I can't stop.  I probably won't stop fiddling and twiddling with Eveoganda, it is more a work in progress than anything else.  Oh sure I have some established patterns, like the 1v1 Comic on Fridays, but I try to keep things interesting.  Another thing I can't stop messing with is the look and the graphics, as you've probably noticed the site has - once again - undergone a substantial change.  I thought it was time for a completely different direction.  The increasingly minimal designs of late had reached their nadir and it was time to return to the sites roots.  I think this one might last awhile.  I hope you enjoy it.

With the lag issues of the last two days (which appear to finally be over) I have fallen extremely far behind in my blog reading.  I apologize for that, but will strive to get caught up once again.  

Stuff is happening at a rapid pace in-game.  It is the end of Summer and the beginning of the busy season I suppose.  The Alliance is in some amount of turmoil at the moment and it is hard to say what might happen as a result.  If you are looking for answers I don't have any right now, as I've said before I try to keep my nose out of politics.  We have taken steps to consolidate our assets and I suppose we'll see what happens from there.

I continue chugging along on Minmatar Cruiser V, only thirteen more days and a whole bunch of new ships become available.  I'm excited sure, but not nearly as much as I was when I trained my first Cruiser V skill.  It's different now when I have so many good ships to fly already, the thrill isn't gone, its just different now.  

Someone once told me you stopped being a Noob in Eve when you hit 10m sp.  The wisdom of that statement can be debated, the player behind the character has a lot to do with the "Noobish" nature as much as skill points, probably more.  But it's hard to believe I'm standing at over three times that now.  The train rolls on.

If you are looking for a place to hang your hat, now is the perfect time to think about joining Dissonance.  We are growing and bringing new players on every day, and with things in transition right now, it is the perfect time to jump into the best Corp in the game.  I'm planning a big recruitment push next week, our goals are very aggressive for growth, so be warned I'll be talking about how great we are a lot next week.  Join in-game channel DION-PUBLIC and chat.

Frig "Cage" Fight

My fellow blogger EVE SOB is trying to drum up some support for a Frigate Cage Match over on his blog.  Take a look and let him know what you think of the idea.  Personally I'm all for more of these types of events in-game, I think they are fun and... well more fun!

If he pulls it off I'll try to be there, would be nice to be in an event I could actually participate in.

Evil God of Lag We Beseech Thee

Hear us oh terrible One!  Hear our cries and be merciful upon thy unworthy subjects!  Oh woe unto us, so miserable and worm-like and truly repellent in our parent's basements, hear us and shine even a tiny, itty bit of your favor upon us.  For are we not, even as scummy and sweaty as we may be, eternally dependent upon thy internet spaceship creation?  Are we not, indeed, monthly tithers of our ill-gotten gains?  If not then that, then perhaps thy pixel based omnipotence can show us the way towards lag-free connections, wiz us along the golden streets of unlimited Mb download and, Whoa unto us for even suggesting it, upload speeds as well?

The Evil God of Lag is not amused at you Rixx Javix.  How darest thou pour forth such obvious sarcasm and expect my radiance to shine down upon you?

But Lord... surely I have proven somewhat worthy?  My scribbles boast of thine eternal shine and pleasure upon thine server based, global multi-player majesty... does it not please you?

You make the God of Lag laugh out Loud mortal worm!  I shall hold you up at Gates and drop your connection randomly throughout your days! This will teach you the true meaning of your unworthiness and general state of being unworthy.  So there.

You are wise Oh Laggie God.  No doubt about that.  But I beseech thee to not judge thy servant harshly.  For I only wish to jump playfully about the Universe thine wisdom has created and be about thine business.  Surely, even as worm-like as my thoughts must be, I must grasp an iota of your general idea?

Bah, Lag God grows bitterly tired of your drivel!  Suffer the slow warps of my wrath and enjoy thine infrequent and meaningless messages that help you not!  Muhahahaha!

Thou art wise Oh Evil God of Lag.  Go forth and be about thine Holy business. Fly Safe unto the end of days.

Flyest though safe.  And worry not about the 60 man Hac Gang Lag God is sending your way!

[I've suffered two of the worst lag-fest infested days in Eve and thought I'd have some fun with it.  The lag is not CCP's fault, for some reason the connection here has been suffering.  I'm sure it has something to do with something or other completely out of my control.  I dc'd about 12 times yesterday and 4 times already today... so hopefully this won't continue much longer.]

Laedy in Red

What are you doing here?!  Go check out Laedy in Red's blog which is sporting the super new razzle dazzle blog banner designed by yours truly!  Go on, don't be shy.

Seriously now... that's poetry in motion.

Blowin' in the Wind

The more things change the more they stay the same.  This axiom is more often than not as true in Eve as it is in real life.  The names change but the situation remains the same.  However you prefer to say it, crap is still crap.  And it rolls downhill... ok, enough with the analogies.

The point is that our Alliance (which hasn't been a true Alliance since we got there) is going through some serious fail political bunk lately.  And while your intrepid neighborhood blogger is trying to stay out of politics, being involved in such things hasn't gone well for me in the past, I can't help but pick up on things going on around me.  Especially when it involves our future, both mine and the Corps.  It boils down to people exploding last week and now the pieces are falling all around, other Corps are leaving, other Corps are staying.  New leadership has popped up and new directions, goals and directives are being issued.  The question for us is simple, where does DION land amongst the debris?

Should we stay or should we go now?  And if we go were they'll be trouble?

I'm just speaking for myself here, this is NOT official Corp talk, just me.  I have no love for The Spire and was hoping the move here would be temporary anyway.  I know we had to gtfo of Scalding Pass when Primary collapsed, which was fine... mostly because I was on vacation at the time and what else could I do?  So if we leave for better shores I will be happy and not sad to see The Spire getting smaller in the rear view mirror.  I appreciate the fact that not everyone will feel that way, and we do have a lot invested in one of the systems, but I think if we are to grow and get even stronger - The Spire is not the place to do it.

You know how much I enjoy moving.

On another front, if you get the chance check out Flyin On The Edge!  I recently designed some banners and signatures for Jushin Dragon's blog and it is coming along nicely.  So head on over and give the guy some encouragement.

1v1: #22

We missed last week's 1v1 due to the Death Race, sorry about that.  (That goes out to Vanadiel who is the person that enjoys these!)  

Click to embiggen!
A few people (probably 1) have asked me how I do the comic strips each week.  Well I draw them by hand on a little piece of paper, scan them into the computer and simply reverse the image, plop them down into the layered file and save 'em.  I draw them with a pen too, so no mistakes can be tolerated.  I rarely have to clean anything up in photoshop, the originals are pretty much what you see.  Except being black drawings on white paper ofc.

I like the look that process gives me and it is a lot easier than using a black marker to make space dark.

Have I reached the plateau?

You are probably familiar with the somewhat infamous "Learning Curve" graph that depicts Eve Online's process as one horribly long, death-defying, almost impossible climb to a flat plateau.  We've all seen it and delight in posting it in corp chat for new players to be scared by.  So when exactly do you ascend the cliff of despair and reach the top and the light?  When is that exactly?

I don't have the answer to that question.  My supposition is that it is different for every player, for every pilot.  It depends on your situation, what you are doing in-game, what your goals are, etc., blah blah blah.  All I can tell you is that something is different for me as a player.  Over the last few weeks, around the time of the CDM, something has been different.  It is hard to quantify exactly what I mean, but things have changed.  Yet again - Eve is nothing if not a series of lulls interrupted by drastic changes.

Unless I am weird (cough) and not like any of you at all, I do look for proof in the day-to-day of that plateau.  Some sign that it might be getting closer.  And while it is true that I've thought before that I've finally made it, in retrospect those moments (while certainly important), might not have been the actual plateau.  More like false-plateau.  Which makes you kind of angry.  Or at least it does me, in an internal "grrrr" kind of anger - not the pound the desk and emo-rage kind.  Thank goodness.

So yesterday I'm flying my newly acquired Hurricane up the pipe and jump into a Vagabond sitting on the gate.  While I will be flying my own Vaga in a few short weeks, me and that nasty little bastard have a long and storied history together.  The story usually ending with my tiny Interceptor in wittle tiny bits, or the Vaga in wittle tiny bits if I had enough back-up.  I've only been flying the Cane for a short time and I don't really have a feel for the ship yet.  From what I've seen I like it... ALOT!  And so I sat there and waited to see if he would aggress or run away.  I figured I'd leave this engagement up to the Red this time.  Did he want to play?

He did.  Blinky yellow and away we go.  I'm sure Mr. Vaga didn't fully realize the hero fit your friendly neighborhood blogger was running as he swooped in for the kill.  Nor did I.  Untested as it was, I was relying solely on my own instincts and lots of help from my Corp m8s.  (Unknown to me at the time was the fact that this same Vaga had already kilt three other pilots shortly before attacking me.)  Just so you know, my Cane is dual nano fitted and fully shield tanked, with 425s and a nasty neut in the high slots, and as many damage mods as I can cram in the lows.  Our drones came out and I burned into range.  He had the advantage at first, mostly due to his speed, and he started making serious dents in my shields.  But I was encouraged by the dmg I was doing.  When my shields started to get scary I called for help in corp chat.

Remember my post from yesterday?  Two things happened then that sealed the fate of this nasty Vaga.  My young corp buddy Ged warped in on us in his Incursus, almost at the same exact moment I finally got range and neuted the Vaga.  The Incursus managed to get a web on the Vaga and heroically held it until he exploded from the drones.  But it didn't matter because the damn Vaga popped almost immediately.  Did Ged save the day?  No, the Vaga was doomed once I got range on him - the neut and the damage would've popped his tank anyway.  But he did come to my aid, even knowing that he might be killed in doing so.  And that is exactly the kind of pilot I like to fly with.  It reminded me of myself.  So good job Ged and keep up the good work m8.

Is that a sign of the plateau, or yet another false -plateau?  I don't know.  I really don't even care one way or the other.  But something is clicking, something is changing and whatever it might be... I welcome it.  All I really know is I haven't been podded in over two months and for me... well for me that is a plateau all its own.  So I'll take it as a good sign.

Noob Wonder

Remember the first time you undocked from a station?  Or the first time you warped to an asteroid belt and saw those blinky red things?  Or how scared you were to jump into another system?

Those moments only happen once.  They are gone in a flash to be replaced with experience, knowledge and a certain level of "same 'ol, same 'ol", the grizzled veteran who has seen it all.  The experienced player of Eve.  That isn't a bad thing, it is part of growing up, the same things happen to us in real life and they happen to us in game as well.  We grow up.  The snow is never as deep or as cold as it was when we were seven.  The home-town is smaller and the world so much bigger.

I remember the first time I flew into zero space in my Merlin.  I probably only had a few million skill points and the idea of the trip was very intimidating, foreboding even.  It was a big deal.  My CEO flew ahead of me and keep me on comms, reporting the slightest trouble and giving out advice.  It seemed so dangerous, exciting and full of promise.  Those 15 or so jumps seemed to take hours.  I imagined at any moment fleets of evil "Reds" would appear to destroy me.  They didn't, not then at least, and I made it safely.  Albeit ill prepared for life in zero space.

Since then I've made that exact same trip probably two-hundred times or more, I did it again just last weekend before the Death Race and I didn't give it a second thought.  I didn't spin my ship around in warp to look at the stars, the flashy nebula, the sun glinting off my ship.  And I wondered.  I wondered about when exactly that was lost?  I don't mean totally lost, I still spin my ships and look around.  But the sense of wonder is gone.

I suspect this is a lot like my childhood.  It's gone too.  I live it again and again through my children, through their eyes.  And much of what made Eve special can be captured again talking to Noobs.  They're like children in so many ways.  I don't mean that in a negative way, but in the way they see the universe.  The questions they ask, the sense of wonder and excitement they bring to the game.  They are us re-born each and every time.  And much like my own children I delight in teaching them, in guiding them and helping them, as much as I can.  Even my own children can drive me crazy from time to time and I need the company of adults.

We can't recapture the wonder of our youth, in real life or in -game.  It'll never be the same as it was the first time.  But we can remember it and hold on to it and keep it alive.  And we can experience it again in the eyes of the constant stream of new players entering our universe.

Heck, wonder is only one aspect of this crazy game.  And while it might be gone from so many aspects it can still appear at different times and in different ways.  This ramble is a ponder without point.  A series of words intended to do nothing more than provide a brief respite and a chance to think.  Is your in-game life filled with wonder, adventure and excitement?  If not, then what are you missing?  Maybe you need to re-connect with your inner Noob and take a moment to remember how scared you were when you undocked, or jumped, or were attacked, or stolen from, or scammed, for the first time?

I know I'll never forget it.


Whoa!  Once in a lifetime opportunity. Astarte BPO for sale.

I have no shame.  This we know.

DION is Recruiting

Dissonance Corporation (or DION) is one of the oldest corporations remaining in Eve, operating continually since 2005.  It also happens to be the Corp that your friendly neighborhood blogger calls home.

DION has opened up recruiting and is looking for new blood.  Experienced players that are looking for a mature corporation experience, the opportunity to fly with some of the very best people in the Eve Universe (not counting me!), and build something that will help to shake the sandbox in the near future!  DION is a well-balanced corporation and is looking for PvPers, Industrials and others to help grow the foundation for continued growth in zero space.  If you think that sounds like something you might be interested in, join our in-game channel DION-PUBLIC and talk to someone about it.

There is also a DION bug in the right sidebar that will take you to our Killboard and Forum links.

That's the business end, now let me talk for a moment about the personal end.  If you know me at all by now you know I've been around the block a time or two.  I was in DION for six months last year and left to go back to Providence to fight against -A- and UK, first with LFA and then with PXF.  Now I've been back for almost three months and I honestly don't believe I will ever leave.  I couldn't ask for a better group of people to be associated with.  Let me share an example with you.

When I re-joined DION they were in Scalding Pass with Primary Alliance.  I had just finished moving all my assets down there when I went on vacation.  A vacation were I would not have access to Eve for a week.  Right after I left all hell broke loose and Primary dissolved and the decision was made to evacuate into the Spire region.  In a few days we wouldn't have access to stations and anything left there would be unavailable.  Like ALL my stuffs!!  (If you read the blog you might already know some of this story, but you don't know this next part because I've never told anyone.)  The Corp offered to move my assets but they would need access to my account to do it.  I spoke with LJB (Corp CEO) about it and personally gave him access to my account.  I know right!?!  Now, while I DO NOT advocate that anyone in their right freakin' mind do that EVER... I did.  And you know what?  All my stuffs was moved and put right back where it should be in our new home.

That is the kind of people we have in DION.  (Of course, I did change my password when I got home, I'm not an idiot!)  

We're serious, we're not serious, we're building our first Super Caps, we're active, we're mostly EU TZ with a bunch of Crazy US TZ people (like me!), we have a very strong industrial core and can survive on our own if need be, we've taken SOV and we've defended it, we roam, we camp, we kill bad guys and we can put a nasty all Corp gang together in a flash.  Our core group of PvPers are extremely experienced and willing to share, teach and lead.

What else do you need to know?  Join our channel and talk to me, I'll be there.

New Banners

Two new banners I designed for our Corp Killboard and Forum:


Lost Killmails

Somewhere over the last two years I've killed dozens of ships, some solo, some with others, that have not been accounted for.  I reckon somewhere in the 20-30 range, maybe more.  This issue seemed to have been worse earlier on and lately it hasn't been an issue I've had any concern over.  A few here or there is normal.

Until last night.  Erad and I went down into Insmother and Cache to take advantage of recent decimations and sov loss to see if we could find some off-lined POS Towers.  Erad was in his Rapier using Probes to track them down and I flew down in my Manticore to add some dps in case we discovered something juicy.  We found some off-line towers and about 25 or 30 ships just floating in space.

Click to embiggen
You can clearly see 15 neutral ships just in this one tower.  Believe me, they all exploded violently.  We found a few more with fewer ships, but did manage to get some juicy loots.  It was a blast shooting helpless ships, even though we had a few moments when neutrals would arrive in local, no one seemed to care much.

Between both of us we've gotten 6 killmails.

This isn't a whine, I honestly don't care one way or the other.  I had fun and that's all I really care about, other than blowing up enemy ships - which I also did.  But something is wrong isn't it?  Where are the other kms?

DEATH RACE: Final Thoughts

I promise, this will be the last Death Race post for awhile.  The last few weeks, especially last week leading up to the race, have been exhausting and I just want to get back to playing Eve for awhile.  That isn't to say I didn't enjoy myself, or it wasn't worth the time and effort - it was.  But whew, I'm kind of glad the first one is out of the way.

I learned a tremendous amount by doing this and I think I managed, with much help and support, to put on a great, enjoyable and fun event for my fellow Eve pilots.  That was the ONLY goal.  Period.  Did everything go off without a hitch?  No, of course not.  As the saying goes, anything done for the first time creates a demon.  And we did have a few demons show up, but only a few, and those can be easily dealt with next time.  In fact, I already have some ideas on how to improve the race experience and get the heart pumping even more.

After two days of reviewing the video and other supporting materials, my biggest mistake has come to light.  This isn't just a fault on my own shoulders, but also a fact of life in Eve.  We are constrained to some degree by the game itself, the mechanics, the limitations of the UI design, the lag (even though we didn't see much of that, thank you CCP) and other factors beyond anyone's control.  Many have asked for a final race result posting and I would enjoy nothing more than to be able to give it to you.  Believe me.  But sadly, I can only CONFIRM the top 14 finishes:

1 - Persephone Astrid
2 - Jirock
3 - John B'dlam
4 - Histocomp
5 - Mamba Lev
6 - CaptainHeroUK
7 - Cyras DeValera
8 - Angor Mau
9 - Abrafo Alger
10 - Schmetterflug
11 - Agile Nakajima
12 - Manasi
13 - Mar Gregorios
14 - Flash Granola

Why only 14?  For one thing I am a perfectionist who believes in quality and honor, I believe without those I shouldn't be organizing anything to begin with.  So yes, I could say anything and post the list of finishers and who would question me?  Other than myself, and that would be enough.  (Anyone who might doubt that should know that I distributed 1.45 BILLION in ISK yesterday, and that doesn't count prizes.  Every single cent collected was given away.)  The fact is that after #14 enters local several factors make it nearly impossible to confirm anything.  

• I was stupid and left local on icon view.  As you can see from the post image, my local is full at that point and racers are still entering local.  I admit that wasn't something I thought about ahead of time and one detail I missed.  Local count is going up and I'm missing racers at around the #18 mark.

• We obviously experienced some local lag, in which racers were jumping into system and not showing up on local.  This DID NOT START until after the #14 racer entered local however.  This is very clear from the videos and logs.  And since only the top ten racers got prizes anyway, I was happy to hear that.

• Number one thru fourteen is very clear and confirmed.  So those finishes are official.

Now, what do we do about this next time?  First of all, the actual finish gate will be one jump short of the finishing system.  In other words, racers will continue one more jump thru the finish line.  This will keep local from filling up with racers, who will be filing up the next system over.  Simple and elegant.  Secondly RJ will have his local on collapsed view.  Just those two easy fixes should eliminate any issues in the next race finishes.

I also have another idea (Which will have to remain secret) that will increase the amount of violence in the next race.  It isn't called Bath of Blood for nothing!  Each race will be a little different than the last, but the basic format will continue.  Everyone seems to have had a blast and enjoyed themselves tremendously, and I want to make sure that stays true.  I strived to keep the first one as simple as possible and not bite off more than we could chew.

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments and support of the event.  You have proven, once again, what a great community we have here and that something positive can be built within the Eve Universe.

Fly safe.  Fly fast.


DEATH RACE 2010 went off without a hitch yesterday!  75 total registered entrants and 60 made it into the fleet that gathered in Assah and raced head-long into the heart of Providence.  I am extremely proud this morning of all our Racers and how well they all performed, but it was a Race after all and every race has its winners and losers.  So this morning I'd like to announce the final TOP TEN Racers and the prizes they have each won.

I'll be back later with PART TWO which will detail the "Death" portion of the Race.  It is going to take more time to tally the wreckage and check kill-mails, so give me some time to get to that and add everything up.

I'll also have more to say about the Race itself, how things went and some of the stories from the day's event.  The funny thing about it, from my perspective as the organizer, is how removed I actually was from the event.  But from everything I witnessed and was told afterwards, everyone had a blast and the adrenaline was pumping.

So, without further ado, here are the OFFICIAL TOP TEN DEATH RACERS:

FIRST PLACE: Persephone Astrid (The Bastards)
• 600m ISK
• Choice of Faction Frigate & Domination Warp Scrambler (Sponsored by MissX934)
• Astarte Hull (Sponsored by Dissonance Corporation)

SECOND PLACE: Jirock (Pastry Productions Inc.)
• 300m ISK
• Dominix Hull (Sponsored by Dissonance Corporation)

THIRD PLACE: John B'dlam (Heaven's Avatars)
• 100m ISK
• Drake Hull (Sponsored by Dissonance Corporation)

(Fourth thru Tenth will each receive 10m ISK)

FOURTH: Histocomp
FIFTH: Mamba Lev
SIXTH: CaptainHeroUK
SEVENTH: Cyras DeValera
EIGHTH: Angor Mau
NINTH: Abrafo Alger
TENTH: Schmetterflug

Congratulations to all our winners!

Our racers were 3-20 on Kills vs. Deaths, so this truly was a Death Race! (12 pilots lost their pods also, aww!)
We killed 2 Sabres and an Eris.
We lost a Cormorant, Vengence, 2x Punisher, Firetail, Ares, Magnate, Kestrel, Atron, Vagabond, Stiletto, Rifter, Skiff, Kitsune, Crow, Typhoon, Imperial Navy Slicer and a Malediction.

Be sure to check out Mike's Skiff!  

Most of the deaths seem to have happened on the first two jumps, so the times are very much the same on everything.  However, we do have some additional prizes to be awarded.

"Most Kills": Goes to Sunch who brought a Typhoon and somehow managed to get onto 2 kills with it!  Congrats m8, you were the only racer to get on more than one kill.

"First Death": Goes to Zackgar who lost his Malediction four minutes into the race!  Ouch.

"First Kill":  Here we have a bit of a problem.  This was a prize only category and we have 3 pilots on the first kill mail - Logan, Angelus Infirim and Amnatar Kyaan.  If it is ok with you gentlemen I will send you each 20m ISK and keep the prize in the pool for next time. (If that's ok with Roo, I'll have to check with her first since she was the sponsor.)

In the meantime I will be contacting each of our winners and transferring ISK and making contacts for prize deliveries, so hang in there, I will get around to everyone in due time.  I promise.

One last thing, I promise not to be long winded so the results can go up asap, but I want to say again how proud I am how well everything went yesterday.  You may not realize just how many people told me how stupid I was to think this would work, how many cheaters we'd have, and how few people would care.  I'm happy to say this morning that the nay-sayers were wrong.  It did work, as far as I can tell we didn't have a single case of cheating, and it sure seems like a lot of good people cared a lot.  From our sponsors, our supporters, our race helpers and the blogger community - every single one of you deserve the credit for making our first ever DEATH RACE a huge success!  Thank you.

A very special thank you to Nashh Kadavr!  Nashh supported the concept from the very beginning and even went above and beyond good sense to personally sponsor 20 of our racers!  A big huge thank you m8.

I also can't say enough about my Corp, Dissonance (DION), and how much support and help they have been over the past month.  That was them stationed deep in enemy territory yesterday making sure our racers were on course.  They've been amazing.  Thanks to each of them.

And to MissX934, Roo,, EON Magazine, EVEPress and Mike Azariah - a very special thank you!  You guys believed in this enough to lend your support and donations to a cause you had every right to believe would be a failure or at worst a scam of the first magnitude.  Thank you for believing and for helping to make the event worthy of your trust.

Finally to each of our racers, thanks for taking time out to play, have fun, fly fast and die hard. You are all winners.


It's finally here and I'm nervous!  Just want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, fully aware that this is the first time I've ever done anything like this before in-game.  But we have 72 registered racers and amazing prizes, plenty of isk to be given away and a Death Race to run!  So here are a few things to keep in mind today:

>REGISTRATION will be closed at 16:00.  Sorry but I need time before the race to organize everyone so we can fleet up.

>RACE FLEET will start forming at 17:00

>STARTING SYSTEM will be announced in the DEATH RACE 2010 in-game channel starting at 16:30

As the rules clearly state, ANY aggro in the starting system will result in pilots being kicked from fleet.  ONLY fleet members can win or finish the race.

As to DC'ing.  IF THAT HAPPENS to you during the race, convo me and you will be entered back into fleet.

Otherwise, read the rules, show up on time and race fast and die hard.


The Death Race is tomorrow and the excitement is building!  I thought I'd share a few tidbits with you beforehand.

> I will be stationed at the finish line, right above the entry gate so I can see the ships as they enter.  Video will be running so I can have back-up on the order of finish.  The rule is first in local, so that could potentially be a close call in some cases.

> We will have 4 spotters stationed along the route to check on fleet progress.  We will also have a few racers in the race that, while certainly not "plants", are trusted friends - like fellow bloggers, Corp mates, etc.

> Once again, EON Magazine will be publishing a feature on the race in a future issue.  So please take as many screen shots as you can and share them with me after the race.  Also, any videos would also be greatly appreciated.

> Winners and Prizes will be announced on Monday both on Eveoganda and the Death Race Blog.

> Many, many thanks to everyone that shared in this vision with me.  The Race wouldn't be happening without you!  To all the bloggers that posted art or posts or stories, to those that Twitted, or told their Corps/Alliances, to the forum trolls, to everyone that spread the word.  And much, much thanks to all our sponsors!

> Final Word: Have Fun!  

[Death Race II: Bath of Blood will be held in Spring 2011. Details to be announced.]


This is the official announcement regarding the prizes for Death Race 2010!

• First Place
> 600m isk!
> Choice of Faction Frigate + Domination Warp Scrambler (Sponsored by MissX934)
> Astarte Hull (Sponsored by Dissonance Corporation)

• Second Place
> 300m isk!
> Dominix Hull (Sponsored by Dissonance Corporation)

• Third Place
> 100m isk!
> Drake Hull (Sponsored by Dissonance Corporation)

• Fourth thru Tenth Place
> 10m isk! (Double the entrance fee)


> "Most Kills" - 100m isk (Sponsored by Rixx Javix) and 10 Rocket Rifters (Sponsored by Nashh Kadavr)

> "First Kill" - Firetail and Deadspace MWD (Sponsored by Roo at Depth's Unknown)

> FREE HOSTING - is offering 3 Standard Hosting Packages Free for One Year!  These will be offered in order of finish until satisfied.

> EON Magazine - In addition to donating 1 Billion ISK to the prize pot, EON will be publishing a FEATURE on the Death Race in an upcoming issue!  So make sure you take some UI-Less Screen Shots during the race and send them to


All Racers!  Rally will be Amarr Prime Region, please make sure to be in this general area of the universe for the race.  Launch system will be announced at 17:00 on Sunday in the in-game channel Death Race 2010.  Race will start promptly at 18:00!  Between 17-18 we will be fleeting up in the launch system, only those racers registered and in the race fleet will be awarded prizes.

Good Luck Racers!


Today is my birthday and I've decided not to post today, it has been an insane week leading up to the Death Race on Sunday and (while I do have several posts in the works) I don't feel like finishing them.  Everyone needs a break and my birthday is as good of an excuse as I can think of.

We have over 70 racers registered and a prize pot of over 2b isk and prizes!  Tomorrow I'll announce the details of all the prizes and how they will be awarded, plus the general region of Empire you'll need to get to.

Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors!  And to everyone who will be racing.  Should be a blast.

Dream Ships

Over on Astral's blog earlier today he asked what our two dream ships might be?  If you could have any two ships magically appear in your hanger... which would they be?

I won't bore you with all the thinking and hand-ringing that has gone on over this question, because I haven't had any.  I have two very specific ships in mind that I would love to fly.  In fact, I intend on flying them both as soon as possible.  (Given sufficient skills, isk, etc.)  So without further ado.


In my humble opinion it is the coolest damn ship in the game.  In fact, it is so cool, people probably explode simply from the coolness factor.  Later this week I'll be fully skilled on my Cynabal (I don't fly ships until I consider myself 'fully' skilled.) and that will be a very cool thing, as is my Dramiel and my Daredevils.  But nothing compares to the Machariel.

That might not be actually true, according to statistics, fits, combat records, and other factual information.  Fine.  Whatever.  It's true in my head and that is the only place it matters.

When I eventually do undock in this beast, in my mind, I will have finally arrived.  Whoa unto those that get in my way, prepare to explode from sheer coolness.  lol.


C'mon, this thing is just pure evil.  It has BLOOD on it!  It sucks the life right out of you and leaves you helpless from really, really far away.

The Bhaalgorn is simply silly, expensive and totally bad-ass.  As a zero space pilot I'd be stupid to consider flying it in most fleets, would be the subject of much hot-dropping and Alliance wide primary calling, and yet... I'd totally do it.

I'm not actually that far away from flying either of these two ships, not in skills at least.  But lots more has to happen before RJ jumps into anything that expensive.

There are so many cool ships in Eve.  I've already flown the Gila, the Firetail, the CN Hookbill, the Daredevil, the Dramiel, the Navy Comet, the Worm, Caracal Navy Issue, and the Cynabal.  And they have all been, in one way or another, a fun ship to fly.  I'd like to eventually try them all, although some like the Freki, are going to be almost impossible to get.

How about you?

Gooder Eve: The Battle POS

Gooder Eve is a series of on-going articles that examine ideas that might make Eve more gooder, and maybe even more funner to play.  Some are serious, like the Chameleon Module, and some are humorous.  But all should be interesting, entertaining and encourage healthy debate. So far the comment threads have been the best part. ]

One of RJ's Scout Cards
Sov warfare is one of the less-gooder aspects of Eve these days, in my opinion.  I think the entire process is needlessly complicated and highly favors large fleet battles and blobs.  In other Gooder Eve posts we will be examining those issues, but today (perhaps) we'll look at one way that we might be able to make Sov warfare, and battles in general, more Gooder.

A secure POS is an awesome asset, especially when it is loaded with goodies - like hangers, guns, warp disruptors, refineries, etc.  For some of us living in Null a large fully functional POS is home.  Heck, most of my ships are stored in a POS at the moment.  (Since the nearest station is nine jumps away!)

Imagine if you could take that POS with you into enemy territory.  Imagine for a moment, that certain POS modules, allowed you to jump a POS (via cynosural fields) into enemy systems.  Would that be something you'd be interested in?

Such a POS would serve as the back-bone of your invading force, a mobile station armed to the teeth - but still subject to destruction like any stationary POS.  This is the Battle POS.  A huge, mobile, fuel-consuming station from which to launch insane Sov war attacks on your enemy's systems. Like I said above, I don't care for the way Sov is set-up at the moment, but if we are stuck with that system, then I think the Battle POS is an idea worthy of consideration.  Why?  Don't Titans already serve, not to mention Super Carriers and whatnots.  Oh sure, if you happen to be a big fat rich Alliance that can afford such toys.  Not that a Battle POS is cheap, but cheaper than some toys and much more useful for a small Alliance than a Titan or other Caps.  The Battle POS could open the doors for smaller alliances and even small Corps to challenge Sov.

On the other hand it could be over-powered and just plain silly.  So perhaps only certain types of modules (depending on skills and amount of fuel consumed) could be jumped within the Battle POS?  There are obviously ways to make it work within the current game mechanics, one could easily imagine a cynosural field module becoming part of the POS family.  

But is it needed?  Would it function the way it is intended or be abused and make things even worse?

What do you think?

Death Race: Updates

Don't forget!  DEATH RACE 2010 is THIS Sunday at 18:00 Eve time.  We have 49 54 registered racers!!  And room for more, if you haven't registered yet you can still take advantage of Nashh Kadavr's FREE entry offer by visiting his blog and leaving a comment.

This Friday I will announce the region of Empire you should be in on Sunday, north, south, east or west.  That announcement will be made here, on the official blog and in the game channel.  All entrants should join the in-game channel DEATH RACE 2010.

We will begin at 17:00 on Sunday by announcing in the in-game channel the starting system location.  You will have one hour to get to that system and be invited into the race fleet.  ONLY fleet members can win the race and the prizes.  Final prizes will be announced during and after the race.  Winners will be contacted afterwards regarding prizes.

Other news will be announced as race day approaches.

Daredevil Death Duels

This is why I play Eve.  To be honest it has been tough this Summer to remember exactly why I love this game so much.  Between the emo rages and the lag and the... well name it.  Even for someone like myself, the eternal optimist, it has been somewhat draining.

But yesterday, again, I was reminded strongly why I play this game.  Twice.  And both times it involved one of my favorite little ships, the Daredevil.

I'll dispense with the build up, needless to say I went out hunting yesterday determined to get into some good fights.  In typical Rixx fashion, because it was Monday and Monday and I don't see eye to eye, it started out slowly.  I just missed a few kills, warped in late, or arrived out of range, the usual.  I had decided to take out the new Jaguar and see how she did.  All morning was frustration, even though I did manage to get on one kill.  That wasn't good enough since I really didn't contribute much more than tackle.  It wasn't until I decided to go home for awhile that things got more interesting.

I was sitting at a gate waiting to jump through when a Red entered the system with me.  It was just us so I decided to wait and see if he came to the gate and what he was flying.  Scan showed a Daredevil approaching.  Hmmm.  At this point I was honestly unsure if my Jaguar could take him or not, I only started flying the ship two weeks ago and hadn't really had a chance to test it out much in real combat.  No time like the present.  But would he engage me?

He landed about 40k from the gate and started towards it.  Suddenly the blinky yellow started and we were off to the races.  Letting him get started first turned out to be the difference in the end, but there wasn't much I could do about that, he held the tactical advantage.  The fight lasted a long time as we both pounded into each other.  I got ahead of him at first, so I held off overheating for a moment.  My Gisti booster was churning away and my cap was more stable than I anticipated, although soon I'd have to start managing that.  Once he started getting his groove down my shields starting taking serious damage and he rapidly caught up to me.  My low sig radius was helping, but not enough, so I started overheating my guns.  Boom!  We both went into structure... this was going to be very close.  But he caught the perfect moment and landed a blow between my booster cycle and I exploded.  His Daredevil was into 80% structure when I blew up.  (You don't get that story from looking at a kill mail.)  Turns out I picked on a guy who has 3,800 kills and only 170 losses.  LOL.

Awesome fight though.  So pod express home and log off for awhile.

When I return I decide to head back and get some more kills.  I was going to take the Dramiel, but Corporate shenanigans at the gate caused my poor Dramiel to go into armor and I didn't want to wait for reps.  So I got into one of my Daredevils instead.  We'd put a small Corp gang together, Cane, Harbi, Scimitar and my Daredevil to go get into some trouble.  I was scout and eventually I jumped right into a medium sized gang of bad guys.  Mostly BC with some tackle and a Falcon.  A little much for us to engage with on their terms, so we decided to see if we could turn the tables on them.

In that situation, it is important to lure the enemy into engaging you on your terms, not theirs.  This isn't easy and involves significant risks, but it works more often than you might think.  Of course, since I was in the Daredevil, the main responsibility for baiting the baddies would fall to me.  I love that.

So I cross jumped them a few times and let them try to catch me and eventually I got into another system alone with a Taranis.  I was in a safe spot and he was on a gate.  Now, you know his buddies are on the other side of the gate waiting to jump in.  He knows that also.  So you need time to kill him.  The strategy?  I warped to the gate at 100k and started orbiting.  The idea here is to lure him out for a fight.  If his buddies jump in they can't warp to him to help since we're only 100 off, so they have to boat out.  By the time they get into range he'll be dead.  That's the theory anyway.  It started to work and the Ranis took the bait, sometimes things do go your way.  He engaged and we dueled it out.  He almost got thru my shields but he took the worst of it and exploded right on time.  I'm not fond of his fit, the repper in my opinion on a Taranis doesn't do much.  It slowed me down but the outcome wasn't in question, not with a web and a scram on my dd.

His buddies had jumped in, my buddies had jumped in and we all started trying to find an advantage.  We managed to catch a Myrm off from his gang and almost had him down when the rest jumped on us.  I had a Raptor into structure when the damn Falcon made me lose my point and the Raptor got away (!).  A Rifter had my buddy LD pinned down and I swooped in and saved him.  Doing so put me in range of their gang however and being in a faction frigate isn't an advantage when the bad guys out number you.  They all put their Warriors on me and despite the Scimi repping my shields I couldn't break away in time and eventually exploded.  But the rest of our gang managed to get away and that's what counts.

So 2-2 on the day, a Jaguar and Daredevil lost to a Atron and a Taranis killed.  Not the most glorious cause for happiness certainly, but if you think that, then you don't know me very well.  I had 2 great fights yesterday, one I barely lost to a great pilot and one I won in a great situation.  The buzz is still with me this morning.

This is why I play Eve.