Some Updates

One good thing about not logging into Eve for over two weeks is the skill training I'm getting done. Assault Ship V is in the bag and I've finally gotten around to topping off Energy Grid Upgrades V as well.

RL continues to be a stress filled puss bag of memories, lost hopes and burning corpses. But I'm working my way thru it one day at a time. Boxing up what I want to keep, tossing what I don't and piling the rest up in little carns of technology. Who knew getting rid of so many computers would actually be difficult? It seems we are a culture of the new and think little of the slightly old. Not a surprise to me, still weird living it.

I'm proud that I managed to find each and every one of my employees either gainful employment or the potential of work beyond last week. That has always been important to me and I will continue to be their advocate as long as I can.

Right now I'm waiting on a furniture liquidator to show up and evaluate the worth of our office furniture. The future of my family's home weighs in the balance of that evaluation, as it does in so many of the decisions I have to make now. But nothing has changed, our future was always in the balance. Sometimes it is more obvious than others, but it is always there.

I've also started the process of looking for the next great challenge. It has been almost 25 years since I had to actively look for work. Given my somewhat unique and oddly diverse background, abilities and experience, I'm not even really sure what I should be looking for. So I'm shooting for a lot of different things and we'll see what comes of them. Once things become more "official" next week I'll be able to take the shackles off a bit and look even harder. Perhaps, once again, someone will just contact me and say, "Come on over and help us out." Which is what usually seems to happen.

I do miss the Eve Community and playing. But I'm not gone, just working my ass off a little more than usual. I'll be around and soon I'll be back in space to undock and hunt once more.

Till then, keep the courage my friends.