Summer Hiatus

I've been on a short hiatus the past few months, both here on Eveoganda and in-game. This was not on purpose at first, but it eventually became a purposeful thing. This is the longest period of time I've taken away from the blog and the game since early 2012 when I was busy closing my business. This time around was much, much different than that. Back then I seriously considered stepping away from Eve. This time I've doubled down on Eve.

Back in April, after every other option had been exhausted, we decided to put our house on the market. I had purchased the home back when I was a different person for my new family to live in. Years of divorce and closing business and bankruptcy and court fights had left it a heavy burden to bear each month. We needed to downsize or risk being tossed out onto the streets. So we did. It took a lot of work. Cleaning, donating, trashing, planning, moving, and more cleaning (I was there every night for a month!), and getting settled into our new - much smaller - home. That started it. It is hard to log-in during such an event.

My focus then and in the months that have followed have been on the new house, getting settled, and trying to find new employment. And then a new round of court problems surfaced. More threats of jail time, etc. You are probably as tired of hearing about it as I am by now.

On the other hand, and strangely enough, this period of time also represents one of the busiest I've ever had when it comes to Eve. I started a new Podcast, I worked on several tutorial videos, created a whole bunch of new work, took care of my commission list (partially, until a HD failure put that on hold), and generally stayed as active as ever on Slack, Twitter, etc.

Not to mention on-going AT practices and Hauling Thoughts o7 Show videos and Hats and logging in to deal with roles, etc. lol

Point being, these things are finally winding down. I have to appear in court again on August 8th to face the illogical and ominous justice of the court system. So leading up to that I'll be logging on more and more often and getting back into the swing of things.

Breaks are good for the soul. No matter who you are or what you do in-game, you need them from time to time. Luckily I have a great group of Directors and Alliance leaders that can deal with things while I am away. That is also important.

So never fear, I'm still here.

Theomachy Event

On August 27th on the Singularity server, Eve players can participate in Theomachy!

Theomachy is a Battle Royale event that will see participants transported in their implant free pods into an arena full of ships, mods and other items for the taking. With the help of CCP, this event is designed for maximum carnage.

The arena itself is littered with ships and loot cans scattered around the beacons of the arena. Some ships are decently fit some not so much. Every hull has multiple variations and all basic fits are designed for lower sp players without implants or max fitting skills.

They have billions in prizes thanks to our sponsors and CCP they are able to provide a prize pool for the top 40 participants as well as 28 Achievements that can be earned in the event.

The rules are very simple, you are only eliminated when you are podded and all celestials are off limits and off grid safes are disallowed. No matter how many ships you die in, you can still remain as long as you keep your pod intact. To promote early blood shed and as much fun as possible, no podding of players is permitted in the first few minutes of the event and no beacons will have bubbles.

Registration is currently open and there are plenty of slots remaining, if we happen to fill our slots, we do have a waiting list if possible. Streaming and commentary for the event will be handled by Eve NT as well.

The website is

This event sounds like a blast and I am planning to attend if I can. Hope to see you there.

Eve Cartoon Show

Frigate Fighters
Click to embiggen

I've had this thought before, but a few weeks ago it came back. What would Eve look like as a kid's cartoon show, like one on Cartoon Network?  Its trickier than you might think, since we don't really have people in Eve. What we do have is spaceships and lots of them. Would it be possible to make the spaceships the characters? Hmmm.

So I thunk on it. I started sketching ideas in my head and then on paper. The Amarr idea is the one I started with, correctly thinking it would be the easiest. Lasers = Kids. Then it started getting trickier until I remembered that this entire project was bogus! Yeah, it wasn't real. So why worry. Let me give the Tristin drone powers, I'll make the Merlin a robot with a shield (lolz) and give the Rifter the power to fly. We can have an Astero wizard who turns blue in the middle when she is using her powers, and we need a big guy - so a Venture will work as our "Hulk". I'll even give him purple pants.

So there you have Team Empire. If I feel like it I may do a Team Shadow poster as well. That would be the bad guys, the Dramiel, Daredevil, Succubus... and who knows?

Either way, that was fun and I enjoyed making it.

Hope you like it.

Drifter Wars: A Year Later

A year ago I started imagining a world in which an Eve themed 8-bit game called "Drifter Wars" existed. I created a bunch of art around it, just for the fun of it. One of the Dev Teams at CCP used the graphics I created and the response was terrific. It was a fun round of creativity and I thought it helped sell the Drifter concept well during last year's Summer doldrums.

Drifter Wars Game Cartridge

And then Igor Puschner (Commander Ogir) approached me about building a real version of the game. If I could provide the art he'd provide the server and the coding to make it happen. And he did. He worked his ass off on it over the course of two months and by the time we launched it, Drifter Wars was a pretty damn good side-scroller 8-bit-esque video game that played on a browser.

Screenshot from the game

Granted, in our rush to get it up and running we made a few mistakes. We mostly used rights free music, but sadly a real track of Eve music managed to get into the launch. In addition, of course, we used Eve IP graphics in the game. But we were hoping that since the entire thing was FREE, once we removed the music problems, that would shield us.

As you know, it did not. We brought the game down voluntarily within a few days after trying to work thru a solution with CCP. Games very similar to Drifter Wars, although on a smaller scale, had been done before. As we were taking ours down, I counted at least three others up and running around the internet. My intention, once we started down this path, was to try and get CCP to work on a solution (a legal solution) for the player base to be able to create such efforts. In the immediate aftermath of the decision to bring down Drifter Wars I had every reason to believe such a solution would be forthcoming.

I don't regret the time I took to help develop Drifter Wars. It was a fun game and I can only imagine what it would have developed into over the past year. I still feel bad for all the wasted time that Igor poured into it. And I wish it had resulted in the creation of limited development licenses for other FREE games to be developed by other creators. But I can't change the past.

I don't give up though. I just take my lumps and go off to do something else.


After Hours Episode 7

After Hours with Rixx Javix: Episode 7 Podcast featuring Niden

In this Episode of After Hours with Rixx Javix, Rixx welcomes the Editor-in-Chief of Crossing Zebras to the Lounge in an obvious display of wanton favoritism. Join him as he talks with Niden about the difference between FW and Pirates, dropping CCP Guard into a volcano, spaceship art and much, much more!

Consider supporting Rixx’s Patreon to keep this Podcast and hundreds of other projects for the Eve community alive. Thank you.

Eve Art Studio Video

For ages people have been telling me to make videos or stream myself working on projects. I really don't know why I've been hesitant to do it. I'm usually the first person to embrace new things and jump on board. Whatever the reason, and I think my chaotic life is probably the big one, I've finally done it.

I hope someone enjoys it.