The Rubicon

I've deliberately waited to speak about my thoughts regarding the upcoming Winter expansion. I wanted to let things sink in a bit, plus I've been very busy losing my job, fighting a War, and generally having a blast with Stay Frosty.

My opinion about expansions is probably a tad different than other player's opinions about expansions. Which I'm guessing you probably already figured would be the case. I'll mention right up front that CCP could have walked away from Eve around the time Apocrypha came out and I would still be playing and perfectly content to do so. I'm not a huge fan of "Jesus" features, frankly the last time CCP tried ratcheting the epic we got Incarna. So I'd much rather they stop trying to do that.

"Additional" game play features are great however and I'd much rather see more expansion and growth on existing features, a steady continuing re-balance of ship classes, new (small) stuff added, and the continuing effort to make Eve a tad more friendly to new players.

And guess what? That is exactly what Rubicon is.

In other words, I am perfectly content with incremental free expansion progress that improves the game, adds new content and generally seems to be non-intrusive to existing game mechanics. Plus we get two new shiny, white Sisters of Eve ships which are pretty awesome looking. Hopefully this means even more faction ships will be coming soon.

We're also getting some player structures, some ships that transform, interceptors that fly thru bubbles (!!), and other things yet to be fully announced. Mostly likely because they don't want to make anyone mad if they don't happen.

Let's drop the re-cap and get to the important issue... what the Hell is this?!?!

Unless my eyes have betrayed me, those are Badgers building a Gate. We've got nothing much to go on here, a few words about new space, player built or controlled Gates perhaps, blah blah. The sheer idea encapsulated in this piece of concept art is simply mind-bottling.

If you haven't noticed, I'm ok with what we know about Rubicon. Nothing to write home about, but Eve will be better after it is released, more interesting, more engaging, and there are new things to play around with and explode.

And sure, I'd love it if CCP addressed the really big issues, like Null Sec Sov mechanics, or POSs, or stuff like that. But I'd also rather they not screw them up trying to fix them either. Goodness knows they could be much worse than they are now.

We keep getting new, FREE expansions, and that is a pretty amazing thing when you think about it. The rest is gravy.

More later.

A Childhood of Risk

Little Rixx Javix with Treasure
I was born in the 1960's and grew up during the 1970's, and based on the way things have become in this country during the last twenty years, it is a wonder that I survived. It's a wonder that any of us did. Our Mothers were as likely to smoke and drink during pregnancy as they were not, fortunately mine did not. (Thanks Mom!) Although I always suspected my parents found me while driving by a field one morning, swaddled in my rocket, but that's another story. 

I never wore a helmet when I rode my bicycle. If I had, I would have been beaten up by the neighbor kids. And if I had been beaten up by the neighbor kids nothing would have happened to them, my parents wouldn't have sued them and wouldn't have had a "serious talk" with their parents. If anything I would've been the one in trouble. Most likely for being stupid enough to wear a helmet in front of anyone. And I didn't just ride my bike in the driveway, no I rode my bike down the side of mountains, over hand-made ramps and jumps, across chasms, over fallen trees, anywhere with the potential for serious harm. And I would often do this all day without adult supervision.

If I got in trouble at School, which I often did, I was likely to be beaten in front of the entire class as punishment. They wouldn't even call my parents to tell them this happened. Or I'd be sent to the Principal's office for a stern talking to, and then a beating. I once had a Gym teacher who had a plank of wood with a handle, upon which he had painted a Nazi Swastika. (Can you even imagine such a thing today?) He would make us bend over and grab out toes, before... well you know.

If we had car seats when I was an infant I don't remember them. In fact I believe our first cars didn't even have seat belts! My parents at one point had a blue Renault and we were hit from behind on the way home from a movie and I don't think I was wearing a seat belt at the time. Cool huh? Heck, the tires were probably bald at the time.

My dad would put seats in the back of his pick-up truck and my brother and I would ride back there. The seats were not bolted down or anything, and once again we didn't have seat belts. I can remember taking trips riding in the back of a pick-up truck, although this time I believe it had a "camper" top on it at least. Does that sound dangerous? Oh yes, it is. Sometimes dozens of us kids would pile into the back of a pick-up truck and ride somewhere, to a swimming hole or something. A swimming hole, for those unfamiliar with the concept, is NOT a swimming pool. Swimming holes have rocks, snakes, slippery moss and other hazards. And they are a lot of fun. Don't even get me started with rope swings!

As kids we drank water from the water hose, shared pop with each other, ate real bacon, white bread, drank Kool-Aid made with real white sugar, ate dangerous pop rocks (exploding candy!), threw lawn darts (sometimes at each other!), climbed trees (I once fell from one and broke my arm clean in two!), rolled down hills, threw rocks at hornet's nests, smashed glass bottles with rocks, hit each other with sticks, played war in the woods... the list of dangerous activities could go on forever. And we did much of this outside all day without adult supervision. Sometimes I could be gone playing with my friends ALL DAY and my parents wouldn't know exactly where I was... and it was ok. As long as I was home by dark. Which was a time always open to interpretation by me. If I wasn't home my Dad would actually yell from the porch.

We had four channels on the TV. You had to get up from the couch to change the channel. Almost all new programs started in September, which was a big deal especially Saturday morning cartoons. We would spend the week before with the TVGuide planning our morning. If you missed a program or a movie odds were that you would never see it again! Imagine that.

I could walk to a friends house and walk right through the front door without knocking and yell to see if they were home. And no one would shoot me for doing it. 

We had to tryout for sports and not everyone who tried out made the team. Back in those days you had to deal with the fact that you might actually suck at something. If you made a mistake during a game your friends and their parents would let you know about it in horribly embarrassing and public ways.

I could go on. But at this point I think I've said enough. If you read the above and thought, even for a second, that my parents were bad parents, then shame on you. I have the best parents in the world and I had an amazing, wonderful childhood. I wouldn't change a thing. Not anything important anyway. No it wasn't perfect, nothing is, but it was great. But growing up when I did gave me perspective that I appreciate today. And no, I wouldn't dream of allowing my son to do some of the things that I did. Times have changed. But they always do, my childhood was a lot different than the ones my parents had. And my son's childhood is a lot different than the one I had. It'll be the same with his children.

Have we lost something? Maybe. But maybe it is the cost of growing older, that we look back with a romantic, rose colored view of the past. It was a special time to us because we lived it. As all childhoods should be. 

The Reluctant Dishonor

I'm sure most of my regular readers are well aware of my history with the Tuskers. I was a very active and involved member of that Corporation for 18 months of my Eve career, I consider almost everyone in the Corp my friend, and we did a lot of great things together.

And then the boss kicked me out for no damn good reason.

That was almost five months ago and, believe it or not, we've managed to live decently together in Hevrice since then. For the most part. Despite the sudden desire of certain Tuskers to camp our station (something we have never done to their station btw) and a few minor incidents here and there, it has mostly been good fights for everyone.

I'm going to pause here for a moment and admit that I am rather torn about what comes next. I waited almost a week before I wrote this post and was prepared to never write it. In fact, I had given my word as a gentleman that I would be writing the opposite. On the other hand however, I am a journalist and this is a blog about my experiences in Eve. So I sorta, kinda have to write about what is going on in Eve. I just want you to know that I am torn about writing this because I know the accusations of "drama" that will follow.

But fuck it.

The Tuskers dishonored a 1v1.

To add insult to injury they also used ECM.

I'm not sure that you will understand the importance of this event, so let me educate you. During the entire 18 months I was in the Tuskers they never dishonored a 1v1. In point of fact doing so is directly against the CORE of the CODE, reason enough for automatic dismissal from the Corporation. These are not my rules, these are their rules. It is ingrained in each pilot and each pilot swears to abide by the Code.

So I get a private convo from Jaxley, a Tusker Director and someone I respect, asking me what can be done about this? I explain our position and that we consider this a dishonorable action deserving of compensation. The usual amount of denial, evidence, denial, evidence later and we come to a mutual resolution. I will agree to drop the accusation in public if the Tuskers compensate our pilot (which is an admission of guilt btw, which they have done) and have each of the pilots involved apologize privately to our pilot. This seems reasonable to me, I really have no desire to drag this incident thru the mud. And I was prepared to never mention it here on the blog.

We have only received two of the three "apologies" and they both read exactly the same:

"I have been informed that i am obligated to apologize to you for the confustion about a certain 1v1 that you proposed. I am sorry but i cannot apologize for any broken rules or codes, because i had not agreed to any such engagment. I will however apologize for the confusion on the matter and i hope you understand that if anything else like this happens, if i do not respond to your query consider it declined

-Rat Finkle"

Not exactly an apology. And we've yet to receive one from the other pilot involved.

Lest you think for a moment that I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill, since this incident the Tuskers have declared War on Stay Frosty (which is just weird) and begun a campaign of camping us into station, camping the hi-sec gate to Hevrice, and calling for help from their friends to take down our system assets.

On our part we have yet to call on any of our friends. Or camp their station. Or declare war on them.

That won't last however. Stay Frosty is a young Corporation, we certainly don't have the infrastructure, logistical power, or length of experience of the Tuskers. I am aware of that. But what we do have is extremely powerful. We have the high road. We don't dishonor 1v1s. We don't actively camp stations. We are PvPers who are looking for good fights.

But we are also not going anywhere. And we are 130 strong pilots who are not going anywhere.

Already one of the pilots involved in the dishonor has left the Tuskers. And a few more of the pilots I respect have also left in the past week. I openly ask the ones remaining, who are you fighting for? Whatever you think of me, ask yourself what has happened since I left your Corp? Have things gotten better, or have things gone the way I warned you they would? Have I fallen into obscurity like your 'leader' told you I would? Or do I have 130 pilots playing the way you guys used to play? Are you flying for a Corp that dishonors 1v1s and uses ECM against a Frigate?

I'll quote your glorious leader for you. Last week I convo'd him to tell him about the upcoming FFA and ask him nicely if he'd like to participate. That is called an "olive branch" and I swallowed my pride to do it, but I did it.

Rixx Javix > thanks for taking the convo
Rixx Javix > there is a lot of enthusiasm in corp and from other quarters for an FFA in October
Rixx Javix > we'd be willing to sponsor such an event
Suleiman Shouaa > Ok
Suleiman Shouaa > We being?
Rixx Javix > Stay Frosty
Suleiman Shouaa > Ok
Rixx Javix > would tuskers be interested in being a part of it?
Rixx Javix > co-sponsors perhaps?
Suleiman Shouaa > Well unfortunately I decline
Rixx Javix > I was trying to be nice y'know
Suleiman Shouaa > Not really willing to tar the reputation of the corp with association with you

Ask yourself, who are you fighting for?

I fight for my friends.


Stay Frosty Frightful Frigate Fest
Click to embiggen!
UPDATE: The event has been postponed. For more information please read this post.

Stay Frosty Presents: Frightful Frigate Fest (FFA): Saturday, October 26th from 13:00 to 20:00

EVEOGANDA and STAY FROSTY PRESENT an event for ALL PLAYERS young and old - The Frightful Frigate Fest! 

The event will take place on Saturday the 26th of October from 13:00 to 20:00 UTC and be free to engage anything that lands on grid with you, including your alliance mates, blues & corpmates - they are ALL fair game. 

A wide range of prizes will be awarded to anyone ONE YEAR old or younger that participates! Prizes will be based on the event killboard, details of which will be released 48hrs prior to the event. All kms must be posted to the event killboard to be eligible for prizes.


• No link alts allowed - Any boosters in system will be hunted down and destroyed.
• Gangs and Teamwork are not allowed. The is a Frigate Free For ALL!
• No Podding.
• ONLY Tech 1 Frigate hulls are allowed until 18:00, after which any Frigate or Destroyer is allowed.
• Warping off is allowed. We discourage the use of safe spots and hugging stations/gates will be strongly discouraged.
• Cloaks are not allowed.
• A variety of FREE fitted Frigates will be available to all participants, until they are exhausted. We encourage you bring your own.
• ECM is not allowed, drones and/or modules.

The system name will not be announced until 48hrs before the event, here in this post, on EVEOGANDA and on the forum thread.

Comm information will be made available during the event in the in-game channel EVEOGANDA, feel free to join that channel to discuss.

Stay Frosty!!

All rules are subject to change without notice by STAY FROSTY. Feel free to contact us in regards to donations, prizes, or support in the in-game channel EVEOGANDA or by contacting Rixx Javix by eve-mail or at

Gooder Eve: Module Based ECM

Gooder Eve is a series of on-going articles that examine ways in which Eve can be made Gooder.  Some are serious, some are not, but all are intended to create debate, dialogue, and discussion.  So enjoy! ]

As I was sitting in my Vengeance above the station yesterday watching Akirra 1v1 a Tusker, and then get derped by two other Tuskers, one of which was in a Griffin, I started to wonder. Not about a once proud corporations demise, but about ECM in Eve.

Later that afternoon I was sitting in a Drake waiting to see if this knuckle-head in a Gnosis would return to his mission or not, when about eight or nine wonderful little AFs entered local. I smiled and waited to see where they would land, totally planning on warping in on them and having some fun. When my d-scan detected the Griffin they had along with them. I decided not to engage. Sure, I might get lucky and take him out quickly, but I also might suffer a rather long and protracted death waiting for a bunch of gnats to kill me while powerless to do a damn thing about it.

ECM in Eve is a blanket expression of ultimate frustration. Once jammed you are pretty much screwed. And there is little you can do about it. Sure there are ECCM modules, target-breakers, defender missiles, and a few other options. Like bring your own ECM. And while each of these does have its merits, and they do, they are all pretty useless when it comes right down to it.

This isn't intended as a rant against ECM as much as a thought-starter about how it could be even better. So hang with me a minute. As much as I personally loathe Falcons and consider ECM to be dishonorable, I am actually going to pitch an idea to make them better. And not so dishonorable.

Right now ECM essentially breaks lock and ensures that it stays broken while the target is effected by the jam cycle. Which can be short or forever depending on the skill of the player, module type, target skill, etc. But essentially, breaking lock is the power of the ECM boat. But what if its power lay in other areas? What if you could shut off specific modules of the enemy without breaking lock?

Imagine ECM worked like this instead, each module affected another type of module. In other words, a Missile ECM would stop missile launchers from firing. A Prop ECM would cause your prop mod from working. A Rep ECM would interfere with your Rep cycles. Guns, hardeners, TDs, pretty much any specific type of module could potentially have a specific type of counter.

In that case I might have chosen to attack the AF gang with their Griffin, even knowing that he could have potentially shut down my Adaptive Hardeners for example. At least my missiles would still work. And my drones. Or, perhaps, he could have turned off my MWD? Or my drones? At least I could still fight back, even wounded.

It is, I think, an interesting idea. And once you start thinking about it, it seems to open up the potential for some interesting applications. At the very least, ECM might be a more respected and essential part of gang/fleet doctrines. An entire swarm of Falcons that could effectively eliminate the enemy fleets ability to Rep? Or Nuet? Or Cyno? ( Imagine shutting down a Cyno just as it starts? )

I like the idea. What are your thoughts?

5 Years: Part Two

Five years. 1,825 days.

2,605 Kills. 438 of which were pods.

523 Losses. 80 of which were pods.
(I've only lost 10 pods in the last year.)

173 Billion ISK destroyed.

26 Billion ISK lost.

I am currently right around 95m sp, training a long skill at the moment. Like always these days.

Corporation History in Order:

• Phoenix Industrial-Technologies
Great place to have started playing Eve

• Dusty Death Enterprise
Good PvPers and FloridaJ

• Inglorious Basterds
Don't start a Merc Corp when you are young.

• Dusty Death Enterprise (2)
Back to Providence!

AWOXed to Death

• Tropical Killer Bananas
One day was enough

• Setenta Corp
Back to Providence.

• Dissonance Corp
One of the best corps in Eve

• Smegnet Incorporated
I stayed in Provi to fight

• Unforgiven Blood
Had to leave Provi cause we lost that fight

• More-Cowbell
Great Wildlands used to be great

• Lucifer's Hammer
I needed to make ISK

• m3 Corp
Back to Provi with Paxton

• Dissonance Corp (2)
The Spire, Syndicate and a new Alliance

• Lucifer's Hammer (2)
Oh boy that was fun while it lasted and I became a pirate

• Macabre Votum
It was a confusing time

• Lucifer's Hammer (3)
I'll just hide here for a minute

• The Tuskers
Great people, terrible management

• Lucifer's Hammer (4)
I'll just hide here for a minute

• Stay Frosty
Best idea, like, ever!!

I've blown up 567 Frigates and lost 157 of the darn things, making them my most killed and lost ship class. Which is awesome. Next would be BCs with 364 exploded and 65 lost. Destroyers are next with 207 exploded and only 17 lost. You can see the full list for yourself.

I still haven't managed to get on a Titan, Black Ops, Dread, JF, or Super Carrier kill mail. Doing so is not a goal of mine, if it was I'd have done it already. But it would be nice if it happened at some point.

I do not have any over-arching goals when it comes to my play in Eve now. There is no end-game for me. What I do have are a series of smaller goals for short-term and slightly longer-term play. This, I have found, is the way to approach playing Eve. I want to continue to improve my PvP personally. I feel that I have made tremendous progress in that area during the last two years and I would like to continue doing that. For me, that has never been about numbers. I'd rather have a few good fights each month. I don't play Eve to accumulate statistics.

I'd like Stay Frosty to continue to thrive and for all of our pilots to enjoy their time in the Corp. We have a great group and I am proud of each and every one of them. They are the reason I log on every day and I can't wait to fly with them again.

I am proud of my history in Eve. I haven't wasted the past five years and I haven't gotten stuck in the nostalgia loop yet. Eve is better today than it has ever been and I am having more fun now than I ever have. So that is some good trending stuff for ya.

I've run two DeathRace events, helped with three FFAs, a dozen or so other smaller events - like Thukk You! Frill Me!, or the Hunt for Rixx Javix. And generally been an agitator, pain-in-the-butt, sand in the oyster player that causes trouble wherever he goes. Many people mistakenly deem this attitude "drama", which is really their way of saying "I don't understand you." I'm easy to understand. I don't want my time in-game to be wasted time. I want things to happen. And if you are not making them happen, then I will. Nothing difficult about that. I enjoy living in interesting times.

I've created thousands of pieces of artwork for the Eve community and the players that play the game. I'm trying to get that process worked out a little better and get thru the pile that is staring me in the face every day. It was easier when I had my own business and I didn't have to give priority to other projects that pay the bills out here in real life. But I'm working on it.

Stay Frosty will continue to grow and I'm very excited about that. We will be putting together more live events and in-game content for all players to enjoy. Who knows what else will happen?

It has been a great five years. Four of those I've spent here on EVEOGANDA writing thousands of words, drawing silly pictures, making fun, poking fun, rallying the players, demanding our Frills, standing up for what is right, mocking those that need to be mocked, and generally having a blast.

This will be the 1,095th post I've written. Even at an average of 250 words each ( which is probably very low ) that is nearly 300,000 words about Eve. Sheesh.

And just like in-game, I think the blog is better than ever. And I hope you agree. Someone must, since readership and visitors are higher than ever. I don't talk about statistics but I will tell you that last month we passed the five millionth visitor to the site, which I have no context for. lol. No idea what that means, how it relates, or anything else.

The last five years are in the can.

Time to start making new memories. cya in space.

5 Years of Eve

I logged into Eve for the first time on September 21st, 2008. That was five years ago this Saturday. For the next few days I'm going to talk about those five years, where I've been, where Eve is going and why I still care about all that.

Today I thought I'd tell you a story you've never heard before. The story about why I started playing Eve.

Once, long ago, I made a horrible mistake in judgement and married the wrong woman. Despite early appearances to the contrary, she was actually the anti-christ. I could tell you stories to make your skin crawl, this is not the usual divorced man saying his ex-wife is crazy story. My ex-wife is actually crazy. The only good thing she ever did in her miserable life was give me my oldest son. And for the last twenty years I have done the best I could to protect him and fight for us both to have a normal life.

Imagine a bad divorce, drawn out, protracted, expensive, stressful, and psychologically damaging and you are starting the get the picture. I won't go into the details, but suffice to say eventually my son came to live with me full-time, I re-married the world's most amazing woman and we all started building a new life together. Blah blah blah.

Shortly after my son comes to live with me he calls me into his room. He wants to show me something called Eve. On his screen is a beautifully rendered room with a spaceship floating in it. It only gets better after the spaceship undocks from the station. I could tell he was excited. And I suspect he could tell that I was excited. I went downstairs to my computer and started downloading this amazing game.

Eve became the thing we shared between us. Sure we shared other things as well, but Eve was something special because we could do it together. Every single thing I did during the first three years of playing Eve - I did with him and for him. He'd suddenly decide we needed to become Mercs, we became Mercs. We needed to join Tropical Killer Banannas - we did that for a day. We talked about Eve a lot. And we had many, many adventures together.

He's grown up now and life has taken him in new directions. Jobs, College, Girls, there is very little time for Eve these days. It was never the same level of passion for him as it was for me. I always understood that. He's young and he has many interests that don't involve hanging out with his old man.

That's a good thing.

He made me promise that first day that I would never reveal that he was my son. And so I kept my word all these years. A few people here and there found out, but only when we both decided they should. Or I needed to pull some strings to get him back into a Corporation when he'd gone off and done something stupid.

But he doesn't really play anymore. He hasn't since around the time Lucifer's Hammer fell apart. We've had some tough times. My youngest boys are often challenging. My business went out of business. We struggled through a very difficult year last year. And I very nearly quit the game myself.

I don't know why I'm still playing Eve. I can't explain it. I think it has something to do with the strange combination of things that have strangely combined into one thing. I get to write here on the blog, I get to create artwork, in-game events, share my stories with a great community and with my readers, generate excitement in-game, and ultimately enjoy the thing that took my breath away that very first day - 3d rendered, live spaceships with real people from around the world.

That is a pretty gosh darn amazing thing.

And it still excites me every time I log on and see a ship of mine floating in the hanger. Ready for me to take her out on yet another adventure.

Eve has seen me through the last five years, I can't wait to see what she has in store for us over the next five.

Keep the courage.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Those of you that hate me are going to enjoy this installment of The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. I've been sick the last four days, and while that gave me more time to play than usual, it also seems to have brought a feverish quality to some of my decisions. As always, I make no excuses. Things are as they are.

The Ugly

I wasn't alone. We had a rush gang going when someone noticed the Vindi undocked, so we went over the take a look. He was red so we figured, why not? I will mention here that Isadie and I go way back to my Lucifer's Hammer days, he is one of the SC minions that seem to hate me for some godless reason. I should have expected the point. And the Myx that suddenly appeared was not a surprise either. My gang got away, but obviously my Ferox exploded.

Those of you that are observant will notice the armor rig on the shield fit Ferox. I can't explain it. I never fly the Ferox, it had been sitting in the hanger a long time, so did I fit the rig or did I purchase it pre-rigged? Don't know. Either way, there it is. And so, to answer Isadie's question in local afterwards, "Yes, I will blog about it."

The Bad

I haven't flown a Corax in a long time, so I pulled it out of the hanger the other day and took another look at the fit, made some adjustments and went hunting in it. Worth a shot. I put this engagement under "Bad" simply because of who I fought. This was a good fight, but Tuskers must be scrapping the bottom of the barrel for new recruits lately. Our killboard is littered with them. Which is good.

The Good

Sometimes things just work out. Someone noticed this Mega on scan and started probing for him. We all jumped into some appropriate ships and made our way over to the system, waiting on the gate for word. Sadly, by the time we arrived the darn thing had left his mission and disappeared off scan. Oh well, you win some and you... what is that? Gate fire? Oh look who it is?  At least the Loot Fairy was nice to us.

The Good

So we're bashing POCOs in our bomber gang one day (And no, I'm not telling you anything else yet.) when suddenly the child-threatening, former Tusker Tawa Suyo appears in his Vagabond! Oh yes, we did lose a few ships, but more importantly he lost his. And because the Eve Gods are a fickle bunch with a sense of humor, guess who laid the final blow? Oh sweet justice, you take your time but when you do arrive, it is so worth the wait.

In all fairness I will mention that Tawa returned with his evil scrum gang of bandits in much better ships ( A Panther, a Scythe Fleet and a Nemesis ) and killed me. But by then it didn't matter.

The Ugly

Ever jump into a 3v1 fight fully confident you are going to win, land on grid, lock target, hotkey the guns... and then nothing else happens? Again, you know me, I don't make excuses. These guys exploded my ship and podded me. But my DD never moved, the point, web, AB, Rep, all the mods other than the guns - never turned on! I just sat there. You can tell from the damage taken that the rep never activated, 2,293 points of damage is simply not enough to kill my DD. (For comparison it usually takes twice that much, around 4,600 or so to do the job based on previous kms.)

This is the second DD and third ship in the last 30 days that I've lost to this "glitch". I lost a Hookbill last week to the same thing. I know other people are having this problem because I've asked on Twitter and in Channels.

So I'm putting a moratorium on flying my favorite ship until I have more confidence in the system.

We had some good fights and some derps the past four days, and we continue to be confused by the sheer amount of cloaking and stabbing going on around us. Tuskers aren't logging on any more and the few that do have moved far away, leaving us with a few scrubs. Things are always interesting around the area and I continue to encourage our pilots to spread out and seek adventure far and wide.

What will happen next? Let's undock and find out, shall we?

Twitter Tuesday on Monday

It has been a long time since I ran the last Twitter Tuesday, so I'm doing it on a Monday this time. Twitter Tuesday is when I invite everyone on Twitter to ask me anything and I have to answer it here, no rules, no boundaries, anything at all.

Sound fun?

is wearing womens underwear one of your turn-ons

I am six foot six and weigh nearly three hundred pounds, wearing women's underwear could quite possibly be the most unattractive thing I could do. So, even if that was something I found to be a 'turn-on', which I don't, it would be rather monumentally horrible.

Does it have to be EVE related? You mentioned being poisoned the on Twitter, but you didnt elaborate. It's ok if you don't

I strongly believe that shortly after I informed my now ex-wife that we would be getting a divorce that she intentionally poisoned me in some fashion. I believe this because she is insane, at the time I had a one-million dollar life insurance policy, and while I have never been truly sick in my life - at that time I was sick for two months and needed to be rushed to the emergency room. I saw about five different Doctors and took several dozen tests, but no one ever determined what was wrong with me. I mysteriously "just got better" after I told her I was on to her, even though I couldn't prove it.

When you know an engagement's gone sour, do you ever try to evade and escape, or do you prefer to charge in like the Spartans?

It depends on the fight. 1v1s I will typically stay to the bitter end, so many of those come down to the last few seconds. The only exception I make is when we are both obviously not winning, such as when we are both kiters. In that case I'll usually say something to the other pilot first. In the case of being "blobbed" I always try to kill first and then get away if that doesn't work. If I know I am going to die and there is no chance for escape, I will always try to take at least one of them down with me.

so, CAN my crew use the bathroom while cloaked or in warp?

While your ship is cloaked it is invisible to all types of radiation detection and 90% to optical ( you can upon close inspection, still see a slight warble in the shape of your ship ), so any activity during cloaking operations is dangerous to the integrity of the ship. Most people believe that the inside of your ship is still visible to the crew while cloaked. This is simply not true. Early cloaking devices tried this method of "bending" radiation around the ship, but that turned out to be very, very hard. The easiest way to "cloak" a ship turned out to be simply phasing it slightly into another dimension of space and time for the duration of the cloak. As all space crews know, there are monsters in those other dimensions that will attack and eat you when you go potty.

As for warping, everything is ok except for standing and doing number one. That is extremely impossible to achieve and leaves a rather nasty mess. Best to hold it until we land on the gate. And then hurry, you don't want to be caught doing that during a gate jump!

You've probably blogged about everything I've thought of so far. Whats in your hangar that we might not know about? Any Caps?

Rixx is a sub-cap pilot, my alt Ana is the one with the Carrier. Rixx has over 120 ships in his hanger, most of which are fully fitted and ready for combat. Although I do have a nice side collection of all the "free" gift ships and the recent pirate rookie ships. Other than that I doubt anything surprising is in there.

Zombie appocalypse, what would you do when it hits? Day Z survival step by step \o/

I have given this some thought. Luckily I live in a great area for this, semi-secluded but near major supplies, with excellent line-of-sight surrounding it. So first day priorities would include acquiring additional weapons, we have several nearby places for doing this - including a National Guard Armory; Food - also easily obtained; but there are also an abundant variety of farms and natural resources nearby; and fuel - we also have a truck depot nearby and we'd most likely steal a semi-fuel truck for our use - to power the genny and then our vehicles once infrastructure falls apart. That's a busy first day, but best to make hay while the sun shines. And before the hordes arrive.

Do you even lift?

Not anymore. I used to back when I played sports regularly. I still manage to excercise regularly and eat healthy, but my four boys keep me busy enough.

Barring events influenced by RL stuff - what was your lowest point in and how did you get through it?

My lowest non-RL inspired moment in Eve was when I started a Corporation down in Providence on the advice of a "friend" who informed me that another Corp was dying off. I spent the isk I had on a POS Tower, you had to have one to be part of the Alliance back then, and all the mods needed to make it a deathstar. The "friend" turned out to be a thief and he stole most of those mods. What we managed to save was destroyed on the way to Empire. Not only did the Corporation fail and we were embarrassed in front of the entire Alliance, but I was flat broke. I went back to Empire with my tail between my legs and started over. That was a dark time, but thanks to several real friends and some luck, I managed to make back what I had lost in only two months.

How much cheese does a cheese sauce need so a cheese sauce tastes of cheese?

This is an easy one. Cheese flavor starts at 67.45% cheese content and increases proportionally for yellow cheese cheese sauce, the demands on white cheese cheese sauce are greater obviously and begin around the 78.65% mark of cheese content. Off color cheeses, such as Blue, are usually much less. A good Blue can usually get by with only 14% cheese content, although blue doesn't make the best sauce.

What did you name your first ship?

I named my first ship "Lucky". It wasn't.

current OPINION on the nullsec empires

Null sec needs an enema. Over the past two years it has become boring and blue. It used to be home to the grandest stories, the biggest adventures and the most exciting combat. And while pockets still survive the overall blandness cannot be engineered to replicate the history, made up conflicts don't match real ones. Null sec needs shaken up, broken up, and given a reason to hate once more.

if you could be one fictional character (movie tv book) who would it be?

There are so many choices, but if push comes to shove I'd pick John Carter, Warlord of Mars. Mostly because of how amazing Burrough's Barsoom is and the fact that you'd fall in love with Dejah Thoris. Pretty hard to beat that life.

so is it true that is in fact a CCP pet?

Isn't this common knowledge?

Why do the Gayllente suck so hard? Lulz.

They really can't help it and it is pretty sad that the Gallente are the least of the four major races in New Eden. Mostly this is attributed to an early ancestor named "Jus'tin Beiber" or something like that, the translation may be lost to time.

what would be at the top of your winter expansion wish list?

I'd love to see Tech 3 Frigates. I know it probably won't happen anytime soon, but I think they could be an amazing addition to the game. I've been predicting the addition of the Jovian race for years, so maybe that will be it?

what's the best spam message you've ever gotten?

The idea of a "best" spam message is pretty weird, and it sound like something a tool of CCP would ask me frankly!

Better yet - what could CCP still improve in Lowsec and what should they just leave alone

No one is in the belts. There is something fundamentally wrong with that. I've made suggestions before in regards to changes they need to make to FW plex mechanics, a few minor fixes and that system would be much better for everyone. Other than that, I hope they leave it alone. It's working fine now.

Are you a hockey fan? If so, what team?

I am a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey fan. Have been since I first moved from the South and discovered Hockey for the first time. The Penguins were client's of mine for years and our history goes back almost twenty years or more now.

If you didn't care about ISKies, what is your fave ship for pewpew?

Daredevil. Pure and simple the most fun PvP ship in the game, versatile, powerful, and a joy to fly. I fly them a lot anyway, but I'd fly them more if isk wasn't an issue. It is my favorite ship in all of Eve.

ideas to revamp null sec?

A couple easy fixes would go a long way towards getting Null back to its glory days:
• Limit the size of Alliances.
• Base Sov on usage and not solely on structures.
• Limit, or eliminate, the use of Jump Bridges.
Seems pretty simple to me.