BB#38: The Canvas Game

Welcome to the 38th edition of the EVE Blog Banter, a community discussion that delves broader and deeper into the topics of the moment in all matters EVE Online. This month's community meat upon which we dine is inspired by an obscure and inactive blogger you've probably never heard of. ;)

"In his recent "That's just the way it is" post on Jester's Trek, blogger Ripard Teg posits that the established EVE player-base has come to accept many of EVE's design idiosyncrasies, rarely questioning their purpose or benefit. Conversely, he also suggests that new players might not be so forgiving of these "quirks". In an interview with Gamasutra, Senior Producer CCP Unifex describes EVE Online's developers as "relatively hands-off janitors of the virtual world", underlining that he has only four content developers but "a lot" of programmers and engineers.

Has a culture developed where CCP has started to take player effort for granted - expecting the "social engine" to fulfil tasks that might otherwise be CCP's responsibility? Or should this culture be embraced as part of "emergent gameplay" with these quirks accepted as the catalyst for interaction?"


Imagine a large white room. The room is borderline cavernous, echoes resound at every footfall and whisper. Along one long wall is a huge strung canvas, blank, staring and empty. Along the bottom is a paint brush and four cans of paint, red, green, blue and black.

This is Eve.

Many people would run screaming from such a room. The challenge of creating something from nothing proving more than they can handle. Where is the path? What are my choices? Who will lead me?  They fail to see that they are not alone. Someone created the room. Someone planted the brush, built the canvas and provided the paint. This isn't a gallery of masterpieces already accomplished, to be admired and wondered over. This is creation. This is a blank canvas on which you are the sole creator.

The room is a tad chilly. Once you've settled in, you start to notice more and more things that start to bug you. The paint is peeling on one wall. There is no bucket of water to cleanse your brush. The sound of the AC can often drive you insane. The room isn't free of bugs, for often a spider will crawl along your arm at a critical moment. The room isn't perfect. But neither are you.

Eve has changed in the four years that I've been playing. For those of you younger to the game than that, believe me, you wouldn't recognize it. And it continues to change, evolve and morph, expand and grow. But, like the room, it isn't perfect. And it never will be. And like our room above, either you are down with that reality or you are not. Or, like me, you come to the place where you have made peace with that reality. A peace made of constant writing and complaining and protesting and more writing. Because we love the room, we want it to be perfect.

Eve annoys the Hell out of me. It is often needlessly complicated, dense and detailed. It can be horribly frustrating. I've spent thousands of words on suggestions for making it better over the past two years of this blog and I suspect more years ahead of me doing the same. It can be better. They could start by bringing back the goddamn Frill!

The point being - I don't accept the quirks of Eve. I pound my desk at them all the time. I rail against them here, on twitter and in-game. I find work-arounds. I learn to adapt and exploit and make the quirks work for me, or ignore them. Quirks? Duh. 

But what I do not want, nor will I tolerate, is having my hand held. I play Eve the way I play Eve and bugger the rest of you. I do not want a Quest based game, or a shooter, or a puzzle, or any of a million other things that already exist. I want Eve. I love it quirky and buggy and flawed. But more than that, I love the blank canvas staring me in the face every time I log on. What will I do today? What ship will I fly? What skill will I train next? Where will I go and what will I do when I get there?

The canvas is the thing. Build me a room and I will play in it. The room is better now. It is a thousand percent better than it was in the olden days. And it looks like it is only going to keep getting better. How much better do we really need it to be?

That is the real question here. When will you be satisfied? And know this, and this is 100% true, once you are satisfied... Eve will be dead. You will quit playing and move on. And if not you personally, then thousands of others will. Satisfaction is the death knell for our canvas game. When you stand back from the painting, emit a sigh of relief and... step away.

Someone once said of art that it is never truly finished, only abandoned.

We are the painters.

When RL crosses Eve

This morning I received this email from CareerBuilder:


I am a customer service representative at CareerBuilder. I found a position at Amarr Garage Doors that you may be interested in based on information from your resume or a recent application you made on our site. 
You can review the position on the CareerBuilder site here:

Best of luck to you in your job search! 

Seriously, if this position was for "Caldari Garage Doors" I'd consider it. 
But I can't bring myself to work for the Amarr.

Taking Advantage

Recently I find myself with a tad more free time than I'd like. The weird thing is that while more free time might usually be construed to constitute more time for Eve, those two things don't always go together.

I admit that the lack of any response from CCP to our attempts to Bring Back the Frill!, the Frill Seekers and the highly successful Thukk You, Frill Me! in-game event, have left me rather depressed about Eve at the moment. Not horribly down in the dumps depressed or anything, I never get that way. But slightly miffed. Perturbed. However you want to classify it.

This, in conjunction with my RL changes ( which all sort of pilled on at the same time ) have left me with little motivation to blog, or tweet, or otherwise engage as I normally do.

Pile on the tremendous pressures that come from looking for new and gainful employment and you generally have a recipe for RL>Eve. Generally speaking.

On the other hand I have also managed to play more in-game Eve lately. I'm 25-7 this month, compared to 11-0 in June, 3-0 in May and 6-0 in April. So I have been taking advantage of my current situation when I can to sneak an hour here and there to play the game I talk about so much. Mostly solo roaming and ganking and trying to get into fights. The Tuskers are mostly off on a trip somewhere, but I couldn't commit to participating, given my current uncertainties. So I'm pretty much left to my own devices around the house these days.

Which is fine. I've stated many times before my desire to focus on my solo abilities and this affords me the chance to continue to do so. 19 of those 25 kills this month have been solo kills and the rest with one other pilot along with me, so the plan is working rather well.

I have no problem admitting that many of those kills are purely killboard padding and lazy slaughter of innocents. Unlike some, my goals are worn plainly on my sleeve. I am out to kill as many ships as I can. Let's use yesterday as an example of what I mean.

Yesterday saw me in several ships at various times. A merlin, an Incursus, a Drake, a Sac, a Devoter, a Broadsword, an Absolution and a Jaguar. I started off in the Incursus, still looking for a fight to see what the ship could do. I roamed about 6-8 jumps and found nothing. Eventually I returned home and found a flashy Comet hugging a gate. We stared at each other for a bit then I jumped into the next system and warped to the sun, making sure to make myself as obvious as possible. I figured I would die, but the goal was to test the Incursus and you can't do that without fighting people. Sure enough he warped in and we danced. As expected I exploded rather nicely, but I have to admit that the little ship performed well. It was closer than it probably should have been.

So I decided to do what I call "working", which is where I hang out in a system in a ship that can tank station/gate guns and wait for someone to do something. Anything. Undock, jump in, rat, warp to a planet, whatever they want. Then I go kill them. This is lazy PvP certainly, but I can write emails, answer the phone, updated my YouTube channel, and do all the things I need to do and still watch the overview and local on the edges of my browser window.

I've been having some mysterious lag issues when engaging lately. This week alone those issues have cost me about 18 kills. Those problems continued yesterday, but I did eventually track down a Rupture during my "working" session and kill her on the gate as she tried to escape. I don't know why people warp to gate at 10, but I do appreciate it. I also admire that she fought back, although she would have been better served burning for the gate.

Later I decided to try my luck with the Merlin again and went on another roam. All I found was a huge cluster of Black Rifters hanging out, so I turned around and went back home. Lo and behold a Drake on scan! In a belt!?!? I quickly docked up and undocked in one of my Drakes and warped to the belt. Sure enough he was still there. The outcome was never in doubt, although the Drake I happened to pick was interestingly fit, he went down without much trouble. With some nice tears in local afterwards.

The thing is, both of those kills were Cherry Poppers. That is my term for someone's first death. They were both Virgins to death in Eve. Should I feel bad about killing those ships and podding one of them? If so, I don't.  All I know is that they represent 30 points and more than make up for the 8 points the Incursus cost me.

Does that make me a heartless pirate? I hope so. Cause that is what I'm trying to accomplish here.

The CCP Pledge

In the wake of the meaningless circumcision of the vaunted Vagabond and the subsequent Thukk You, Frill Me! in-game protest, I believe it is time for CCP to own up to its responsibilities.

We, the employees, leaders and stakeholders of CCP Games, hereby assert and pledge our enthusiastic agreement to be encumbered and constrained voluntarily by the following statements.

As a heritage institution approaching our first decade of operation, primarily as a provider of the internet spaceship 'game' known as Eve Online; we hereby promise to thoughtfully and faithfully consider the heritage, tradition and institutions of the past before considering those of the future. While we appreciate our corporate responsibilities to growth, revenue and expansion - we also must appreciate the indesputable connection between those realities and the inherent intangibles that spring from a dedicated player base immersed in a virtual world of our construction.

We appreciate that we are stewards of an entire universe, both real and imaginary, that has existed in the minds and imaginations of hundreds of thousands of dedicated players - our subscribers - for years. As such, it is our stewardship responsibility to weigh updates, advancements, improvements and changes against heritage, tradition and history; with the player experience utmost in mind.

We shall strive to always remember that 'Eve is real' to our subscribers in ways that may not always be evident to us and that may only become apparent after changes have been implemented. We agree to remain flexible and open-minded in such situations and evaluate changes, updates, advancements and improvements that may sometimes need to be reverted to previously existing states, or modified in such a way as to maintain elements from the previously existing state. Our goal shall always be to tangibly improve the experience while maintaining a considered, considerate and thoughtful balance with what has come before.


The employees, leaders and stakeholders of CCP Games.

A Note on "Pro" PvP

So yesterday I'm out roaming in my wittle Merlin looking for good fights. I didn't have a lot of time, so I did a quick 8 or 9 jump down to the edge of Cloud Ring and back. Nothing much going on. The time was unusual for me, a bit earlier than I typically play. So there were some Corps around that I'm not really that familiar with. There was a 3 or 4 jump chain were 4 or 5 of them were in a single system together. This is not a good situation for a lone Frigate. You don't have to be superiorly intelligent to understand that.

There are Corps in Eve that will not hesitate to group up on you and kill you dead. I appreciate that. I appreciate that a lone ship in a belt can quickly become 3 ships in a belt. I've done it to people myself. So I know how the game is played.

And sometimes that is perfectly fine. But when I'm in a frigate looking for good fights? Not so much. So I'm flying along and happen upon an Incursus being flown by a 2004 pilot that belongs to that Corp.  I know he wants to fight me, but I'm loathe to do it in a system full of his buddies. So I jump into another system, same thing. Another, same thing.

Then my email starts blinking.

"good job on sucking at PVP."

And I'm blocked from replying. Sigh. Y'know, one more system and maybe we would've fought. And more than likely, if you didn't suck, your Incursus would've destroyed my Merlin. I'm ok with that. I'm specifically out looking for good fights, which are not always fights I know I'll win before-hand.

What I'm NOT out to do is give you what you want. Especially when you call me out and don't allow me a chance to respond. That is not "pro". So I went home and docked up instead. Chew on it.

Notice I never mentioned any names in this post.

Blowing Off Steam in a Merlin

So the last two days I've been roaming and getting into fights wherever possible. Staying away from the blog a bit and focusing on exploding things, being exploded, having some good natured fun in Eve. It is good for the soul.

During the two-day run I went 7-1, mostly trying out a Merlin. I haven't flown a Merlin since it was the only choice I had, mostly picking other frigates for obvious reasons. Until the recent buff and the introduction of mid-slot Shield Boosters. So I figured it was time to try it out for real. As regular readers know, I don't use EFT or any of that other pussy shit, I fit things up and fly them against real people. Either they work or they don't. During the course of the last two days I tweaked the Merlin fit about a dozen times, mixing guns, slots, rigs and whatnots. I finally arrived at what I think is a good fit and it proves out in some ways and not so much in others.

The first kill wasn't a good test, poor guy didn't even bother shooting back at me. I did practice a bit on him though and learned some good stuff about ammo choices. I made some corrections and waited for another chance.

Today I finally got the chance. Rifter on scan at the belt so I warped in on him and engaged. Having never used the shield booster before I was a little cautious and unsure of what it could do. I also learned that having a mwd on the Merlin wasn't a good idea, lol. His web kept me at a range I wasn't comfortable with, but the earlier ammo test came in handy as I was still able to hit him decently even at his range. Thank goodness. One of my Tusker buddies came in to watch us fight and while I may have won against him alone, I wasn't confident enough in the ship yet. So I asked for help. If it hadn't been for the two rats who were also shooting me I wouldn't have.

So I made some more tweaks and fitted an AB instead. Soon I found my pal Astral Dominix from Trial by Fire appeared in local and we worked out a 1v1. I knew he'd have a well fitted Rifter and I was anxious to see how the Merlin did against it now that I'd made some additional teaks to the fit.

What followed was an epic fight, one of the best 1v1s I've had in a long time. Credit to Astral for doing exactly what he should have, although he probably should've brawled a bit more than he did. He finally exploded.

Then another dood in local wanted to fight, so we waited out the GCC and tangled. I should have known he would have time to properly fit his Rifter for me, but whatever. The rocket was a surprise either way and it was still a very close fight. I exploded just as the booster charges were finishing loading.

All in all I am impressed with the Merlin and it certainly attracts good fights, which you can't say for all ships.

Looking forward to exploding more things.


I've sorta gone quiet a bit lately. Mostly this is due to looking for a new position in real life. My schedule is wonky and much of my free time is being eaten up with the stuff you do to find yourself a new position.

I'm still getting out into space almost every day. Yesterday was re-supply day and I took Ana up to Dodixie to replace some of my losses recently, new Veng and Vaga and some much needed supplies. I also finally bought some of the new shield boosters and fitted up a active Merlin today.  Went out on a roam this morning and managed to catch an Incursus. Had a shot at another Incursus, a Rifter and a Vexor but they all ran from me. The Merlin isn't the fastest ship for tackling people you land 50 clicks away from. I didn't get to try out the tank sadly, since the Incursus I caught failed to even fire back. The only time I never fire back is when I land in one of those gate camps where it is pointless to try. At that point all you worry about is trying to save your pod. But otherwise, fire back. You never know what might happen.

I'm also at kind of a loss as to the effort to bring back the Frill. The Thukk You, Frill Me event on Sunday was a huge success. ( Thanks to Stan and RvB!!) But now what?  We still haven't gotten a reply or a nod or a mention from CCP. So I'm thinking about what to do next.

In the meantime, if you haven't signed the petition, you really should. Every vote helps.

I'll be back to a more normal posting schedule here shortly. Until then, watch out.

Thukk You, Frill Me! Sunday

Sunday July 15th we gather together to send a message to CCP. That message should be loud and clear, Bring Back the Frill!!

Here is a round-up of links regarding the event and how YOU can participate:

Freebooted - The dude what thought this event up!
The Eve-O Forum post for Bring Back the Frill - We need moar sigs!
The Thukk You, Frill Me! Event Forum Post

The Thukk You, Frill Me! Event Promo Video - Rejected by CCP for use during ATX!!!

The Event Ad that appears in EON Magazine

Frill Seekers Wallpaper

More on the Frill Seekers - Brave souls wearing Frills on Twitter!

As or me, I'm still working on a way to actually be there for the event! I usually don't play Eve during the weekends, but I'll figure something out. So we'll see you there!

Remember, while the 'leet play at their games this weekend, us - the majority Eve Players - can send CCP a strong and clear message. We will not just idly stand by while you cut, destroy and mangle the game we love. Wether you care about the missing circumcised wings of the Vagabond or not, that is a message we should all care about supporting.

And that is really what this event is about. Pay attention to us.


Yesterday was interesting.

I really didn't anticipate the overwhelming response the 1v1 Video would receive. Thanks to everyone who watched, commented, shared and responded so overwhelmingly positive to it - much appreciated.

I actually thought about doing a video version of the 1v1 Comic over a year ago. For various reasons it remained on the back-burner of ideas, never really disappearing, but never really coming to the fore either. Believe me, this isn't unusual, there are a tremendous amount of ideas in that section of my brain. They fight a lot in there.

A little about the video, for those that might be interested in such things. Every frame is hand-drawn in Adobe Photoshop. The only graphic I used Adobe Illustrator for was the explosion. I drew that explosion about four years ago for another project, I never throw anything away. The music was done using Garage Band and I purposely made it bad, taking all of about five minutes and a few loops. I recorded my voice on my Blue Snowflake microphone and then played around with it in Soundbooth. The illustrations were done in one Photoshop file on different layers, each piece exported with their own Alpha Channel and composited and animated in After Effects. The original HD file was exported at 720p and is almost 500mb. I then compressed it using QuickTime Pro.

I do plan on making more of these. It is intended to be a series. How often I can get the time to do it remains, as always, unknown. But I'll do my best.

I will say this. If you'd like to share some weird little story about your own experiences in Eve, please feel free to do so. I may end up using them to construct a future episode. And if I do use elements of your story I'll be sure to give you credit. I'm not certain right now that it will go that way, believe me, I have plenty of material from my own history. But I am considering the possibility. The goal here is to tell good, funny, stupid stories about Eve. Not necessarily accurate, but based on actual events. We'll see how it evolves. So feel free to email me if you feel inclined to share.

Tomorrow I'm going to talk about Mord Fiddle behind his back.

And I fully expect to see you all at Thukk Me, Frill Me! on Sunday.


Been away from Eve for almost a week dealing with changes in RL again. But I'm still around and have been fiddling around with a special project. A video version of the 1v1 EVE COMIC!!

I thought the 1v1 format would be the perfect way to tell stupid stories about my history in Eve, y'know kind of like tall tails told from my own perspective. Little nuggets of wisdom and... well, mostly stupid stuff that has happened to me. This first one details the historical facts surrounding my first kill in Eve, which just so happened to be my first solo kill.

I hope you enjoy it.

I hope to make more. Or not. I guess it depends on what you think dear reader/viewer, so let me know in the comments.

Thukk You Video!

Concept and Production by Rixx
Original Music by Roc Wieler
Inspiration by Seismic Stan

Bring Back the Frill! We're serious!

Full Awesome Audio Version available here. Roc Rocks!

BB37: Do Unto Others!

"EVE Online sits on the frontier of social gaming, providing an entertainment environment like no other. The vibrant society of interacting and conflicting communities, both within the EVE client and without, is the driving force behind EVE's success. However, the anonymity of internet culture combined with a competitive gaming environment encourages in-game behaviour to spread beyond the confines of the sandbox. Where is the line?"

I've got news for you, there is no line. It is all one huge blob of the exact same thing. Life. Reality. The universe, call it whatever you want, but Eve is not removed from our world just because it is a virtual one. Grow up and smell the coffee.

A thing either is or is not. A wrong is not a right. And a crime is a crime according to the laws of the country in which it is committed. Those laws may vary, and indeed they do somewhat, but generally speaking all "law" is built upon one over-riding principle - don't fuck with others. Or, more elegantly, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. There are a million ways to say the same thing. If you mess with people we can't have you around people. It's called the Golden Rule for a reason.

Now, how does that play into Eve? Certainly within the game and the rules that govern it, virtual violence is encouraged. Blowing up one pixel or another doesn't matter to the game and it shouldn't. Eve has a long and storied history of ultra-violence, back-stabbing, thievery, manipulation, lying, treachery, and other unholy acts that would get you incarcerated in any decent civilized country. ( It also has a good side, just thought I'd mention that )  But it is almost entirely pixel on pixel action. But not always.

Cause we've thrown in the Human Element haven't we? And humans are generally speaking a bunch of fucktards. Add people to the mix and the level of unholy acts is bound to cross over into the one-on-one personal variety. Such interactions can be small, such as the tears of a noob when I blow up their only ship just because... well for no damn good reason really. Or they can be more mega, such as the alleged MiniLuv campaign from the Goons. ( Or various other examples, this isn't a history lesson, learn things on your own time! )  The point being, it is going to happen. In fact it happens every single day, millions and millions of times.

And mostly it is harmless, internet style fun. Mostly anonymous people bashing each other over the head with pixel hammers. Sure it can hurt, you just spent twelve months working your ass off in-game building a great Corporation when some idiot steals every asset from you in the middle of the night. And all you get is a distant "Trololololol" on comms. That stings, believe me I know, but it is after all "part of the game". So you deal.

Or maybe you don't. Maybe you and that stealing idiot are somewhat acquainted in real life. Maybe you know where he lives. And maybe you just feel like driving over to his house and bashing him on the head with a real world hammer. ( Or a million variations on that theme, it's an example ) You've just committed a crime my friend and the police will want to talk to you.

Said bashing of heads is not CCP's issue. Oh sure, just like Led Zepplin used to convince teens to kill themselves, Eve might come out looking rather poorly during the trial. ( I just realized the Led Zepplin thing might be over your heads, so think Grand Theft Auto or Slipknot, or whatever you young people are into that you can blame for your personal failings! )

But CCP is not a Police Force. Certainly, if they learn of the hammer bashing, they might ban the offenders account. But they really have no legal obligation to do so. In the case of Eve we have the EULA, a standard contract by which we all agree to play nice in the same sandbox. Actions either violate the agreement or they don't. There shouldn't be a gray area. There shouldn't be a line.

Like I said above, if you mess with other people then we can't have you around. It really is as simple as that.

To borrow a famous use of the phrase, what happens in Eve stays in Eve. Step outside that sandbox, carry your troubles to your neighbors house, and all kinds of hurt will befall you my friend. They're called the FBI, Interpol, Police, SWAT, KGB, MI3, whatever podunk outfit your country uses to enforce the EULA we all have with each other. The one that says, Keep your business out of my business. Get off my lawn. Leave me the hell alone.

Don't think in terms of lines. Your reptile brain will start thinking of ways to cross it. And that is not going to go well for you.

LOL Kill for the Ages

Every so often something happens in this crazy game of ours that is unusual, weird or just plain stupidly funny that it cannot be ignored. Or go untold. Yesterday such a thing happened. And to the pilot involved, my apologies, but I do write a blog and every word is true.

I entered system hunting with a Merlin. I figured it was about time I gave the nible little frigate a go. Immediately I noticed a Rifter and a Comet on scan, so I landed at one of my many safe spots to do some very quick intel and scanning. They didn't appear to be together, but one can never be sure. I had a pretty good idea who the Comet pilot was and if I was right I also had a pretty good idea how he was fitting his ship. This meant I might be able to take them both, even if they were together. Then another Rifter appeared on scan.

This is where being a pirate comes down to gut instinct and experience. None of the three pilots appeared to be together, but appearances can often get you kilt dead. So I watched the scanner a little longer than usual. Finally, one of the Rifters appeared in-line with a belt alone and I initiated warp as fast as I could. The plan was to get rid of the first one as fast as possible if the others decided to come to his aid. Sadly, the Rifter was about 227km off of me when I landed. I turned towards him and sure enough a station was behind him. I burned until the distance was about 100km then warped to station. You guessed it, quick spin and warp back to belt at 100.

Gone. And now a pod and a Rifter on scan at another belt. So confirmation of the two Rifters not being together. The Comet hadn't moved from his safe, so he probably wasn't with either of them. But again, can't be sure about these things.

I decided to ditch the Merlin for a Thrasher. Maybe they'd be more inclined to attack one of those instead. Sure enough upon undocking, Comet in a belt. I warp in to find him about 87km from me, turn and burn. I get within 30 before he wisely runs off. I know the pilot and he isn't stupid.

Rifter gone, Comet leaving. I align towards station to dock the Thrasher when I catch the Ferox on scan. Warp/Dock and switch to my Sac, because he is most likely hugging a station. Undock and lo and behold he is not at a station, he seems to be at a belt. Oh my lucky stars.

My luck strikes once more, the belt is empty and I mistakingly had my d-scan set to 30 and not 15, so he is at a station after all. I warp there with some haste, hoping this tasty morsel will not escape me again. He isn't there, but an Itereon has just undocked and I can't help myself. Great, so now I have GCC. But wait, all is not lost, the Ferox is at one of the other stations now.

I warp in and land a little more than 22km from him, which is not ideal, especially with the station shooting at me. I'm not worried, but it would be better to fight somewhere else. I turn slowly and warp off to the obvious asteroid belt. Once I land I turn and align back to station. I figure if he doesn't show up in a minute I'll warp back and kill him on station anyway.

He does show up and lands not 4k from me! As I lock him I notice he is talking in local, but I am too busy to pay attention to what he is saying. Later it will become obvious that he was "wanting to ask me a question". But the Sac is a complicated ship and requires some focused attention. At this point I hadn't even noticed that the pilot was young. I know that is probably hard to believe, but it generally doesn't matter to me in situations like this. Young or seasoned veteran, he wasn't going to survive.

The pilot asks to open a convo with me and I accept. I usually do if the situation isn't overly complicated, if it is I tend to wait until after the fight. I said howdy and he did the usual Noob things, like ask me why I was killing him. I told him that's what I do, I kill people. I'm a nasty red type person. He said he only wanted to ask me a question. To which I replied, hang on a second. His ship exploded and we resumed our talk.

Couple of things here. Because he came out to fight me, even unintentionally, I had no interest in podding him. I have my own council on who and who I do not pod. Secondly, I will talk and offer advice to anyone after the fighting is done. If possible, reference the above "if the situation allows it" comment. Also, just to be clear, this guy had no idea who I was.

Oh, the question. The question he was willing to get killed for? It was simple really and elegant in its own unique way.

He was simply curious as to why the Station guns were shooting me.

Eve. It never ceases to amaze.

And to all noob pilots out there, don't give up. I was just like you once. But remember, no matter how hard you try, I'll always be about 65m skill points ahead of you.

Thukk You EON Ad!

Click image for moar sizes and whatnot

The Thukk You, Frill Me! in-game Protest Event is coming along nicely and my pal Richie over at EON Magazine found us some "space" to put an ad up in the next issue! (He rocks!) Even though the next issue comes out a few days after the event, it will still work to make our case to CCP and to shed more light on the poor circumcised Vagabond.

Player Action Links:

We need your support, the more votes the more pressure we put on CCP to listen to our concerns. Show your support now.

This is for the Vagabond and all the unnecessary ship changes that have made you angry! Plus it should be a blast.

Spread the word.

Frill Seekers Wallpaper

Frill Seekers Wallpaper
Click the image for more sizes!

Rixx spent the weekend risking his life following a lead into Jovian Space. The lead was murky and from an extremely unreliable source, but it had the spark of truth about it. The man knew things about Thukker Mix that normal men wouldn't, or shouldn't, know. He was mad certainly, but perhaps he was driven there by what he knew?

The only way to find out was to find out. Rixx decided to travel small and a Rifter was the obvious choice. Getting in and back out of Jovian space is no easy matter, fast, small and light seemed the only way. No room for weapon systems, the trusty Frigate was jammed with electronic survey equipment from the four corners of the universe. A needle in a haystack would be easier to find.

This was the last we heard here at Eveoganda HQ until this morning when our in-boxes dinged with the image above. It appears that Rixx has found the missing Vagabond "Frills" somewhere deep in Jovian space. From the attached note it appears he has evidence of a larger Thukker Mix conspiracy.

But details will have to wait, since all attempts to contact Rixx so far have proven futile.

Stay tuned.

Some people have written parody song lyrics on the forums and on other blogs, so here is one based on The Eagles "After the Thrill is Gone".

"After The Frill Is Gone"

Same dances in the same old ships
Some features that you just can't lose
There's no telling what a man might choose,
After the Frill is gone

The Vaga rises but it soon descends
Empty patches and a silent dev
You're not quite happy and you're not quite frilled
After the Frill is gone, oh,
After the Frill is gone

What can you do when your updates come true
And it's not quite like you planned?
What have you done to be losing the one
You held it so tight in space well

Time passes and you try to move on,
Half a parsec takes you twice as long
So you keep on flying for the sake of the game
After the Frill is gone
After the Frill is gone

You're afraid it might fall out of fashion
And you're feeling cold and small
Any kind of love without passion
That ain't no kind of lovin' at all, well

Same dances in the same old ships
You get too careful with the Stabbers you choose
you don't care about winning but you don't want to lose
After the Frill is gone
After the Frill is gone
After the Frill is gone, oh
After the Frill is gone