Eve Thanksgiving

© and TM Gary Larson

Here in the US tomorrow is our Thanksgiving Holiday. A celebration of the destruction of entire tribal cultures and the dominance of European expansionism across the North American continent. We celebrate our victory by eating traditional native foods and slapping each other on the back about how thankful we are we didn't lose. Or something like that.

In that spirit however, I'd like to extend some well meaning thanks around the Eve Universe. I'll be visiting relatives tomorrow and won't be around much in the next few days, so here we go:

I give thanks to all Stay Frosty pilots.
Past, Future and Present. Thanks for coming along on this crazy adventure and for giving me a renewed sense of fun in this insane game of ours. All of you are a constant source of amazing creativity and daring. I still find it hard to believe so many people share my belief in how to play Eve. We are really just getting started and more await us. Thanks for playing.

I give thanks to this great community.
I wish I could name you all individually, but you should know who you are. This is a great gang and you guys keep me going on a daily basis. Sometimes I think the people here care more about my life and well being than the real people I know out here in real life. And while that might seem sad to some, it actually isn't. Thanks.

I give thanks to everyone at CCP.
Without you Eve wouldn't even exist, duh!! Seriously though, thanks for continuing to build a great universe for us to play in. I appreciate it. Specifically though, special thanks to the Art people, cause we never get enough credit.

I give thanks to my Haters.
You bring spice to everything I do, without you things might get a tad boring and predictable. Please continue to get your hate on and rail against me, it amuses me and my entire family to no end.

I give thanks to my readers.
Thanks for visiting and spending time here. You are sincerely appreciated and every day I try to entertain, amuse, and otherwise make your visit time well spent. Thanks.

If you are celebrating the Holiday, safe travels to you and your family. If you are not, then enjoy a day in Eve free from me hunting you down.

Until then, thanks to all. Stay Frosty.

Stay Frosty Astero PvP Video


METROPOLIS Movie Poster Parody
Click for Additional Sizes

Its Thanksgiving week, the weather is terrible, the kids are insane, my former employer is fighting me on my unemployment benefits, I'm still looking for my next job, I'm way behind on commissions, and finding inspiration to post is tough at the moment.

So I made another movie poster, this one based on the Cronenberg Film "Cosmopolis". I was actually in Metropolis earlier this week and will probably head back down again after the Holiday. As you know, we've opened another office down there to spread things out a little.

Back to normal soon I promise and tomorrow is traditional "what I'm thankful for" in Eve post day.

See you in space.

Quantum of Solace

Quantum Rixx Javix Poster
Click for additional sizes
The image above is another in the series of movie parody posters featuring your friendly neighborhood pirate blogger. The first was based on Lincoln and the next was based on A HIstory of Violence.

Originally this post was going to be called "Runners & Cloakers" and I was going to, once again, rail against all the FW plex pilots that run away and hide. But you know what? I just don't have the energy today.

It's Monday and I don't feel like it, so I did the poster instead. 

Long story short, stand and fight for what you want. Otherwise we'll just keep working on more and more inventive ways to catch you anyway. I think that Plex should be on a timer, you leave you lose and have to start over. But that's me. And I am the one with the big gun.

Now I just want to log in and use it. See you in space.

My Week with the Wittle White Ship

I'm just a tiny bit crazy about Spaceships.

As I reported earlier this week, my good friend and fellow Corp mate Akirra Menelaos was nice enough to sell me one of the very first Astero Frigates off the assembly line early Tuesday. I immediately fell in love with the little Frigate and started working on a fit from scratch.

Considering the bonuses and the configuration of the ship, I was convinced it could be the perfect Anti-Plexer Ship. And that is the purpose I started fitting it for. I know other people are using it for other things, but that is the purpose I see for it. I tweaked the fit constantly during the week, as usual aiming for both effective use and cheapness. The goal, I believe, of any true pirate.

I essentially started with Cloak/Nuet in the highs, Dual-Scram, Web, AB in the mids, and then Plate, Adaptive, Drone, DC in the lows. Initially at least, that was the starting pattern. A dual Web fit wouldn't catch stabbed plexers, in fact I missed my first kill of a Venture with a dual Web fit. Which is why I switched to dual-scram instead.

Some examples:

I landed back at station after the Venture miss and changed the fit up a little, removed the extra Web and went dual-scram. Undocked and saw this Catalyst and his buddy in the Navitas on scan. Perfect targets to prove the concept. Landed close enough to the Cat to get points and the Navitas stayed to provide reps. It was a lot closer than I would like, I considered breaking off a few times, but the Cat finally went down. The Navitas warped off before I could get point. The ship proved how tough it was.

Another few tweaks and another chance to prove the concept. This time I showed myself long enough to get attention and then cloaked up and waited. Sure enough, he landed near me and I boated over to de-cloak and get points. I had some back-up on this one and I already detailed this kill in my last post.

The first dual stabbed Plexer. The Plexer doesn't get much warning with this ship, which is a big part of the idea of course. The only time they see me on scan is when I am already jumping into the plex. The dual scram worked its charms and he went down relatively easily.

I detailed this engagement in the last post, but suffice to say the little ship managed to hold tackle on the Mega and survive the de-cloaking Pilgrim long enough for the gang to arrive. Yet another successful proof of concept.

The first straight up 1v1 against a good PvP pilot who knew ahead of time what I was flying. We went to the Sun and had at it and the Astero came out on top. Good fight and it was close. Nice to know it can hang with the traditional frigates. Confidence is growing.

This one was pure concept realized. The Comet was cloaking up as usual, so I warped in and flew around a bit, then aligned out as if to warp off - but instead cloaked up! And then waited a few minutes and sure enough, it de-cloaks about 37k from me. I boat over and the rest is history.

Bad Tristan fit, but yet another plexer caught and taught.

Another perfect example of the concept at work, this time the sudden appearance of my ship was enough to grab the points needed to hold him down. Good fight.

Everytime you undock your ship it is already dead, so eventually all good things must end. We set a trap for two Kestrels that were using Legion links. I was orbiting the beacon and Sea was cloaked off of me in his Pilgrim. They landed and they hit very, very hard. We did manage to get one of the Kestrels, but I did lose the Astero.

Like any ship in Eve, it has its limitations and advantages. I'm still convinced it is a great Anti-Plexer ship and given the current environment of running and cloaking, a ship we needed to help balance the field.

Got another one on order.

A Weird Stay Frostian Day of Awesomeness

The thing about having a Corp of 140 active undockers is that... well, something is going on all the time with or without you. It is one of the joys of being CEO of this crazy band of misfits, I never know what they might be doing, getting into, or have up their sleeve from one moment to the next.

What I am about to tell you happened yesterday. Some of it I was there for and some of it I wasn't. All I know is what I was told, what I experienced and what we talked about in chat. Anything I get wrong will surely be corrected for me in the comments.

I logged on determined to get a kill with my shiny new Asteros Frigate. I had tweaked the fit once again and undocked with grim determination. Close call after close call slipped thru my fingers. The mere sight of me in my wittle un-tested white ship enough to cause most people to flee, cloak or otherwise vacate local. Having made a rather long loop I decided to head back to Hev and switch out for something else. That's when I saw the Catalyst and Navitas on scan.

This is one of those moments. That combination of ships, in the right hands, can be rather challenging. Those two ships in the wrong hands, could be an opportunity. Most likely this would fall somewhere in the middle. So I didn't hesitate as I turned into them. I landed perfectly, my approach was cloaked so I think I took them by surprise. The Catalyst was closer, so I went for him first. I locked them both up, I might need my web or my extra scram for one of them.

My Asteros rocked. The fight was close, my armor dipped dangerously low and my hands hovered over the recall button for my drones, but she held together as the Catalyst exploded. The Navitas warped off to safety before I could get my points on him.

During this MIxu had been telling us about his adventures earlier ganking a couple of miners. It all started when he and Gwen ganked a Low-Sec Retriever with expensive mining upgrades that dropped. Which is good. What isn't as good is taking those Mining Upgrades into Hi-Sec when you are still under GCC. Then Joffy and Akirra had a race to see who could pick up his wreck faster, a race I hear Joffy won. Then they all decided, why not have a hi-sec gank now? So Akirra scouts down a Mackinaw and as they warp in Joffy locks Akirra and ends up exploding her ship, then still manages to get top damage on the Mackinaw! Lolz. I don't think Akirra is going to let him forget that any time soon.

I forgot to mention that Mixu had managed to actually kill someone with his Sentry Tristan earlier. He and Gwen jumped a gang of five Stealth Bombers and he managed to grab one of them.

It wasn't all gravy. I had jumped into a Comet for a quick impromptu roam up to Black Rise and once again many close calls and near misses later I found myself sitting on a Gate with two Rooks, of all things. Mixu was scouting the other side and reported a large gang. I meant to warp off the gate, but instead jumped thru. Derp. Yeah I lost the ship and the pod.

So I was stuck spinning in station for awhile, while Akirra was nice enough to fetch me some new head candy. Well, only after she started an International Incident by exploding a Blue that is!

You see, we don't have blues. But do to a mix-up one of our former members, who is planning on returning shortly, was set light blue. As a proper Pirate, this didn't sit well with Akirra and in the confusion that was happening at the time, she managed to explode Natasha's Condor for her.  We managed to get the entire thing worked out to everyone's satisfaction, of course. But it was yet another weird incident.

I decided to go try and have some more luck with the Asteros, for some reason flying the wittle white ship around in space is a lot of fun! I hooked up with two SF pilots I hadn't had the chance to fly with before, and we finally managed to lock up a Tusker Comet in Muet. Julius is a good pilot who often came into Hev looking for Frig fights, I was sorry to see he decided to join the dark side, but more power to him. (This is just an observational statement and no slight is intended on our friends in the other station.) On the way back to Hev I found an Incursus and solo'd him in the Asteros.

Then I noticed a Brutix on scan at the other station. By this time even more Stay Frostians had appeared in local, and we decided to ad hoc a small gang together to see if we could get a fight going. ( You can read another account of this fight on Astral's excellent blog HERE.)

Astral went in to get aggro and while the Brutix docked up in half-armor, Julius' Vexor wasn't as lucky. We all played games for a short while after that, but eventually things wound down and no one else got kilt.

I forgot to mention that Stan became our Hero of the Day when he solo'd our best Anonymous commenter earlier. This would have been better had he not subsequently lost two ships to him later on. Oh well.

I'll also mention that Ezra received his Stay Frosty t-shirt in the mail yesterday, the only one to come out of the Zazzle/CCP Ban Hammer incident. He also managed to get one of those awesome Low Sec Roamer's Map posters.

So I undocked the wittle white Asteros for one last jaunt before logging off for the day. I jumped into Jov and instantly spotted the Megathron on scan. We quickly assembled a gang in the other system and Akirra was nice enough to burn back to provide probes. We finally got him locked down inside his Mission and I warped in, to first one gate, then another and then yet another. By the time my wittle ship arrived he had run off to station. I was too slow. :(

By then local started to get busy again and it looked like we might have missed our chance. But if there is one thing I've learned about Mission runners over the years it is that their play-time is just as borked as ours is. He stayed logged on, so I stayed patient. This time I warped cloaked to the in-gate and sat. I had Akirra sit off the station cloaked, so she could see when he undocked and give me time to de-cloak before he landed.

Sure enough, once local calmed down again, he did just that. Once he was in warp, I de-cloaked and waited for him to land.

Sometimes you can be so focused on your plans that you forget other people have plans too. As soon as I got both scrams on the Mega and started to put the web on his drones, a Pilgrim de-cloaks and also starts shooting me, and neuting me, and generally adding his own drones to the fight. So it is my wittle white Asteros holding down a Mega and getting nueted to Hell by a Pilgrim. Everyone else is jumping and warping to help, but my wittle ship is taking some heat.

But I held him long enough for other points to arrive and managed to get out safely with about 25% armor left. In all the confusion I'm not sure what happened to the Pilgrim tbh, he sorta of disappeared at some point. But the Mega was surely caught. I went to re-ship into something bigger,I decided on a Tempest. But the Mega died before I got there.

For me the day was finally over, but for Stay Frosty and our pilots the day never truly ends. I wake up every morning and look at the killboard wondering at the stories each kill and each death represent. It would be impossible to know them all, to re-tell each victory and each defeat. But I know that every single line represents its own unique story. A challenge faced, an enemy defeated, a personal accomplishment, or a valuable lesson learned. It is one of the truly great things that come from being fortunate enough to have such a great group of pilots around you.

And a truly unique and amazing day, like the one yesterday, can only serve to remind me of why I do it.

Now, let's see what today brings.

Command Ships: Not Good Enough

"I know this is going to generate a lot of strong feelings due to nostalgia and I share many of those feelings. However I truly think these new versions look amazing and that in the long run this is a change that people will look back on as an obvious positive."  - CCP Fozzie

It is an obvious change and a change that makes sense. Moving the Command Ship models to the correct racial Battlecruiser hulls makes perfect sense and I fully support the idea. As much as I loved my Sleipnir Cyclone, or the Evil Cyclon Eyes on the Absolution, the change makes sense from a game perspective. So that is all well and good.

What doesn't make sense, and what insults my sensibilities as an artist, is the new Sleipnir model. The big bold stripes of the Nighthawk, the truly Amarrian Abso shininess, even the Eos Myrm, all seem worthy of Command Ship level awesomeness. And we could, as adults, argue about each of them in turn. Did they go far enough? Nope. Are they just re-skins and not new models? Yep.

Fozzie said something else I'd like to remind you about, "opening up options for the art guys in the future".

Ok, fair enough. The stage is set for some truly inspired and worthy model invention down the road. I encourage that on all four ships. Let us remember the Vagabond, as it stands as the perfect example of how to handle the expansion of a line of hulls. From the Stabber, to the Stabber Fleet, to the Vagabond, each ship is well designed and reflective of its position in the line. The top of the food chain even gets something special, as it should. The Command Ships should be treated the same way. Especially now that we have Navy versions of them in-game.

The Sleipnir is a special case at this point in Eve's history, because it is based on the Hurricane model. And the Hurricane model needs some special attention. Nothing drastic, but it needs a ground-up remake to take advantage of the love other models have received. It is time for the Cane to grow up a little bit and match the rest of the line. Think Tempest when you think of the Cane. The Pest model got that kind of love and it is perfect.

I admit, I'm a spaceship nut. So I'll be watching and waiting to see what happens. You guys can knock it out of the park, I know you can.

So let's grab some Quafe and get those sketch pads out shall we?

PS: Yes I know the formatting is screwed up on these posts lately, it is not on my end and isn't something that I can control. I'm working on it, trust me, it annoys me more than it annoys you.

PPS: Ha! I found a line of code that seems to have fixed the formatting issue.

I feel expanded upon

In my humble opinion the Rubicon thing that happened yesterday is the text-book example of the perfect Winter Expansion. A gosh darn ton of new stuff not one of which is a dead-end, game-changing, controversy inducing, hot-bed of contention in waiting. The game is somehow better than it was on Monday. And that is good enough for the cold months of Winter.

The game seems tighter than it did before, overall I mean. The graphics crisper, the text more readable, the windows better organized, and overall - tighter. I appreciate that. I do like the new character selection window, that is pretty slick. The launcher remains quaint and meaningless, but I don't mind having it. At least it remembers my User Name again.

The new Cert system and the ISIS Tree take some getting used to. I did discover a skill I had forgotten to train playing around with those yesterday, so they helped me already. Nothing serious, I meant to top off Armor Layering a while back and just forgot to do it. So its chewing on Level V now. I'm almost over the 100m skill point rubicon myself, so these new features don't impact me as much as they would younger players. But I think they are awesome and a HUGE improvement over what we had back in the olden days.

Stay Frosty Director and Diplomat Akirra Menelaos spent the last month stock-piling SOE LP, so she hit the ground running yesterday. Popping out both classes of the new SOE ships at a record pace. She was nice enough to let me have an Asteros Frigate at a decent price. I have no idea how to fit the damn thing, but I did manage to create a decent fit that puts the little Frig at over 7k ehp and puts out a respectable amount of drone dps. I managed to catch a Venture on my trial run, but he got away. I originally thought dual web, but I'm thinking dual scram now. Maybe. More testing to come.

The speed change is as awesome as advertised and not as horribly game-changing as feared. It fits. And while some ships can be engineered to go ludicrous speed, the compromises needed to make that happen render them all but useless in combat. So what we are left with is slightly faster PvP Frigs and smaller ships, and slightly slower larger ships. Once again putting the choices in the players hands, the way these things should be.

Congrats to Fozzie and his team once more. And to everyone at CCP, this was a smooth expansion with little in the way of problems.

Also, special thanks to the SOE ship designers. Nicely done. I Hope this proves the concept that out-of-the-box spaceship design can be achieved in Eve and that we are witnessing the dawn of a new era of ships being introduced. Make it so.

The rest? Well now, we'll just have to wait and see won't we?

PS: The war with that other corporation is over now. You really should come fly with Stay Frosty y'know.

Rubicon Predictions

Tomorrow we cross the Rubicon. We shall all forfeit our Imperium and face death and dishonor. Gulp.

Ok, maybe not. But the relation to "crossing something" is deliberate and CCP would like us to think we are on a journey of no return with this latest expansion. If everything holds up the way it seems, I suspect they might actually be right this time. Maybe. So here are some last minute predictions about what you can expect from getting your ankles wet crossing the line of death and entering Rome.

My Crystal Ball of Expansion Predictions

• Everyone hops into an Interceptor and goes Ludicrous Speed!! They have fun for about 39 jumps before they try to tackle someone and realize that the main fleet is 37 jumps behind them! Suddenly all of New Eden realizes something that Hero Tackle pilots have known for years, arriving 30 seconds BEFORE help is a sure way to die horribly.

Kick the tires and light the fires. Speed is great, but generally speaking it just means you die a lot faster. But not in bubbles after tomorrow! This might be the greatest single change ever for Eve PvP, but remember to hurtle with caution.

I fully suspect some seriously hilarious deaths from this change in the coming days.

• Carpel Tunnel Syndrom Increases! One result of the speed change is the increase in the amount of spamming you will be doing to your d-scan button. Orbit that button carefully, cause that new dood in local is now ON YOUR FACE! Click. Click. OH MY GOD!!

Should be fun.

• Overview Clutter! Suddenly all of these idiot players have structures they can put up in space! And who thought this was a good idea? I imagine my overview is going to be full in a week or so of Siphons and Bunkers and other things. Ahhh!

So overview management... again! Sheesh. And what are we going to call these things in gang? Everyone warp to that Depot, y'know the 16th one from the bottom. Can we name Depots?

• White Ships Ahoy! Look for some hilarious kms from the new SOE Ships. If this is anything like the Gnosis it should be a fun week as people buy them and fit them without a clue.

• I'm not even gonna touch the hilarity that hi-sec Custom Offices are going to cause. I don't understand hi-sec and this isn't going to help me in that regard anytime soon. Have fun with that.

One last prediction. Rubicon will go down in history as one of the best expansions, certainly top five, in Eve. It is FREE and it should be awesome. Lots of ground-work being laid for the next two or three expansions, and content that seems naturally expandable for once.

I'm looking forward to it. You should be also.

Any predictions of your own?

Anon No More

Just a quick note.

After four plus years of a totally open, no verification, anonymous allowing comment system here on Eveoganda, I have decided to take the step to ban the ability of readers to leave ANON comments on future posts.

I value open and honest discourse, but given the generally trolling nature and lack of courage displayed by most of the ANON commenters it is clear that is not something they value.

I sign all of my posts. From now on you'll have to sign your comments. It seems only fair.

As always, if you enjoy trolling, I suggest Reddit or the Forums, or some such.

The Buck Stops Here

I am the CEO of Stay Frosty. I am not a Dictator however, I take my cues from the members and from my appointed cabinet of fearless Directors. Every member of Stay Frosty has a say in what happens, both in chat, email and on the Corp forums.

It isn't complicated. We don't have Sov or any grand plans of conquest. We are pretty simple folk who simply wish to fight the good fights when we find them, undock and have some fun. So running Stay Frosty is a lot like herding cats.

As CEO I do feel it is my duty to stand for my members, to be their advocate both in and out of game, to encourage them, to defend them, and to help them in any way possible. This is what I do. If one of our pilots gets into trouble I will derp myself in order to help. I've done it numerous times, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. But I never hesitate.

That is how I lead. By example. I play the same way our members play. I take the same risks they take. This isn't some glorious subterfuge on my part, it just so happens that the play-style I enjoy the most is exactly how Stay Frosty is built. Duh. That is kind of the whole point.

I've taken a lot of heat and criticism in the past for how I translate that philosophy here on the blog. It happened back when I was CEO of Lucifer's Hammer and it is happening again. That's fine. I often post wearing my CEO hat and I often post wearing my player's hat. The "heat" derives from other people's desire to put me in a corner and have me behave according to their own rules. If we've learned anything together during the last four years of this blog, it is simply this - no one puts me in a corner.

I say and do what I want both here on this blog and in-game. I listen to my readers, those that have the courage to sign their comments, those on tweetfleet, my friends in the community I serve, and my pilots. But I make my own decisions. This blog has its own voice and will continue to remain so as long as I am writing it. You do not have to like it, read it, pay attention to it, or in any other way acknowledge its existence. That is totally on you.

I will continue to talk openly about events that are happening in-game. And I will use my own judgement when it comes to determining which of those are worthy of mentioning in a post and which are not. No one else makes that decision. The buck stops here.

It has been this way for over four years and it will continue. No amount of harassment, anonymous comments, or anything else will stop that. So get used to it, or ignore it, either way is up to you.

I wrote yesterday's post because I had to. It was the last piece of a puzzle. I tried to write it straight, but in an entertaining way. I am always mindful of my readers and try each day to provide an entertaining read.

I don't expect my readers to know the full story of why, how, or what is behind every post. Especially one like yesterdays. I have my reasons. Sometimes you need to do something just to say you did it. Publicly. Out in the open.

Personally I couldn't give a rat's ass about that other Corporation. I have much more important things to deal with these days. But, as CEO, there remained one last thing to achieve. And yesterday's post achieved it.

Consider it the closing of a chapter if that makes you feel better. A chapter I personally closed seven months ago, but which other forces continue to re-open.

Keep the courage.

A Public and Rather Humiliating Apology for Hurting the Feelings of Eve's Top Ranked Pirate Corporation

Dear Top Ranked Pirate Corporation,

How do I even begin to express how deeply sorry I am for all of the bad things that I have done, the words, the images, the videos, that have hurt your feelings over the past seven months?  It seems that I must sincerely ask for your patience and understanding as I work back from the very beginning.

Once, long ago, I was a soldier in the darker reaches of Null Security space. I had gone to Null the first week I played Eve and had spent two years fighting other people's wars. I knew nothing of Low Security space or the people that played there. But slowly and surely I began to hear of a group of players that had fun playing Eve, a group that dared to fly Solo, but who would come to a fellow player's aid when needed. My path took me in a different direction, to Syndicate and eventually to my own Corporation.

When we finally moved in to a nearby system, I finally had the chance to fly with you. For eighteen months I flew often with some great pilots in both your corp and in Shadow. We had many great gangs of insanity on those Sunday night roams. And we also fought, but the fights were good fights. And I admired your Code from afar.

When my life, my business and my Corporation began to finally fall apart around me, it was you that I chose to fly with. I ignored invitations from everyone else in New Eden and made my home with you. I didn't play much at first, so many other things having become a priority in my life. But when I did, I learned a lot from all of you. From what I considered to be great pilots. I no longer had to look up to you, I was a part of you. I believed.

I realize now that I must have done something to warrant your anger. My Irish blood can be stubborn and pig-headed at times, I'm rather notorious for it. So I can sympathize with your dilemma, you must have felt no other alternative but to banish me from your ranks. I tried to apologize then, but my words obviously failed me. So I tried to walk away quietly, but I was foolish and let the voices of a few dozen members sway me into making a stand. I was used for other people's gain, I realize that now. I feel like such a fool.

None of that is an excuse for what I did next. And I know now just how much hurt, pain and suffering I've caused you since then. My decision to build an old-school Solo and Small Gang Corporation in the station next to yours must have seemed to you the actions of an angry man, and for that, I do sincerely apologize. Our group of lay-back newbies and true solo pilots must have seemed like a darkening storm cloud of insult to your very existence, and I can honestly assure you that was never my intention.

You have every right to War Dec us, station camp us, follow us around New Eden, smart bomb our pods, write Anonymous comments on my blog and killboard insulting me and dragging me through the mud, I deserve it. God knows I deserve much, much worse. All I want is to make you feel better, to calm your nerves and to prostrate myself before you. And humbly, sincerely, and with all my heart, ask for your forgiveness.

Please forgive me for telling everyone you are a Bully, when clearly it is me that has acted like one. All those horrible things I've done, what ever possessed me? I have seen the error of my ways and am a changed man. I promise.

Please forgive me for calling Meebz a bad pilot. That one throw away line buried deep within a post was uncalled for and mean-spirited. The context isn't important, words hurt and I know that now. Can you find it within your expansive heart to forgive me?

Please forgive me for all the times in the last seven months that I've derped myself into you. I foolishly thought that if only you could kill me a few dozen times, it might satisfy your anger and make you feel better. But I was foolish, certainly my crimes against you demand far more sacrifice. I am prepared.

Please forgive me for building a great and successful 150 man Old-School Pirate Corporation in your System. My God, what was I thinking!?! I can only imagine how badly this must have pierced your soul and cause you such extreme anguish. I promise to stop kicking your spies and to publicly announce our ops so that you have time to mobilize to another region and properly set-up your black ops gangs.

Like I said before, I am sorry. And I am prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to prove my sincerity. If, as I suspect, my actions have indeed caused you to feel bullied, picked on, or otherwise hurt in any way... I will quit Eve.

If that is what it takes... if that is what you want... if me being in local causes you such anguish, such pain and suffering, then I will be a man and go. I never wanted to hurt you.

Gosh darn it, that was the last thing I wanted.

I am humbled. You were right all along. I see that now. The darkness in my soul has consumed me. I fear for my eternal.

I must pay.


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

A never ending series of good fights, horrible losses and my continuing stupidity in the face of the world's most amazingly frustrating and rewarding game experience, Eve Online.

Here then are some of the highlights and lowlights from the past week or so.

The Good: Falcon Dies
So there is this Moa about and we quickly grab some ships to see if we can catch it. Nothing fancy mind you. We do grab it, when suddenly The Falcon de-cloaks next to us! Yeah I lost a Caracal, but both the Moa and the Falcon die. And that was worth it. I'll trade a ship for an ECM dishonor boat any day.

The Good: Decisions
Killing a Corax with a Tristan isn't the greatest thing since sliced bread, but as is often the case, it is the story that makes the story. I had just lost a really bad fight and jumped into the Tristan when I spotted this Corax. The system was loaded with nasty things, so obviously there were some gangs about. I never hesitate, but I did this time because it sure looked like a bait situation, no one else was bothering the Corax. Finally I decided to go for it anyway and sometimes that works out.

The Bad: 600m Pod
One thing I have learned over the past six months is that my former corp mates are more than willing to stoop ever lower and lower in order to kill me. On their kill-board they proudly predicted an angry blog post about this loss, which sadly means they haven't learned a damn thing about me during the last six months. I'm not angry about this, I don't actually get mad, but this was totally my own fault for not paying attention. They have to live with their own actions.

The Ugly: Linked Cormmies
Who knew that even the vaunted Vengeance is no match for five Tengu linked Cormorants? Ok, I did. But this fight didn't start out with five and the Tengu only appeared on scan at the last minute. They got my pod too, they must be so proud.

The Good: A Coercer
I have never really flown the Coercer much, so I decided to fit two of them up and go see what it could do. It is a fun ship to fly and puts out some impressive deeps, but is extremely prone to dying. But I did manage to get some good kills with it.

The Ugly: Moar ECM
I'm a system over when my Corp mate tells me he is going for a Harpy in a plex. Suddenly he is jammed by the suddenly appearing Griffin. Big surprise huh? I haul ass next door and save him by taking the Griffin down quickly. The ugly part of this story is that this happened again later that same day with a different group and this time they brought a Falcon. He got away again, but when I brought out my Rook, they ran away.

The Bad: Fish with Teeth
Sometimes when a fish runs from you it isn't because he doesn't have teeth, so going back to get the dual scram Atron is not a good idea. This happens so rarely that it isn't worth considering, but it does happen. So be warned.

The Good: And Equal
And then sometimes everything works out perfectly and you find the perfect ship to fight in the ship you actually happen to be in and you have a really good fight on your hands. Thank god this still happens from time to time.

Those are just some of the more memorable fights from the past week or so. What will happen next? Stay tuned.

Rubicon Changes Ranked

Here are the Rubicon changes I am most excited about in order of excitement. Y'know, for me personally. Your rankings may vary. Because you are an individual with varying interests. Which is what you should be. Think for yourself. Don't just let some random blogger tell you what to think gosh darn it!! Even one as intelligent and handsome as your friendly neighborhood blogger. Even him. Heck, especially him!


29AU Taranis!! Need I say more? Ok, I will. 29AU Taranis that isn't affected by Warp Bubbles!! Gotta lump all of that into this one, it is simply the greatest change in ALL of Eve history... since, like T3 Cruisers maybe. If you don't believe this you must only spin your ships and never actually undock them. Spin spinning will not be affected, but everything else will be changed forever.

It isn't just about the Interceptor class here, this change will fundamentally alter the entire fabric of space travel, combat and everything else about being in space. I am not overselling this, stop and think about it for a moment. Everything will be quicker, even without 3x Intertial Stabs in your lows. D-scanning will become essential. This is a big deal.

That is why it is number one. See, I thought about this list for a couple of minutes.


It doesn't matter how much or where much or when much these things work or don't work, what matters is that they exist in the first place. The other three player structures aren't even worth mentioning right now, we'll just have to wait and see about them. But the Siphon Unit will rock space in ways that no one can predict. Ok, maybe I can predict it, but I'm not sharing those specific thoughts with you. Not right now anyway.

Do your own planning for goodness sake!


It is a small thing to most people perhaps, but if you die about once a month this small change is a HUGE freakin' deal. No longer do you have to pause training to insert implants into your head. WHOOP! Gold Star for that Dev, thank you.


Many people would put these higher on the list, see above about things that vary. Any new ships in Eve are worth praising, but it remains to be seen how much these two new white ships will impact my play-style. If at all. Oh sure, I'll own a couple. I'll own them because I love spaceships!


I don't fly Marauders and I hate ECM, so there is very little of this stage of balancing to be excited about that isn't already wrapped up in Warp Speed changes. I will admit that I am a big fan of the Sentinel and that ship is gonna be even more awesome! Otherwise, these are changes that we needed and I am happy about them. And I may buy a Marauder just to see those bits move.


I lumped these two together because they are essentially the same thing really, they inhabit the same general function. More easier things to look at. At this point in my Eve career they won't impact me personally very much, but I am excited about how much gooder they will be for younger players. I am not without sympathy when it comes to learning the worlds most freakishly complicated game.

The rest is either Carebear or Hi-Sec stuff, so I have no interest in those changes at all. Not even a little bit. I don't even read the stuff about them. Ghost sites? Can I scan people down in them? Good enough.

There was something about more stuff being available in Low Sec. It sounded carebeary to me, but more traffic in low is always good. So that should be on the list, trouble is I can't even remember what it was for.

I'm sure it doesn't matter. Come to low sec to make iskies! Im excited for Rubicon and you should be as well. What else matters? Eve is better.

[UPDATED] Stay Frosty Weapon Selection Guide

Stay Frosty Ammo Guide V2
Click for additional sizes

Stay Frosty pilot sumlovinclut prepared this amazing and handy guide to selecting the proper ammunition and he has agreed to let me share it with my readers.

I have a feeling this wont be the last of these, so stay tuned for more from Stay Frosty!

[UPDATED] 11.15.2013

#1 Tristan Video

This is the very first PvP video by Stay Frosty's very own Tristan Terror Joffy Aulx-Gao.

Any PvP enthusiast will almost immediately notice that Joffy does not use hot-keys in combat. And if your first reaction is negative, I would caution you before you go any further. Without giving away anything, let me assure you that he is unable to use hot-keys in the way that you or I might, and leave it at that. I consider Joffy a true blue virtual friend and I am proud to have him in Stay Frosty, but just know that not everyone's life is as perfect as yours might be.

Joffy personifies the exact ideals that Stay Frosty was founded on, a profound love of Eve and the sublime beauty that is player combat.

I'm looking forward to many more videos from him. Enjoy his first one, I did.

Spreading Like Flies

I'm sure that everyone that starts a new Corporation in Eve has big dreams about what might happen. Even if they won't allow themselves to think about it, or they have very specific plans, somewhere in the back of their head the thought has to linger - maybe this thing will grow?

I know when I fired up Stay Frosty over six months ago my plans were very specific. All I wanted was a simple, old-fashioned, solo and small gang home for people that wanted to have fun again in Eve. I honestly expected we'd get about 20 or 30 pilots and have a blast terrorizing people.

As if often the case however, I can't do anything half-assed and Stay Frosty has grown to number over 140 pilots and has become one of the most active Corporations in all of Low Sec. (Perhaps only surpassed in activity by Brave Newbies, and that is really an entirely different thing.) You would frankly be shocked at the sheer amount of activity going on in this Corporation and how well that original vision is actually working out. When people are logged in, they are doing things. It is an amazing thing to experience and I am extremely proud of all of our pilots.

Such activity comes at a cost however. Too many wolves tends to thin the herd. Throw that on top of our neighbor's insistence on using a half-dozen link alts at all times, and the amount of potential targets to feed the pack has started to seriously decline.

And while Stay Frosty pilots have always roamed far and wide (we have registered kills in every region of New Eden!) the Corporation itself has stubbornly remained planted in Verge Vendor. Last week we decided to officially change that and start something new.

We opened the first of two new planned BOs (Base of Operations) down in Minmatar FW space, the second will probably be sometime early next year down in Amarr FW space. This will give our pilots a BO in each of the three prime FW low sec regions and effectively spread us out, give everyone the chance to operate in new space, and keep things lively and interesting. It also gives us the potential to support a much larger and even more active player base.

This is our very own Manifest Destiny. I've told our pilots from day one that all of Low Sec belongs to us, to fly far and wide, and to challenge themselves to take it back by force. Which is just a fun way to say, get out there and shoot things!

All this does is create the infra-structure to support that level of activity. And make it easier for so many active pilots to find targets, join gangs, and generally make themselves a pain in the ass to the locals.

Hevrice remains our HQ and it will always be our home. But it is time for the Corporation to spread its wings.

These are exciting times in Stay Frosty. You really should come and play.

We have room now.

The Pirate's Life

[Warning: Adult language and situations. Yarr!]

I dragged my sorry carcass out to the dock, stinking of pod fluid, cigar smoke, and rum... speaking of which, I finished off the last of the Hevrice Brown Derby - swished it around in my mouth and spit into the infinity pool. My bleary eye cleared enough to see nothing in my fleet that inspired me. I found the console and another day of ship fitting yawned before me.

Ehh, screw it. Rip up another Fed Navy and let's get undocked. Half-assed I caught up on the news and the crap going on down in Minmatar space, while I put on my boots, lit a new cigar, and scanned the nights kills and losses. I am a multi-tasking bastard and by the time I'd taken the usual morning piss over the edge, my ship was finally ready.

I settled into my seat under the pod, told the back-up crew to go fuck themselves, and fired up the engines. Some hi-sec pussies might need four or five guys to fly these things, but I prefer to do it myself. If anyone is going to load the wrong god-damn ammo into the guns, it might as well be me. I laugh as the ship launches into the void. Half expected some lazy camper from next door, but the undock was clear. I banged my head against the bulkhead, to clear the cobwebs and to silence the ringing from the implant. That damn pirate piece of crap doesn't take well to rum buzz.

Chased a few losers out of my Plex, all of them stabbed to Hell and back. I waved at two of them before giving them the finger. Yeah, yeah, best of luck to you, ya bastards. You won't always be so damn lucky. I cleared the system and headed over a few more jumps. More stabbed cloaking idiots later found a Hookbill on scan. I paused, lots of traffic usually equals trap. Whatever, screw it. I went in anyway. What do you know, he wants to fight. Surprise, sensor damps! That's a new twist. Sorry though, those things ain't gonna help ya none. I smiled for the first time today, this wasn't going to be a total waste of a day. He fought well, but the end was never in doubt.

Might as well loot the wreck and hope someone comes to kill me while I do it. Which they don't sadly. By this time some of my mates are around and we start picking up a few here and there. Rabble rabble. The game is afoot. Must be the rum talking, I never say things like that.

Rinse and repeat. Runners run and fighters fight, but today the world is full of runners. System after system of little men in little ships, spinning for empty promises of fame and glory for Empire's that treat them like something found on their shoes. I don't get it, but to each his own. Just don't bring that into my space. You can label it whatever you want, but until you fight for it, it ain't yours.

You go to all the trouble to triple-stab your damn ship and then sit there while I kill you? I don't pretend to understand these people. Sometimes, someone will ask me, why bother with them? And then I point to something like that and I say... because. That pretty much shuts up any more dumb questions right there.

By this time we had a decent little gang together and Agroc brought his shiny new Dram along to try out. I hoped he was ready for it, he was bitchin' about technical problems all the way out to Black Rise. But he seemed sturdy enough and he finally got himself a decent scrape with a Corax. I aligned to the fight but held off, I know he wanted this one for himself. But I also didn't want him losing the damn thing on the first day, so I finally warped in and helped him finish up.

We caught a few more fish and then swung back towards home. That's when I saw the Wolf on scan. A Comet and a Dram shouldn't have much trouble with a Wolf, and with Agroc behind me off scan, I warped into him. Normally I'd have approached the fight slightly differently, but knowing what was coming behind me, I played it rather aggressive. That's when Agroc's Dram starting having serious technical issues and stopped operating. Just flat out gave up the ghost leaving me holding the bill. Pirate Frigs! All I could do was let the pod slide down over me and turn into a fish for the ride home.

It ain't the first time an easy fight turned into a bad one, and it won't be the last.

My message board dinged while I was docking. Another fan letter from a recent victim, "You suck ass!!" That's right fishie, you explode with stabs on your ship and I'm the one that sucks ass. More of you need to die in a fire, let me fit up another ship and I'll be right back.

More rum first. And another cigar, this one is all wet now.

Content Creator


The Eveoganda Store on Zazzle has been closed.
Petitions to Zazzle to re-post those items clearly owned by myself and in no way subject to any decision by CCP have been denied. Clearly Zazzle wishes to avoid any potential legal conflicts no matter the truth. Zazzle is, for all intents and purposes, closed to me as an avenue to sell anything, and my personal reputation has been affected. Thank you CCP.


I have heard NOTHING from CCP Legal.
No notices, no warnings, no clarifications, nothing. Only silence.


Other non-licensed merchandise continues to be sold on-line.
A simple Google search reveals hundreds of items that were being sold BEFORE my store went live, remain available for purchase.


I am worried about you.

You might be surprised at that last one, but my worry is justified. I am extremely worried about my fellow "content providers" in the community. The writers, podcasters, app developers, service providers and all the myriad others that work tirelessly to provide the Eve Community with the richness, expansiveness and uniqueness that it has become famous for.

I am worried because I tried to do the right thing. It was me that contacted CCP to ask for clarification and help in determining the right way to proceed. I've been asking for almost two years. It was me who once more alerted them to the fact of my store and asked, once more, for legal clarification and assistance. Please tell me, what are the rules? What are the guidelines? Look at all these other people out there selling your products without your permission, how can I faithfully operate under a system that clearly favors some, and not others?

Where is the line? Is there a line? Or does this all come down to simply a case of "trouble"? A reaction to a specific complaint by someone out to take me down? (It appears, from what little I have been able to determine, that a specific complaint might have been the root cause of this action. But that is not known for sure at this point.)

Back in the early eighties I stood shoulder to shoulder with people like Dave Sim and Harlan Ellison and other comic book creators in the fight for Creator Rights in that industry. I've taken companies and individuals to court over trademark violations, I've issued my own Cease and Desist orders, I've sued, wrangled and otherwise protested dozens of cases in defense of the rights of artists, writers and creators. I am not a newb at this type of fight.

A vague all-encompassing paragraph in the EULA/ToS is not a legal precedent. Just because you say you own something doesn't make you the owner of something. It doesn't work that way. You know better and I know better. All you have is a big scary hammer that you can use to scare smaller people with. And ultimately you wield the threat of banishment. And for those of us who love Eve, there can be no greater threat.

But let's be realistic. A great community is built on mutual trust and understanding. Which means, from a legal standpoint, clearly defined and reasonable criteria. Problems occur whenever we reach a point, like we have now, where no one understands the other. Vague threats and all-encompassing legal mumble mumble are not helping anyone.

I am worried. Not because those of us in the community want to become rich profiting off of your hard work, we don't. If anything, we want to help you profit off of your hard work. That is the entire nature of "fan" communities after all. My words, my pictures, my sweat equity builds a vibrant community off of which you profit. And I think I speak for the majority of this community when I say we'd all prefer to work within clearly established rules and guidelines. Rather than a vacuum.

I was well aware that certain items being sold in the store would be questionable. But others are doing it and I had heard nothing from anyone to clarify the situation. So I proceeded, well aware of what might happen. I was hopeful that the action would result in a positive outcome, that we could reach an adult understanding. I was prepared to remove whatever needed to be removed. My little store sold TWO items in the three days it was running. TWO.

Instead you eliminated an entire avenue of potential revenue. An avenue that is now closed to me. Included in that are items that are clearly not subject to any action by CCP and are solely owned by myself. 

"EVE Online and the EVE logo are the registered trademarks of CCP hf. All rights are reserved worldwide. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. EVE Online, the EVE logo, EVE and all associated logos and designs are the intellectual property of CCP hf. All artwork, screenshots, characters, vehicles, storylines, world facts or other recognizable features of the intellectual property relating to these trademarks are likewise the intellectual property of CCP hf. CCP hf. has granted permission to EVEOGANDA to use EVE Online and all associated logos and designs for promotional and information purposes on its website but does not endorse, and is not in any way affiliated with, EVEOGANDA. CCP is in no way responsible for the content on or functioning of this website, nor can it be liable for any damage arising from the use of this website.

Specific content not covered above are ©2010 EVEOGANDA and All Rights Are Reserved unless otherwise noted. I appreciate that you might want to link to material presented on EVEOGANDA and encourage you to do so, all I ask is for proper attribution and a link back to the original post. This is a fan site and all work presented within, with the exception of original content and certain written words, is based on material owned by CCP and all rights are reserved."

I might be the only fansite to add additional legal language to that disclaimer. Additional language which has been there since the beginning by the way.

Again, I'm not an idiot. I know exactly what CCP owns and what I own. This issue is not a question about ownership and rights. It is a question about fairness.

I have my answer. CCP Legal is not interested in fairness or in sharing. CCP Legal apparently has a zero tolerance policy that they use whenever something pops up that needs attention. I get it. Thanks.

This action changes nothing sadly. The vacuum still exists. Other non-licensed materials are still being sold by other people profiting from trademarks owned by CCP. And I will move forward with other plans which do not include providing the community with really cool Eve based materials. I will continue to create art based on those trademarks and provide them for FREE here on my site. Nothing changes.

And I guess, in the final analysis, that worries me more than anything.

The Big Ban Hammer

Just three short days after announcing the launch of the Eveoganda Store on Zazzle, the mighty CCP Legal Department issued an official ban and demanded Zazzle take down ALL of the merchandise from the now empty store front.

As a life-long advocate for artist's rights I am well aware of the rules regarding copyright infringement, cease and desist orders, trademark, international agreements, the whole ball of wax. It would never be my intention to violate the rights of a rights holder. Having said that, there is a huge wall of gray out here in the internet. A huge wall of gray that results in:

This t-shirt still being sold on Zazzle.

This t-shirt still being sold on Zazzle.

Do a search for Eve Online on Zazzle and it comes back with 13 pages of items. And Zazzle is just one source. Do the search yourself on google and see what happens. Shirts on Cafe Press. An entire store front over on Red Bubble with actual lifted art directly from CCP. The results are rather long and involve every on-line merchandise re-seller.

I could go on and on. All of these items up and being sold before my store went live and still up and running after my store was brought down.

I want to be clear, I started asking CCP for clarification over 18 months ago. I was in contact during this past week, once more asking for clarification on the guidelines for selling ORIGINAL materials "based on" properties clearly owned by CCP. And I have yet to receive a direct answer. I have heard nothing from them. Only the notification from Zazzle, "We have been contacted by representatives from CCP Games and EVE Online, and at their request,  have removed the product from the Zazzle Marketplace."

Keep in mind that there are literally hundreds of other, more obvious rights violators, still selling on-line.

They took down everything. Even the dancing pods from the Eve Dumb Ways to Die video, which has brought in nearly 120,000 views and was hand-drawn by myself. Even the Stay Frosty logo which is NOT used in-game and which is an original creation by myself, clearly something CCP has NO rights to AT ALL. Stay Frosty is not something CCP can lay claim to, since it originally appeared as dialogue in the film Aliens, Stay Frosty has become a classic, shared, public domain saying.

Obviously I am a bit different. As usual I can't do anything half-assed. My designs are excellent and I had a very aggressive plan to roll out new products on a daily basis. I promoted the store here, on Twitter, in forums, in my in-game bio, everywhere. I did this because I am in-between jobs out here in the real world and now seemed like a good time to try and monetize my five year investment in Eve.

I am more than willing to play by the rules, but as of today, I still do not know what those rules are. And why they seem to pertain only to me. Meanwhile, I am earning nothing from my investment, others are still making monetary gains from theirs. I don't need to tell you that I see this as grossly unfair and a slightly aggressive stance against perhaps the greatest on-line champion of Eve that CCP has. Namely me.*

*I'm not trying to inflate my own self-worth here, but it would be hard to argue this fact.

If the stance from CCP is simply that nothing even remotely related to Eve can be re-sold on the internet, then fine. But why are hundreds of other products still being sold? If tolerance is zero, then so be it, but it needs to be applied to everyone. Not just to the really talented one over here in the corner.

I went ahead with the store because I hadn't heard boo from anyone telling me to stop. I was fully aware of what might happen and looked forward to hearing from someone telling me what the rules are. Instead I got an invisible giant hammer and silence.

I feel a little picked on frankly.

While even AMAZON offers Eve Shirts clearly not sanctioned by CCP.

Or this ACTUAL EVE logo sticker!!

October 2013 Results

Click to embiggen!
The sixth month of Stay Frosty is in the can. Despite tremendous pressure from outside forces bent on our destruction, October was one of our better months. The Corporation added about thirty new pilots during the course of the month and has grown to over 132 members!

For the month Stay Frosty accounted for 1,365 kills to 849 losses. Our efficiency was only 50%, but mostly that was because of several costly T3 losses (cough!) that some of our members suffered. The good news is that I don't care! As long as everyone is having fun, making isk and enjoying the game, who cares about efficiency. Y'know, as long as it doesn't dip into horrible negative territory, which speaks to a whole other set of problems.

Once again it looks like Joffy will be the proud recipient of the distinguished HICKS Award for leading the killboard in total kills and solo kills. I believe this will be the third time for him, so congratulations Joffy! Well done.

It is so encouraging to see many new faces on this month's list, each and every one of whom is a great pilot and a good friend. Well done to everyone, even if your name isn't on the final lists, all of you have contributed to making Stay Frosty the greatest group of misfits in all of New Eden.

We have some more surprises in the works for the coming months as our ebil pirating ways spread even further around New Eden. So don't be surprised when you start seeing Frostian's in your neck of the woods!


The Guristas Sports Team!

Eve Online: The Guristas Sport Logo Tee Shirts
Eve Online: The Guristas Sport Logo Tee Shirts by EVEOGANDA
Make your own custom tshirt online on zazzle.

Today's new shirt on the Eveoganda Store is the infamous Guristas Pirate Faction re-imagined as a sports team brand! This is the first in a series of these, I plan on creating sports team versions of all the Pirate Factions.

There is a new product everyday on the Eveoganda Store, so be sure to bookmark the link and check back often.