

> What are your plans in Eve moving forward?
My corp and I have parted ways.  I decided I needed a break from leadership be it alliance or corp, there was no way for me to do that and stay in my old corp so we have amicably parted ways.  I've followed some very good friends up north to Macabre Votum which is a part of Morsus Mihi.  I started with a break from game but have enjoyed my time there thus far it's given me a good look at the real pro players in EVE and what they do and given me a chance to sit back and have fun.  More or less I spend more time blowing up or fixing stuff and less time in chat windows, that's always good for the soul!

1v1 FUNNIES: #15

Click the image to embiggen!

True Story:  I remember when I finally got into a Destroyer, I thought
I was gonna be tough.  A Destroyer!  It sounds so awesome.
I fitted it up and went into Low-Sec!
It was the first time I'd dared fly into deadly space.

Yep, I was killed.

But here is the funny part.

I podded back to the station and bought another one.
Fitted it up and went looking for the guy that had killed me.

Yep, he killed me again.

We all start somewhere.

Howdy in Local

The past few days have seen me flying around in Empire more than I have in a long time, I'm a zero space kinda guy and I don't spend a lot of time in Empire.  But I've been moving again and this time it demands a large trek through the middle of Empire space.  A funny thing started happening as I moved through system after system and it caught me completely by surprise.  People started saying hello to me in local.  People I don't know.

And this didn't happen just once or twice, this kept happening over and over again.  Maybe a dozen or more times yesterday alone.  It began innocently enough in zero as I was flying out of the North and into Caldari space and continued through the several trips I managed to make.  39 jumps, even in hi-sec, take a long time in a Megathron.

I'm not sure that anyone that doesn't write a blog can fully appreciate how in the dark we are when it comes to our blogs.  Especially me, because I decided from the beginning not to have any sort of tracker or code that keeps track of visitors to the site.  So I have no idea how many visitors I am getting, or how many people read my words on Capsuleer, or thru an RSS aggregator, or any of the other ways you can enjoy Eveoganda.  Don't know.  To be perfectly frank and honest about it, I don't want to know.  I hope it's a lot more than six.  If more than six people are enjoying this blog, then that makes me happy.

But, I'd be an idiot if I didn't suspect that it might be much more than six.  All I have to go on are the people who leave comments (and I know it's hard for you feed people to leave comments, you're excused.) and the things that other people tell me.  Like in local.

I sincerely hope this doesn't translate into combat and suddenly your dear neighborhood blogger finds himself called primary in fights.  That would be the bad side of any popularity.  Would other pilots want to kill me because of this blog?  Is it that bad?  Yikes.  For some reason the thought of that makes me very sad.  Any enemies reading this blog just remember this, here we are all friends.  There is no red or blue or gray here on the blog, we're all some other color.  Like purple, or mauve.

To all those that said hi or will say hi to me in local, just know that I often fly AFK in Empire cause it is sooo boring.  So if I don't say hi back it isn't because I've suddenly become stuck up or arrogant, it's because I'm not really there.  But I'll see your comments when I finally dock and will get a warm fuzzy right in my chest area.  I'll smile and think nice thoughts about my fellow Eve pilots.

So thanks to the more than six people reading Eveoganda.  It makes me happy to know that someone is enjoying this crazy little blog magazine thingie, and that someone isn't only my mom.


Anyone who has been reading the blog lately has probably noticed that I've been going through some "stuff" lately.  Yes, some of this "stuff" has to do with suddenly being insanely busy in real life, but mostly this "stuff" has been caused by the evacuation from Providence, the failure of Paxton and the subsequent move up north to RAGE.  Change causes stress which in turn causes us to question our place in the universal sandbox.  That is what I have been doing.  Asking questions of myself.  As I mentioned a few days ago, the answers were not always what I expected them to be.

My playing of Eve is probably a bit stranger than normal.  On the one hand, I am on a lot.  And in this way Eve acts as an almost constant background to other activities.  On the other hand, my playing time is usually very short.  Maybe an hour or so a day, if that.  Sometimes I can manage a few hours here and there, but that's unusual.  So I'm on 8-14 hours a day, but I'm actually playing maybe 1 hour a day on average.

In Providence, when the bad guys are right next door, this playing style allows for lots of action.  When the bad guys are 37 jumps away, this playing style allows for lots of boredom.  Especially if the time zone factor comes into play, you know the one, you just missed the gang but we're only 19 jumps away.  Or, the gang will be leaving about an hour after you log off.  That is the situation I found in RAGE space.  I moved thinking it might be like that and it was, but I gave it some time, formed up some of my own gangs and went roaming... and found nothing.  Cause the bad guys are far away.  Which is fine.  That is the NC.  Lots of people might like that.  But it isn't for me.  I need a hotspot.

I've made the decision to leave M3.  This was not an easy decision, because I truly liked the corporation, the members and everyone in it.  I had a great time defending Providence with them and I appreciate everything they stand for and believe in.  Great people, can't recommend them enough.  But RAGE, the North, 37 jumps to fight (or more), is not for me.  I just can't do it.  It is as simple as that.

But change and reflection also bring opportunity.  As I've said before, every black cloud has a silver lining.  This week I've also asked myself to think about the best times that I've had in Eve during my career.  Where was I the happiest, when and where did that happen?  And what can I do to bring it back.  Those that look at my employment history and see a long list are missing out on the core thread that ties everything together... loyalty.  Strange to mention loyalty when I've been in so many corps?  Not really, if you look beyond the list at what the list represents.  Providence was the common thread.  But Providence, at least the one I'm talking about, is dead.

Ahh, but there is that question again.  And the answer is the same one it has been since January.  Every change since then has started with my former corp mates in Dissonance.  I was in DION longer than I've been in any other corp, over six months.  I joined when they were in Providence, the only reason I left my previous corp was because they were leaving Provi, and stayed with them through the move to Insmother.  Why did I leave in January?  Mostly because I felt that I needed to return to LFA and help with the invasion of Catch.  Loyalty is a complicated thing and it takes many forms.  After LFA fell I tried to find a new place, but once again the siren song of Providence called me.  Paxton was making one last stand and I felt like I had to give it another shot.

And so now DION finds itself surrounded deep in zero space and even better, Goons are involved!  Can Rixx pass up the chance to not only return, but to fight Goons?  Of course not.  I fly towards the action, not away from it.

So I'm moving once again.  But this time, I hope, for the last time.  At least for a long, long time.

Thanks to all those that offered or suggested places for me over the past few days.  I am humbled by your generosity.  And I deeply appreciate each of you.  Especially Nassh, who is a stand-up guy even though he is a pirate.

One door closes just as another door opens.


Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention for a moment?  I just wanted to mention that MushskiC is friggin' awesome and amazing and wonderfully... y'know, awesome.  Seriously.  I mean it.  Down deep where it counts.

Blog Banter #18 - Whoops Apocalypse!

Welcome to the eighteenth installment of the EVE Blog Banter, the monthly EVE Online blogging extravaganza created by none other than me, CrazyKinux. The EVE Blog Banterinvolves an enthusiastic group of gaming bloggers, a common topic within the realm of EVE Online, and a week to post articles pertaining to the said topic. The resulting articles can either be short or quite extensive, either funny or dead serious, but are always a great fun to read! Any questions about the EVE Blog Banter should be directed Check out other EVE Blog Banter articles at the bottom of this post!

On May 6th 2010, EVE Online celebrated its 7th Anniversary. Quite a milestone in MMO history, especially considering that it is one of the few virtual worlds out there to see its population continually grow year after year. For some of you who’ve been here since the very beginning, EVE has evolved quite a lot since its creation. With the expansion rolling out roughly twice a year, New Eden gets renewed and improved regularly. But, how about you the player? How has you gaming style evolved through the years or months since you’ve started playing? Have you always been a carebear, or roleplayer? Have you only focused on PvP or have you given other aspects of the game a chance – say manufacturing. Let’s hear your story!

I am Rixx Javix.  Born to a back-water world in Caldari space, invaded and conquered by Gallente scum, son of a murdered family, raised on the streets fighting a bare-knuckle scrap-heap resistance - against invader and life itself.  I am the mud under my fingernails.  I am the blood on my hands.  I am the edge of my knife against your throat.

I swore to take the battle for revenge to the stars and while the path to that goal was hard won, it wasn't without its own lessons hard learned.  Befriended by the very enemy I swore to kill, I began to see the Universe for what it truly was and is, a blurred line between black and white, a place of death and decisions.  A place of overwhelming darkness broken only briefly by the light of stars.  I fly that blackness as an immortal.  A God among mortals, transformed into the instrument of my own fate.  Destined for life and haunted by countless deaths and re-births.  I am now free of gravity.  With a heavy weight tied around my soul.

I have learned much since breaking the bonds of atmosphere and dirt, plowed my way through the Universe and made my mark.  For much was to be learned, experienced and forged along my path.  I was drawn to the power of darkness and light, the allure of untamed space and the might of a sword aimed at what lay beyond the jump gates. I went headlong into Null Space and made my first foray into Providence.  Far to early for some, I laughed at their weakness and stared boldly into the black.  I died, each time re-born smarter, faster, better somehow to face the challenges that lay before me.  I learned much and became a steadfast warrior.  Swiftly I changed, from a boy full of hate into a man full of power.  I killed my enemies.

From time to time I would become distracted and leave Providence for new adventures, but each time I would hear the siren song and return to forge new destinies.  I became defender, aggressor, warrior of the promise that was what we believed could be.  I found friends that I would forge long standing bonds with, those that I would meet and pass for a short time, those I would learn from and those that I would grind under my boots.  I worked my way up the power ladder and worked hard to build something that I could call my own.

I failed.  Many times I failed.  But each time I picked myself up and undocked a new man.  Ultimately I failed to protect my home...twice.  The dream of Providence lies in flames. I shed blood in rivers of carnage.  But it wasn't enough.  It could never be enough.  I am spent, wasted and glorious in my revenge.

I am immortal.  I have all the time I will ever need.  I will continue the slaughter.  I cannot be stopped.

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EON Magazine

Way back in January one of my LFA Propaganda posters appeared in an issue of EON Magazine.  In fact, several of them, although the rest were small images that were used in an article about LFA.  Which is another example of bad timing, since January was the beginning of the end for the Alliance.

The good news however, and doesn't every black cloud have a silver lining, is that Richie Zapatero (Editor) wrote me an email after that issue and we've been trading emails from time to time since then.  Like any magazine that I've ever been associated with the deadlines are brutal and while I almost made it into the last issue, the timing was just bad and the opportunity didn't happen.  Which is one reason why I dropped everything yesterday when Richie wrote me again for my help.

So the next issue of EON will have two of my pieces in it, slight alterations to work you've already seen here on Eveoganda, but different enough that they'll seem like new pieces.  This is great to me for several reasons.  First of all I respect the work that goes into producing a quality magazine and EON is a great magazine.  We are very fortunate to have such a resource and I fully support that, even from the sidelines.  Mostly however it's just cool to have some of my work featured and help the effort more directly.  It's awesome in other words.

I think this might lead to a more involved partnership in the coming months, so we'll have to see how things go.  I for one would welcome the opportunity to be of service in some small or larger way.  Just for fun of course.  I even got a mention on EON's Facebook page.  So thanks Richie for thinking of me and for the opportunity.  Best of luck with the issue.

And for anyone that wants a laugh, this Norwegian boy saved his sister with skills he learned playing WOW.  I'm not sure what real world scenario could be helped by knowing how to bubble a gate...

Alliance Tournament

We've had two weekends of AT8 already and while I don't follow the Tournament religiously or anything, I have managed to either watch or catch up on all the matches.  And I have some thoughts.  This is my second Tournament and I enjoy it, think it's great and all that.  So this isn't intended to be negative at all.  But it might get that way.  Since I have no idea at the moment what I am about to write, just thought I'd say that.  Just in case.

• Announcers.  Ok, how does one get this job?  Seriously my five year old could do a better job.  Sometimes I wonder if they're even watching the same match as me.  The worst is the female announcer, and this has nothing to do with the fact that she's a woman (I like women!) but everything to do with the fact that SHE STINKS!  Good grief.  The ship that just exploded was a Thrasher!  I'm going to mail her five bucks so she can go buy a clue.  Pay attention.  It isn't difficult.

Speaking of announcers, what is with the strange biases?  When the Caldari missile based team has just kicked the Amarr laser team's ass, it might not be a good time to talk about how Caldari missile ships suck.  Maybe it's just me, but have you actually played Eve?  Look, we all make mistakes and we say things we regret, but just admit it when you do and move on.  But a Rook that warps to zero isn't a mistake when it locks down the other teams logistics ship and allows your team to win, no matter how many times you say you can't believe it.

Speaking of missile boats, funny how often they are winning these matches isn't it?

• Stealth Bombers.  Ok first of all, if you're bringing SB to the fight, at least practice bombing.  Wow, there have been some seriously fail attempts at bombing runs in this tournament.  On the other side, some teams have really used their bombers in extremely non-fail ways.  Very interesting.

Also, here's a clue.  If you have three Daredevils on your team and the other team has six SBs, those SBs should NOT survive the entire match!  Heck, I could kill six SBs in my Daredevil all by myself.  Not only do SBs launch bombs but they put out a hell of a torp volley.  Kill them quickly, they are paper-thin.

• I love the fact that someone brought three of those Freki Rifters to the match the other day!  30 billion each!  And they lived.  That was an awesome match, congrats to whoever you are.  No, I don't pay much attention to the Alliance names once the match is over.

• Sadly CVA is still alive in this tournament.  One side of me is strangely happy about it and the other side is super angry.  Which side will win?  Seeing that the happy side includes my ass is probably an indication.

• I was rooting for the Tuskers at the start of this thing and I'm saddened that they didn't make it.  But they shouldn't be, good showing guys and better luck next year.

• I wasn't rooting for RAGE, but they did ok.  Hey, I wasn't rooting against them either, I just got there.

• Thanks to Rote Kapelle for beating -A-!  Sometimes dreams do come true. Although UK also won, so boo to Agony.

I have more ranting, but I think I'll leave it till next week.  That way I can do one big yell after it's all over and PL wins again.

Slow Down

Eve ebbs and flows much like real life.  There are peaks and valleys, active times and not-so active times.  Many factors encroach and effect these times, real life, in-game changes, personal issues, enthusiasm for the game itself... any number of factors can factor into the factor... we all know this.

I've found that big valleys come in my play schedule after big moves.  Jumping ships and mods into a new area over the course of a week or so seems to tap me out.  Mostly it drains my enthusiasm for the game.  Anything that tends to make "playing" Eve more like work does this to me.  When Eve starts to feel like "work" it saps some of the fun from it, making it less and less desirable.  Especially when the rest of your life is demanding of your time, you're especially busy or other things you want to spend time doing are available.

This isn't revelatory, only worthy of discussion.  It comes and goes.  Things change.  This is natural.  Over the course of nearly two years of playing Eve I've learned to expect them.  Early on I thought these valleys meant the end of playing Eve, I thought about stopping many times early on.  Of course, back then, you had the problems compounded by being a Noob and sucking hard.  That didn't help.  But I stuck with it and those particular issues are behind me.  Somewhat, heck Eve is a harsh mistress that never lets you believe you've "made it".  No matter how many skill points you rack up.

I'm in a valley right now.  It won't last.  But valleys are useful as well.  I can't operate on the peak all the time, you need to catch your breath and look around.  Where am I?  Where am I going?  Am I doing the right thing for my characters, am I on track, do I even have goals?  These are all questions I'm asking myself right now.

To be honest, some of the answers are not what I expected them to be.

1v1 FUNNIES: #14

Another day away from Eve but all is not lost!  At least you have a new 1v1 Funny to keep you company.  I'll be back at it before you can say, "Burn to gate!"

Click image to embiggen


ORDN's business focuses on laser weapons and crystals in Amarr space, mostly in the Domain region at the moment, but with plans to extend into others.  I find the Industrial side of Eve just as fascinating from a design perspective as the Combat side, each has its own personalities and challenges.  For me this past two weeks, the challenge has mainly been finding the time to dedicate to my work, but as always we manage as best we can.

Sometimes I have a very clear and present image in my head before I start working, and sometimes I have to work through it.  This was one of those times.  Oh sure I had a lot of tacky, stupid ideas running through my head - some might say that is my normal state.  But I'm not happy unless I'm pushing things further than easy.

The challenge was to capture the description without falling into the 'same-ol-same-ol' fallbacks, of lasers and crystals, shining stars and whatnots.  The client in this case was very helpful and even though he wasn't sure what he wanted, he was pretty sure what he didn't want.  Which is just as helpful.

The coloring captures the general feel of Amarrian armor plating, which you might not realize until you spend as much time looking at it as I just did, comes in a lot of different colors.

Website banner, clean, simple and elegant.

And the wallpaper:

Click HERE for the embiggened version

I still owe them a signature, which I will get to this morning.  And then on to other projects.  I have some different ones coming up in the next week or two, so keep reading.

And thanks to the folks at ORDN, if I ever need Amarrian lasers or crystals, I'll know who to turn to.

Deep Breath

This is a deep breath post.  It is a shrug of the shoulders and a stare into infinity.  It's a get your cowboy on and saddle up to the bar, prepare for the showdown and grab a wench post.  This is a stump speech about how the Zombie hordes can't win, cause they have no soul.  This is firing the warp-drive and diving into the reptilian armada to save the Terran evacuation.  Bracing the spear against the tree so it doesn't break when plunged into the Mastodon's throat.  That kind of post.

Cause things have been trying my friends.  Trying to stomp me into the ground.  Smash my face in and leave me broken and bleeding.  Making me work ungodly hours for the last two weeks, keeping me away from Eve.  But they won't win. They can't win.  Even though "they" are impossible to stop, they keep coming despite my efforts to abate their machinations.  They are the immovable force, the slow but steady progression of fate, time and inevitable doom.  Otherwise known as real life responsibilities.

Argh!  Speaking it gives it power!  The rustle of chaos and the springing forth of armageddon, as sure as that asteroid shifting orbit and spiraling towards the third planet from the sun.  Do you feel it?  No, of course not, we share no common consciousness, no universal gestalt, no force that ties and binds us.  We share commonalities surely, being human and of the same Earth.  But do we share more?  Through words, banter and shared virtual experiences?  I like to think so, and so thinking share more beyond mere gaming.  Through words we share soul fire and demon spawned ideas of powerful origins.  We shatter the shard of the core, together we bring justice to a dark and evil universe.

And we speak forth the coming of the sigh.  The time to breath deeply of the atmosphere and engage the renewal that rotational seasons bring.  Ahh, Summer.

I broke my promise today.  I've written a blog post on a day I haven't played Eve.

To even the hand of fate, I've written about nothing.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Bits of it are true.

The rest fantasy.


Planetary Noob

This is one of my two new Plasma Planet colonies busy producing something or other that will make something or other.  Honestly I have no idea what's going on here, but it seems to be working.  No I'm not dumb, I read through the Eve Uni stuff, watched the Eve tutorial videos, read all of my fellow bloggers posts, studied the manuals (NOT!  I've never even read a Manual, I'm officially Anti-Manual.) but I'm more of a "on-the-job" type when it comes to these things.

So, initial thoughts?

• It isn't hard once you get the hang of it.  The hardest bit is figuring out the loooong list of Schematics and how that works exactly.  Still not sure I get it, but I am making something.

• Submit.  Wow, you sure do have to push that button a lot.  Not sure why, seems if I already pushed the button to Create a Link I might be interested in creating a link.  But this is the same issue I have with my computer asking me if I'm sure I want to shut down when I just told it to shut down.

• I set two of these things up late last evening and this afternoon they were all idle.  It's easy enough to get them going again, but I can imagine that being a pain in the buttocks if you have a lot more chains going.

• It isn't as expensive as I thought it might be, but since I'm still figuring out this whole P1 to P4 thing, I'm not sure what I am actually producing can be sold on the open market.  Nor have I gotten a satisfactory answer about "how" exactly one makes other things out of the things you have, when you only have a few planets, only one thing can go into one factory and only a few things are available on any one planet.  Dunno.  Still looking into it.

This is all through Anastasia of course, Rixx is still trying to get down to zero.  It hasn't helped that I haven't had time to play him at all the last two days.  Being busy stinks.

PS: Notice how some other dude got his extractors into my colonies field?!  Damn, if only we had Dust I could walk over there and blow his stuff up.

UNITED in Hindsight

With the move North my time has taken a beating this week.  In addition it just happens to be an extremely busy time at work and at home, so the blog suffers a tiny, tiny bit.  As my loyal readers know however, I won't let that stop me from keeping up.  My promise stands after almost six months, every day I play Eve is a day I write a post.  Sometimes two.  Rarely three or four, but it happens.

I thought it would be fun while moving to take a look back at one of the propaganda posters I did and see what has changed since it was done.  This poster was created in September 2009.

Click HERE for embiggened version


Kicked out of their Providence home, Sev3rance was one of the first holders to leave the region.  They headed north and joined the Northern Coalition to help in the fight against SC.


Paxton was the last holder Alliance to remain in Providence.  Grudgingly allied with a low-sec roaming CVA, Paxton held firm for as long as possible.  Early hopes that a "trench-warfare" peace with the New Providence would hold, proved a bit silly.  Paxton left for low-sec and leadership failed.  The Alliance disbanded for all intents and purposes.

Libertas Fidelitas (LFA):

Or the "scape goat" if you will.  LFA was blamed by many as the reason -A- took D-GTMI back in January.  The truth is much more complicated than that, but the results are the same.  They say that nature abhors a vacuum, and so apparently does Eve, as LFA was caught between their Holder's agreement with a role-playing CVA and common sense.  LFA slowly bled Corps and disbanded.

Cold Steel:

This is the one I know the least about.  I flew with Cold Steel on many, many occasions but I have lost track of them since the fall of Provi.  Dotlan reports they have 205 members and 6 Corps, but do not currently hold sov or outposts anywhere.  If anyone knows what has become of Cold Steel, please feel free to update us in the comments.

Aegis Militia:

I had heard that AM disbanded, but Dotlan is showing they still have 83 members and 4 Corps.  That might just be the usual result of people who haven't logged back in yet, or they may be trying to hold on like Paxton.

And of course, CVA:

It's funny, the poster touts unity, "United We Will Win" and it was the fact that we were never united that destroyed CVA Providence.  When the chips were down CVA turned its back on its Holders and hid behind the Role-Playing excuse.  We all realize that any intelligent person could have used that to any advantage they chose, the fact that they didn't says volumes about their character in my humble opinion.  Despite what some people have said, I am not anti-role playing.  I don't play that way, but I can see why some people might choose to do so.  That is their choice.  I am anti-asshole though, anti-dunce, anti-stupid and seriously anti-fail.

What will the future hold for CVA?  Lol, I don't care anymore.  Yippeee.

PS: For those that might be interested, here is the WW2 poster that I used as inspiration: (Not sure why there are horses on this, they aren't part of the original design.)

In R.A.G.E.

M3 is now part of R.A.G.E. Alliance, which is located primarily in the Vale of the Silent region.  I know that they won their Alliance Tournament round yesterday and that they are part of the Northern Coalition, beyond that I dunno.

I'm not privy to any of the decision making decisions that went into making this decision, so obviously it is a decision that... well, how many more times can I work the word 'decision' into a sentence?  I can't decide.

I know one thing, that is a region of my map without any red dots in it.  Which means I've never been up there before, so that's exciting.  I know that it will be awesome to be a part of a new Alliance that isn't in Providence again, and that hopefully isn't fail like some I've been in.  I know I'm excited about being in my shiny new Tengu as of yesterday! (More on that later.)   I also know that M3 rocks when it comes to logistics, huge kudos for all those that made the move so professional, I'm in awe honestly.

Other than those things, this move is completely unknown and I like it.  Hopefully I'll blow something up soon, this drought is making me thirsty.

On the Move

I take a day off and come back to discover the Corp is on the move.  I don't think it's time to disclose exactly where we are moving, but it's across the universe again.  Luckily, with all the moving lately, RJ doesn't have much to haul.  "Much" being a relative term which still boils down to a dozen ships and a large amount of mods, rigs, etc.

If there is anything in this game that I've gotten good at it is moving.  So load up the U-Haul and grin and bear it.  Here we go again.

1v1 FUNNIES: #13

Short day for me today, have crap to take care of.  And yet I took time to create this week's 1v1, makes me tear up when I think of the love that takes each and every week.  Rain or shine.  Such dedication.  Such modesty.

So, like it or not, here it is.  Enjoy and have a great weekend in-game and out.  Fly safe.

Click the image to embiggen!

Two Tuskers are out in deep low-sec hunting in their Rifters.
They're buddies and always fly together on these long trips into deep space.

After a long day and not much success, one of the Tuskers is suddenly unresponsive.
His buddy tries everything, yelling on comms, requesting messages, even bumping,
but nothing seems to work.

Finally he asks for help on Corp Comms.

The Tusker CEO, concerned, gets on the line, "What's wrong?"

Tusker, " I dunno, we've been hunting in low-sec all day and he just stopped moving!
I've tried everything."

The Tusker CEO asks, "Is he dead?"

Tusker, "I don't know that either!"

Tusker CEO, "Well you need to make sure!!"

Comms get quiet for a second and then the Corp hears the sound of Autocannons
and a very loud BOOM!

The Tusker comes back onto Comms and says, "Ok, now what?"

Put a fork in her.... she's done

Without getting into specifics, mostly because I'm just a grunt these days and I don't know nothin', it looks as if Paxton's days are numbered.  This isn't confidential since I've seen this plastered around already, news travels fast in Eve.  Several Corps have decided to 'move on' and they represent significant numbers.  While I'm certain that leadership will continue to try and hold something together, I'm not sure there will be anything left to hold together.

Anyone that finds this surprising is obviously a few bricks short of a full load.  I've been saying this for weeks, the pressures of indecision have once again come to bear.  Or, those who refuse to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.  How many times now has Rixx seen this happen?  Far to many my friends.

It has been over three weeks since the general evacuation started from Providence.  Three weeks seems to be the breaking-point in my experience.  The first week you're busy moving your assets, helping your friends and other busy work, taking down POSs, etc.  The second week is settling in, looking around, asking questions, buying new assets and figuring out what might be next.  The third week... by this time everyone has found something else to do.  Missioning, mining, trading, talking to friends in other Alliances or Corps.  Yep, the big break is over and they're busy.  Meanwhile leadership keeps changing, both in reality and in decision.  Should we go here?  Could we go there?  And in the end, we go nowhere.

From my limited perspective the planning for "where" Paxton would go next should've been started months ago when they were surrounded by reds.  How much effort does it take to start putting out feelers?  Asking questions, generating interest, having a plan?  Not much.  Doesn't mean we don't stay and fight, heck only the upper management needs to know about the plans.  But anyone who thought New Providence was a long-term solution for Paxton needs to have their head examined.

Any way, enough venting.  It doesn't matter.  Onward and upward.  What it does signify is another opportunity for me to pause and consider RJ's future.  M3 has been good to me and I don't really have plans on leaving or anything.  But things are going to change and I have very specific goals in mind for RJ.  So we'll just have to see how things fall in the coming days and weeks.

No one knows what the future might bring.

(PS: Thanks to Mae for the title of this post.)

RJ's HUD Setup

So I went out this morning in my Rifter to set up a shot of my HUD for Logan and this post.  I don't fly the Rifter very often because I can only fit T1 cannons right now, CT to Minmitar is still down the road.  But it is a fun little frigate and sometimes I rat in it for the challenge, rats are actually hard to kill in it.  Imagine that.

Anyway, awhile ago Logan asked us to post our HUD set-ups and I forgotted until he reminded me yesterday.  And now that SOB has done it, I figured I better go ahead and do it before things get ugly.

So here is a typical example of my set-up.

Click HERE to see the full-sized version

Since I wasn't in a fleet this morning I added the fleet window from a screen shot from last year, which is why I didn't bother blurring the names in it.

I'm very lucky in that I have a huge monitor to play Eve on, so I have lots of real estate to play with.  This has some consequences when I try to play Eve on my laptop however, it feels cramped and closed-in.  But I try to avoid that.

The cool thing, I think, is that I have my windows so that if I open them all, they all fit without any overlap.  I keep local open on the side for obvious reasons, but all my other chat windows are stacked.  I'll open them individually depending on the situation, but generally speaking I like to keep them stacked and out of the way.  The same with locked targets, they start at the left and stack across to the right, if I have a full locked target list then they bump right up against the overview.  I like to keep all the active mod, target, nav windows clustered there at the bottom so they are easily reachable without much movement.  

My Places window stays open all the time.  I just recently went thru and cleaned out some of my bookmarks but you can see I have them well organized into categories - BOMB, GATE, INSTA, SAFE, SNIPER and TAC (for Tactical).  I leave it open because I am always adding bms and I like to drag them into a folder when I create them.  I do that so that when I right-click in space I can immediately see the type of bm I want.  Click, SAFE, warp.  It has saved my life more times than I can count.

My overview is broken into four main tabs - NORMAL, PVP, ANTI SUPP and MINING.  No, RJ does not mine, that overview is there to show the crap that PvPers normally don't care about, belts, cans, stuff like that.  I keep it over there so it doesn't clutter up the other views.  Normal is what I fly under when I'm just flying around.  PvP shows only pilots that are red to me and anti-supp is my fleet overview.  It isn't really anti-aupport, but its just called that.  I also have created a bunch of presets for my overviews, they are: MINING, NORMAL, PVP GENERAL, PVP REDS ONLY, PVP ANTI-FIGHTERS, PVP-BS, PVP-CAP, PVP-CRUISER, PVP-DRONES, PVP-FRIGS, PVP-LOGI, PVP-POS, PVP-TRIAGE.

Even though the fleet window is shown open, once I move into the proper wing or command position I usually close that up so only the broadcast window is open.  And finally the scan window is also always open, I wish you could set presets for it (360, 30, 15 would be helpful) but it is extremely useful when flying around trying to kill and not be killed.

So that's really it.  Only so much one can do with the way things are set-up at the moment.  I realize that some of the above might make me seem a tad anal, but I'm not at all.  To me proper preparation is extremely important and goes a long way towards helping kill things.