1v1 FUNNIES: #12

Some quick thoughts about Tyrannis:

• Love the new Scorpion! (duh) So let's get on with updating other ship models.  I'm not going to get off this bandwagon and I can be pretty darn annoying when I want to be.

• Planetary Zooming.  It has been somewhat amusing to zoom in and out of the planets this week, but that's grown a little old.  I did train my alt in the new skills as much as I thought she needed, so she's ready for next week.  But my goodness, has anyone actually read up on this stuff?  I feel like I need a Doctorate degree!  I hope this is all easier once we start doing it.

• Spacebook is cool and all, I guess.  I suspect it will be more useful once I have the incredible amount of time needed to organize my contacts in a useful way.  That isn't a complaint, just an observation.  It's good, fine, whatever.

Ok that pretty much sums up Tyrannis for now.  We'll see what happens when the land-rush begins and everyone starts building things they don't understand and the market goes kla-blooie.  Should be interesting.

And with that I leave you Dear Readers with this week's 1v1.  Enjoy your weekend, drive responsibly, don't let your friends drive drunk, don't take any wooden nickels, watch your back, look both ways before crossing the road... and don't do drugs.

Click to embiggen

Two Rifters from competing Pirate Corps happen upon a Hulk mining in a belt and start to point him
at the same exact moment, each racing to be the first to pop such a juicy target.
But then a convo pops up and each of the Rifters answer it.
Hulk: "I am a magical Hulk, let me go and I will grant
you both a wish."

The Rifters consider this, neither having stumbled upon a
magical Hulk before.

Rifter 1: "If you grant me my wish I will let you go."
Rifter 2: "Grant me my wish and I will also let you go."

Hulk: "Ok then, it is agreed."

Rifter 1 considered his options, all the riches of the universe or...
Rifter 1: "I wish all the other pilots in Eve were women!"

Hulk: "So be it." And POOF all the other pilots in Eve were suddenly women.

Rifter 2, already aligning out of system, "I wish Rifter 1 was gay."

And he warped off.

Give 'em Both Barrels

I'd like to take a moment and say thank you to all our veterans, both past and present, for their sacrifice and dedication to the cause they fight for.  None of us would be able to enjoy the freedom represented in playing a global Internet spaceship game if it hadn't been for them and what they have given.  I know that might sound trite, but consider our history and the conflicts that have defined us as a people.  And I speak of all nations, all of us as a global community.  Keep politics out of it for just a moment, and consider the person and what they have given.  In far too many cases, they have given the ultimate sacrifice.  It is Memorial Day weekend here in the U.S. and I say thank you to all veterans.  You will never be forgotten.


I thought I'd share with you another of the propaganda posters I did for LFA.  I found it amazing that a large Alliance would often find itself divided between industry and combat, the "carebear" and the "PvPer".  In my mind both are equally important to the success of an Alliance.  Now, that isn't to say that all pilots don't share a responsibility for the common defense.  Even a low ranking industrial pilot can pick up a shovel and stand in a gate camp.

But I thought a poster that united those two parties in spirit might be useful.  And this is the result.

Click here for the original size

Later today I'll be back with this week's 1v1 and some thoughts to keep you over the weekend.  I'll be away from computers and Eve for a few days, so you'll be on your own this weekend.  I expect to find the blog in the condition I left it in and please pick up after yourself.  There is plenty of cold beer in the fridge and I just had the pool cleaned.  Pay no attention to the Sorority girls next door, they're all mine.

Blackshield Protectorate

The commissions just keep rolling in, so thanks to everyone who has contacted and contracted me over the past few weeks.  I appreciate the opportunity to work with each of you.  No project is to big or to small and each one receives the same level of attention.  It would be easy enough for me to just crank these things out one after another,  but I don't do that.  I take each one and give it the care that it deserves.  It isn't always easy finding the time to do that within the confines of my already busy schedule, but so far it hasn't been a problem.

I enjoy the work, so keep 'em coming.

This week I finished designing a logo, wallpaper, banner project for a Corp just getting on its feet - Blackshield Protectorate.  I'm not sure if they even have a website up and running yet, but if they want to link anything in the comments to this post now or in the future, I'll update the post as well.

Scott was great to work with and I wish him and his Corp the best of luck.  Here are 2 web banner options (I threw the red one in for free, sometimes another idea hits you.) that include the new logo.  You can click the images to embiggen them.

Plus, getting the work I do for you featured on Eveoganda is pretty cool!  Maybe I should charge extra for that?  Nah, this is to much fun.

You can visit the Blackshield Protectorate blog up and running now!

Spinny Bits

Tyrannis is deployed and all I can think about is my new Scorpion!

Before I get into the post - big thanks to CCP for a seamless patch (despite the server issues and the delays) that - unlike Dominion - didn't knock me out of the game for over a week!  I'd be a very happy person if I never had to live through that again.  So thanks.

Like many of us, I am an Internet Spaceship junkie.  I admit my addiction.  And I know this much about myself, I can't get enough.  Bring it on.  Yesterday was like that for me, the exact moment I got back into the game I went and bought and fitted a brand spanking new Scorpion.  I was like a kid in a candy store my friends.

It's like that really ugly Aunt of yours, whom you haven't seen since last week, showed up looking like Pamela Anderson one day.  Wooohoo!  And not only does the Scorpion and its kin look sexy and hot, but... and here is the coolest part... it has a spinny radar dish thingie!!

Before yesterday if poor Rixx wanted spinny bits he had to fly a Hawk or, gulp, a Catalyst.  Those are the only ships I can currently fly that have spinny bits on them.  That doesn't count my Alt flying a Hulk, cause goodness knows what Industrial Revolutionary thing is going on with that ship!  Cogs?!?  Cogs AND lasers?  I dunno friends, it perplexes me every time I look at it.  And those shock arm things?  What the heck is going on inside a Hulk?  The mind reels.

But now, thanks to the magic of Tyrannis, the Scorpion is badass and spinny bit functional.  Since I don't have anything else to do these days, I did show off my new Scorpion to anyone who wanted to see it.  I also spent some time just spinning it around in station... just for old times sake.

Ok CCP.  You've shown us that you can improve your ship models, so get busy updating more of them!  Mini-patches are accepted.  The Helios needs some serious love, the Blackbird and the Moa would be my next choice.  So, sometime in June then?

So, is the Scorpion now the coolest looking Battleship in Eve?

Eveotorial: CVA

I tend to steer clear of in-game politics.  I don't read or troll the forums unless someone points me towards a topic that I might be interested in.  The only forum I stay current with is the Corp forum.  This attitude toward forums is relatively new for me.  I used to read them, comment on them and generally cause or react to drama.

That all changed with the fall of Libertas Fidelitas (LFA).  The amount of drama on both the CVA and LFA forums before and after the fall of D-GTMI and the collapse of the Alliance was enough for me.  I swore off politics and vowed never to get involved again.  And I haven't.  Much anyway.

I mention that as a precursor to the following Eveotorial about the CVA Alliance.  I would like to mention that the opinions expressed in this Eveotorial are mine and mine alone.  I am no longer a Director of anything for anyone.  I am simply a pilot these days, and I write this amazingly entertaining blog.

It has come to my attention however, that certain members of CVA don't appreciate some of the oblique and subtle things I've said about the Alliance here on the blog.  I apologize for being oblique and subtle.  This Eveotorial is intended to fix that issue and be as blunt and obvious as I can manage.  If you're reading this you should also know that nothing I am about to say has been a secret.  In fact, my opinions have been said both on forums and personally to many individuals in the past.  As is my policy here on Eveoganda I won't mention any names.  I just want it known that this isn't coming out of the blue.

My opinion about CVA is actually somewhat complicated.  As a noob moving into zero space I grew to appreciate what CVA had created in Providence, a space where I could grow as a pilot and experience all that zero offered without getting my ass handed to me every time I undocked.  As I learned more I began to even respect CVA and what they had accomplished in taking the space before I started playing, especially in the pre-dominion days, was an accomplishment worthy of respect.  As I became aware that CVA pilots were mostly Role-Players I even respected that aspect, even though I don't 'get' it, I can appreciate the dedication it takes to stick with it.

I didn't stay a noob however.  It wasn't long before I began flying in fleets with CVA pilots.  Much of this is tempered by the fact that I was in a Holder Alliance, but the fact is that CVA FCs and pilots are/were (speaking in generalization) arrogant pricks.  Oh sure, there were a few decent pilots in CVA and I respected those.  But I'm not talking about individuals, I'm talking about an Alliance.  The Alliance treated their Holders as second-class citizens and pranced around like they were the Empress' gift to the universe.  Now, this sort of arrogance might be appropriate if they were especially great pilots that rocked killboards and defended their space with honest zeal and dedication.  In fact, if that were so, I could even grudgingly give them respect for it.  We all know pilots and organizations like that, don't we?

As it turns out, that wasn't the case at all.

Twice now I've watched CVA fail and fail hard.  Twice?  That's being kind, I could easily count that differently and add bigger numbers to it, but what would be the point?  The fact is that CVA got their arrogance handed to them and shoved down their throats.  All the posturing and prancing was for nothing.  What exactly were they role-playing?  How to fail miserably?

I expected more.  I defended their space as loyally as I defended the other Holders space.  I spilt blood and invested my time in doing so.  I spent billions of isk on the belief that, despite their arrogance (or perhaps because of it), they must have something to back it up with.  It must have been based on something? They must understand the delicate balance on which they survive, mustn't they?  That when push came to shove, CVA would be able to shove back.  And shove back hard.

Honestly that would've been great.  I don't happen to believe in it myself, but if extremely talented people want to exhibit a bit of arrogance, then that is their prerogative.  On the other hand, arrogance without talent or ability... well that just makes you look stupid don't it?

That arrogance boiled down to one decision back in January.  You can think what you want about the details surrounding it, but it all boiled down to one decision.  CVA decided to stab the Holders in the back, to deny their own orders and leave LFA out to rot.  Instead of rallying together, this decision broke our backs.  Instead of mounting an effective retaliation, we spent weeks mired in internal politics, debate and inaction.  Instead of uniting the Holders in defense of our space, it became clear that it was never "our" space and it had always been their space.

Why?  Because there wasn't anything behind the curtain.  CVA spent more effort on building stations in systems they couldn't defend than they did on building their fleet to defend it.  They lined their pockets instead of lining the perimeter.  They fiddled while Rome burned.  And, in the final analysis, their arrogance destroyed them.  And it continues to destroy them.  Do you realize we had open conflict with CVA about the voice comms during the defense of Paxton held space?  Because they refused to use the voice software that Paxton was using.  I kid you not.  And that simple small tiny issue has been around for a very, very long time.

The proof is in the pudding as they say, and CVA is morally bankrupt in my humble opinion.  They may re-take space, they may even someday re-take Providence, but it won't erase the stink.  Heck, all of this is just one pilot's opinion, just me and my two cents worth.  Nothing I say should matter to anyone in CVA.  If I was them I'd probably shrug it off and move on.  Which is fine with me, I didn't write this to change anything.  I wrote it because I've waited months to write it, because I gave them a second chance and that didn't change anything.  I wrote this for me, to get it off my chest and move on.

You reap what you sow.  And the seeds that CVA planted have come to bear a bitter fruit.  I couldn't say this before, out of respect for leadership, my Alliance and Corporation mates and all those in LFA... there is so much more I could say.  But I won't.

CVA and their issues are in my rear-view mirror.  They are the past and the past is dead.  Nothing I say can change what has happened, or even  change the way an entire Alliance operates.  Nor would I expect it to.  Nor would I really want it to.  However, our past is where we learn the lessons that drive our future.  They are the experiences that make us who we are.  In that light I learned a lot from CVA about how NOT to operate an Alliance.  And for that, I'm a tiny bit grateful.

Old Rixx

Yep, that used to be me.  Sad isn't it?

I've said this before but I took zero time on this game before I started playing it.  I saw it running on a friends computer, downloaded it and jumped right in.  I had read ZERO about it before then, never even heard of it before, never played a MMORG before and took no time at all thinking about my character, his race or anything else for that matter.  It shows doesn't it?

Ok, so my avatar sucked.  Strange for someone who cares so much about design and the way things look huh?  Yeah.  Sometimes I don't take enough time with the things I think deserve little time to think about.

It wasn't long before I realized the error of my ways.  Once I started to realize I was going to be playing Eve for a long time and be stuck with this picture of Rixx, I started to think that I had made a mistake.  Strangely however, the ugly guy had started to grow on me.  More like a fungus perhaps, but my formative months were spent under his icy gaze.  I wanted a new character picture, but part of me wanted it to still be "Rixx".

I wonder how many of our avatars look like us in real life?  Not that Rixx looks like me, he doesn't - not really.  But he sorta does, kinda.  In the way that dog owners and their dogs often seem to look alike.  But you can see from the "new" Rixx that I kept the essential elements of the original, same hair, same eyes, same five o'clock shadow, same weird cybernetic thingies on his face, and just made him a little more cool.  Darker and more serious.  But essentially it is still the guy in the original avatar.

How important are avatars in Eve?  On the one hand we never really use them for anything.  Other than the opening screen and their appearance in local or chat windows, our avatars are kind of useless.  On the other hand, they are kind of important.  They represent us and our characters both in-game and out.  But yet they really don't even exist within the game, we never see our character as they are hidden within their pod or the ship they are flying.

Maybe Incarna will change that.  If it ever happens.  But that's another post.

1v1 FUNNIES: #11

Another week and time for yet another 1v1 FUNNIES.  I know, I know, try to contain yourselves.  I can feel the anticipation in the space-time continnum all the way over here.  Sheesh.  And whoever threw that tomato at me earlier, I expect an apology.

Click to embiggen and otherwise make bigger

An Oneiros walks into a bar when the bartender yells at him to get out of his bar.  The Oneiros, rejected, walks out.  A Drake sitting at the bar says, "I'm curious why'd you kick out the Oneiros?"
The bartender says, "Bad rep."

Tidbits & Friday Morsels

> I've been in M3 for 30 days today!  Time sure flies when you're under siege and being forced out of your own space by marauding bands of evil reds intent on your utter destruction, doesn't it?

> I finished training Large Hybrid Turret V earlier this week and in 2 short days I'll have the railgun specialization skill trained to Level IV, then on to Gallente Cruiser IV and Gallente Battleship IV and I'll be able to fly a Sniper Megathron!

> Why is flying a T2 fit Sniper Megathron such a big stupid deal?!  It is a big stupid deal for me because of what it represents.  As a Caldari character Rixx has mostly been focused on shield and missile skills for the last year and a half.  However, I've also been training him as a well-rounded PvP character with focus on core skills and whatnots.  In addition he has been slowly cross-training Gallente.  Undocking in a T2 fitted Megathron represents the culmination of those two skill trains, fully T2 fitted Caldari BS and fully T2 fitted Gallente BS.  Representing shield, missile, gun and armor.

> Which brings up the ?, what to do next?  DIC? HIC? T3? Minmitar CT?  Right now I'm leaning towards training for a Tengu next, it won't take very long with my skills and then starting to CT Minmitar.

> The word is that it might take up to 3 weeks for PXF to decided where we are going.  I sure hope it doesn't take that long.  Honestly I'm already bored out of my mind.  I'm spending most of my time with Ana making isks, but that gets old real quick without the outlet of shooting something.  Luckily this is an especially busy RL time right now, so the other side of that coin isn't bad timing.  For now.

> That's it.  Later today another 1v1 FUNNY and then the weekend.  Fly safe.  (Unless you are red to me, then I hope your ship explodes for no apparent reason as you're reading this.)

iPhone Wallpaper: Brutix Special

I realized I haven't given you any new iPhone Wallpapers in a long time so I thought I'd put one together that I actually thought of way back when I first started doing these.  The ships in Eve are amazing and I honestly love many of them from a design standpoint.  The Brutix is one of those, for some reason the ship seems so organically hewn that it has a life all its own.  A few months ago, while spinning in station, I happened on a view of the ship hovering over the pit into Hell and thought... huh, that is cool.  Enjoy.

This one is going on my iPhone.

Click to embiggen, download, view, whatever

Lust Attack!

Ok I admit it, for an Eve Blogger type person I don't really pay much attention to EVE.  I love Eve, but EVE I don't have much time for.  I try.  I really do.  But EVE takes so much time, reading forums, watching CCP news feeds and lots and lots of reading.  I'm playing a game here and while I can understand why other people care and follow EVE, and bless each and every one, I'll stick with Eve.  It's about all I can handle.

If I am confusing you then you can breathe normally, you're ok.  EVE (in all caps) is the big story, the all encompassing Empires and back-stories and fictions and factions and whatnots that make Eve so deep and... well, deep.  I do enjoy those things, don't get me wrong.  But I just don't have much time to follow them on a regular basis.  I'll give you an example.

I know there is something happening with some kind of "events" in Empire, some sort of CCP sponsored Sansha Nation attacks.  I've read some of my fellow Blogger's accounts and they sound cool. Beyond that, I dunno.  So yesterday I was tooling around Lustrevik with Anastasia, trying to make some isk after the expensive month of PvP Rixx has engaged in, when local turned purple.  Slave Endoma01 started giving warnings in local and suddenly a Worm Hole opened up around Planet One and lots of Sansha ships started streaming out.

Click to embiggen

Ana jumped in her Harbinger and warped out to play.  You can see the WH and the Sanshas streaming in the screenshot above.  You can also see that the Harbi doesn't have a speed mod on, oops.  I forgot to take the time to fit it properly and just undocked in it.  Oh well, at least it was dual repped and stood up to the beating it got very well.  Ana isn't a fighter normally, she is an industrialist and sometime mission runner, so this was exciting for her.  The best part was the Chimera that showed up just as the last of the rats exploded.

Click to embiggen

So yeah Ana got on a Chimera kill mail!  Along with everyone else in Lust at the time, but still it was a blast and a nice break from the normal normal.  Whatever is going on I like it and encourage whoever is doing it to keep doing it.  I've always said that EVE needs more random acts of space weirdness and this proves my point.

LOL.  Ana kilt a Carrier.  That's funny.

Weird Ass Day

I've noticed a distinct correlation between real life stress and insanity, and in-game stupidity.  Remind me, next time I am having a bad day, to log off.  This might save me some more embarrassing moments.

Despite a morning that started off well the day quickly devolved into near retardation.  I moved my remaining assets out of Providence thru increasing red gate camps.  My next to the last trip in my Taranis was borderline epic, the NOIR camps tried really hard to kill me.  Even though I managed to get caught in four bubbles, several warp-ins and whatnots, they were unsuccessful.  I got away.  I will give them some credit, they did manage to pop my Crow the other day.  So it came down to my Buzzard and the last load of mods.  Me and my Buzzard are virtually unstoppable, so I had no problems evading the bad guys.  Mission accomplished and Rixx is free in Empire.  Whew.

Paxton is currently under two war decs however, so Empire isn't as safe as one might think.  One of the war decs is with U'K and the other with Privateers, who also war dec'd LFA when we started evacuations.  Having spent ONE whole day in the Privateers (when I realized just how fail a Corporation can be and left) I know how little I have to worry about them.  Oh, did I just say that?

So I'm sitting in station minding my own business, not really playing, but Eve in on in the background - when Angor asks me if I wouldn't mind undocking and giving his Rapier a good test.  We do this sort of thing all the time.  Being a little low on ships at the moment (most of my fleet having been blow'd up, sold or exploded for the insurance) I chose my new Nighthawk and undocked.  He starts shooting me and I wait awhile and then lock him down and start shooting back.  I figure we should get a good idea of his tank as well.  It isn't long before I realize I am burning through his tank at an alarming rate, and shortly he enters armor.  I click the mod to stop its cycle, but it remains green.  I click it many, many times and it refuses to stop.  Finally I click the unlock button, but also to no avail.  Poor Angor's Rapier explodes.  I have no idea what just happened?  A mini-lag issue, some kind of server glitch?  A week ago I had a similar problem with the mwd on my Crow, it wouldn't stop cycling even when I finally ran out of cap.  Either way, I sent Angor 150m as compensation, apologized and took the joking in Corp channel.  I deserved it.

That issue would come back to haunt me shortly however.  A red War Target was spotted outside the station in a Hurricane.  Obvious bait of course.  But I figured I'd have some fun with him.  He was a Privateer so he'd probably just run away from my NightHawk.  Just that morning another WT in a Cane had run away from me, saying in local "Wow, if I bring a BS you gonna bring a Carrier?"

At first he didn't do much.  But then he decided to attack me.  This should have alerted me that he must be bait for a larger fleet and normally it would have.  But I was being stupid.  So I engaged him and started killing him.  My plan, if I could be said to have had one, was to kill him quickly before help arrived.  Help arrived fast and local spiked with 20 red War Targets.  I tried to disengage, survive the timer and re-dock.  Normally no big deal, my tank could easily survive that.  Ahhh, but remember the previous problem?  Yep you guessed it.  Unable to disengage.

Again, once your day starts to go south on you, log off and try again next time.

goodbye providence

I have no special love for the region known as Providence.  Moving there nineteen months ago wasn't an action that I had any knowledge of, I was new in the game and the Corp I belonged to moved there.  I went with them.  That was the sum total of that decision.  In those nineteen months I've left, once for many months, and somehow always managed to return.  I'm not sure why exactly.  Was it the familiar people, my fellow pilots?  Was it the easy access to PvP?  Was it the clearly defined blue vs. red?  Was it the hours and hours spent defending something and wanting to help ensure its survival?  Or all of the above?

Whatever it was, the fact is, that chapter is closed now.  I've moved my assets to Empire and await the decisions that will follow.  But instead of talking about all of that, I thought I would talk instead about some of the things I enjoyed most about my stay in Providence.  Or some of my favorite moments.

•D-G Gate Camps.  Last Spring and Summer when I was finally starting to get my PvP legs under me, we went through a period of time when almost everyday brought a defensive gate camp to D-GTMI.  I know how this sounds now, but it couldn't have come at a better time for me as a pilot.  I learned a lot on those camps, chasing, de-cloaking, gate mechanics, bubbles of all different types, it was a crash course in game mechanics and the lessons I learned there have stayed with me.

•HED.  If you wanted a fight in Provi all you had to do was jump two jumps into HED.  The local reds would camp, we'd chase, play station games, wait on the Keberz, be chased back into D-G or F9-E and have a blast!  In those days I could undock, form a quick gang and be fighting reds in less than 30 minutes.  This was a unique situation that we were blessed with for a long time, I'm not sure many people realize just how lucky we were.  I did.

•Empire Access.  Having lived in Insmother I can tell you just how important easy access to Empire can be.  And while going back and forth to Empire always had its risks, it was safe enough to allow me to make a fortune bringing low volume high reward items from Empire to sell in Providence.  Eventually BIG ruined that market for me, but for almost six months I made twice weekly trips that made me billions in isk.  That was nice.

•People.  Oh sure, we had more than our fair share of schmucks, but we had more than enough good pilots as well.  The thing was that most of those around were at about the same level as the other people around.  And while that often frustrated the veteran players, it was a great environment for a young player to learn the ropes.  Most of those good pilots are still in my address book even today.  They're spread all over the universe but they're still good solid pilots.

I'll miss G Genetic, who we killed so often (four times in one day once) that it became a joke.  Sorry G if you're reading this, I'm sure you tried your best.  I'll miss FloridaJay stealing, lying and mostly being one of the coolest asshats I've known in the game, even though he doesn't own the character anymore. Wherever you are Jay I hope you die a horrible death. (He knows I kid.)  I won't miss that -A- basterd that used to smartbomb me in WD and SV5 in his battleship.  I won't miss CVA fleets, listening to the arrogant pricks talking about us like we weren't listening.  We were listening, and no one is happier about what has become of you than I am.  You reap what you sow.  I especially won't miss that CVA FC who asked for help 15j away and then rejected my fleet app because I hadn't brought the right ship, even though no one had bothered to tell anyone what the right ship was.  And yes, I know his name.  I'll miss the fun roaming gangs that used to spring up, the all drake gangs, the frigate gangs, the sb gangs, the panic fleets, and all the rest.  Fun times.  I won't miss the cloaky U'K fagabonds hanging out in systems all day long and refusing to fight.  I'll miss the sense of purpose in defending your own space.  I'll even miss the pre-dominion POS bashing way down in Catch and Immensea.  I'll miss the long roams, the WH drops into the other side of the universe, the stupid gate camp jokes, that 7 year old kid on vent, the dumb songs...

Yeah, I have good memories of Providence.  But this time, I don't think I'll be coming back.  And even if, somewhere down the road, my journey would bring me back around again - it won't be the same Providence.

You can think what you like about Providence before today.  Heck, I'd most likely agree with you.  I was no fan of many of the things going on there.  But for me, as a noob who grew into a player, Providence was more often than not - my home.

Strength of Competition Index

I have a complicated relationship with my killboards.  On one hand I don't pay much attention to them and I believe that giving them any attention at all is a recipe for all sorts of things I like to avoid.  On the other hand I do like maintaining a 75% or better kill ratio.  (Which I do thank you very much.)  As a PvPer I think that is an honest goal worthy of striving for.  I don't play enough to worry about numbers, I'll never be the top killer or one of the best PvPers in Eve numbers wise.  That's not why I play the game anyway.  But I can't deny a certain pride in having a solid killboard.  I do take my own PvP seriously, I just don't care much for numbers and comparisons.  But the killboards are there.

Ok, now that the preamble is out of the way, I have a suggestion.

Personally I believe that basing rankings on numbers of kills and numbers of losses is grossly misleading.  Sheer volume of kills is one thing and I don't want this post to come across like I'm saying it doesn't mean something, because it certainly does.  But how important is it really?  Is it as important as quality of kills?

I came across this idea back when I went through my kills to see how "blobby" I'd been in response to a comment someone made to me in local.  During the compilation of those statistics I noticed something about the people I've killed, a majority of them are still in the game and doing very well for themselves.  The quality of my opponents has been very high.  Contrast that to someone who sits on a low-sec gate in a smart bomb fitted Dominix popping pilots all day.  Sure their numbers may be very high volume wise, but surely the quality stinks.  The same argument could be made of many different situations.  So how to judge quality?

I'm suggesting the creation of a new Killboard statistic.  A Strength of Competition Index (SOCI) that calculates the average winning percentage of your foes, those that you've killed, in your PvP career.  Not only could there be a gross total, but you could also easily calculate an average.  For example, my last 20 kills have a SOCI of 76.91%, which means the pilots I've killed kill 3/4 of the people they face.  Or a little better than me actually. For comparison I randomly picked one of the top five pilots on BattleClinic and did the same calculation of their last 20 kills, which have a SOCI of 60.45%.

Does that make me a better PvPer than that person?  A pilot who has more than 12,000 kills than me?  Of course not.  But it does say that the quality of the pilots they are killing isn't the same, in fact it is nearly 20% worse.  I think it is a valid additional statistic that is easy enough to calculate with the BC database.  It would also be easy enough to generate the opposite statistic, the quality of the pilots killing you.  Which also would speak volumes about the quality of pilots you fly against and lose to.

IN ADDITION: This thought just occurred to me.  Eve is an amazing game that does a tremendous amount of work towards making the amount of time you play inconsequential to the result.  In other words, people that play a lot don't have much of an advantage over those that don't.  As long as you're skilling along, time is pretty much equal for all players.  PvP Killboards on the other hand, as they are set up now reward those that play more.  The SOCI suggestion is one way to even that playing field as well.

Again, this is just a thought I had.  I'd be curious as to your thoughts about it.

1v1 FUNNIES: #10

Number ten.  Wow, who'd a thunk that I'd have enough ideas to last this long?  Ok, there are those of you saying to yourselves, "Uh, when do the ideas start exactly?"  Fair enough, but I never claimed 1v1 was the second coming of Far Side or anything.  So if you have high expectations, that's on you.  For those with lower expectations... then I present the tenth one of these things.

Click to embiggen

I wanted to do something special for the tenth, like color or 3d or something.  But then I was reminded of another idea and decided to instead honor our cloaky friends in U'K.  If you are wondering why there are no ships actually in the comic, let me assure you that there are over 1,200 ships in there, each one painstakingly illustrated with the usual flair for exhausting detail you've come to expect.  Far be it for me to explain a joke, if you get it good for you.

The Night of Shattered Carriers

As our systems in Providence fall like dominoes before the red hordes our resolve and our spirit remain high.  Every day brings new operations aimed at stemming the tide and holding fast against overwhelming odds.  And while each of us knows it is only a matter of time, I think we still believe that the exact time is something we have some control over.

Last night in I7S we proved once again that we won't be going down easy.  The system was already pinned down by SBUs and the station was rapidly on its way through reinforce, repair services were down and had been all day.  We knew that the enemy would be coming in to finish what they had started, so we were prepared and waiting.  It started with small skirmishes around the neighboring systems as the fleet began killing one of the SBUs.

It didn't take long for the enemy to hot drop a fleet of carriers on top of us and the battle was on.  You can read the battle report for yourself, and while the total numbers are certainly in our favor there is one statistic that bears a second look.  That's right, we killed 15 Carriers!  (I know the PXF Battle Report says 17 but two of those are repeats for some reason.)  Oh, and we didn't lose a single one.

Strangely enough Pandemic Legion arrived on the field with a nice force of mostly T3 Legions and Tengus to assist.  I say strangely because no one seemed exactly sure where they came from or why they were helping us, PL being a long-time foe.  Obviously it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out, but last night it was a bit cloudy.  I wasted some time tackling a PL Zealot before it all got straightened out.

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am not a fan of large fleet battles.  But I realize they do have their place in the universe.  And sometimes, like last night, they can be things of beauty.  The grid games, the mass of bubbles, wrecks, fire, explosions, carriers, fighters and the sheer awesomeness on display was certainly eye catching.  But the real beauty for me was the execution and coordination of our efforts.  From tackle to Sniper to Guardians waiting to rep our damage inside POS shields, the battle went well because we worked together.

For my part, having lost my dps ships during the week, I decided to provide tackle in my trusty Taranis and Crow.  During most of the battle my hardy Ranis was on fire and trailing smoke.  There are few sights that get my heart pounding as much as my Taranis trailing smoke while pointing a Carrier and popping fighters.  Eventually the damage became so significant, only 10% structure left, that I had to park it and bring out the Crow.

In the end I pointed and tackled 12 ships, including 6 Carriers, as well as helping to bring down one of the evil SBUs.  With no losses.  They tried, but they didn't get me.  Not then anyway.

Aideron Robotics

One of the things I enjoy most about Eve, along with killing pixel-ships and the community here on Eveoganda, is creating artwork and designs that are game-based.  While it is a source of income for Rixx in-game, I don't do it simply for ISK, that just happens to be a useful side effect.  I do it mainly because I find it enjoyable, interesting, fun and a great distraction from my RL work which can sometimes be a bit pedestrian.  Well... my real life work is awesome and cool, but it doesn't have spaceships in it!

One recent project that I just completed was a logo and banner design for an in-game corporation called Aideron Robotics that also happens to have an out-of-game connection to Eve.  Aideron is also the makers of Aura for Android, a Capsuleer-esque application specifically designed to operate on the Android platform.  They asked me to create a logo for their corp and a new banner ad for their blog and killboard.  To me this was a very interesting challenge, since the application crossed both worlds, it wouldn't be the same as creating an in-game based design alone.  We also talked briefly about the Android App itself, but that side of the project may be a bit more commitment than I can make right now.  But we'll see.

Thinking about robotics and the Android phone got me to thinking about Droids and Robots of course.  That led to thinking about Droid "apps", or little Droids.  And while little Droids naturally led me to R2-D2, it actually eventually led me to the torture Droid that Darth Vader used on Princess Leia in the first Star Wars movie (or fourth, but don't get me started).

You can see the killboard banner in action on the Aideron Robotics killboard.

Click to embiggen

This was a fun project and I wish everyone at Aideron the best of luck with Aura and all their projects, both in-game and out.  Thanks for working with me.

Unforgiven Blood

This is a wallpaper I did for a Corp that quickly formed after the first evacuation from Providence.  It was built quickly and died just as quickly, but for a moment there we thought it might turn into something.  It didn't, but not from lack of trying.

Click HERE for the 1024x640 version
or HERE for the 1920x1200 version
Obviously things are a bit chaotic right now, so hopefully I'll have some time later to post more.  Until then enjoy! 

Last Man Standing

Click HERE to download the full 1920x1200 Wallpaper

It has come to this.  The last remaining bastions of old Providence are under siege, the enemy has decided that fighting fair and with honor isn't something they'd be interested in.  So the combined forces of those arrayed against us have arrived in all their horrible glory.  At one point yesterday they had three Titans on grid in one system, nearly every gate was bubbled and camped and sbu's went up (or tried to go up) in every system held by Paxton.

Today and tomorrow will determine the fate of all of us that stand against the darkness.  In all honesty this is probably the last stand of a desperate group of pilots that refuse to go away easy.  We've known for weeks that this was probably the inevitable conclusion, and yet we've hung fast and strong and pushed back one attempt after another.  All the while our enemies grew stronger and less stupid, and eventually even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

This post will be short my friends.  I have reds to shoot.  Wish us well.  Despite whatever side you may find yourself aligning, the Eve Universe will be significantly less without Providence.  The Age of Small Gang Warfare appears to be drawing to a close my friends to be replaced with large blobs of Battleships and Carriers.  I don't know about you, but that is a much less interesting universe to me.

If you don't believe me, check out the killboards of the leading PvP Alliances, notice the numbers and shed a tear for our corner of the sandbox.

The Combined Forces Arrayed Against Us

Ursha'Khan - 1272 members
Enforcers of Serenity - 281 members
Agony Empre - 261 members
Chaos Theory - 310 members
LegioAA - 479 members
Opticon Alliance - 895 members
Sodalitas XX - 878 members
Daisho Syndicate - 596 members
Star Faction - 1040

Total: 6012 members

Paxton: 657 members


In Memory: Frank Frazetta

©Frazetta Properties, LLC

Frank Frazetta died yesterday at the age of 82.  The New York Times obituary can be read HERE.

I met Mr. Frazetta on a couple of occasions in the late '90's and he even did a few freelance pieces for me back in the day.  That isn't to say that we were friends or anything, but for someone who thinks Mr. Frazetta is one step away from godhood, those were great moments in my personal career.  He was extremely professional, polite and gifted in ways that us mere mortals can only hope to be.

I know he was going through some very tough times recently with his family and I hope he died in peace.  The world is certainly less for this loss and I wish his family the best in this difficult time.  Except for the ones causing all the trouble, I hope you rot in a special corner of Hell.  But that's just me.

Thanks Frank.  You were unique and amazingly talented and you made my youth all the better for it.  Godspeed.


I took the weekend off from Eve, one of my many micro-I-don't-wanna-end-up-hating-this-game breaks, so not much to report and lots of blogs to catch up on.  Speaking of blogs I'd like to point you over to a relatively new entry in the Eve Blogging Universe, POS Life.  Nar Lee has been writing for a couple of months now and really hitting "her" (I say her cause the picture is a girl, but it's really a guy writing the blog, so how do you deal with that?) stride and I like what I've read so far.

I found POS Life because Nar wrote me and asked if I could provide some designs for a blog banner.  I was inspired and did two which he is having a hard time deciding between.  I enjoy helping and it makes me happy when I can make someone else happy with what I do, so that is awesome.  Now we're all happy.  Lots of lazy writing in that paragraph, but you get what I'm saying.

Click to embiggen

This is the one running right now and I won't spoil the other one since it isn't running yet.

If you are interested in a new banner for your blog, killboard, corporation logo, or other game related graphics just shoot me an email and we can talk about it.

1v1 FUNNIES: #9

I honestly didn't think I'd have time to get a Funnies posted today and then Eve went and crashed again, so I had some time after all.  Wether you think that is good news or bad news is totally up to you of course.  But here for your entertainment dollar (And since EVEOGANDA is free that is quite a bargain!) is this week's 1v1 FUNNIES.

Click to embiggen!

There once was a gal from Amarr
Whose Father dreamed would go far
Even though she was a bore
He couldn't believe she became a...

... special assistant to the Empress.

Breaking Rules

I have rules that I try to live by in Eve.  These are not usually hard and fast rules and they aren't written down anywhere, they live in my head.  But to me, as a player, they are real.  More like mantras than actual rules.  Most of them have come about because of bad experiences and poor choices.  Lessons learned.  Usually learned the hard way.

Yesterday I broke several of those rules because I was bored.  Boredom is my biggest enemy in Eve, I tend to do really stupid things when I get bored.  That was the first rule I broke, Rixx isn't supposed to do anything when he gets bored.  He is supposed to stay docked and take care of business, log into his alt and make isk, or something else that doesn't involve flying alone deep into enemy territory.  Which is what I usually end up doing and it usually ends up getting me kilt.

The second rule of thumb I broke involves Stealth Bombers.  My relationship with my Manticore/Nemesis is a love-hate relationship.  I like the 'idea' of a stealth bomber much more than the reality of a stealth bomber.  Because they can cloak I tend to fly them a lot when breaking the first rule!  Months and months ago I promised myself that I wouldn't do that anymore.  That my bombers would be used for what they are good at, structure takedowns, scouting, making bookmarks in enemy territory, ganking the rare miner (but only if that happened during one of the other uses!) and things like that.  I would not undock a sb with the intention of getting into a fight.  Cause that never works out.

What good do these rules of thumb do if I insist on not following them?!

Last night not only did I break the two RoT above, but I also managed to be incredibly stupid.  A few of us decided to fly deep into enemy territory in our sbs and see if we could gank some ratters or miners.  On the surface this seems like a decent idea, until you wake up and realize it isn't.  Not only did we manage to get stuck in a pocket, not only did the enemy (for once) not act like idiots, not only did they bubble gates and set up stop bubbles, not only did they bring the exactly perfect ships to kill us... but I apparently left my brain somewhere.

This is important kids.  Even someone who knows better, someone who writes guides on how to do things, a seasoned Fleet Commander, a veteran of hundreds of campaigns, roams, engagements, gate camps and warfare of all shapes and sizes, someone incredibly intelligent, charming, handsome and talented... even that person can do stupid things sometimes.

All of the above and I most likely would've lived.  I'm very, very good at getting out of those situations.  But I couldn't survive my own stupidity.  Sigh.  Yes, I warped cloaked to the station at zero.  Nope, don't know why.  Yes that did de-cloak me and yes the Munnin volleyed me to death in my paper-thin manticore.  Oh wait, there's more.  Yes I started podding home, 13 jumps.  Yes, they chased me.  Yes they set up bubbles on the gates.  (Funny story, once they had me dead to rights in a bubble.  They should have killed me.  I held cloak as long as possible and lo and behold they let the bubble drop!  I wasn't the only idiot out last night.)  And no, I did not do a single thing I was supposed to do.

I warped directly to gates.  How many times have I told you, "Never warp directly to gates in zero!"  Sheesh.  If I had followed my own advice I wouldn't have been podded.

But I didn't and I was.  Oh well, chalk it up to yet another lesson learned.  Just to protect myself from myself, I think I'll hold off on replacing the Manticore for awhile.

So let me get this straight

I've been back in Provi two weeks and counting and while moving, setting up assets and everything that goes along with that has taken up most of that time, I have had a chance to get to know the "New Providence".  And I have to admit, I'm a bit underwhelmed and somewhat confused.  (As well as being 47-1 so far in PvP!  It's been a good two weeks for RJ and I've hardly had a chance to get out.)

For one thing, Old Providence was much more dangerous than New Providence.  On a daily basis the systems are mostly empty and devoid of activity.  You can say what you want about the previous Holders, but at least we exploited the systems we held.  These new guys don't seem to have a clue.  And yes, maybe they're still getting set up and whatnot, but it doesn't seem that is the case.  Heck, I've been flying back and forth to Empire space without any problems at all.  I couldn't do that as easily when we actually held those systems.

The Old Holders used to be accused of blobbing and being afraid of small gang PvP, which is silly when you know the reality of the situation, but I know it was a commonly held opinion.  I have to say bullocks to that.  The New Providence Holders are cowards that run away and hide, dock in stations and cry to their mommies inside their POS towers.  The only real engagements we are getting is when they decide to brings hundreds of ships along for protection.  Talk abut blobs!

And yes, I'm calling you out.  I've been flying around in YOUR space looking for a fight and have been unable to find one.  Not a real one anyway.  Oh sure we're surrounded and you'll probably evict us at some point I suppose.  Wow, that will be so brave of you.  I seriously thought that -A- and its pets wanted a playground, someone to stand up and give 'em a good fight.  Well?  It's extremely hard to do that when you run away.  Or stay cloaked up all day.

But I won't give up.  I'll keep picking you off one at a time if that's what it takes.

My name is Rixx Javix and while my tongue is firmly in my cheek, if you haven't noticed yet, I live in Paxton Space.  It's easy to find.  Look for me in local.  I'll be looking for you.

Tyrannis is coming!

LOL, looks like every other Eve blogger is jumping on the trailer now! Remember you saw it first at EVEOGANDA!

I think Planetary Interaction sounds interesting, especially to my Industry alt, but I doubt I'll use it much for awhile. For one thing there are going to be additional skills to learn, stuff to buy and planets to find. Ehh. EveGate also sounds kinda interesting, but it isn't much either.

The thing I'm most excited about, which is I admit kind of pathetic, is the re-designed Scorpion. I just bought and fitted one today so I hope it lives long enough to look cool.

EVEotorial: Unfair or Fair?

Tobold certainly stirred up some debate on his site and plenty of my fellow Eve Bloggers have picked up on it already.  I won't waste my time or yours responding to his post directly, but I do have some thoughts regarding the core issue.  Is PvP in Eve fair or unfair?

In my opinion this brings up the whole issue of what exactly IS fair?  I have four children and this is a concept that they struggle with, that probably all of us struggle with growing up at one point or another - life simply isn't fair.  Beloved family pets die, people get sick, taxes go up, hurricanes hit, monsoons ravage, criminals get off, the list of unfair realities is extensive and well documented.  But how does that translate into a virtual world?  For most of us, having spent x number of years playing "video games", we've been taught that we are the center of the universe.  In some ways this exploits the same child-like innocence that rails against life being unfair.  Because in the child's mind, they are the center of the universe.  They have not yet learned one of life's harshest lessons... you aren't.  In fact, the universe barely knows you exist.

This can sometimes be a hard lesson to learn.  In fact, it can be so difficult that many of us choose to hold onto it in various ways throughout our lives.  In sports, at the workplace (Steve got that promotion instead of me, that is so unfair!), at home, in different and varying degrees these are all coming from the same place.  In fact, most of our struggle is in coming to a balanced understanding of this core concept and our place in the universe.

Most video games and most MMORG play to this weakness.  By making the player the Hero they stack the deck against fairness by making it possible for you to "win".  But there is no "winning" in life.  We have triumphs, we have failures and often we just have surviving, but no one wins.  I'll stop there because I don't want this to get sidetracked into a much deeper discourse and philosophical argument.  Suffice to say that most games play to our inherent need to have the world be "fair" - which isn't fair at all because we want to win.  We want to be the Hero.  And most games help us achieve that goal.

Eve doesn't play that card.  Eve is structured more like the real world than any other game I've played before.  But I've heard the cry before over and over again, it isn't "fair".  I struggled with this issue when I first started playing.  I came to Eve with lots of "video game" baggage.  I thought I could jump into a ship and start being the Hero.  I lost a LOT of ships that way.  I rapidly became discouraged.  On several occasions I came very, very close to quitting the game.  Many players do quit.  Eve doesn't have the player numbers that other MMORGs enjoy.  It isn't fair.  But it is real.

I came to that understanding slowly and through a tremendous amount of work and help from other players.  And time.  I've come to appreciate the unique unfairness of Eve.  Even today I get the surge whenever I jump through a gate, what will be waiting for me on the other side?  When I lock an enemy ship I have no idea what I am getting myself into.  My heart pounds and I get a rush that I don't get from any other virtual game I have ever played.  Is it fair that my ship sometimes gets blown up by another ship that it shouldn't, under any normal criteria, have been blown up by?  No, it isn't fair.  But it is real.  And it is the single most important thing about Eve in my opinion.

In my in-game life I stopped asking why Eve wasn't fair a long time ago and I decided to do something about it.  I haven't always succeeded, but I'm proud of the fact that I made that decision.  In many ways, that decision is part of becoming an Eve adult. Accepting a more mature and balanced outlook on the universe and your place in it.  Work with it or work against it.  I decided to work with Eve, to learn its ways, to slog through the hard times and revel in the victories.  It is a glorious thing when it goes your way and horribly unfair when it doesn't.  And I love every minute of both.  Some more than others.


For those of you that have been reading Eveoganda for awhile you may have noticed that my sense of humor is a little... well, it is my sense of humor - let's leave it at that.  Mostly I make myself laugh and if other people find that funny then so much the better.  I've never been one of those seeking approval from others since I have a hard enough time getting approval from myself.  Ok now, that is NOT how I wanted to start this post... see how lazy I am?  I could just delete that and start over, but no!  That took a couple of minutes to write gosh darn it.

So today in the spirit of laziness I present another propaganda poster that I did last year for the now defunct (sniff) LFA Alliance.  Y'know, before much longer, no one will remember that there was such a thing and I'll have to explain myself.  Or maybe I could just replace the LFA logo on all these posters?  Either way, at the time we were having trouble getting pilots into Dictors for fleets.  So I thought a poster that rallied Dic pilots to the cause might be effective.

Click HERE for embiggened version!

In some ways I think it is one of my better posters.  Simple, graphic and yet it delivers a very strong message wrapped around an obviously juvenile sense of humor... ok, maybe I just talked myself out of that assertion.

And maybe I just haven't really grown up yet.  I mean, I do write a daily blog about an Internet spaceship game.  Good grief!  I'm a child.  All those women were right about me after all.

I need to call my therapist.

Tidbits & Monday Morsels

The great and powerful writer has been busy the past few days thinking about nothing but Eve, here for your reading pleasure are some of my thoughts.  In no particular order, because while he might be a great writer and thinker, he is not the world's best organizer.

• I was saddened to hear over the weekend that my friends and former Corp mates in Smegi have decided to call it quits and disband.  This information is all second-hand at the moment so I don't know any of the reasons why, or the whatnots involved.  Nor does it really matter.  Whatever the reasons I'm sorry to hear it.  And I wish everyone in the Corp the very best of luck.  Except those that I hear are crossing into the dark side and joining -A- and their pets.  Just know that I will shoot you when you show up in local.  Nothing personal.

• My sexy alt Anastasia had a funny run-in with a wanna-be pirate over the weekend. Pirates like picking on Ana because she seems like she would be a noob, but she really isn't.  Not only am I playing her but she has some nasty teeth when she wants them.  She can totally T2 fit a Retribution and has one fully armed in the hanger.

But this guy warps right in on her mining in her Hulk and does exactly what I was hoping he would do, he drops can and steals my ore.  I type a quick "lol" into local and warp back to the station to get the 'Bloody Hand' and hope he hangs around in his Rifter.  Meanwhile he convo's me, and while it is RJ's stand never to answer a pirate or red convo, Ana has no such standard.

Noob Pirate > hai :D
Anastasia Javix > o/
Noob Pirate > wanna buy ur ore back?
Anastasia Javix > umm
Noob Pirate > :)

So around this time, while I am keeping him talking, I've gotten my Retri and undocked and started warping to the can bm.

Anastasia Javix > how much?
Noob Pirate > 1m
Noob Pirate > :D
Anastasia Javix > hmmm

So he wants 1 million isk for my single cycle of ore... I don't think so.  Here's how fast things change when I drop out of warp, lock and point him and start burning through his little Rifter.

Noob Pirate > FREE
Noob Pirate > STOp
Noob Pirate > I APPOLOGIZE
Noob Pirate > ill leave u allone forever
Anastasia Javix > dangerous business
Noob Pirate > yea
Anastasia Javix > i'll jut take my ore

The aim wasn't to kill him, although that would've been ok, he realized he could just burn away from me after I had him into structure.  Retribution only has one mid slot.  We had a good convo after that and he seemed like a nice enough kid.  Hope things work out for him.

• I'm thinking about a little side project that involves Eve.  This would take more time than my usual projects, which I try to keep to taking as little time as possible.  I've been thinking of, just for the fun of it, re-designing the User Interface.  While I am not a huge critic of the in-game UI I am certainly not a big fan of it either.  It isn't especially science-fictiony or high-techy enough for my tastes, or intuitive or graphic enough for me either.  So I might take a shot at it.  Again just for fun.

• I also have several commissions coming up in the very near future that I will be able to share with you soon.  So keep an eye out for those.

I'll hopefully be back later with a more meaty post.  Until then, fly safe.