The Shadow Series

The Envoy by Rixx Javix
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The Mission by Rixx Javix

Like I didn't already have enough to keep me busy I had to go and create a whole new series idea! I call this one "Shadow" and the idea came to me last week looking at some photos a friend of mine did. He is a professional photographer and he sends me images every so often, these just happened to be of several Lotus sports cars. They reminded me of those mostly black, highlight sports car posters. And I started to wonder what that style would look like with Eve spaceships instead of sports cars.

I ended up going in a different direction ultimately, but that was the genesis of the idea. I always strive to interject a sense of story or setting or implied meaning into my work. A poetry if you will. I can only hope that comes thru. I find the inky blackness of space hauntingly gorgeous and I think the concept of covering our ships in it to be potentially immense.

We shall see. Either way, I hope you enjoy.  It can also just be a purty picture.

Hauling Thoughts

So about a month ago CCP asked the players for ideas for more player segments to air during the o7Show. I actually have a few ideas I've had laying around, but all of them take ::effort:: and I'm a really busy Rixx. So I tried to think of something that would be super easy and super dumb all at the same time. Oh, and also short. Which led me to remember a segment that Saturday Night Live used to air called "Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy".

I've been spending a lot of time moving my stuff and the corps stuff the past few weeks to our new home in my Providence. This takes a ton of time and gives me way to much time to think.

So the idea was to take the spirit of Jack Handy and see if I could translate it into the Eve universe. This was more of a writing challenge for me. It took some work to get into the proper mind-set to start writing twisted, dumb, but smart tidbits of philosophy sounding things based in New Eden. I made a rule for myself, all of them had to be from the character's perspective, not from the player's. These had to be things that the characters themselves might think inside of New Eden.

So I finally had about 10 or 12 of them written and I made a template in Premier, 4 templates each with a different racial background, found some music and made two of them, and sent them off to CCP. The response was incredibly positive and they actually aired one of the two today on the o7Show!

I have about 30 of them written now. And yes, they are all as dumb as the first one. Actually, some of much dumber. I hope you enjoy them and they continue using them on the show.

As always, my awesome Patrons are responsible for me being able to continue developing and providing content like this. Consider becoming a Patron and helping me continue to make time to make awesome stuff for you to enjoy! It is very much appreciated. You can learn more by visiting my Patreon page HERE.


Eve Fusion Project

Eve Fusion Project
Give it a second to load and you can click thru the album

I finally got around to collecting them all in one album. I plan to keep doing these as long as the inspiration is still there.

Pittsburgh Eve Meet!

Over the past few days more than a few people have been surprised about where I live. I've been pretty open about it, but just to set the record straight I live in the City of Champions, at the birth place of the great Ohio River, the Steel City Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. In my opinion one of the most picturesque cities in the entire world. The city of bridges. Birthplace of cinema and oil wells. Backbone of the Allied victory over Germany. Yadda yadda. I could go on.

I've lived here since 1996 when I moved back from Philadelphia. If you can see that black building on the shore of the Monongahela River right above the top of the yellow bridge in the bottom right? Now go two buildings up the river and that smaller brown building is where my agency used to be located. My office had an awesome view of the South Side and the river. Sigh.

Now that you know where I live, generally speaking, you should come visit. And I'm making it easy for you to find me. I'll be at an event that my wife and I have created called Steel City Eve on August 20th, 2016. We've rented a pavilion at the beautiful North Park for the entire freaking day! Tons of people are coming and you, and your family if you want, are invited. North Park has a ton of stuff to do, even beyond hanging out with me and other Eve nerds. There is a huge lake with boat rentals, zip lines, bike trails, and much, much more.

I'm hoping to have an original Rixx Javix painting ready to raffle off to one lucky winner! And we'll have other stuff to give-away, or throw at you, or stick on your forehead. Who knows what might happen?

So head on over to the Eve Meet page and check out all the details.

My wife has provided a ton of links to local hotels, camp grounds, attractions, and alcohol providers for you. We will be getting a liquor license so we can have drinking at the pavilion, but drinks are BYOB. I'm not Donald Trump here!

Oh, and it also happens to be my 50th birthday celebration! So be sure to bring me something shiny! I'm kidding of course, gifts are entirely optional.

We hope to see you there. And if this year is successful we'll probably just keep doing these every year. Why not? Why didn't I think of this before?!?!  I DON'T KNOW!

Pittsburgh. August 20th. Be there. I will be.


Logos Updated

Here are all the ones I've done so far. I had this idea pop into my brain the other day looking at the EA Sports logo. EA is not that different from EVE and I can still remember thinking, I wonder what that would look like as an actual Eve Online logo? Since then its been whatever pops into my brain. These are like little snacks between long stretches of editing car commercials. The only two that have taken more than five or ten minutes have been the Ninetendo64 and WoW versions, those took more like fifteen minutes to finish.

Also remember you are only seeing the ones that work. I did an NFL Eve logo the other day that turned out terrible. So you won't be seeing that one. Some ideas just don't work.  And some, like the Kojima Valykrie logo, turn out to be more than just a simple joke.


After Hours Episode 5

After Hours Episode Five is now available! In this episode I talk with JonnyPew about making Eve videos, shooting things in space and other topics of interest.


Empyrean Chronicles Next Steps

This is just a mock-up
So where does the Empyrean Chronicles go from here? Based on the traffic numbers, the amount of media attention, the general buzz in the community, and the downloads that I know about, I think I can safely say the first volume was a rousing success. As this is the Eve community we are talking about, it can be hard to judge such things. We tend to be very vocal about things we don't like and less so about things we do. But, even so, I think the general consensus is extremely positive. So let's go with that.

Yes I do plan to continue the series. I'm going to be doing something slightly different with the next two volumes however. I've talked this idea over with Telegram Sam, who runs the annual Pod and Planet fiction contest, and the next two volumes will include fiction pulled from the archives of that contest. These are all great stories that have already been written and deserve a chance in the spotlight. Not to mention a wider audience. Moving forward I'm hoping there will be even more synergy between the contest and the book, perhaps a volume each year specifically pulled from the annual contest. But first things first.

I also believe there will be room in each volume for new works. I just don't know exactly how to handle that yet. Last year some submissions to volume one were lost when I lost my computer. A few others got mixed up in the transfer to the editing on Google Docs. I freely admit, as a first time Editor-In-Chief, I had a lot to learn. For anyone whose work was omitted in the first volume, my sincere apologies. So I am being extremely mindful when I take a deep breath and try to prepare a proper system before asking for new submissions. This was the springboard for the idea of pulling from the PNP archives in the first place.

What I do need however is artists. Sure I could just scour the internet for Eve related artwork and pop anything I wanted into the book. Its all Eve IP after all and the book is free. But I don't want to do that, the mere idea is horrible. So I've already started reaching out to some new people I'd love to work with and I have others yet to contact. But if you are interested in providing art for the new volume please feel free to contact me. Art is the one thing that can really take a huge amount of time and we need to get started.

In other news, I also had an idea for another book. I don't want to share the concept with you yet, but I've already reached out to someone about it and they are on board. We just need to get together and talk it thru. I'm very excited about the idea and I think it will be an extremely interesting collaboration. And something new and different for the community. And no, it has nothing to do with the Fountain War.

Although I am trying to get Jeff Edwards on the After Hours podcast, so if anyone knows Jeff can you please try to help out. I think he'd be a great guest and it would be very interesting to hear from him now that the Vegas book is in the rearview mirror.

Things continue to develop here at Eveoganda World HQ, as always.

These types of projects are fueled by YOUR goodwill and support. I can't do them without you. Consider becoming a Patron and help bring even more great projects to light for Eve, our community and for your own enjoyment. Your support is sincerely appreciated. Empyrean Chronicles, After Hours and everything else wouldn't exist without it.

Eve In The Style Of...

Eve Atari Wallpaper
The Eve logo in the style of Atari
Last evening was odd. I found myself with a strange hour or so of time in which I couldn't do much. The boys were waiting to go to Boy Scouts, I was waiting on a phone call, our realtor kept calling with updates on the house sale (don't ask), and whatnot. So I had these little islands of time on my hands, five/ten minutes at a stretch. So I did what I often do and made something up for myself to do.

Why not re-imagine the Eve logo in the style of other video games and companies?

The hard part is that the word "Eve" is only three letters. Even the combined words "Eve Online" don't really lend themselves easily to other logos. So obviously some license would have to be taken.

Some work better than others.

And some don't really work at all.

And some work really well.

I think I got that out of my system. Back to normal now. Whatever that is.

I'm having issues with stopping...

I have a call-back job interview in an hour... more waiting.

Chronicles Feedback

How cool would that be?
Since being released on Friday the Empyrean Chronicles book has been download at least 7,000 times now. And that is just from the DropBox link, I have no way of knowing how many times it has been download from the other links, or duplicated and shared otherwise. Easy enough to do with a PDF file.

Once again Rixx nails what it is that fans and players of Eve Online really want. Which isn't hard to do frankly, we've been starved so long we just want! Period. And since CCP seems determined to continue to feed us with dribs and drabs, someone needs to fill us up between meals. And while I can only do so within the boundaries of legal constraints, and I refuse to be someone who sneaks around those constraints, my only remaining option is FREE. (Although you can certainly help me provide more FREE things by supporting my Patreon!) Just remember, I didn't create this situation, I'm only trying to live in it.

Thanks to everyone who is helping to spread the word about the book. So far the feedback has been insanely encouraging. Even the Reddit thread is bereft of the usual, "Rixx sucks!" rhetoric.  I suppose it is extremely difficult for my haters to argue with freakin' FREE. EN24 ran a story on Saturday which I was happy to help with, so many thanks to them. Typically any mention of me on EN24 generates a firestorm of negative comments, but so far only one positive comment on that story. Which has to be some sort of record. And then this morning EVE-NT ran a story on their site about the book, thank you, thank you! And again, I suspect there won't be any negative comments over there either.

Later today an article I wrote myself will be popping up over on Crossing Zebras. I'll post a link here once it is up and running.

Over the weekend as my wife and I were filming two recipe videos for a client, we made an Oreo Banana Split Ice Cream Cake and Strawberry Soup (both of which are weird hipster recipes btw!), I had a pretty awesome idea for the next two volumes in the series. If this idea pans out it will mean the next two volumes will happen much, much faster than anticipated. So fingers crossed. Even if that idea doesn't pan out I'm determined to get started on volume two here shortly. So keep your eyes open for news on that front.

In the meantime if you happen to have any feedback, negative or positive, or encouraging, or critical, or even something you wish you could see in the next book, please feel free to tell me in the comments. I really do enjoy hearing from you, even my haters. (Seriously, my wife and I both get a kick out of reading your angry comments.) CCPMimic liked it, so how bad could it be?

And keep spreading the word. Who knows, maybe someday CCP will come to their senses and we can actually offer printed versions in some sort of centrally located repository of Eve related merchandise? It could happen!


The Art of Eveoganda Book

The Empyrean Chronicles, now downloaded over 6,000 times, is actually my second FREE Eve Book. The first was released way back in March 2014 and is called "The Eveoganda Art of Rixx Javix" and it is a coffee table style art book that collects a lot of the art I had done up until the time of publication.

In the spirit of the new release, I am making this book available again for those that may have missed it the first time. Even though it was downloaded over 10,000 times during 2014.

You can download it HERE.

My good friend Norbert Bensel went a step further and actually had the book printed. He brought it with him to Fanfest in 2015 and I had the honor of meeting him and signing it for him.

The Book



Empyrean Chronicles, Volume One

Click the link above to download your FREE PDF copy of the book!
Chock full of great Eve Fiction and Art, Empyrean Chronicles Vol 1 features
19 stories and tons of artwork, including several never-before-seen new pieces from
Gabriel Cassata and Rixx Javix!

Wow. And it is all FREE. Download your copy today.
And be sure to enjoy the heck out of it.

Empyrean Chronicles Update

We're in the home stretch now!

Back in Nov/Dec of last year when I had the idea for the Empyrean Chronicles anthology I had no idea just how fucked up my life was about to get. Six months of Hell later and the damn thing is finally coming together. I sincerely apologize to everyone involved, but I hope you can understand that this was not my intention. And believe me when I tell you it will all be worth the wait. I hope.

Between threats of incarceration, court battles, selling houses, moving, packing, and everything else, I've managed to corral some great stories, herd my editors, and secure some amazing artwork from the extremely talented Gabriel Cassata. Including one sweet exclusive piece he did just for us. Not to mention some really great Niden Summer and Rixx Javix work as well.

I'm in the final stages of formatting and final art right now. And if I can manage to keep the vampires and zombies away from me a bit longer, this sucker should be available for download in the next few weeks.

So hang in there and keep the courage. The bastards can't stop me.

After Hours Episode 4

Episode 4 featuring my conversation with Spanky Ikkala is now LIVE!

We talk about Eve University, Broadcast4Reps, Best of Us, Care4Kids, Fanfest, and lots of other topics while fighting the audio effects of beards and bio-breaks.

I also re-did the opening, using the music I made for the Gate to Gate Show and featuring the always amazing voice of Sindel Pellion!!

The next Episode features JonnyPew! And I already have even more great guests lined up!

I hope you enjoy.

The Eve Store (cough)

Last year I created these t-shirt designs for my good friend Bam to have printed and sold at Eve Down Under. In order to accomplish this I contacted CCP and went thru legal channels, they had a document drawn up, which all parties signed and shared. The process went smoothly and only took about a week. This was exactly one year ago.

Over the years I've tried breaking the rules, following the rules, being a positive force for change, being professional, writing proposals, making awesome art, promoting, marketing, and pretty much every other thing I could think of under the sun. I've been banned from Zazzle and had my store front taken down by CCP legal. I've voluntarily taken down other items. I've worked with CCP legal successfully. And not so successfully. I've sat in a roundtable about Eve merchandise at Fanfest and helped promote a more open and opportunity based relationship with CCP and the player base. I even held my own presentation about the subject and put myself out there on that foundation. I became the first player to work directly with CCP to provide created art posters in partnership with QMX Online. A process I was hoping would open doors to others, result in an amazing and wonderful Eve Store, and incredible products for all of us.

Every day I find things like this.

Or things like this.

Or things like these.

Heck, just type Eve Online Shirt into Google and have a look for yourself. Over the last year, the sheer amount of illegal merchandise available online using Eve IP has grown tenfold.  Maybe more. It is rather out-of-control. There is a vacuum that is being filled by opportunists. And not by legit providers. There is only one way to combat this growing problem and that is by providing a quality, legitimate alternative. Which we still do not have.

Thing is, this is not my fight any longer. You don't know this, because I've kept it private for the last four months, but the relationship I worked hard to build between myself and CCP no longer exists. And I'm speaking of the poster series here. The agreement between us was cancelled by CCP back in March. Just in time for them to sell my posters at Fanfest and not have to pay me anything for them. My inquiries in that specific direction have gone unanswered since then.

I bring this up now for the same reasons I have always strived to be open and honest with my readers and my fans. Because you deserve to know. I get requests every single day for merchandise, for t-shirt designs, for phone cases, for wall stickers, for everything under the sun. This is why, back in March, I replaced every single Art Print image on Flickr with a hi-resolution version - so that you could download them yourself and print them out for FREE. What can I do? I can't sell them without breaking the law, so all I am left with is nothing.

I will continue, as I always have, to work with those that need help. But as far as Eve merchandise goes, unless something changes, I'm done with it.

I have to start moving on to other things. As the great Roger Waters wrote:

"All alone, or in two's,
The ones who really love you
Walk up and down outside the wall.
Some hand in hand
And some gathered together in bands.
The bleeding hearts and artists 
Make their stand.

And when they've given you their all
Some stagger and fall, after all it's not easy
Banging your heart against some mad bugger's wall."

In the meantime, do what Albert did and take my art and make your own thing with it. Albert also started supporting me on my Patreon page!  While you can't pay me directly for using my art, you can always pay me indirectly to keep making more art. What a weird ass world we live in.

None of this makes a lick of sense to me.

Current Status

Signature: Hookbill by RixxJavix on DeviantArt

I've started loading my portfolio of images onto my DeviantArt account over the past week, it is a process that will take months to finish. I started out on Flickr because back then it was the easiest place for me to post higher resolution images that could be embedded into my companies website and blogs. It wasn't more than that back then. Over the years it became such a huge repository of images that the mere thought of doing something else with the images felt like a nightmare. Just consider for a moment the sheer amount of links across my entire history of social media that reflect back to images posted there, it must account for literally thousands of links.

As I told my Patrons last week, it isn't going to be a "mirror" to Flickr, and nothing will happen to those images already on Flickr. Nothing wrong with posting to both sites. In addition, Deviant has some services that are unique, so I'll be taking advantage of those as well going forward.

After Hours: Episode 3

AFTER HOURS: Episode 3 is now LIVE over on Crossing Zebras. Check it out!

Episode 4 will be out next week and Episode 5 was recorded yesterday, so things are moving right along. I spent some time and re-did the opening a bit, I think you'll like the new one. You'll hear it on Episode 4 next week.

I hope someone is enjoying these, because I'm having a blast doing them. I hope to continue to bring great guests along and explore the community even more in the coming weeks and months. If you happen to have an idea for a guest you'd like to see, just let me know.