1v1 FUNNIES: #8

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There once was a man from Jita
Who got turned on by a folded Pita
His hair may have been mussy
but he swore it looked like a...

... healthy snack alternative.

Sniper Ratting

What do you do with 100+ Sniper Battleships when they are bored out of their minds, have been on guard for hours and need to stay vigilant?  You take them ratting of course!

(Apologies for the crappy screenshot.  I actually took some great shots of our fleet ratting yesterday and this morning discovered that I had... well suffice to say they are not there anymore.  So this was one of the early ones before we started shooting.  Live with it.  Read the prose and build a mental picture, use your imagination for goodness sake!)

I don't remember how the idea started, to be honest I wasn't paying much attention.  (I know that makes me sound terrible, but yesterday was a hard day and I had a lot of work to get done.)  But somewhere the idea came up that we should scan for anomalies and have some fun.  Our fleet had been on station in system for several hours already and the reds hadn't shown up yet and it was beginning to look like they might not.  I give everyone extreme credit for sticking this one out!  We had to stay in system until it was 100% secure, if we left or went home and they did show up, everything we had worked so hard for over the last week could be in danger.

We had well over 120 ships in fleet, maybe 50 or 60 Sniper Battleships, don't quote me cause I didn't count them.  So someone would scan down an anomaly and then wing warp us all on top of it.  The sight of those Sansha Battleships melting under concentrated sniper fire was, despite the silliness, awe-inspiring.  I have to admit that.

I shot the first couple of times and then I just went for the fun of it.  Federation Navy ammo is a bit expensive for ratting and that, along with some Caldari Navy Antimatter, was all I had in my cargo.  You can see my Rokh floating right smack dab in the middle of the fleet in the above shot, all alone and just looking badass.

I made a bit over 2 million isk in bounties.  But didn't shoot any reds.  I'd rather have shot 2 million reds.  Thankfully there aren't that many.

Mau's House of Pain

You've heard me talk about my friend Angor Mau on the site before, sometimes making fun of all the trouble he has caused me.  Well he has finally had enough and decided to start his own blog, Mau's House of Pain.

He's just getting started over there but I would encourage you to visit and give him some encouragement.  He could use it, as we all can when we're first starting out.

Angor introduced me to Eve during his trial period and as soon as I saw it running on his computer I knew I had to have it.  Since then he got me into my first Corp and we've travelled pretty much the same path together, except for a few wrong turns, like when he joined U'K for a very short stint!  Don't ask.  So sad.  I've actually killed him a few times, and he hasn't managed to return the favor yet.  Although he has gotten me killed on more than one occasion. Angor is the only RL person I know in Eve, although I know who a few other people really are, it isn't likely we'd actually meet in real life.

So I wish him much success in his own blog as he develops his own voice and finds his way.  Always good to have another voice added to this insane community.

Stand and Deliver

Today my friends, the pilots of Paxton distinguished themselves above and beyond the call in taking back what "New Providence" had tried to take from them.  Our sov was threatened in MH-9, T-R and QBL and tonight, I am proud to report, our sov is threatened in none of our systems.  Not a single one.

The combined forces of Ushra'Khan, Daisho Syndicate, Chaos Theory, Sodalitas XX, Shock an Awe and their ilk, were unable to finish what they had started by putting SBUs up in those systems and attacking their stations and iHubs.  Paxton, along with forces representing CVA, defended, repaired and utterly crushed them and their SBUs.

This is why I returned to Providence and what I was hoping to find, someone willing and able to make a stand and fight back.  This is what has made me extremely proud of my new Corp and our Alliance.  Today's action was well conceived, well executed and well attended by the Alliance.  Not only speaking of combat pilots, but those steadfast pilots that risked their ships repairing services and structures tirelessly throughout the days and nights.  This was a combined effort that resulted in our victory today.  Each and every member deserves credit and thanks.

We all understand that tomorrow is a new day and that what we have won back can be threatened once again.  But I think today has to give our neighbors pause and perhaps a moment to think that we will not go away as easily as they may have hoped.  That we are ready, willing and able to defend what is ours.

On a personal note, RJ managed to rack up 37 kills in his Rokh.  Even though I promised myself I wouldn't fly a Battleship until I could totally Tech 2 fit it, I made an exception today.  (Still 17 days left on Large Hybrid V)  It is a darn good T1 fit however and proved itself time and time again on the battlefield today, surviving multiple attempts at removing it from action, it lived through the entire day.

What will tomorrow bring?

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Idiot's Guide: Flying in Zero Space

For those of you looking for an in-depth comprehensive guide, this is not it.  Not even close.  While this guide does have proven advice, excellent points and entertaining prose, it in no way pretends to be what it isn't.  There are plenty of serious guides on the subject available for those willing to google them, study sub-orbital mechanics or happen to be dedicated to a deep understanding of game mechanics, which I am not.  This is intended simply as a brief, factual, experienced based guide on successfully flying your ship through zero space and living to tell your friends.

Who am I to write such a guide?  I dunno.  I have flown throughout zero space almost exclusively for the last nineteen months, I have moved huge amounts of assets deep into the frontier (once making 17 47 jump trips in a few days time with only one ship lost), I used to make Badger runs from Empire each week deep into zero and only ever lost ONE Badger, and I spent months mapping Catch, Immensea and other regions of all enemy installations, jump bridges and whatnots... so you be the judge.

So you want to fly in Zero Space?

Excellent choice.  Zero or Null Space is where all the fun is, despite what those low-sec people will tell you, it's where all the cool kids hang out.  Successfully flying through zero is easy, fun and highly rewarding... ok, I'll be honest with you, it isn't easy but it can be fun and rewarding.

For the purpose of this guide we will assume a few things to make it easier to understand.  You are a lone ship flying to the end of the universe from Empire to some distant, dark corner.  You don't have anyone to help you, except for this guide, and every ship you encounter is a threat.  And you don't have any bookmarks already saved.  That'll be easy since it is almost always actually true.  We won't muck this up with talk of Corps and Alliances, blues and reds, that'll be another guide on another day. k?

A Few Things First

> Zero is not Low-Sec!  Get this thru your thick skull because it will save your life, Zero Space is much different than even the nastiest low-sec system.  Why?  One huge, big difference.  Anyone can attack you at any time and any place in zero.  Anywhere.  At the Gate, at a Planet, in a Belt, at the Station, anywhere they want.

> Bubbles.  And not the fun kind that you blow.  The people that want to kill you have some nasty tools at their disposal in Zero, Gate Bubbles, Interdiction Bubbles, Drag Bubbles and they are nasty and hard to survive.  But not impossible.

> Your ship.  It is the single most important thing you have and how it operates are essential to surviving the trip.  The harder your ship is to "point", which means getting tackled by a warp disruptor, scrambler, or shoulder-mounted warp disruption generator, the more likely you are to live.  So small, slick, fast and cloaky - or SSFC - are the factors that determine how well you will do.

SMALL - Small isn't just the size of your ship but its Signature Radius.  This is the number that determines how big your ship APPEARS to other ships.  It is a number which can be manipulated and changed not only by you, but by external factors.  Learn the zen of the SR, it is extremely important.  Survivability comes down to a simple equation, the smaller the SR the harder you are to lock, hit and destroy.

SLICK - Some ships are harder to point than other ships.  Every ship has a number of points assigned to it and the tackler's disruptors and scramblers have points assigned to them, this is where the term "point" comes from.  You can manipulate your points to a certain degree with modules like the Warp Core Stabilizer.  But those come with hefty penalties, the WCS reduces your optimal range by HALF!  And some ships, like the Impel, give bonuses to their points making them almost impossible to tackle.

FAST - Speed is your friend.  The faster you go the less likely someone can catch you.  Duh.  But it is important to remember that not all speed is good speed.  Remember the SR?  One factor that can increase your SR is using a Micro Warpdrive, when you turn that thing on your SR blooms to the targeting computers of the enemy.  But, you shouldn't fly in zero without a mwd installed.  Speed is king.

CLOAKY - Being able to turn invisible is obviously a great trick and confounds the enemy.  Fitting a cloak is a good idea if your ship is able to warp and cloak at the same time.  If not, it can be more of a burden than a help.  Because you are stuck, and not only that, the penalties on targeting when you uncloak mean if they find you they will kill you.  Although if you can get safe and cloak up, you can wait until the oven cools down.  So cloaks are generally a good idea if you can.

Let's go!

Ok, so, you are sitting on the last low-sec gate and when you jump thru you will be in zero space!  Very exciting, your heart should be pounding because most likely this gate will be guarded.  Most low-sec entry gates into zero are, some more than others depending on the systems, war decs and the state of affairs on the other side.  All of which you are not privy to.

So what do you do?  Jump baby!  Take the plunge, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Let's take a look at the options:

BUT FIRST: Hold cloak!  When you jump you land cloaked, even if your ship doesn't have a cloak.  It is a game mechanic you need to learn to exploit.  You have about 30 seconds of being invisible to asses the situation, USE IT!

OPTION ONE: No one is there!  It's your lucky day my friend.  What do you do now?  You jump down to the section below called The Gate and read on.

OPTION TWO: There are a few ships on the gate but no visible bubbles.  So you hold cloak and look at the enemy ships, they don't have a HIC, DIC so you don't have to worry about bubbles.  They don't even have an interceptor.  Select a planet in your overview or by right clicking in space and warp to a random distance, NEVER WARP TO ZERO!
Now skip down to the section called The Gate and read on.

OPTION THREE: As above, no bubbles, but this time they have a ceptor buzzing around.  The determining factor in your next course of action is simple, how close is the ceptor to you and how good is your SSFC Numbers?  We'll be talking about that coming up.

OPTION FOUR: Bubble on the gate!  You are trapped in a bubble!  Your heart sinks as you realize you are doomed, but not so fast, there are ways to survive this horrible turn of events.

The Gate

Gates in zero are your friends and your worst nightmare.  But there are several things you need to know about them that will help you survive your travels.  First of all there are no gate guns in zero and Concord is no where to be seen.  That means most of the action in zero revolves around gates.  So understanding them is very important.

If you come out of a jump into a situation, bubbles or tackle or blob, you have 2 choices:  BURN or RUN.

BURN is heading back to the gate at the fastest speed possible, mods on full and hoping to jump back the way you came.  That can be a very scary 12k but it can work.  The important thing is to not engage the enemy because if you do you won't be able to jump, you'll have aggro.  If you are bubbled, burning might be your only option.

This is where experience and judgement come into play.  Getting good at assessing the situation while remaining cloaked for those 30 seconds is a skill that comes with time.  If you are close to the edge of the bubble, running may be a better option that burning.

RUN!  Even in a bubble, running can be an option.  If the odds are overwhelming, or your ship has no tank, or if you are a cloaky warp ship, then running may be your best option.  But how?

First of all never run to the next gate, that is bad.  Never warp to a planet at zero, that is worse.  The idea is to minimize the align time of your ship and maximize the speed of your warp.  Find the closest edge of the bubble and any celestial objects, belts or planets (NEVER Moons!  Zero moons have POS structures at them and they will shoot and kill you!) and align to the nearest one.  Now burn, overheat if you can, cloak if you can, and start spamming the warp button.  If you get tackled, kill the ship with the point.  If you get away it is important to warp again, to another celestial as soon as you land.  They might be chasing you.  I would.

The only time you warp to a zero gate at zero is when there is no one else but you in local.  Even then it isn't such a good idea, because someone may come thru your destination gate while you are in warp.  I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me.

Warping to the next gate from the entry gate is stupid.  Why?  Because the bad guys may have a drag bubble.  These things are nasty and will pull you away from the gate in warp and land you far away from the gate in a bubble. They will swarm you and kill you.

But the drag bubble can be beat.  It works by a complex math formula, but the important thing to remember is angles.    A drag bubble is set up in-line with the object you want to pull from, a gate or a station usually.  It is most effective when warping ships approach from that angle, it is increasingly less effective the further away from that angle the warping ship is.  So you want to be as far away from the approach angle as you can be.

So, in zero, when entering a system always warp to a planet first.  (Unless you have intel, a scout, a bookmark on the gate, blah blah.)  Luckily many gates are located right next to a planet, I call these Scan Planets because you can warp to them and scan the gate from safety.  Which is a huge advantage.  Regardless, this allows you to approach the next gate from a different angle and gives you a much better chance of not being dragged into the drag bubble.

There is more to learn.  But these are the basic tenets of traveling successfully in zero and they work.  I'll be writing more later on about some of these specific examples, but for now I think class is over.  Enjoy the playground.

Previous Guides:

Blog Tweaks

Just a quick post.  Eveoganda is a work in progress and always will be.  I do strive to make it the best I can and to add functionality and features, along with riveting and entertaining posts!  In that light I have made a few minor changes to the blog that I thought you should know about:

• I removed the masthead from the top of the page.  I think it makes the blog look better.

• I have added IntenseDebate commenting to all new posts.  I'm still tweaking this right now so bear with me.  It seems that if you want to comment on a post you need to click the post title.  I do like the commenting better this way, but I'd like to be able to avoid that action.  Will continue to tweak this.

That's it for now.  I hope to have some more things up and running in the near future, but mostly I wanted you to be aware of the new commenting system.

UPDATE:  Well... no one is perfect.  In tweaking the new comment system I have successfully deleted all the previous comments on the entire blog!  I don't believe that I can get them back, so I hope no one is upset with me.  Or if they are, which would be their right in my humble opinion, I hope they can forgive me in light of how much better the new comment system is compared to the old one... maybe?

Eviction Notice

I'm beginning to take this personally.  It seems that not a week after arriving back in Providence (and once again moving all my assets) that I am no longer welcome.  And neither is my new Corporation or the Alliance they belong to.  Of course... duh!  Like we didn't know that already.  I was just hoping it wouldn't happen so soon.  Let me get settled first.  Maybe?

They don't call 'em reds for nothing.  As Kirith reported on his blog this morning, every red -A- pet in Providence is rallied against us.  This isn't anything new of course, but it seems our Sunday fun at their expense was just the excuse they needed to ramp things up a bit.  It isn't the reason, they've been planning this for awhile, but they are moving into a couple of our systems in significant force.

This is all so familiar.  So here we go again.  This time I hope we will be able to put up a fight and not go out with a whimper like LFA.  I'd really hate to see that happen again.  Can a person even be expected to live through two of those in just a few short months?

I apologize for the brief post today, but I've got assets and ships to move around.

More soon, watch for updates.


I have never gone over a month without a single kill before.  Heck, I've never even gotten close to that, usually it might be a few days or so - but never that long.  The "break" is officially over as of yesterday and Rixx is back on the warpath.  Whew!  I hope I don't have to do that again.

For those that have been reading along, you know why the break happened.  For those that might need a refresher course, here it is in a nutshell.  After the fall of D-G back in January, Providence went into what I kindly call chaos.  Mostly this boiled down to angry exchanges between LFA and CVA, lots of drama and finger-pointing.  Politics.  And followed by some really bad leadership decisions (imo) which led to a general evacuation from Providence.  This wasn't only on an Alliance level, but on a Corp level as well.  And yes, I am speaking totally in generalizations.  But for weeks after that, when we should have been fighting, you couldn't find two ships to rub together.

Eventually some of us had had enough.  We decided to leave and see if we could re-form something in Empire.  We gave it a solid go, but things just didn't work out.  It happens.  At the same time the Corps that formed LFA began to abandon Providence in droves.  Most of them headed to the East, Primary, Gentleman's Club, etc.  I gave that a shot for a short bit, but that wasn't right either.  Mostly I was trying to think of a way to get back to Providence and fight.  But mostly I wanted a break from the drama and politics.  So I join my Alt's Corp and decided to make bank.

The run from September 2009 till February 2010 had cost me more than 20 Billion isk!  I'll never know the exact number because I don't keep detailed records, but it may have been even more than that.  My bank was seriously depleted to say the least.  Which is the main reason I had started my Alt character in the first place.

During the break Angor and I had the idea that maybe raiding in Providence might be the way to go.  For a brief moment we considered growing our Alt Corp "Lucifer's Hammer" into that solution.  But we decided against it for a variety of good reasons.

So a week or so ago we joined M3 Corporation and moved back to Providence.  Now we are in Paxton and fighting again against impossible odds.  I can't imagine a better place to be right now than right smack dab in the middle of it.

I helped kill some stuff yesterday and lost another drake.  Feels like I am finally home.


[ Due to circumstances beyond the author's control, the handsome, daring and supremely awesome writer is not where he should be.  For the past two days the writer has found himself elsewhere.  In this elsewhere world the author is without a computer with a connection sufficient to allow for the playing of Eve.  Yes, feel pity for him.  As we all know, everything comes with consequences.  The consequence of elsewhere world means that the author will be unable to provide a 1v1 FUNNY today.  It also means that the author was unable to be a part of D-GTMI being transferred back into our hands yesterday.  Timing my friends, it is all about timing. ]

I don't like leaving you without anything though, so here for your viewing pleasure are several posters I did very quickly leading up to and including the fall of D-GTMI back in January.

Click HERE for embiggened version

Click HERE for embiggened version

Both of these were done very, very quickly and they certainly don't represent my best work.  But in a way that is what propaganda is all about, responding quickly to the situation as it evolves and changes.

Which is where this one came from.  In response to CVA's request that LFA's executor needed to step down after the fall of D-GTMI and the whatnots that followed.  Again, I wasn't involved in the politics and I probably shoulda stayed out of it, but those were heady days my friends.

And now, just three short months later I'm in Paxton fighting on the side of CVA again, LFA is no more and D-G is once again ours.   Strange huh?

Large Hybrid Five

I swear, some day I am going to write a best-selling horror novel entitled "Large Hybrid Five"!  You just watch that I don't.  Nothing has stood grasped around my pasty white neck as long or as painfully as that specific skill.  This Sunday, after Command Ship IV is finished, I will point my mouse at it and drag its sorry ass into the skill training window.  I hope it's happy.  I hope I am in the (slightly less) month that it takes to train.

I know, I shoulda trained it last Summer.  I shoulda trained it any number of other times and just gotten it over with.  You're right, you're always right.  But gosh darn it, other things kept getting in the way.  Oh yeah, I have a ton of excuses baby.  

I don't know about you dear reader type person, and how could I?, but I suspect that many of you are like me.  Like me in this one specific sense, cause I'm a snowflake and no one is like me.  But we can share this.  I need goals.  Especially in this insane game.  It is so easy to get distracted.  And boy have I been distracted.  Moving back and forth around the universe.  Trying to develop the right skill plan, trying not to be attracted to the next shiny.  But mostly, trying not to be bummed that I chose Caldari as my race.  I mean c'mon, the Raven and the Rokh don't exactly inspire do they?

(This post isn't about those two BS, so don't bother telling me about them.  I love them both for different reasons and I just bought and fitted a new Rokh yesterday.)  But I waited.  In the long run I am glad that I waited.  Now my skills are solid and I do have a great skill plan that I am pretty happy with, which means I only muck about with it several times a week instead of daily.  When I do finally fit those large T2 guns on a ship I will be ready.  And it'll be a Megathron I put them on first.  My Rokh will be second.

Eve teaches some hard lessons.  It's funny because I am a very patient and persistent person in real life.  But this game drove me crazy at first, the long hard-slog is long and hard.  And I still don't feel like I've gotten all the way up that cliff yet.  Do you ever?  I wonder.

But Large Hybrid Five (And associated spec skills, don't remind me!) will be a big step in the right direction.  And then some other horrible skill will be staring out at me waiting to take its place.  Gulp.

Catch Freedom

Click HERE for an embiggened version

I'm not arrogant enough to believe that this poster destroyed the LFA Alliance.  I'm also not stupid enough to think it didn't have some effect.  Just three short months after it appeared on the LFA forums, the alliance is effectively a thing of the past.  During the weeks leading up to the fall of D-GTMI an unusual amount of activity surrounded this poster on my Flickr account.  In fact, over two-thousand hits were recorded during a short burst of time leading up to that attack.  Where did those hits come from you ask?  Why, they came from the U'K Forum.

Someone wasn't happy.

I came back to Providence specifically to help the Alliance in this campaign.  And while I was no longer privy to the politics or the command decisions, and goodness knows I still don't care enough to get involved in that drama, I was only concerned about one thing... fighting.  I was asked to create something in response to -A-'s recent propaganda spurt of activity on the forums and I responded.  The rest, as they say, is history.

I'll leave it up to others to debate what happened that really destroyed LFA.  And destroyed Providence as it was known under CVA and the Holders.  All I know is that the pressure had been mounting for months, maybe even longer, to expand.  Heck, I was in a Corp that left Providence because of that very reason.  Providence had become extremely crowded with both blues and neuts, the ratting wasn't what it used to be, the mining (especially the Moon mining) was the same... there was tremendous pressure to expand, to grow.  And right along the border were three or four systems that no one was using.  It's a simple formula.

Personally, I don't blame anyone for anything.  It is a game after all, but more importantly in my mind, at least we tried.  At first anyway.  Then we stopped trying and everything fell into chaos and carnage.

So now I've decided to return to Providence.  This time in a Corporation within the Paxton Federation.  Oh my, the times they are a changing.

And before you ask, no... I won't be creating any propaganda posters showing Paxton crushing their enemies.  That would just be asking for trouble.

Back to Providence

Reading this post yesterday over on Kirith's blog caused me to pause and think.  What better place to be in the whole of Eve, than right smack dab in the middle of Providence?  Hopelessly outnumbered, surrounded on all sides and to all appearances, doomed?  If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, that's ok, because it is without question, mine.  I like my tea hot and spicy.

So I sent Angor the link and he said the same thing I was thinking, "We have to be there!"  We certainly had our choice of opportunities and we've been having talks with several other friends in other parts of the universe.  But once we got a look at that map, we knew we had to go back.  It is more than just the fighting, and for a person who plays this game like a game this is hard to admit, but it is Providence.  Say what you want about CVA, LFA and the other holders but that isn't my own personal experience.  I hit Providence the first time when I was only a few weeks old and I have fought, bled and died for it time and time again.  The situation right now?  It looks a lot like it did when I first came down.  

So once more it is time to load up the wagon and haul ass across the universe.  If someone had told me this time last year that right now I would be returning to Provi, to a Corp in Paxton, that LFA would be gone, CVA pushed back into low-sec, that Noir. would have sov in several systems, that U'K would hold sway in P-I5, that D-GTMI would be in the hands of the enemy once more... well, suffice to say I wouldn't have believed you.  And who would have?

Some kinda crazy nut-bag maybe.  Well then... shine on you crazy diamond.

EVE Blog Banter: Chicks 'N Ships

That nut CrazyKinux has started another BLOG BANTER over on his site and I encourage you to check it out.  In this challenge, he asks us all the following:

What could CCP Games do to attract and maintain a higher percentage of women to the game. Will Incarna do the trick? Can anything else be done in the mean time? Can we the players do our part to share the game we love with our counterparts, with our sisters or daughters, with the Ladies in our lives? What could be added to the game to make it more attractive to them? Should anything be changed? Is the game at fault, or its player base to blame?

So, how do we get more ladies to play Eve?  Honestly, there are few Eve Bloggers that have a better understanding of the female mind than me, so I am very anxious to tackle this particular question.  I have so many excellent ideas to share, so let's get right to it.  These ideas might be numbered, but that doesn't mean they are in any sort of priority list.  They're all so good, hopefully CCP will just start making them happen as soon as possible.

I have never met a woman yet who could resist the strange allure of coupons.  They magically hold sway over their minds and their hearts, tremendous savings are built into their DNA.  This is a scientific fact, recently reported in the science journal Men's Health.  So taking advantage of this inherent bias towards savings should be easy enough.  The trick however, is getting the coupons noticed.  All those internet ads on guy websites won't work.  CCP needs to direct mail these suckers, or get them into the Sunday editions of local newspapers, right next to the grocery coupons if possible.  Maybe even use some BOGO (Buy One Get One) offers, buy a Eve Sub and get 25% off your next purchase!  Wow.

C'mon, I can't believe for a minute that I'm the first one to think of this.  Women are nuts for puppies and kittens, those sweet little eyes and cuddly natures are big-time winners.  I know what you're thinking... But RJ how can we incorporate puppies and kittens into our precious Eve universe without ruining it?  Oh like having more women playing wouldn't do THAT!?  But seriously, Oh ye of little faith.  Do you not remember those floating billboards?  Running cute pictures of puppies and kittens on them wouldn't bother your Eve universe none, in fact it might make it even better.  Just think of jumping through a gate and being greeted by the sweetest darn face you ever did see.  Awwww.  

If, for some reason, puppies and kittens are not available - Unicorns would work as a substitute.

Wait, before you jump down my throat, granted this wouldn't work for all women.  But for those hard-core wives out there, nagging is a big deal.  If they could follow us into Eve and then literally follow us around in some kind-of Nagger Class Cruiser... they'd be more than happy to shell out the monthly subscription cost.  Heck, we could open this up to Ex-Wives and make a killing!  "Why are you jumping into Low-Sec again!? How many times do I have to tell you?"

This is another no-brainer, we need more Stars playing Eve.  If we could get some dreamy celebrity hunk playing Eve in the tabloids... do I even need to spell it out for you?  Women would flock my friends, flock.  Again, this isn't true of every woman in the world, but we're talking numbers here.  Even better would be one of those boy bands writing a hit pop song about Eve and how much it hurts to be away from you when they're playing it... sniff.

Ok this idea would take some sacrifice on our part, but it would totally work.  We need one extremely dedicated Eve player to go on Oprah and cry.  Not just any tears, but sincerely genuine tears, flowing rivers down your cheeks.  Talking openly and frankly about your love of the game and how it has affected your love life, you might have to make-up that part.  Just think about that time the Pirates blew up your faction-fitted battleship... that'll bring the tears. But then, out-of-nowhere bring it all back around and totally sell how Eve finally brought you love, how one chance encounter in the game with a real chick brought real love into your life.  Oh man, that would so work.

I can only hope that my sarcasm is shining through this post.  I've known several women players, and now even some women Eve bloggers, that totally enjoy the game.  I don't think we should change anything just to attract more women players.  It just isn't gonna work.  The idea here is to make Eve as good as it can possibly be and hope that quality will bring in more fringe players.  In the final analysis, Eve is a game about spaceships and that just isn't going to attract a lot of people.  And not just women.

I wish more women played Eve.  I think they would add a tremendous amount to the gaming experience, I know the ones that I have encountered have done so.  More would be better.  I just don't think that changing the game to accomplish that goal is worth the risk.

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Nighthawk VS. Megathron

Yesterday I finally achieved a year long goal of mine, I stepped into a Nighthawk.  For a Caldari pilot, even one who has cross-trained other races, the Nighthawk is truly the first really deadly ship you can fly.  (Let the flaming begin!  I also fly the Cerberus, Falcon, Rook, blah blah blah, all good ships, even a fully T2 fitted HAM Drake, but it isn't the same thing. Any true Caldari pilots know what I am talking about.)  To say I was excited is to say the Peanut Buster Parfait is just an ice cream cone!  With apologies to my non-Dairy Queen readers out there.

Even though Command Ship Level 2 was still being trained (Lvl IV this week!) I wanted to give her a work-out worthy of the nineteen months I've had to wait.  So I fitted her up with a robust but pretty standard fit:

6x T2 Heavies loaded with CN Scourge

2x Large Ext T2
2x Invul Fields T2
1x Y-T8 MWD

3x BCS
1x DC
1x BRC

2x Medium Core Defense Field Extenders
5x Warrior II's

This is what I call the Gang DPS fit, leaning heavy on the range and DPS and relying on someone else to do the tackle.  I have other fits as well, some that put out more DPS, have a stronger tank, or have a point and a more active tank set-up, but this is probably what I'll be flying more often than not.  Strong tank and nasty DPS, EFT says 500 DPS and 111k EHP.  Yikes!  Yes I could use some Faction mods to increase things, and I might do so, but this was day one and, like I said, my Command Ship skill was still at Level One.

So I asked Angor if he would undock his nasty Megathron and have a go in a little one-on-one.  Angor's Mega is totally T2 fitted and a real beast, so my expectation wasn't very high.  Mostly I wanted to see what the tank on this baby would give me, how much damage could it stand up to?  I knew he was sporting a large blaster fit so for the first round I warped in at range, about 30k.  Outside his guns and scram range.  It took a long time for his Ogres to reach me and I pounded him pretty hard, about half-way into armor before we broke off.  While that was interesting it didn't really help me much.  I knew I'd be putting out good DPS, especially against a monster sig radius like the Mega.

We docked up for repairs, or he did, and decided to give it a real test.  We'd undock together and have at it.  Gulp.  I'd give up a huge advantage and be right in the sweet-spot of his guns.  But I agreed.  The only rule we had was that I couldn't shoot his drones, those Ogres are expensive.  So we undocked and started shooting each other.  He scramed me right off and we settled into about a 7-8k stand off.  Pounding away.  His Ogres swarming me and his blasters blasting me.  My Warriors swarming him and my surprisingly quick volley of heavies smashing into him.  Whose tank would break first?

I have to tell you, it was close.  Dangerously close.  The Mega was deep into structure when I called off the assault, the NH was about half-way through armor.  I estimate that 4 more volleys from my missiles and the Mega would have blown up.  Angor agreed.

Granted, the only thing not T2 on his Mega is the Ogres, so that would have played a part.  Of course I wasn't shooting his Ogres either.  And I was flying under Command Ship level One, so my bonuses aren't full yet either.

All-in-all I was extremely pleased with the NH's performance.  I sat toe to toe under brutal fire from a Battleship and survived.  Not only survived but victorious.  Obviously those were in no way battlefield conditions for either of us.  And that would change things, one way or the other.  But for the first day, I am very happy.

Plan A

To everyone who has commented, emailed or convo'd me in the past few days, and to those pilots that expressed an interest in Lucifer's Hammer, thank you.  Angor and I appreciate each of you and all that you brought to the table.  It truly means a tremendous amount the level of support we've received.

As I've stated a few times now, this blog allows me the opportunity to reveal details regarding on-going efforts in our play of the game, that you might not be privy to otherwise.  It has only been a few short days since we started debating the merits of starting our own Corp, yet so much has happened in a short time.  One of the things that happened involves a Real Life issue that I won't share, but that became the final decision maker for us both.  It reinforced the knowledge that while Eve is fun and we enjoy playing, it can never be the kind of commitment for us that it would require in running our own Corp.  In the end that wouldn't be fair to our potential members and their enjoyment of the game.

Plan B just won't work.  So it's back to Plan A.  Lucifer's Hammer will continue to be the back-bone of our PvP character's adventures in Eve.  And we will continue looking for a place for our Mains to hang their hats.  LH will remain a two-man Corp with that sole mission.

1v1 FUNNIES: #7

Click to embiggen

There once was a man from Rens
Who chased the girls like hens
He flew a big Rokh
but had a small...
opinion of himself.


You can see the full size image HERE.

Angor and I discussed the last post today and we both decided that forming LUCIFER'S HAMMER was worth the commitment.  We've both been in enough Corps, Alliances and other groups to know what we like and what we don't like.  So we've made the decision not to wait and to start recruiting pilots now.  

So... what does that mean?  What type of Corp is LH gonna be?  I can tell you this much right now without hesitation, both Angor and I play Eve to PLAY Eve.  We don't like bullshit, we don't care for politics, secret channels for the shiny people, ops that only a select few get to go on, or anything else that gets in the way of having fun, working hard and reaping the rewards.  We also believe that there should be no limits to what that means, so you want to mission, you want to mine, you want to pirate... we're open to anything.  Now that doesn't mean the Corp won't be focused on a prime objective, because we will.  Right now that prime objective is going to be Zero Space Raiding.  There are some very interesting things going on in certain zero space areas that we believe can be exploited.  And exploited in a huge way.

We are looking for pilots that thought the paragraph above sounded damn good.  Right now those pilots should primarily have 15+ million skill points, but that is not a hard and fast rule.  Exceptions will be made, but only based on proven track records and solid references.  Like I've said before, we aren't looking for hundreds of members, only dozens of good ones.

This is an opportunity to get in at the ground-floor and help us form something that can have an impact on the sandbox of Eve.  What that might be will be in large part up to our members.  But it is going to take patience, dedication and a commitment to make it happen.  

LH will have a strong Industrial base, so we need help with that.  We need iskies to fuel the PvP and vice versa, it's a simple formula that works and can make all of our members very wealthy.  All members, industrial or PvP focused, will have the total support of the Corp and the leadership.  My main is a PvPer and my Alt is an Industrial, the same with Angor.

If you are interested, contact Rixx Javix or Angor Mau in-game or join LUCRH HAMMER TIME channel.

More to come.


Angor and I continue to debate the merits, direction and goals of Lucifer's Hammer.  If you haven't noticed we are both taking some time out of "commitment" Eve for awhile.  This has been going on for the past month and might last another month or so.  After all the moving around, all the Alliance/Corp politics and everything else that went along with it, we both felt like we needed a break.  So Lucifer's Hammer has been serving that purpose very well.

Is it a long-term solution?  Honestly I'm not sure.  I'm beginning to think that LH might serve best as a home for our Alts to mine, build and mission in support of our mains.  The idea that I proposed in the last post, of becoming null space raiders, has dulled somewhat in the past week.


We learned some hard lessons when we tried to form new Corps in the past, both Inglorious Basterds and Brutal Company failed for various reasons, and we're both not anxious to go down that road again.  We're also not interested in building a new Corp from the ground up.  The idea of mothering a bunch of noobs and building a Corp up over a period of months and years isn't all that appealing.  It might be for some and I'm glad those people exist, I'm just not one of them.  Primarily it comes down to time, between work, family and everything else life has to offer, Eve (while sorta important) isn't a 24hr thing and will never be.

This is all in flux right now and you're getting a front row seat on things you probably wouldn't otherwise be privy to.  We're in no hurry to make big decisions right now.  My focus is on building up the wallet again, training some important skills and getting things organized.  I'd be so much better off in-game right now if I had taken this approach since the beginning of my career.  When I think of all the isk I've wasted... well, I try not to think about it.

Anyway, what do you think of the Corp logo?  Do I even have to tell you to click to embiggen?

Unleash the Big Boys

There was a period of time when no one seemed willing to bring their Battleships to fights anymore.  This started after a failed -A- invasion of D-GTMI last Summer.  ( Yes, they tried it before and we won that time... people have short memories.)  I decided to do my part by creating this propaganda poster.

Click HERE to see the full-sized version.

I think even the pre-teens among my readers can pick up on the sexual innuendo in this piece.  Sometimes you need a hammer.

BONUS:  I found a screen shot of the battle I was talking about, which happened on June 6th, 2009.  457 pilots in local at the moment the capture was taken, I remember it getting above 700 before it was over.  No where near the numbers from January, but still impressive.  This was the first time I fought a battle completely from the map and overview, the lag was so bad it was the only way.

Click to embiggen

Famous Blob Pilot?

If you read yesterday's post then you saw some can-flipper call Rixx a "famous blob pilot" during our chat in local, after I defeated his can-flipping with Ana's Impel.  I admit this kinda, sorta hurt my feelings a bit.  If you were a pilot in Providence during the CVA/LFA days you'd understand.  We were always being labeled as "blobbers" like it was the worst thing in the universe.  As if we were the only ones showing up in force or something.  Believe me, having flown solo thru enemy space a million times, they are just as likely to blob as anyone.

Having said that, being involved with the Alliance since the beginning of my career, I did fly in gangs and fleets a lot.  It was necessary though.  There is very little solo work to be done in zero because no one, NO ONE, travels alone.  If a red seems to be alone, he isn't.  Engage him and find out for yourself, he'll have five buddies in cloaked sb waiting to alpha you, or a cyno will light up, or 15 BS on the other side of the gate will jump in.  Zero is not low-sec.

I admit there are a few "blob" kills on my killboard that I am not proud of, but much much less than most.  I generally avoided whoring kill mails, but sometimes they could not be avoided.  Like the time it took 138 of us to kill a Drake.  Although if you notice I was in my Falcon jamming things on that kill.  Like I said, I'm not exactly 'proud' of those types of kills, but I am also not ashamed of them either, they are sometimes necessary.  Or they just happen.  Not my fault some idiot warps directly into our gate camp.

So what is a Blob?  In my opinion a Blob is 20 or more ships engaged in killing a single ship.  I don't care who you are you can't survive that (usually).  But proving if something is a Blob or not is difficult from just a kill mail.  Just because a kill has 20+ pilots on it doesn't make it a Blob.  Most likely that was just one kill during a fleet action.  And since fleets generally involve 20 or more ships, you begin to see the problem.

I was curious, so I went through my kill mails and compiled the following statistics.

Solo Kills - 24  (5%)
Small Gang(2-5 pilots) - 53 (12%)
Large Gang(5-10 pilots) - 88 (19%)
Small Fleet(10-20 pilots) - 148 (32%)
Large Fleet(20+ pilots) - 150 (32%)

I have been in a lot of large fleets, but those numbers also include sov actions in which I was in fleets numbering over 400 ships.  In fairness I included those as well.  So I'm not sure this qualifies me as a "famous blob pilot" or not.  I suppose that would be up to the individual.  I certainly know many other pilots who are deserving of that title than myself, but I also know that depends on your perspective.  In the final analysis I don't care one way or the other.

I would like to have more solo kills.  But honestly, anymore it seems like anyone flying alone has warp core stabs on.  This has happened so many times lately, but that is the subject of another post.

PS: I am the first to admit when I am wrong.  As Logan pointed out in the comments, it is possible that he meant "famous BLOG pilot" and not "famous BLOB pilot".  Funny, I don't think of myself that way and the thought never even occurred to me.  Still, the post is valid either way so it stays up.

Defeated by an Impel

Spent the day mining with Ana, which is usually boring but necessary.  I say "usually" boring because I did have some excitement today.  Her Hulk was going strong on the 8th can of the day, this was mostly afk mining today, so when I checked back in on her lo and behold some schmuck actually can-flipped me!  Now I've can-flipped my share of pilots, mostly back in the early days, but no one has ever can-flipped me before.  It was then that I realized, it wasn't "me" that was being can-flipped, it was my Indy alt Ana.  I've told you before I have problems keeping it all straight.

So I flew my Hulk back to the station, dumped the Ore and got in my Impel.  A plan was already forming and I thought it had a great shot at working.  The CF was in a Merlin and not an especially old character, so I doubted his point would have the strength to stop the Impel's +2 warp.  I didn't have any Warp Core Stabs, but I didn't need them.  So I flew back to the belt to see if he was still waiting on me.  He was.

So I approached the can and opened it up so the cargo windows were next to each other on the overview.  When I was right on top of the can I aligned to the station, dumped the can into the Impel's cargo and hit the warp to button.  He started shooting me right away and tried to scram me.  It didn't work.  Sadly I had moved Ana down to this sys this very morning, so all she had in the station was a Hulk and the Impel.  And RJ was nine or more jumps away.

Until this very moment I never really thought about the ability this blog gives me to expose pilots.  I've thought about it, should I give his name or keep it anonymous?  I've landed on this for now, he is a character so he is already anonymous.  So who would I be protecting?  Him and his Corp are already on my list.  The only thing that does give me pause is this, I usually only post about things that have happened in the past.  Even if it has only been a few days in the past.  This one just happened.  I can't explain it, but I do feel a little weird about it.

Here was local afterwards.

Anastasia Javix > LOL
Anastasia Javix > back to can flipping school m8
CF; only so much you can do against wstabs.
CF; wondering why you took so long tho
Anastasia Javix > huh didnt have any wcs
CF; oh well, then the honour was all yours
Anastasia Javix > worthy try, lucky for you my main isnt in sys
CF; bring it!
Anastasia Javix > lol be careful what u wish for
CF; you have 7 minutes
Anastasia Javix > he's 17 jumps away, another day
CF; who? Rixx?
CF; isnt he the famous blob pilot?
Anastasia Javix > am i famous already?
CF; ^ this guy..
Anastasia Javix > ur starting to bore me m8
CF; come out the station and have a dance then
Anastasia Javix > u tried that already, couldnt even kill my indy alt
Anastasia Javix > kinda sad really
Anastasia Javix > come back when ur bounty is higher
CF; told you, kudos for that. now let me have another try. Ill do my best
CF; too late
CF; good day sir, hf
Anastasia Javix > cya ltr

UPDATE: I said that I felt weird about this and I've been proven correct.  I won't go into details, but suffice it to say that I have removed the character's anonymous in-game name from the post above.  I will never use this blog to defame anyone or talk about them in a way that presents them in an un-fair light.  This character did indeed can-flip me and his killboard clearly shows that this wasn't his first time doing so to other pilots.  Having said that, his name has been removed.

Covert Operations

For a short while at the end of last Summer, I served as the Covert Operations Director for LFA.  My acceptance of the position came at what would become a difficult time, once again I would prove the old axiom that RJ's timing stinks!  It turned out that only a few short weeks later my Corp decided to leave LFA.  So I found a replacement and started focusing on helping the Corp move.

It wasn't an easy decision for me.  I was torn between trying to establish a long-term relationship with a Corp and the loyalty I felt to the Alliance itself.  That dichotomy between Corp and Alliance loyalty would rule my Eve life until a month ago when I finally decided to break free from both.  Regardless of all that, Covert Operations was something that we needed in the Alliance.  Several attempts had been made to organize and coordinate Covet Ops but they had met with limited success.  Several of us had formed a channel and we had been running operations over the Summer.  These operations mainly consisted of scouting deep into enemy territory and finding enemy POS installations.

My Manticore and I logged millions of light-years of travel during that time and managed to scout out virtually every POS in Catch and Immensea.  My work during that time was one of the main reasons I was asked to assume the Director's role.  But I also needed to recruit and get people excited about helping with Covert Ops.  It is an important part of any Alliance's operations, but it isn't as glamorous as being in a Sniper or RR BS fleet.  So I created the following poster for the forum to raise awareness and help get pilots committed.

Click HERE to see the full-size version

And yes, the usual amount of humor is being generously applied.

1v1 FUNNIES: #6

Click to embiggen

Eve has an evil way of keeping us all humble.  No matter how many skill points you have, or how well you think you are doing, the Eve universe can sometimes rise up and kick your ass.  I'll share a humiliating story with you that illuminates the issue.  A long time ago, when I first went into zero space, I thought I'd get rich killing rats.  Compared to the wussy rats in hi-sec, zero rats were awesome.  Eventually I did manage to get rich, but at first zero space rats kicked my butt.  We used to have to rat together in gangs.  Back then my best ship was a Moa, so this tells you how long ago I am talking about.  One of the most frustrating things was getting stuck on an asteroid and getting kilt by rats.  This happened about two or three times before I could get into a better ship.  And while that is bad enough, it isn't the point of my story, only the backstory.

Skip ahead nineteen months.  The humiliating thing is that it happened again.  I happened to scan down a hi-sec plex the other day and I thought, "Huh, I'll just fly over there and kill rats."  In my totally kick-butt T2 fitted, uber tank Drake.  Should be no problem right?  As luck would have it, I warped right smack into a structure and got stuck!  So 40+ rats aggro me and, even with an awesome tank, before you know it... poof.

The Eve universe is bigger than us.  And, I believe, it doesn't like us very much.  But it can't kill us, so it can only try to break us.  To make us insane, to drive us wonkers and force us to quit.  Which is strange for a game... I suspect a higher power is in charge.  No, not Icelandians.  Not GMs.  Bigger than that.  I have some theories, but those I am saving for another time.

What's in your hanger?

I was thinking about ship names this morning.  I think it is something that generally seems to be overlooked as it has no real bearing on the game at all, but I find the process of naming my ships to be interesting.  Sometimes I go for stupid or silly, sometimes I've had themes (For awhile last year all my ships had the word "lizard" in them somewhere, I don't know why) and sometimes they're just what they are with no real thought given to them.

So this post has two parts and I'd love to hear from everyone on this.  What do you do when naming your ships?  Is it something you take seriously, naming them after ships in science fiction movies?  Like Nostromo or others.  Or famous science fiction writers?  I've done that one myself, The Asimov, The Bradbury, etc.  And why did you choose the names you choose?

The second question is what is in your hanger right now?  I'll start it off by telling you what is in mine at the moment.

>Harpy  "Hatchet"  I've flown Harpies before, but this is a new fit I'm excited about trying out.

>Drake  "Serious Business"  All my PvP Drakes are named "Serious Business" because, as you all know, Drake's are serious business.  I was once in a Drake only fleet with 30 Drakes and we all named them this, that was a fun fleet.

>Raven  "Inglorious"  I don't fly Ravens for PvP but I have this one to help Angor in his Level IV missions.  It is named after a former Corp we started, if you read the blog then you already knew'd that.

>Buzzard  "Xpress"  I use the Buzzard for two things, as a prober and as a transport thru hostile space for expensive items.  Darn thing gets over 20 AU/s warp speed.

>Caracal  "Lost Hope"  I use the Caracal for my own pitiful Level 1 mission running, I know it is sad.  But I never ran missions before and just got started.  I do kick ass at them in this thing though.  LOL

>Falcon  "Cripes!"  I love the Falcon but I have never had the chance to really use it for its intended purpose yet.  I finished training for it last Fall just as everything started falling apart.  Oh well, someday.

>Daredevil  "Murdock"  My new favorite ship of the moment.

>Rifter "Tailgunner"  I had to cross-train a little Minmatar to get the Daredevil, so why not?  This is my fun cheap ship and I'm looking forward to getting killed in it.

>Badger Mark II  "Blank Space"  Gotta have one for moving stuff around.

>Taranis  "Mad Max"  Love my ranis.  But what about Ur ranis?

>Firetail  "BooBee"  Got this yesterday at a firesale for cheap, haven't even fitted it yet cause I'm not skilling autocannons for awhile yet, but couldn't pass up the price.

Those are RJ's ships as of right now.  I sold off almost my entire fleet less than a month ago when I left zero space to start work on Lucifer's Hammer, so that isn't bad.  I'm buying a new Manticore later to go into zero and do some griefing this weekend.

What about you?

PIXELS: Short Film

I can't help myself today.  Here is another one I thought you might enjoy.  Directed by Patrick Jean and produced by OneMore Production, this short film is about what might happen if early arcade video games suddenly came to life and destroyed us all.  It is wacky, I'll give it that.  But watching Tetris fall over New York is something I never thought I'd see. So enjoy.  The song is by Naive New Beaters.

The Gift Short Film

In addition to being an Eve geek, I also happen to be a geek of other things like science fiction and film, among others.  I don't like the word "geek" by the way, and I use it here with the proper tone of derision and contempt that might not be evident in my words... which is why I mention it.

This is Carl Erik Rinsch's futuristic action short film The Gift, which is about a robotic manservant that flees the Russian police.  Mr. Rinsch is a protege of Ridley Scott's and has been a very successful commercial director.  The release of this short film has already sparked a biding war by the major studios to turn this into a feature film, so I expect we will be seeing a lot of this young man soon.

I recommend letting it download then watching it full screen in high-definition.  You can read more details about this by following this link.

Eve iPhone Wallpapers: Daredevil

Took the Daredevil and Dramiel duo out last night for a quick fling through low-sec and managed to get into a nice fight with an Ishtar.  We did pretty well and we should have won, we had him down into structure, but I got started on his drones later than I should have and then his buddy in the Drake showed up, so we disengaged.  I was very impressed with how tough both ships are, his Hammerhead II's had me into structure also and I held tough.  Angor's Dramiel was also down even further into structure, he was taking the brunt of the drone aggro at first.  The Drake wasn't an issue, but it was time to go.  For a first battle in our new ships we did well I thought.  Every new ship in Eve is its own beast and learning to tame that beast takes some breaking in.

So I thought since I did the Dramiel a couple of weeks ago, I should take a shot at the Daredevil this time.  I couldn't resist a nod to the comic book.  Yes, I am (or once was) a huge comic book geek (a nice one that mostly doesn't read them anymore) that even worked in the industry for awhile.  A long time ago.  So enjoy Daredevil: The Ship Without Fear on your iPhone type device.

(EDITOR: Dear Reader.  I apologize, but Rixx originally posted something that was... well subpar is the polite way to say it.  I quickly deleted the post and told him to try again, you know these flighty artisty fartsy types!  I had to stand over him with a stick, which is what I call my Taser, but he did manage to generate the following eventually.  If I wasn't actually a delusional manifestation of RJ's mind I would hit him for you, but sadly I am nothing more than that.)

Click to embiggen


For the past nineteen months I've been trying to fit the way I play Eve into the way other people play Eve.  Trying to find a "home" that matched my expectations of the game, a Corporation that fit.  A place to hang my hat if you will.  Along that journey I tried many things to make that happen, putting my heart and soul into different aspects of the game, Corp loyalty, Alliance dedication, FCing, Covert Operations, even starting a couple of my own Corps along the way.  You name it I've tried it.  Usually with my good friend Angor along for the ride.  And often because of him.  But that is another story.

The problem has been one of timing.  Despite my desire, my timing has been awful.  Either my character was way to young to be doing the things I wanted to do, or the situation wasn't what it was supposed to be.  It is, in my opinion, one of the hardest lessons in all of Eve.  You may be experienced, intelligent and passionate in real life - but that doesn't always translate into your four million skill point character.  That character, that problem, doesn't exist anymore.  For a wide variety of reasons I believe the timing is right.. right now.

Angor and I have taken the last few months "off" to explore the possibility of forming our own Corporation.  We had the foundation of one started back in January with our Alts, which we were using mostly as an Industrial/Transport service for our mains.  Almost a month ago we joined our main characters to the Corp and started laying the ground-work, mostly running missions, pirating, mining, building ships, and filling the Corp wallet.  Honestly we weren't sure it would ever get beyond that stage.  Mostly because that month has been a lot of fun.

LUCIFER'S HAMMER is my final stop in Eve.  I can't speak for Angor, but I think he feels the same way about it.  Even if we don't get any members, I'm not leaving.  I'm determined to make this work, not only work, but excel.  This is it.

We spent a lot of time thinking about what LH would be, what kind of Corp?  We've decided that our primary mission will be that of Zero Space Raiders, based in low-sec jump-off points around the universe and diving into zero to cause havoc, kill, destroy, loot and generally raise Hell.  That will be our primary way to have "fun", built on a foundation of Industry, Mining, low-sec pirating and potential war-declarations (mostly against the zero space Corps we are currently raiding).

What kind of pilots will we be looking for?  The kind of pilots that are experienced, that are looking to have fun playing a game, that are tired of politics and meaningless sov lag-fests, the kind of pilots that want to make a mark in the sandbox, that don't mind working hard to do it, and the kind of pilots that want to accomplish something.  And that can help us determine what that might be.  Cause this might change, be modified, or refined over time.

We're not actively recruiting yet, and we may not ever "actively" recruit.  Because we don't want hundreds of members, only a few dozen or so good ones.  We still have a lot of work ahead of us to get this thing running in the right direction.  But I finally feel like we're headed in the right direction.

It'll be interesting to see how it goes.  If you're interested in talking join our in-game channel PUBLIC HAMMERS.

Loose Lips Pod Ships

Felipe reminded me that I haven't posted any Propaganda Posters lately, so thanks for the email.  I admit that I haven't had much time to create any new work recently, RL work has been nuts and I have several commissions going at the moment, but that doesn't mean I can't exploit the archives!

I don't understand the need to talk in local when you are in a fleet or a gang.  It serves no purpose and I've seen it actually hurt the operation several times.  Once the dialogue gets started some people have a hard time stopping, so don't get started.  This was one of the very first propaganda posters I created and it is still one of my favorites.

And, like I told Felipe, I promise there will be new material coming soon.  Just hang in there and thanks for reading.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  And I do listen.

Daredevil: The Ship Without Fear?

I was bored yesterday looking over my ships in the hanger.  As I often do when that situation strikes, I went browsing through the market and contracts looking for something interesting.  Yesterday also happened to be the day that Angor started flying his new Dramiel, which didn't help my feeling.  At all.  Then I realized that I only needed two short skill levels and I could fly a Daredevil.  And a Rifter.  Even though I'm not cross-training Minmatar yet, I already had most of the skills needed to fly both ships.  Oh yeah, you guessed it.  I trained 'em last night.

Got it fitted up and ready to go this morning, even had time to take it out for a quick spin.  As soon as Angor and I can get together we'll go jump into low-sec and see what this team can do together.  We went out yesterday, him in his Dramiel and me in my Taranis, without much luck.  We did manage to pop two Rifters, well he did, I was having lag issues that kept me from getting on the killmails.  No biggie.

He said last night that flying the Dramiel was the closest thing to flying a Sith ship and I think the same holds true of the Daredevil as well.  Very cool.  Almost H.R.Giger-esque.  Anyway, I'll be sure to keep you updated on how things go.

Anyway, our plans continue to form for the future.  Right now I am enjoying my break and doing a little bit of everything.

PS: My Daredevil is called Murdock of course.

Rules of Conduct

I was having an interesting back and forth the other day over on 'Hands Off My Loots' (Which is one of my fav blogs, mostly cause he does stuff I don't do, which I find interesting.)  The point here is that he was talking about some rules he has about the way he approaches being a slimy no-good Ninja person.  I can respect people that have some rules, even if they are evil.  It got me to thinking.  I have rules that I follow.  These are my own concocted in-game rules that I generally try to follow. They aren't hard and fast rules, I'm not a role-player, so I have the ability to alter them if needed.  But generally I don't.


As such I play to have fun.  Otherwise I could be doing something else that I enjoy, like spending time with my family, riding my motorcycle, or a million other things.  Anytime that I've started to take Eve as something other than a game, is time that I've regretted.

Now, this doesn't mean that I don't take Eve seriously.  I think this is the part that some people have a problem with.  Eve can be both a game and something taken seriously at the same time.  I want to do well and excel at Eve, but I don't let that desire get in the way of having fun.  Which means I sometimes get bored and do stupid, but fun!, things.  Which sometimes end up getting me kilt, but also allow me to do, see and experience so many things I wouldn't otherwise have gotten to do, see and experience.


I don't go around shooting everyone that I encounter, I'm not a Pirate (not full-time anyway) and I usually only shoot people for a reason.  Having said that, if you shoot me I will shoot you back.  3 out of 4 times I will kill you.  Those are odds I can live with.

As much as I despise people that run from a fight, there are nuances involved.  I despise dying for no good reason even more than being a coward, so often "running away" can be a relative thing.  Only an idiot stands and fights when the odds are hopeless, this isn't an action hero movie you won't be rewarded for being brave.  (See Rule #1)  Sometimes it is better to live to fight on the other side of the gate, or at a Planet when someone follows you, or when the odds are slightly better, or whatever.  As General Patton said once when asked why he was retreating, "We're not retreating, we're advancing in a different direction."


When I am actively playing the game I am focused on playing the game.  I prefer to play the game with honor.  At least my character's idea of honor.  For example, if I destroy someone's ship in low-sec I don't believe in podding the pilot.  Unless we are at war with his Corporation, or we are in zero space, then podding is mandatory.  Otherwise not so much, not a big fan of podding honestly, if you check my killboard you'll see that.  I don't even like to whore on pod kill mails.
Believe me, I could easily have hundreds of additional "kills" on my KB if I believed in kmwhoring.

I NEVER talk to anyone in local, convo, chat, or anything else when we are fighting.  Nothing positive ever comes out of talking to the enemy, in fact, it can be very negative.  This also goes for ransom demands, I will never answer that convo.  BANE tried that on me just last week and I rejected it and I reject the attempt.  Ransom is an insult.  That doesn't mean that I wouldn't ransom someone else, that is a different story.

My word is my bond.  If I give someone my word, then you can be sure I will follow through.  Without honor a man has nothing and the same is true in-game.  I've never lied to anyone in Eve on purpose.  That won't change.

That's it.  Just three basic rules, everything else is covered really.  Eve is very situational, things are different in high-sec, or low-sec, or in zero space, that is the way the game is set-up.  So the rules are different as well, are we at war?  Are we missioning?  What I am doing affects how I view the game.  I hate Pirates when I am mining, but I love bush-wacking Hulks in zero space.

And really, isn't that the fun of it all?

The Pause that Refreshes

Four days without Eve.  Didn't log on even once, not even a tiny little bit.  The good news is that I wasn't podded during those four days.  Of course I didn't destroy any ships either, but that isn't a big deal since I'm taking a break from that for awhile.  My last loss was last week and I don't even count that one since I was bush-wacked when I wasn't paying attention.  Set course for Amarr, warp jump warp jump, semi-afk, low-sec gang on the gate, huh?  Oh... head back to Gate, got a late start, ship explodes, reject convo regarding ransom (PS I never accept a convo from someone that is shooting me during a battle, just so you know.) get podded, wake up in station... you know.

So lots of blogs to catch up on.  It will be good to get back on and get some things taken care of this morning.  Going four days without Eve is one thing, but going four days without thinking about Eve is another.  That is a HUGE accomplishment for me and would have been unthinkable even a year ago.  I've been making progress with my addiction and hopefully soon I can get my house back from those Mexican Cartel guys.  I'm kidding.  About the house.

It was great to take a break.  Now back into the deep end.